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  • posted a message on Ayara, First of Locthwain
    Not sure what story this references, if any. I know that elves have been known to spirit away mortal men to use as 'husbands'.

    Pretty sure the artwork was inspired by Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Knight Tribal (one mythic colored artifact)
    Depending on the other Knights in the set, it's possible a Modern deck could be brewed. It's not likely to win big tournaments but would be classic tempo/aggro deck. The best inclusion is a 1-drop Knight, Novice Knight, which helps with early bears, but is likely to become stronger once equipments start coming out like Horned Helm or Godsend. I like the idea of giving the Knights trample (like cavalry) so splashing Green for Rancor or Primal Rage. It could be a fun casual deck.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Tournament Grounds (RWB Knight land) ; Embereth Shieldbreaker
    Are cards numbered above 269 that have the embellished artwork frame, also have a regular version within the 269 draft-set or will they only be found in the collector sets and planeswalker decks? I like this card in draft since it gives some versatility to Shatter something even if it's not instant speed.
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  • posted a message on Prismatic Vista
    Yeah it's surprising in a direct-to-Modern set that it started off as a >$20 rare. Depending on how it's played in Modern tournaments will dictate if it could be rolled out to a Standard set? However, I think what we have discussed before is that this is a cheaper alternative to the Fetch->Shockland mana base. On complete unfounded dysphoric speculation (that we don't need to discuss further), what if they banned all the real fetchlands in Modern to leave them in Legacy? That would make both formats more distinct in explosiveness and could move some players to Legacy. I highly doubt they would because the outcry would be ridiculous and so many decks would lose a consistent mana base in Modern. If that happened, then Prismatic Vista would spike as the best option for mana bases in mono and 2-color while not as good for 3+. IT would be a huge shake-up for Modern if WotC did that.

    Overall I like Prismatic Vista as it is since I play more mono or 2-color decks, and don't really need Fetch-Shocklands.
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  • posted a message on Prismatic Vista
    I know this is a slight necro...but I have played a 2-color deck recently with these and I didn't have a problem getting the mana when I needed it. I have some true fetches, but I decided to play with Prismatic Vista in the current decks I'm building and works well. You may have to be creative in any duals like using painlands or checklands to round out the base. It is a callback to the Mirage cycle slow-fetch in my eyes (which I was hoping for a reprint) and making it in a single card for basics. I suspect this will be reprinted a lot since it only fetches basics and could be standard playable that won't cause too much shuffling. It's a nice gateway to real fetches if people want to up their Modern game competitively.
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  • posted a message on MtG ‘Might’ Double in Team Size

    Those premium products don’t require a larger staff to produce since they’re mostly reprints put in new packaging. We’re likely looking at the beginning of a more constant bombardment of MTG products. More supplemental products to support more formats, more tie-in products to appeal to broader audiences(like collectibles and toys), and more “synergy” between paper and Arena. The new Brawl decks, the sudden support for Pauper and current MTG devs talking about Oathbreaker is what makes me think more supplemental products are coming.

    I think you nailed it there. I wouldn't be surprised if they put an additional Standard set in rotation, maybe at the same time or near a Core set. HASBRO is going to pour gasoline on the fire to accelerate whatever Creative R+D has in the pipeline (for better or for worse). I think it's safe to assume more premium product releases for Modern, Pauper precons or set?, and more Spellbook type products.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    This may have been answered, but is MTGsalvation going to be doing spoiler season for ELD? People are still active here, yet all the articles on the main page say the site is taken over by another company. Is it business as usual for us? MTGnexus is essentially the same just not as active right now.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Quote from Amphetadex »
    Tbh, even though I do concede it's more of a long shot with the art style previewed, I find it funny most folks seem to assume medieval courts and royalty rules out a Viking plane. Nordic history includes at least a millennium of monarchy, and I could easily see a Nordic plane incorporating both vikings and medieval courts, because they're both very strong aspects of Nordic history that would stay within the regional source while providing greater in-plane diversity of setting and social groups.

    I agree. I think mixing nobility genres would lead to more creature types and let creative take the story anywhere. The problem with doing a straight Viking/Nordic set is that lots of people would have certain expectations of what should be included etc. As for Snow, it's possible they can insert that theme on any plane if an antagonist caused an endless winter (think Frozen).
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  • posted a message on MOCS Championship Spoilers Complete
    With cycling clearly being themed in the set, I wonder if the Onslaught cycling lands (e.g. Lonely Sandbar), or Ash Barrens will be printed into Modern?
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Name and Number Crunch
    Based on the cards previewed, they aren’t separating new cards from
    reprints. New cards and reprints are ordered together.

    Yeah I noticed that with Prohibit
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Spec/Predictions/hopes
    Quote from krishnath »
    Quote from ironwit »
    huh apparently this set ships in like five weeks? trying to imagine having enough money for this AND War of the Spark

    casually it'd be fun to see the geothermal crevice cycle of lands reprinted plus I remember it being the basis for a weirdo balance deck, and people have been looking at restore balance again recently...

    If they are doing lands among the reprints there are three cycles I would like to see.

    The Mirage Fetchlands as an uncommon cycle (Bad River and friends).
    The Tempest Painlands as an uncommon cycle (Pine Barrens and friends).
    The Homelands tri-lands as a common cycle just to see peoples head explode (Castle Sengir and friends).

    I could see the Invasion block lairs (Rith's Grove and friends) as a cycle of uncommon tri-lands, but I doubt it is going to happen.

    I would rather see a functional reprint of Rith's Grove in standard instead of the typical tap lands. Even if they knock it down to just a dual land that requires a land bounce or sacrifice it. Either way, the Lair's would be nice in Modern and but really hope the Mirage lands make an appearance for pure budget reasons.

    Today I was thinking how this set will age and what risks are present for future reprints in coming sets, because it's the first direct-to-Modern set. First, a set like this is likely to come once a year if it was received well (I have no doubt there are more in the pipeline). It is not priced like a Standard set from what we can tell, so any playable rare or mythic (new-to-Modern or new-to-game) should maintain a high value because the baseprice started high and was injected into a format it was not present in, so demand could bring all copies up in price. Second, the likelihood that a powerful direct-to-Modern card would then go back into a Standard set is low (except for Commons and Uncommons I guess) so EV of the set and playable cards would go up over time. Third, if there is a story to the set (to fill Lore gaps or tangents i.e. Raven Man) you can jump all around time and planes if you really wanted to reprint certain plane specific cards like fetchlands or pay homage to dead characters, oh hello Serra the Benevolent. The story element could be a huge success or flop, but it could temper people's expectations of reprints if say they were not on Zendikar.
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Maybe they need some sort of digital line to wait in while the person(s) in front complete the purchase. I have done stuff like that for pre-season MLB tickets for a very big Northeast franchise. I would literally refresh every second until I could enter the line. Once there I'm in line and then allowed in once it was my turn to make my purchase.

    They just made a Black Friday sale (big sales day for US companies to cash in on the beginning of Christmas sales right after US Thanksgiving) that more than 12k wanted and they trampled over eBay. They need to funnel the people into the store orderly to avoid overloading the server.
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  • posted a message on Narset Lock
    Yeah, I fully understand the clock is slow for the two card "lock", hence this would be a low tier deck if it amount to anything. Only defense against early burn spells are counter spells or Leyline of Sanctity in opening hand. Bouncing a land on turn 2 could throw off some decks to get the lock in place. Blue discard would be Piracy Charm, and originally I imagined this deck being UB but felt for the few discard spells I reverted to mono-Blue.

    Howling Mine was originally included but I favored putting a full set of Thing in the Ice for creature defense and a future bounce payoff on the transform. Would consider to back it down to 2 each.
    Gigadrowse could have potential to help stall and cheap spell to remove ice counter. I should put more 1CMC spells to respond when I'm most vulnerable.

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  • posted a message on Narset Lock
    I really digging the uncommon planeswalkers in WAR. I think a couple will see Modern use, especially when I saw Narset, Parter of Veils. Yes it's Modern Leovold, Emissary of Trest. I'm not saying it will be seeing tourney play but throwing out a deck build to lock out the opponent's hand/library. The key combo here is with Teferi's Puzzle Box coming down turn 4, burying the opponent's hand with no cards in hand the next turn.

    The rundown is to play control for the first 2 turns while you set up Narset and Puzzle Box.

    The Rack is a win-con and you can always beat them with Delver if you're able to bounce their creatures back to their hand to be buried. I put Thing in the Ice in here mainly for the transform ability Awoken Horror to bounce all non-horror creatures. This would likely be flipped later in the game once the Puzzle Box has been played.

    T1: land, (Rack, Delver, Spell Pierce, or Serum Visions)
    T2: land, (Thing in the Ice against creature heavy decks, or hold for counter)
    T3: land, Narset
    T4: land, Puzzle Box
    Opponent's hand gets dumped into the library and can't draw any cards since they drew once already from their draw step. Only cards in play are the issue.
    T5: land, bounce, draw, use cycling on Censor if needed. Basically clear way for creature damage or rack damage.

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  • posted a message on Finale of Promise
    If I resolved Doublecast, followed by Finale of Promise targeting Lightning Bolt and Lava spike...that is 12 damage with 5 mana. Or would I need to pick different targets with the copied Finale?
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