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  • posted a message on War of The Spark Trailer
    8 candles remain lit before they started to Snuff Out one-by-one. The top most one could represent Bolas and then second tier could be one of the Gatewatch that usurps Bolas to be the sole Planeswalker. The stained glass appears to show what color(s) each Planeswalker represents.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] The silence is starting to get deafening
    Quote from user-11102155 »

    the only good thing on wizards is, that they constantly change, so there is chance, change might happen for the better in the future

    They usually take a full year or two to collect data then act accordingly. Yes, they do change but you may have to suffer for a couple years before they make the corrections. In recent memory, the dropping of the Core Set at Origins to come back to Core Set 2019. Going from 3-set blocks to 2, to now 1-ish. Now it seems like they are changing how far in advance they announce future sets and experimenting with direct-to-consumer selling of premium products.
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  • posted a message on Late February "Innovative Product"
    I know Maro has to be excited, because it's one of his jobs to promote MtG. It is the unusual high level of excitement he has from this Hackathon and then the Tweet, that is on par to the release of Unstable IMO.

    Quote from jshrwd »

    There's so much hope for a direct-to-Modern product.

    Yeah, I have to wonder about that too but not getting my hopes up. Sure you can make a supplemental set with a new card type, but I hope that is not enough to make it innovative. He commented in the same vlog; just because something was always done a certain way doesn't mean it has to be that way. Maybe next week we will have some other info from the Mothership since they just teased us with a new product coming. I find it unusual that Ultimate Masters and now this set basically came out of nowhere. After WotC sent out those Box Toppers to tease UMA, they came out and announced it and then started spoilers soon after. Seems like they are taking a different approach to announce new sets or at least supplemental sets than before. Less to get upset about if you don't know about it I guess.
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  • posted a message on Late February "Innovative Product"
    As seen on:

    I saw this Tweet the other day from TCC and then a follow-up from Maro that the February product IS one of the products he is excited about. I didn't see any thread on this, so I started one.

    What we know is it's Modern focused and came from WotC's "Hackathon" that focuses on new product SKUs. Products like Modern Masters, Unstable, Conspiracy, and Battlebond all came out of meetings like these in the past. In his podcast "Hackathon" from February 2018 it's possibly the set he worked on and vaguely describing. The details I could gather that could be applicable to this set are: Future worlds, mechanical elements to support story, reevaluate basic choices. All the product ideas were binned in high/low potential to be a hit (e.g. double faced cards, etc) and high/low obstacle (e.g. can we physically print it now). There were 5 ideas in the HP/LO bin and would gather this set is from there if it were to ship this February.

    He talks about double faced cards being a big hit, but not something they want all the time. What they developed is something like DF cards but not DF cards, and could possibly be used infrequently say every 3 years or so.

    It's more speculation if it's a booster set or precons, but at least we know something is coming in February and likely has Modern reprints with some new card design that is likely to make it a big hit.

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  • posted a message on The Magic Online/Arena problem
    Quote from Teia Rabishu »
    Quote from Les_Whinen »
    I would call it short term thinking, at best.

    Corporations think almost exclusively in the short term. I don't mean this like R&D is only designing sets a few months in advance or something, but the actual corporate decision-makers don't really give a crap about anything except the immediate. Essentially corporations feel like they're obliged to say "yeah but next year is next year and we can get our quarterly bonuses now so let's cash in whatever we can to make that happen." Not a happy thing, but it's why corporations do the things they do.

    Corporations have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to maximize shareholder value. Absolutely everything else, even making good products, is only ever a means to this end.

    This is a very accurate post. If you stay at a company long enough, you will see this. I find that if you listen to the investor earning calls, you get a little more insight on your company.

    I'm sure HASBRO said to WotC that they need to grow their digital product to compete with Hearthstone and if they had full confidence in MTGO they would have dumped more money into it. I bet there were lots of discussions on the problems with MTGO to make the decision to build a new program. I just hope they actually do open it up to Mac users as well.
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  • posted a message on The Magic Online/Arena problem
    Quote from Les_Whinen »

    Assumption 3: mtgo has a closure that is already more or less planned.
    Prediction: wizards will have to do something to compensate people for mtgo. They're risk too much consumer confidence otherwise. How they decide to go about this is interesting conjecture.
    Likelihood: I doubt wizards is going to purposefully close mtgo. There's too much risk without enough upside.

    I don't think they are obligated to compensate if they shut down MTGO. I don't play MTGO so I'm unaware of its redemption policy, but I think they would try to convince you to migrate to Arena if/when an end date was given with some codes. Digital products are a weird thing since you pay-to-play, like if you were to play the physical game, but you retain nothing if the game just ends. Think of all the smartphone games people play. If the developer stops updating and no longer works on your phone, you lose out on any purchases you made. You are not made whole when digital products go under, that is the crux of digital versus physical games IMO. All the paper decks or board games will still be playable on my kitchen table in 25 years.
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  • posted a message on Oubliette to be reprinted in a "future set"
    A $30+ card probably won't be reprinted in a commander precon. If it is reprinted it will be in a "wacky draft" booster pack set, as others have speculated.

    Not to mention releasing it in a Commander Pre-Con will not really bring its price down substantially, so al lyou would really be doing is harming Commander players who wanted the deck that Oubliette came in.

    Or it could be in a Signature Spellbook for Liliana? I personally hope it to be in a draft set and likely at uncommon if I had to guess.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] The silence is starting to get deafening
    I assume the lack of information for WAR or follow-up sets is story related to not blow the current story arc which would cause a distraction from the current standard. It's obvious the Bolas arc is ending, so after WAR is the time to make changes if any. After WAR I expect the next Core Set will be the next Standard set which doesn't get a lot of hype to begin with unless they are using it to bridge into a new story arc.

    Maro also hinted that he is very excited about a couple sets this year that are innovative, and I speculate that it's going to generate a lot of hype or possibly disrupt some formats (don't worry RL will still be intact). We know it's not WAR and can assume Core 2020 is not what he's excited for.
    RNA (January)
    WAR (April)
    Core 2020 (July-ish if coming a year after Core 2019)????
    Unknown set (October-ish)???? Beginning of new story

    Maybe 3 or 4 other supplemental products like:
    1) Signature Spellbook: A given, but nothing novel to this to be excited about.
    2) Precons: CMD decks are likely but maybe other format Precons for other formats?, unlikely this is what they are excited about too
    3) Stand-alone non-Standard sets: These sets as we know them are not enough to get Maro and WotC excited IMO, unless they break from the traditional MtG gameplay with a new back making a completely new MtG game/format. Now that would be exciting! I only bring this up, because people loved the Un-sets which are not tournament legal cards and exist in their own silver bordered environment. Conspiracy, Battlebond, and Masters were similar that these were only legal in formats in which they are legal in (good way to get reprints for formats). If they supported a newly backed game within the game with 1 or 2 supplemental sets a year, you can get the foundation of a new game/format and fix all the problems they inadvertently developed over the past 25 years. Add to the fact that it will be easier to use in Arena since this would be new pack sales for a non-rotating format that is separate from Standard.

    It's baseless speculation on my part on what I described, but I agree that it is unusual for WotC to be this quiet for upcoming sets. They have a lot riding on Standard and they don't want to spoil any new storylines when the old one is wrapping up. Maybe something else happens in WAR than what we expect Deus ex machina? We have to trust that WotC is doing this with the best intentions for the game and their profit.
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  • posted a message on Persistent Petitioners (Strictly Better MTG Spoiler) - mill common
    Quote from Cactuscorpus »
    Trusted Advisor is really really good here. Not only does he reset Minister of Inquiries, since the new guy gets around summoning sickness, you can tap, bounce, play, and tap again. That's half your deck in one turn.

    I'm not a rules expert by any means, but would that work to get TWO taps from the same Minister to pay for the ability in between upkeep and draw steps?

    502.3. No player receives priority during the untap step, so no spells can be cast or resolve and no abilities can be activated or resolve. Any ability that triggers during this step will be held until the next time a player would receive priority, which is usually during the upkeep step. (See rule 503, “Upkeep Step.”)

    At the beginning of the upkeep step, if you place the bounce trigger first on the stack from Trusted Advisor targeting Minister, then put Persistent Petitioners ability on the stack; you TAP Minister, Petitioners, Advisor, and you still need one other "advisor card" to pay the cost to resolve the ability. To me it looks like you need one more "advisor card" on the board (so 4 cards minimum are needed to play the ability of Petitioners during upkeep).

    I'll reiterate a likely setup that's within reason.
    T1: Mutavault, play Aether Vial
    T2: Island, play a 1CMC Minister from Vial in main phase or opponents next end step, cast Persistent Petitioners [2 total "advisors" on battlefield plus mutavault] fully tapped out for mana though
    T3: UNTAP, play 1CMC Advisor from Vial in upkeep (tick Vial up to 2 on stack first). Activate Mutavault and tap all creatures to play Petitioners ability. Mill 12 with 3 "advisor" cards plus Mutavault during upkeep. DRAW step. Continue play.
    T4: UNTAP, Trusted Advisor trigger on stack targeting Minister, activate Petitioners ability (tapping all the same advisors and mutavault from T3), Vial in a 2CMC "advisor" if you want or Manic Scribe to be target for future bounce back. Resolve stack to play 2CMC "advisor"/Manic Scribe if you did (mill 3), mill 12, bounce back Minister. You milled 24 or 27 by T4 DRAW step and have 1 or 2 Persistent Petitioners, 1 Trusted Advisor, and 1 Mutavault at least in play now and probably 2 untapped lands if you didn't miss a land drop.

    Again, please correct me if I'm not resolving these cards correctly in Modern based deck. I would think you would not need more than 8 Petitioners, plus draw like Visions of Beyond and good mill Archive Trap and Glimpse the Unthinkable. By turn 4, half of your opponents deck will be in the graveyard and likely scooped unless it feeds into their strategy.

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  • posted a message on Persistent Petitioners (Strictly Better MTG Spoiler) - mill common
    For a Modern deck I see this using a Merfolk like build with Aether Vial being essential to cheat our Advisors.
    T1. Mutavault, play Aether Vial
    T2. Island, cheat in a 1CMC Advisor like Minister of Inquiries, play Persistent Petitioners
    T3. land, cheat in any Advisor (1 or 2CMC). Pay 1 mana for Mutavault and tap all Advisors to mill 12. You still have a U to play something or save for a Spell Pierce. If you played 2 Advisors this turn you could technically mill for 15 if you use Minister of Inquiries ability.
    T4: Continue to mill and control magic.

    Unless I'm missing a key card, T3 would be the earliest you can mill 12 using this card. I would consider running Trusted Advisor to bounce back the Minister to recharge the energy or use cards like Merrow Witsniper, Faerie Miscreant for clunky draw or Manic Scribe. Running Arcane Adaptation wouldn't be a bad thing in this case. Splashing black mana gets you Glimpse the Unthinkable which should be auto include unless you wanted to stay mono blue.
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  • posted a message on Common Painlands
    I have been interested in Pauper of late and wished we had alternatives to "come into play tapped." Pauper is obviously a slower format, but I see Pauper as Legacy lite. "Come into play tapped" will slow the game, but I think Painlands e.g Brushland can be modified to common to offer an alternative play style.

    Common Painland cycle
    tap symbol : Add black mana or blue mana , you lose 1 life.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Previews 1/2/2019
    Hydroid Krasis seems like a potential Limited bomb to me. It replaces itself and offers a good-sized body with evasion and trample for a good price.

    I was thinking the same mainly for the flying trample part. I suspect there will be a Bioshift reprint or something similar to move counters around to grow this Hydra
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  • posted a message on Devotion
    Question on Devotion when Gray Merchant of Asphodel is played.

    Let's say I have a single Cuombajj Witches in play with no other black permanents in play. A turn later I cast Gray. Would devotion include Gray's BB to make X=4 or is it just 2 in this case?
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  • posted a message on PWs with Static Ability
    I imagine Liliana will eventually have a static discard ability. I would be neat to see PWs as Lords with some other abilities.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mechanics ( Spectacle, Afterlife, Adapt, Riot, Addendum)
    Quote from Marl Karx »

    I believe what he was trying to say in the article was that there are some Addendum card with replacement effects and some with add-on effects. Unfortunately he references the use of the word "instead" which does not show up in the example cards. This makes things clear as mud but since it is introduced as an ability word, we can deduce that "Addendum" in and of itself does not have any rules impact.

    My question is when the additional effects happen. Does the permanent for Emergency Powers's Addendum come from your initial hand or your new hand after reshuffle?

    I wondered the same thing for that card. Can you stack these effects to drop your permanent first and then shuffle/draw?
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