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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    how do u guys feel about grove of the guardian?? been playing knightfall for awhile now its been fun. been successful so far. havent lost to grishoalbrand, fairly even against gr tron, been positive mathcups against uw enchantments,infect and kiki chord. here is my list

    Land (22)
    1x Breeding Pool
    4x Flooded Strand
    2x Forest
    1x Gavony Township
    1x Hallowed Fountain
    1x Island
    1x Kessig Wolf Run
    1x Misty Rainforest
    2x Plains
    1x Sejiri Steppe
    1x Stomping Ground
    2x Temple Garden
    4x Windswept Heath
    Enchantment (3)
    3x Retreat to Coralhelm
    Creature (26)
    4x Birds of Paradise
    1x Eternal Witness
    3x Geist of Saint Traft
    4x Knight of the Reliquary
    2x Loxodon Smiter
    4x Noble Hierarch
    2x Qasali Pridemage
    2x Scavenging Ooze
    1x Spellskite
    1x Vendilion Clique
    2x Voice of Resurgence
    Instant (8)
    4x Collected Company
    3x Path to Exile
    1x Simic Charm
    Planeswalker (1)
    1x Elspeth, Knight-Errant
    Sideboard (15)
    1x Ancient Grudge
    2x Burrenton Forge-Tender
    1x Cyclonic Rift
    1x Izzet Staticaster
    1x Kira, Great Glass-Spinner
    2x Kitchen Finks
    1x Kor Firewalker
    1x Melira, Sylvok Outcast
    1x Simic Charm
    2x Stony Silence
    2x Stubborn Denial
    Posted in: Midrange
  • posted a message on Kiki Control
    What about a one of dragon lord ojutai it swings giving a draw engine and a finisher?? possibly squeeze in a Minamo in the land base or a batterskull equip with ojutai to make a 9/8 flying hex proof vigilance?? I understand that batter is pushing it but u never know right??
    Posted in: Deck Creation (Modern)
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