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    This has two merfolk decks in top 8. This shows though while not a first this is a rare occurrence.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from idSurge »
    No, it wont be fine honestly. I posted a hypothetical, was mocked and dragged through a few posts over it, on what it would take to 'fix' the format, and yes I do mean fix, because I think its actually broken right now.

    Normally I just read and never post anything but I had to this time. The reason this suggestion was taken so harshly is you constantly post twin would be an acceptable unban right now and be the correct power level for the format. Then suggest bans that nerf the entire top and STILL suggest twin with all of that as an appropriate unban. Funny thing is it does not suffer under any of the bans. This shows your bias and obviously people will react harshly. Either it is fine for the current format and would not be fine after everything gets nerfed or it would be terrible now and would need to have everything nerfed to compete. If it's the latter there is no reason to unban it because it does nothing unless the other bans are also done. If it's the former then the other bans are unnecessary or entirely self serving so your pet deck can be the best.
    I say this while believing twin would probably be just fine in the current meta and wouldn't mind it being unbanned. Hell I'd probably be playing it. Which just makes it absurd to suggest huge bans then it as an unban.

    Edit: Thinking about this further. One of these statements has to be false in order for the others to be true.
    Twin was fine when it was banned.
    Twin has received only side grades or mediocre upgrades while other decks have received powerful upgrades since its ban.
    Twin will be powerful enough to effect the format and slow it down if unbanned.
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    Since massacre wurm is in play when he sacrifices the 3 creatures to exile massacre wurm. Would it not trigger massacre wurms ability 3 times when putting the exile ability on the stack? So shouldn't there be 5 losses of 2 life?
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  • posted a message on Current Modern Banlist Discussion (1/18/2016 update - Summer Bloom/Splinter Twin Banned)
    Either you thoughtsieze first turn or you thought-knot seer second turn not both. Urborg and eye give 2 black and a reduction of 2 generic. You have to have eye and temple to do second turn thought-knot.
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