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  • posted a message on Opinions on my first deck build?
    Hey everyone. I have been playing magic for a little while now but I have only played with pre-constructed decks or I would net deck. I figured it was time to try my hand at building my own deck. So let me know what you think. How did I do? Any tips or advice? Anything you would trade out or cut entirely. Thanks in advance. Smile

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  • posted a message on Hey everyone, newbie here :) and opinions?
    Thanks for the advice. I do have a younger brother who plays with a few of his friends and he does more FNM. So since I moved back closer to him I will see if he can help me learn along with his friends, and tag along with him to FNM and just watch at talk to other people there.

    I have been told that it is an odd situation for me to have all these cards but never played before. I mean I play like dual of the planeswalkers on the Xbox and that is fun but, I never had anyone to actually play with.

    Yeah I love the art and there are a few cards that are my favourite either because of said art or because I love the type of creature, i.e. merfolk, elves, angels, et cetera.

    I do have a small four pocket portfolio not full but it has a lot of just one of my favourite cards and its reprints and alt arts. More than just the one foil, the one for the collection and the four for playsets. Just because I like the card. I have had to trade a couple copies away because 1) I had so many copies of the same card and 2) there was other cards that I needed and wanted.

    I really need to set a limit on the max amount copies I am willing to collect so I am not buried by cards. And as much as I like certain cards, for example, let us say Jace, Architect of Thought or Alabaster Dragon I don't need to fill up a dragonhide 4 pocket portfolio with it, which holds I think like 160 cards. So I don't really need 160 copies of a single card.
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  • posted a message on Hey everyone, newbie here :) and opinions?
    Hello, to the magic community.

    I'm Victoria, newbie magic player, as in just starting to play within about this last month. So prepare for newbie questions from me and I hope people are patient with me.

    I have been collecting for about two years now because I love the art on the cards and I just like collecting cards. I started with Pokemon cards back in the 90's when I was but a small girl. I have a few hundred magic cards, maybe at most about 1,000 magic cards.I never had anyone to play with before though I am thinking about starting to play at my local game shop just down the road. Don't know where to start, though. Any ideas? Game day? Friday Night Magic? Et Cetera?

    About how I collect and your opinion

    Okay, so I don't know if this is crazy or not but I collect at least five-six copies of each card. One card that goes into a legion dragon skin portfolio so that I can have one of each card to just collect and not to play. I also do the same with the foil versions of these cards. The other four card copies, as of now, go into a big three ring binder (one for each block(though I am thinking of maybe getting smaller one inch binders and going by set)) as a play set in collector number order so when I ever do star playing and building decks, I can find the cards and colours I want faster than looking through boxes. I am thinking about taking my playsets of rares and mythics and putting them in a separate four pocket portfolio and only having the commons and uncommons in the big three ring binder. I also have no clue where to put cards like my alt art promos that I get in stuff like intro boxes and prerelease cards I have ordered.

    I know a lot of people say boxes are better for storage but I just like the look of the binders in my bookcase versus boxes, plus I can print our images to slide into the plastic of the three ring binder and give it a specific look, whether it is my favourite card from the block or just a nice design.

    So any opinions on anything?

    I can't wait to start playing actual paper magic and growing my collection.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
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  • posted a message on New to MTG. Collecting Sets? Storing? Sorting? 4, 5, or 8 of each?
    Hi everyone. I am new to MTG and have only started collecting from the BFZ set, which as of now is about eighty six percent done, which is all in a single BCW 880 count box(one copy). I love collecting,the art looks amazing on the cards and the lore is very interesting, so I do want to collect every card in the sets. So my questions to you are as follows.

    Do you collect sets? Why or why not?
    How should I store them? Binders (3-ring)? Portfolios (like legion dragon hide)? Boxes(bcw)?
    How many should I collect? (see more info below)

    When I use to collect Pokemon cards (back when I was a little girl(five-six) and the base set was new (very long time ago).) the rule I grew up with was store one copy in binders not to play with, have four or five duplicates (If I had it in my collection binder already) that are sleeved but I could play with them, and then the rest I traded and sold. Each set was in it's own binder, organized by set (oldest to newest) and then by collector number (1-X).

    That being said, would that same mindset work here with MTG as well? If so, which would be better? Only collecting a play set, collecting a play set to play with and one extra to store in my binders/portfolios, not to play with, or since it is magic collect and every one looks for play sets, two play sets, on to play with, and one to store and not touch except to show off to my friends and guys at the shop. I also want to collect all the foils, promos, and alt arts. Everything only in English right now.

    I do plan to play with others but I have just moved to a new city and state and haven't found a game shop or a FNM to join as of now. Right now I only play with some friends and family over skype.

    Thank you for the tips and advice

    Vectris Prime (a.k.a Victoria)
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  • posted a message on Tips on how to start a collection
    Well I am a collector I have been for years. Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, pocket watches, stamps, snow globes, et cetera. Now I want to get into Magic the Gathering. I have about eighty percent of the battle for zendikar set now (singles not play sets) and I do play from time to time, between college and work I don't have that much time to get down to the game shop and play.

    So my questions are how do I go about starting a collection? When I played pokemon and yu-gi-oh back in the day I had one of each card in my binder never to play with and then I have a box full of duplicates that I do play with. So when it comes to Magic should I just collect one of each card and put them in a binder and never play with them and the get a play set for when I do play or should I collect a play set to put in a binder and a play set to play with?

    Also how should I store my collection? Binders, boxes, portfolios? If I collect play sets should i get a four pocket binder/portfolio like the dragon hide?

    Thank you all for your time and your advice.
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