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  • posted a message on [NEO] Gloomshrieker — Naver Café preview
    I see we got a golgari eternal witness and it…

    Ooh no no no no wizards stop being to safe you don't need a exile clause for a golgari version of the card
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  • posted a message on [NEO] March of Otherworldly Light — GamesRadar+ preview
    The March cycle is certain much better than the shoal cycle

    We got primastic ending and now it’s got competition with this
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Kodama of the West tree — Dengeki Online
    Source: https://dengekionline.com/articles/115909/

    Legendary Creature - Spirit

    Modified creatures you control have trample.

    Whenever a modified creature you control deals combat damage to an opponent, search your library for a basic land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.


    Now that this mega cycle is complete let’s see if we can convince them to do the diagonal directions

    anyway everybody modified (particular +1/+1) just can just get a trains cargo worth amount of basics with all your creatures

    oh by the way they have trample if modified so why don't we throw in Cathars' Crusade to this shall we?
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  • posted a message on NEO- Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
    Well now I should mention it to try to reduce steam

    theres something you guys are forgetting or too angry to realize

    if We go back to old phyrexia the phyrexians Xantcha, Sleeper Agent and Belbe, Corrupted Observer both revolted against phyrexians

    xantcha didn’t want to be controlled by yawgmoth then ultimately from Urza saving her life she joined the good guys

    belbe as she was falling in love with ertai her old elf self was coming back and the following happened. She tried to rig it for ertai to be the evictor, disabled yawgmoths eye in her, she reprogrammed her portal for her dad (Eladamri) and Takara en-Dal and Lin Sivv to escape… except the thank you note from her dad is killing her.

    In other words tamiyo could be another one in line of betraying the phyrexians (plus this is a walker so might be curable)
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  • posted a message on (Neo) Phyrexian Tamiyo
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    I think people are kind of missing the obvious possibility of de-compleation (partial even, say where they regain some of their old personality). Like, whether or not it is actually doable or happens in the story, there is no doubt that the characters will be wondering whether or not they can do it and that gives a whole new element to the story.
    Like, this is such a common trope. Character is converted in some way stories always end up exploring to what degree they can be saved, the question even of whether there is more of them still in there than it seems.
    I wouldn't be at all surprised if the whole soul connection of a planeswalker spark makes phyrexian planeswalkers more suspectible to regaining their former consciousness. We'll have to see. And therein lies the drama.

    Oh absolutely heck during old phyrexia there were 2 phyrexians thay revolted against them and that’s Xantcha, Sleeper Agent and Belbe, Corrupted Observer

    so far for new phyrexia era could be tamiyo coming to her senses and remmebering or even getting cured and Urabrask the Hidden
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Invoke Despair — edIT preview
    There’s one commander who can use it even though it’s single target

    And that’s K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth
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  • posted a message on (Neo) Phyrexian Tamiyo
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    I…is this a joke?!

    I’m going to be LIVID if Tamiyo actually suffered this fate Mad

    There’s no denying it I’m Sorry

    jin Was studying the kami because it was the closet thing to a spark and they cracked it tamiyo is victim number one

    and Jay Annelli clarified we were all wrong about sparks making them immune to being compleated.

    yawgmoth wanted to do it to but it was even harder for him he was close with Dyfed
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  • posted a message on NEO- Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
    Oh boy with them having tamiyo there’s another problem not accusing to us

    tamiyo is the one who trapped…Emrakul so if tamiyo tells them about her they may release her.

    ps jay Annelli explains how walkers can be compleated


    are mistake was the old walkers sparks were practically Immune which drove yawgmoth up the wall but that all ended when the a great mending happened. New phyrexia didn't under stand at the time of the rebirth.

    and the kamigawa spirits has a similar type of manifest that walkers had that’s why jin and tezzeret were experimenting on them
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  • posted a message on (Neo) Phyrexian Tamiyo
    Your looking for these


    There's no need to keep me in Eiganjo," he drawled silkily. "I already have what Phyrexia wants."

    Kaito turned, brow furrowed, and watched in horror as Tamiyo's hand flashed and the Reality Chip came to life.

    Tamiyo wasn't prepared for the hold Tezzeret would have over her, or how it would sever her connection to her story magic. She reeled, face ashen, and clutched her hand to her chest.

    Kaito barely had time to process her distress before Tezzeret lunged, grabbing Tamiyo's trembling body by her shoulders. Snarling, Tezzeret lashed at the air with his metal arm, and a violent, jagged line split through the sky. The crack of electricity pierced Kaito's ears as he watched the portal grow to Tezzeret's full height.

    Tezzeret yanked Tamiyo through the snapping light, and they both vanished from the rooftop.

    Kaito took a step forward, blinking like he was trying to will everything back to how it was. But it was no use. The portal gave a metallic hiss and snapped shut.

    Tamiyo—and Tezzeret—were gone.

    And the Epilogue after that explains the rest
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  • posted a message on [NEO] "Scrap Welder" — LigaMagic preview
    Again a goblin welder variant
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Mirror Box — Lights preview
    Well this is gonna be a nuke in clone decks and the cards you can play multiples of.
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  • posted a message on NEO- Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
    Wait a second..

    is this what the elixir from the world tree was for?

    a ingredient to compleat a planeswalker?
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Light It Up with Kamigawa Neon Dynasty — Debut stream previews
    Quote from ChrisBP7 »
    Quote from scottjhebert »
    Well, I was right that Tamiyo would get a PW card... but at this point I'm not sure that I want to be right...

    I think at this point Karn should be less worried about compleation and more worried that Tamiyo is known to carry a nuke in at least one of her scrolls. Of course, that could backfire on the Phyrexians, as I believe it was intimated to be the Sylex blast that ended the Brothers' War. If someone else can figure out how to use it, or if compleation can be undone....

    ... and they put extra emphasis in the story on compleated Tamiyo looking at the three scrolls she swore to never use and thinking "Well, in the name of protecting and nourishing Phyrexia I will do that gladly!" basically. Really seems like it will come into play rather sooner than later. Also I think it was hinted that the "nuke" scroll emulates the destruction of Serra's Realm. To conclude, poor Tamiyo, the Phyrexians couldn't have gotten their hands on a better planeswalker for now, what with her scrolls and knowledge of the multiverse. Oh and they warped her love and protective feelings for her family to loving and protecting Phyrexia. Really feels bad.

    its gets worse by the minute

    1. KOTH is definately a goner now because all they need to do is capture him now then they can turn him into a phyrexian

    2. When ashiok finds them that’s another compleated walker they are gonna get

    3. Something I just remembered was vorinclex's seed ever removed from Tibalt?

    Now I’m starting to think is this what the elixir was for a ingredient to be able to compleat planeswalkers
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Tameshi, Behold the Unspeakable, and promos — Weekly MTG previews
    WHOOOOAA azorius artifact and enchantment matters
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  • posted a message on NEO- Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
    Wait if they can compleat walkers

    ooooh no to add insult to injury

    koth is probably a goner now!

    and third

    isn,t that little thing Vorinclex planted in tibalt still in him. He really wasn't bluffing
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