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  • posted a message on Secret Lair

    But that mountains picture kind of ruins that theory

    Oh here’s 2 more

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  • posted a message on Need a little info on tomorrow, Azami familiar (spirit)
    That’s all I need it’s doesn’t loophole card draw stax
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  • posted a message on Need a little info on tomorrow, Azami familiar (spirit)
    I might need a simpler answer but I somewhat get what you people saying

    And yes the third comment is correct it’s not a “may” ability which is why I asking in the first play

    I guess the real question is do I get another trigger if a try to draw a card and something like Narset/leovold/notion theif is on the field I’m wondering if it gets around that since it replaces drawing with anticipate triggers
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair

    If this isn’t early Ikoria stuff I will be shocked

    Sarcastic if it involves Ikoria
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  • posted a message on Need a little info on tomorrow, Azami familiar (spirit)
    Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar turns off draw effects which prevents me from getting hurt from stuff like Curse of Fool's Wisdom/Nekusar, the Mindrazer and Underworld Dreams I know about that since tomorrow turns off my drawing but yet still drawing

    What I need to know about is stuff like

    Narset, Parter of Veils does it sneak past that flaw only 1 card per turn

    Or something like Possessed Portal would I actually be able to sneak past this with tomorrow?
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  • posted a message on Survey(s) on mothership hint at anime-themed sets incoming?
    i saw kamigawa so i supported everything involving spirit tribal
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  • posted a message on Lake of Behemoths Commander Deck Speculation
    Quote from Mishotem »
    Something tells me we won't see a lot of Dragons on Ikoria. Possibly also Dinosaurs, but that seems more likely to be included.

    Don’t forget king gidorah that’s a lock of atleast one

    Actually hydra dragon actually
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  • posted a message on 11/18/19 Big Bannings
    Sweet now I can get oko

    However I do need to remind of pioneer/modern/legacy for oko he’s definatly usable in those (although legacy might be a overkill theory though)
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Quote from Boyachi »
    I think it might be safe to assume that every character that got a vanguard card (nonmtgo exclusive, that is) will actually get a legend card.

    This means:
    Sidar Kondo

    That is right, just 5 out of the 32 cards. I think the least likely out of all of these is Lyna, as the shadow pool is small. Though I think it would still be cool.

    Sidar is already a card we got him in commander 2016 in the sans B deck (the group hug duck)

    Oh and reminder of 2.0 versions of legends so we may get better version of the vanguards that got a card (urza case would be a walker form)

    For a couple of examples

    Oracle en-Vec

    They could all get new versions

    And actually almost all the vanguard cards have one you just pick the most famous of the bunch that still don’t have one in black border
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Welp I took a look at the reprints a 1/6 of the reprints are fantastic ones
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Quote from thatmarkguy »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    Atleast plenty of card prices due to scarcity will drop immensely (crucible was mythic in M19 lost 2/3 of the price)

    Core sets are massively printed and the boosters low-priced. This set will probably have a print run not terribly different from a Masters set, and prices similarly premium. I would expect the net effect on the pricing of most reprinted cards to be ... comparable to the effect of Masters set reprints. Which tends to be modest and oftentimes temporary.

    The only real place I could see a price impact is that foil slot. There will be 121 cards that will now have a foil instance in circulation that is just as frequent in this set as any nonfoil mythic is in a 'normal' set. For cards that had a high-demand foil premium multiplier, this will represent a substantial boost in circulation of that card at the foil level.

    Any specific large-set mythic at foil is ordinarily, what, one per ~3000 packs? Any one reprinted here is 1 in 121 packs. Even if this is printed WAAAAAY less than a standard set, that's an enormous increase in foil circulation.

    Ok yea that was a bad example

    burgeoning is a better one 30$ and crashed all the way 10$ but that’s probably not the best choice either with take the crown and C16

    But the point is cards There’s a chance the scarcity cards that don’t see much play outside commander should drop a little bit despite how many cards are in this reprint set
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  • posted a message on Ikoria speculation
    You know what can one of the moderators move this to regular instead of baseless

    (Ps one offer me a position due to how well I keel up with spoiler seasons Smile )
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Quote from BestOfThree »
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    Quote from thatmarkguy »
    As I understand it, the breakdown is:

    10 slots are 2-per-monocolor cards that are ‘uncommons’ or ‘commons’ (obv equally represented in this set, But cards that were uncommon or common in the set they’re being reprinted-from). Each slot is a unique print sheet, so you’ll get one card from White Sheet 1, one card from White Sheet 2, one from Blue Sheet 1, and so on.

    One sheet is just like above but for multicolored cards, and one sheet is just like above but for artifacts-or-lands.

    One slot is rares-and-mythics-from-M15-and-later, of any color(s) or lack thereof. Again the difference between rare and mythic here is purely ornamental, as each card is actually equally mythic (1 in 121) whether its set symbol is gold or red.

    One slot is specifically cards pre-M15. These could be cards showing any rarity, but I expect these will be basically another ‘notable cards’ slot, where when it isn’t an actual rare it’s a ‘good’ common or uncommon from long ago (demonic tutor, lotus petal, Rhystic study, etc). The non-noteworthy old sub-rares would have been on the first 12 sheets.

    And the last slot at retail is the foil that we don’t know anything about yet but I expect it to also be aimed at being a ‘good card’ (either some value or draft utility).

    I expect most of the value, and most of the draft bombs, to be in those last three slots. The first 12 slots will likely be draft deck decents but constructed collection bulk.

    Got a source for this? I've seen some hints here and there but nothing concrete from WotC yet.


    (Bottom of the article, under Mystery Recap, they cover in wonderful detail each slot in the car pack. It's really impressive, in my opinion. Going to be an expensive booster, is my biggest concern - which will be counter to trying to draft it, I worry.)

    The price of packs like this is why I prefer just getting singles

    Atleast plenty of card prices due to scarcity will drop immensely (crucible was mythic in M19 lost 2/3 of the price)
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Quote from Avatarof »
    Quote from illidqn »
    Need those characters...

    Asha, Bant Hero
    Sifa Grent of Grixis (Planeswalker)

    [Brothers' War]
    Ashnod, Mishra's Apprentice
    Hurkyl of Lat-Nam
    Mishra, Argivian artificer
    Ratepe, Son of Mideah
    Tocasia, Argivian Archeologist

    [Dark Age]
    Jherana Rure, Commander of the Order
    Oliver Farrel, Icatian Priest
    Tourach the Dark One

    Bo Levar, Interplanar Smuggler (Planeswalker)
    Commodore Guff (Planeswalker)
    Crovax of Windgrace (Version 3)
    Dakkon Blackblade, Shadow Slayer (PlaneswalkerWUB)
    Daria of Ulgrotha (Planeswalker)
    Fiers, God of Dwarves (Legendary Enchantment Creature - GodR)
    Gaea, Dominaria's Protector (Legendary Enchantment Creature - GodG)
    Geyadrone Dihada (Planeswalker)
    Jared Carthalion, Shadow Mage
    Jeska Ascended (PlaneswalkerWBR)
    Karona, Dominaria's Avatar (Version 2)
    Kristina of the Woods (Planeswalker)
    Lyna, Emissary of the Soltari
    Nevinyrral, Urborg's Necromancer
    Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools (PlaneswalkerUB)
    Urza, Academy Master (PlaneswalkerWUBRG)
    Vincent, Lord of the Pit (Token from Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar)

    Syr Branigan, Knight of Ardenvale

    [Ice Age]
    Leshrac, Walker of Night (Planeswalker B)

    Alena, trapper of Kessig
    Halana, Kessig ranger
    Unnamed WB Angel sister
    Vronos the Grey Fencer (Planeswalker)

    Adrian Adanto of Luijo
    Captain Brandis Thorn
    Emperor Apatzec Intli III
    Itzama the Crested
    Queen Miralda the Pious

    Vatti, Shadowblayde

    O-Kagachi, The Great Old Serpent (Version 2)
    Sisters of Flesh and Spirit

    Colfenor, the Last Yew

    Ushanti, Leonin Seer

    Baltrice of the Infinite Consortium (Planeswalker)
    Ramaz, Shamanic Human (Planeswalker)
    The Unluckiest (Planeswalker)

    [New Phyrexia]
    Azax-Azog, Demon Thane
    Kraynox, Deep Thane
    Roxith, Thane of Rot
    Thrissik, Writhing Thane
    Vraan, Thane of Blood

    Belbe, Phyrexian Princess
    Croag of The Inner Circle
    Gix, Phyrexian Demon
    Sitrik, Birth Priest
    Yawgmoth, Father of Machines (Legendary Enchantment Creature - GodB)

    Taysir of Rabiah (PlaneswalkerWUBRG)

    Davvol, First Evincar
    Takara en-Dal

    Azor, Parun (PlaneswalkerWU)
    Bori Andon
    Cisarzim, the Lord of Chaos
    Damir, Voidwielder
    Kallist Rhoka, Blademaster
    Mat'Selesnya, Parun
    Ritjit, Ogre Jailbreaker
    Ruzi and Kuma
    Senka, Stealer of Secrets
    Simic, Parun
    Svogthir, Parun
    The Cozen
    Unknown, Lotleth Troll

    Arel, the Whisperer
    Gvar Barzeel, Krumar Commander

    [Thran Empire]
    Dyfed, Mistress of Portals (Planeswalker)
    Glacian, Thran Artificer
    Rebbec, Thran Architect
    Xod, Thran Healer

    Baron Sengir, Vampire Lord (Version 2)
    Feroz, Ulgrotha's Protector (PlaneswalkerWU)
    Ravi, Grandmother Sengir (Planeswalker)


    A great list but, I see only about 60% of those coming to fruition, they will probabily hold characters from.Tarkir,New Phyrexia,Ixalan and Alara for future return sets, another sad thing is that only about half will be NEW legends the other half will be 2.0 versions of legends that already had a card, at least that was what mark said on tumblr, and they probably will hold some legends for other supplemental products

    Not quite 50/50 new and old

    I think it might be 65% new and 35% 2.0

    I do have one example New Phyrexia they might hold one but could appear at the same time

    The rest of the thranes Geth, Lord of the Vault is the one and only thane that got a card

    Kraynox, Roxith, Azax-Azog, Thrissik and Vraan
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Just to point this out


    It’s 100% reprints so what ever the original rarity is it will be I. That slot

    So will it be multiple rares in a pack we don’t know
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