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  • posted a message on [ARC] Archenemy Scheme Cards, Product Image and Format Rules
    This sounds a lot like the raid decks in wow. Those kind of games are a lot of fun, IF you and your team mates have some decent decks to compete against the archenemy with. Otherwise you quickly get overwhelmed by whelps.
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  • posted a message on The best fun/casual cards.
    Anything with squirrels. Nothing is quite as amusing as beating someone down with like 200 squirrel tokens.

    Oh, and naked singularity for a laugh. It annoys most people though and loses the fun factor for a lot of people.

    unhinged/unglued is good for a really casual game. especially the censored one.
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  • posted a message on Any shop owner here with advice for a first-time owner?
    Well, if you're really determined to do this and you have the location to make it work, here's some stuff i've found from my experience managing a gaming store for 2+ years.

    As people have said, location is the number one most important thing. Being in a school zone for middle school and up is a huge advantage, especially if it's a college and the people can get there easily.

    Get a small freezer and sell hot pockets and stuff, work out a deal with pepsi or coke or go rogue to get a drink cooler in there and sell drinks. The profit margin on a bottle of a water is a LOT more than on a pack of Magic. Smell candy and other small snacks as well if you have the space.

    Parking is a major plus as wel las being in a safe area. One problem you may find if you run events is that many leasers try and set the hours you can be open in some malls and such, so if you want to be open later (like, after 11pm etc) you may need to stay away from some strip malls and such.

    Get sanctioned, if you can. It will take up to a couple of months for you to get sanctioned with WOTC but it's well worth it to b able to offer FNM etc.

    You will probably need to sell more than just Magic. At the very least, selling supplies such as sleeves, life counters and dice, deck boxes etc will help your margins, especially if you hold events. Gamers are very ill prepared, and usually have to buy sleeves and dice and whatnot pre or mid tournament.

    Stay away from comics and games workshop products unless you know you can do uber volume of either. The discount we got from our distributor for GW was like 30% and comics are little better, ranging from 30-45% most of the time. Absolutely awful.

    Shop around for distributors and expand your available pool. It is always helpful to have backup distributors for when WOTC inevitibly short prints something, and some distributors have really good perks for ordering with them.

    I know you don't want to get into too many other products and that's fine, but you should have a couple of other things because magic packs and singles don't easily pay the bills usually. You're doing research on your area which is awesome, find out what other games Mtg players inyour area are playing, as they usually have other hobbies. For example, in my area a lot of Mtg players also play D&D. No, don't carry the 4th edition corebooks, most of the D&D community hates 4th ed from what I hear. The real money to be made is on sourcing out used books and reselling them for big profit. We used to do that, have people come in and sell books to us and then resell them. People really, really loved 3.5 and still cling to it. We also made a tidy profit buying and selling paperbacks such as Dragonlance, the Magic books, Warhammer etc.

    No matter how vigilant you are, shrink happens. Some thieves have some serious balls man. We literally had to bolt binders down to our counter to keep people from running off with them from right in front of us. Set up your store in a way that you have easy viewing access to everything of value if possible.

    If you get a place with some space for events, don't be afraid to rent out your space to groups looking for somewhere to play. We had chess and other board game groups wanting to use our space.

    Climate control is a must. Good heat in winter in colder climates and AC in summer will help your business a lot. Just don't go broke on the utility billls, if applicible x_X

    Let me know if you have any questions. ^^
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  • posted a message on Not enough Worldwake to go around?
    Quote from Ledgem
    ALSO, because online stores sell worldwide, they sell crates of the set to online stores and have none left for stores, reducing it even more. Wizards is just being stupid.

    Forgive me if I misinterpret your statement, I believe you are saying WOTC is selling product directly to online stores? This is not the case, sans a few exceptions.

    WOTC has a very strict policy that it only allows its Magic product to be sold to stores with brick and mortar locations, never to online only stores. SCG is a big example of this because they have a B&M location, but their main revenue is obviously made online. I'm not sure whom they order from and how not having worked in a store with such large volume before.

    Anyway, as a retailer wanting to order WOTC from any distributor, you have to fill out a detailed form with the ditributor as well as provide photographs to prove you actually own a store front and are not just a web site. This was implemented because of online stores which suck up such a huge amount of market share by offering their product so much more cheaply since their overhead is much less than a B&M store, plus they probably can buy in larger volume.

    This was causing many smaller B&M stores to close as I understand it, and so WOTC started the restrictions on their product. After all, it's being able to play the game that drives people to buy it, and if all the stores close and you have nowhere to play it, what good are those online shops doing you then? Not everyone can meet up around the kitchen table for a good brawl.

    So bottom line, B&M stores can also have web stores, SCG does this. But you must own an actual store front to get product. WOTC does not sell to online only vendors. I don't know how all those ebay power sellers are getting product and such, but they are supposed to have real store fronts.

    And this craziness since M10 came out makes me glad i'm not working on a Magic store anymore. This set shortage BS would have forced us to close by now due to not having any product to sell :/

    The only other time we ever faced shortages on stock before M10 came out was 10th edition, because WOTC expected no one to buy it as no one bought core sets much previously. Even then, we only were unable to get it for maybe 3 weeks, and then they had plenty printed again after that, happy ending. The store owner I worked for said this hapened during Onslaught block for some reason, particularly with Legions. Some sort of distribution issue lead to long delays with no product on release.
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  • posted a message on Casual Players and decks
    I usually play all casual EDH and casual vintage etc but when I worked at the store i'd make semi decent T2 stuff. Not top tier stuff, but maybe second tier or replace the more expensive stuff with budget items, and use it to play new and less experienced players who would come in wanting to play. A weaker T2 deck is much more fair to someone playing with type II booster packs they ope nand fatpacks and theme decks and such than say, whipping out my budget survival/recur vintage deck.

    I have a Lorwyn standard elves deck still built right now for a quick game when I don't want to whip out the vintage deck and smash face or get involved in an hours' long EDH exodus. Rav-TS was my favorite T2 format, and I personally like to build decks from that standard period for fun.

    So really, I feel there's no reason to take apart any deck from any format if you enjoy playing it and I certainly keep working on improving mine all the time with new cards. Do what makes you feel good. ^^
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  • posted a message on Duel Decks:Garruk Vs. Liliana
    Quote from Generalspuddog
    Can I get a warning for being too sexy, too sexy for my shirt?

    BTW SSGs are selling these online for $30. Is that the normal retail value or is SSG just jacking up the price like everything else. They have 61 in stock so maybe my local BandM store will have enough and not me like the Exiled crap.

    The MSRP is $19.99, which is what I paid for mine at Wally World. Stores can charge whatever they feel like though :/ I'd say try some B&M stores first for a better price and use SCG as your fall back.
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  • posted a message on Dual Deck usage
    I bough the G vs L one yesterday to cannibalize for EDH decks, there's some good commons and uncommons I needed to unproxy. Plus, having another garruk never hurt, even if he is butt ugly with the new art :/
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  • posted a message on States 2009
    Wen we held states a few years ago, you had to be from the state it was held in, so PA would be a no. I do not know if this has changed or not. Because we are very close to the border of another state, we had to check IDs or some such stupid thing. I think if you were a student attending school in that state you could also play.
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  • posted a message on Does anyone her play magic over aim
    I play on msn or aim with my close friends. I usually keep a note pad file open next to the calculator for life total and game state notes so I can jot down what's out in play, cards in hand etc. We also usually abreviate some things to speed it up. UUD- untap, upkeep, draw with a pause in case someone has a reaction, then we backup real quick if need be. Trying to get the cameras positioned and working on both ends is more hassle than it's worth really. At the end of the day, there's no reason for any of us to cheat- it's a casual game of magic over the internet. It's fun, it means nothing, and I think we all managed to deal with our wounded egos if we lose. Wink

    It's definately a must for those of us unable to get to a shop to sit down and play with people.
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  • posted a message on Are intro packs worth getting?
    the short answer: no, not really.

    longer answer: the older theme decks were better, because they were at least somewhat playable, heck some of them were even quite good. And they were 60 cards, whereas these new ones are not even legal to sit down and start playing with in even casual FNM. And I remember as a newbie doing the whole "try and cram stuff from packs into a theme deck" bit. It doesn't work too well unless you buy say, a box. So those 2 intro pack boosters are kind of worthless. A fatpack is a better buy imo, even after having most of the desirable stuff taken out of it, at least you're getting the lovely full art land and 8 boosters and a spindown. (but not the book and the other box, oh my Frown )
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  • posted a message on Deck appraisal
    If you have any friends that have been playing magic for a bit, see if they have some extra cards to donate to you. I've given away tons of commons, uncommons and dollar bin rares to newbies along with lands. Sometimes people at your local card store too will give you everything they open from the packs they buy sans the rares often times. If you lived close by to me i'd give you 2-3 boxes of new commons and uncommons I *really* don't want to sort and find space to put away lol.
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  • posted a message on Why the hate for Shadowmoor?
    Talk about weird. I love Shadowmoor/Eventide. Any set that reprints Reflecting Pool can't be too bad. Wink

    Seems like bad business sense to jack up boosters of a set someone seems willing to buy when they likely wouldn't sell quickly otherwise given the rotation.
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  • posted a message on What (jank) rares do you seem to get a lot of when you buy boosters?
    I seem to have popped a lot of Bloodghasts from my 2 boxes of Zen. I think I have like 4, including a foil x_x
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  • posted a message on How far in advance are Magic sets printed?
    Quote from Promatim
    I remember when a friend of mine got a commission to do art for an upcoming set.

    This was 2004, Kamigawa was just about to hit, and Champions of Kamigawa was being spoilered. We expected his cards to show up in Betrayers or Saviors.

    His cards finally showed up in Shadowmoor and Eventide.

    So, from the commission of the art to the card coming out, that's four and a half years. I don't know if that's normal, because it seems pretty extreme... but that's the only personal insight I have into their development cycle.

    Sometimes WOTC commissions art for a set and then ends up not using it, and it gets 'bumped' and put into a file or something somewhere until they find another use for it at a later date, which sounds like what may have happened here.
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  • posted a message on South California/L.A. Area Ravaged by Faulty Ultra Pro Sleeves
    Ultra pro's quality on ALL their stuff has taken a definite nose dive over the past couple of years i've found.

    You know those nice satin deck boxes they charge $8-9 for? Ok, well that's the SRP anyway, maybe some stores charge more or less. They come in red, blue or black and now come in vomit autumn colors mix matched. Well, these usd to be some of the best deck boxes around in terms of beating on them. They also used to be made out of metal as I recall a long time ago, not plastic.

    Well, the last shipment we got atthe store I worked for, we got 3 dislays- and nearly every single box was defective. The top and bottoms were seperating and had to be held in place with glue. Then, their tough tourney cases made of stainless steel... we got ike 3 displays of those as well and they were all scuffed to hell like they'd been thrown across the floor. That *could* be the distributor's fault with mishandling, but they'd never given us something beat up before.

    Then.. the sleeves, oh my goodness. I opened over 20 packs of the "wench" sleeves that weren't selling for our cube, and every single pack was defective. About 4-5 sleeves out of every pack of 50 or however many it was had a stripe down the back with no picture on it, and had to be thrown away. Totally rediculous.

    From my KMC sleeves, the only ever complaint I had from a customer was someone once got shorted a sleeve somehow, so we exchanged it for a new package for them.
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