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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Been thinking about changing my G/U Infect list to potentially G/W. I've been hearing a lot feedback about Giver of Runes being an excellent way of protection, especially with protection from colorless with lands such as Ghost Quarter and Field of Ruin.

    I'm also heavily considering adding 4 x Sigarda's Aid and 4 x Colossus Hammer when it comes out. Seems like a stretch, janky if it able to work, meaning that I'd have to take out some pump spells to make room with the new cards.

    The idea of Infect going Bant for colors, personally opinion of course, seems too clunky when it comes to making to deck work. Infect is a fast and aggressive deck that needs 1 of the 2 usual colors to get there. At times, sometimes the lack of blue in the usual build has hurt. Adding a third color is option but that would change the traditional Infect build from aggro to midrange. Just my thoughts honestly.

    Anyways! I'm glad to see Infect doing well and I would love to hear the spicy brews everyone is doing to keep doing Phyrexian Compleation!
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  • posted a message on When to buy a new deck?
    Welcome the MTGSalvation forum, as LeoTzu has stated above, this is a Modern forum. If you would like direction to where to go when it comes to Standard and what you would like to get in regards with feedback on what to buy, I am going to lock this thread and redirect you to the Standard thread here.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    I've been playing Infect since the beginning of Modern. I have nothing against the Ichorclaw Myr and Rancor plan as it is quite efficient, budget and strong but it lacks synergy with the rest of the deck.

    Usualy the fastest route to victory goes with Become Immense and requires fuel in your GY. Ichorclaw Myr and Rancor don't help much with this other plan.

    Ichorclaw Myr and Rancor is an interesting take on Infect now days since Gitaxian Probe got removed and the introduction of Fatal Push; however, I'm still going to use the list I have been playing without Ichorclaw Myr and Rancor, still does fine for me and throw people off guard quite a bit.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Of everything that I see in your sideboard currently, Painful Truths is probably the best card to replace with Godhead of Awe. The second Hurkyl's Recall or the Spellskite are probably removable as well, depending on your meta and whether or not you want 2x Godheads.

    As a sidenote, why do you Patrician's Scorn over other enchantment-removal options? I understand that it's useful in situations where you might not have mana to cast anything else, but options such as Wear // Tear have more utility and also will hurt you less on a naked Ad Nauseam (since it has a CMC of 3). Not to mention that it blows up your own Phyrexian Unlife on occasion o.O

    I couldn't imagine boarding it against anything other than decks running Leyline of Sanctity. Am I missing something, or is it just personal preference?

    Patrician's Scorn is a personal preference for decks that run problematic enchantments such as Leyline of Sanctity and sometimes Solemnity once in a blue moon. Hurkyl's Recall is just an answer that deals with artifacts in a way where I don't target thus it gets around hexproof, same with Patrician's Scorn. Painful Truths is definitely going to take a break for Godhead of Awe to see if it helps, especially against all the Phoenix decks running a muck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    I've seen quite a few Infect lists now days running Ichorclaw Myr and Rancor in Infect mainboards. I don't know have I feel about along with how to change up my list where it is pretty rock solid.

    What is everyones opinion of the Infect way with Ichorclaw Myr and Rancor. I like the spice, I just don't know how the board with it and also the consistently.
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  • posted a message on Living End
    Quote from n0bunga »
    Has anyone seen the mono red version of Living End that’s 5-0’d a few leagues?

    3 Deadshot Minotaur
    4 Desert Cerodon
    4 Flameblade Adept
    4 Hollow One
    2 Insolent Neonate
    4 Monstrous Carabid
    2 Simian Spirit Guide
    4 Street Wraith
    3 Urabrask the Hidden
    2 Cathartic Reunion
    4 Faithless Looting
    4 Living End
    4 Electrodominance
    16 Mountain

    I have never seen this list of mono red Living End. It looks interesting I do say. Definitely changes up the way to get Living End to go off. Electrodominance is a spicy meatball I can say that. I would have to see it more in action to formulate an opinion on this variation of the deck. I do have to say. I do enjoy the spice though!
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 21/01/2019)
    I do admit the Moon Walkers deck put up some really good results in tournaments now days. Not many expect it in tournament setting and it creates too many threats to where an opponent knows where to direct their energy towards where Planeswalkers gum up the board and takes the focus on the one piloting the deck. Killing the mana base with Blood Moon is extremely good right now where getting it online turn 1-2 generally destroys a lot of decks where they need to focus on solving that issue but then the Planeswalkers are getting to the point where it is already too late to recover.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Quote from Atlas8004 »
    Some Sideboards now show Godhead of Awe. I not sure that's a good Sideboard choice. It doesn't weaken the fast aggo Decks as far as i know. Against which Decks you would use it?

    I have a Godhead of Awe though I haven't considered moving to having in sideboard. Honestly don't know how to fit in my sideboard. Here is what I have now:

    I might take out Painful Truths if the numbers of success really make a difference. Mainly have Painful Truths for card draw.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Ponza is a difficult matchup indeed. There are reasoned why I run 3 basics in my list, against a lot of Field of Ruin decks, decks that run Assassin's Trophy, Path to Exile, etc.. needless to say, if we can at least have Life from the Loam available to help, should be a little bit better but it’s still an uphill battle.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Quote from Slowgod »
    How does Dredge do vs Phoenix / aggro decks, tron and other combo like storm and Ad Naus? Thinking of picking up something different that I've never tried before and it's between Dredge, Affinity or Tron, but leaning towards Dredge mostly. The control decks I always play are just not cutting it vs all the aggro and combo lately.

    Dredge is in a really good place right now. Against Phoenix, it can be a challenge, they can be faster than us a good portion of the time and there is the issue that some of the decks now run Surgical Extraction mainboard to deal with the other most competitive deck, us. Tron has a hard against us because by turn 3, we should have a large board state and can usually them a low enough life total where they are climbing an up hill battle. Ad Nauseam is an interesting deck, yes we can usually get there faster than them but they need to live by turn 4 and then they can off instant speed.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Quote from Lilletblanc »
    hmm for some reason i now prefer insolent neonate vs shriekhorn. i'm doing great with it enabling good combos with it

    I'm on the fence as well when it comes to Insolent Neonate vs. Shriekhorn. Insolent Neonate can do damage when need be, they both are 1 drops which is the biggest plus to them, and can effect they both do can be done instant speed. Shriekhorn has longer value because it can potentially add more cards in the graveyard when need be. Insolent Neonate is another creature and doesn't add the artifact typing for Tarmogoyf to get bigger when facing against Rock decks. Another downside for Insolent Neonate is that potentially fodder for Scavenging Ooze to eat and get bigger. It is honestly in my opinion an meta call when it comes to running one over the other, there is really no big difference between the two.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Quote from alanyuan0408 »
    What about The Antiquities war?

    I've seen it being used sometimes but it doesn't seem that impressive for me to add to the traditional affinity build. The only really new 4 drop addition to the deck that I think fits really nicely to our deck is Hazoret the Fervent, mainly because it is a new potential win con for us and can generally attack once she hits the field, due to us almost always being empty handed by turn 4.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    You're gonna wanna cut those courtyards for gemstone mines as soon as you possibly can. It's the best rainbow land available. Not being able to cantrip on turn 1 is so bad for our deck. We play temples so we can frequently take turns 2-3 off to just gain more selection and cantrip.

    They're there for right now until I can get ahold of some Gemstone Mine. I'd figure they're good substitutes for the time being. I have also dropped Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir and switched it out for Spellskite, seems to be better for protection of targeted removal if need be.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Been building Ad Nauseam for a while and finally built my list to play the next event at my LGS. Here's my list as right now:

    I'm not 100% sure if I want to keep Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir in the sideboard, still a work in progress. I might take it out and replace it with a discard spell along with taking out Grafdigger's Cage. Izzet Phoenix is just too rampant now along with Dredge, having that on the board early really makes it hard for my opponent to go off while I'm trying to go off. I'll try it a bit and see how it goes.
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from Num »
    Hello fellow rackers
    As the primer says, 8rack is an highly customizable shell. So I went ahead and wanted to build a creature heavier version... This is the list I play-tested in a recent FNM:

    There were 20 opponents in the FNM and I ended up losing in the semi-finals.
    The star was Smuggler's Copter to get more value out of "enter the battlefield" rats such as Burglar Rat or Rotting Rats.

    The only addition in the list above from the deck I used at the FNM is Chittering Rats. I found that depite all the discard rats, some opponents kept lands in hand to wreck the main plan. I thought that Chittering Rats could be a way out (unless they fetch), while comboing with the other rats and copter. Although Wrench Mind could also work...

    I lost in semi-finals against Burn, which was just too good at top-decking... Do you think I should consider Funeral Charm as an instant speed discard? It also gives swampwalk to the pumped up Pack Rat. Alternatively, Aether Vial could instant cast rats in this setup to discard in the draw phase or crew copters. Another play I see with the vial is cycling with copter and vialing a rat in before the damage phase to pump a pack rat... Or vial a Pack Rat in and double it for just 3 mana

    I'm open to any suggestion. This is not meant to be a budget deck, just a creature/tribal rat twist on 8Rack.


    This looks really spicy as a 8Rack build being a creature heavy synergy. I like the idea, definitely gets around Leyline of Sanctity which at times hurts 8Rack but being heavily reliant on the creature package can hurt. Looks a lot more like Rat Tribal with 8Rack synergy. Nonetheless, I like it!
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