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  • posted a message on Amonkhet-Predictions
    Nevermind I got it. I feel stupid.
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  • posted a message on Amonkhet-Predictions
    Don't know how to work the quote thing..
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  • posted a message on Amonkhet-Predictions
    I wouldn't think Nahiri escaping matters to them too much. We know Nahiri was only their to get revenge, but is she a threat to other planes? I don't believe so.

    Nahiri could be a threat to other planes.
    Well plane, I could easily see our return to Tarkir being Nahiri continuing her vendetta against Ugin. He also failed to answer her call for help.
    Though without Emmy I'm sure she's not much of a threat to him. Maybe what Ugin feared (a threat from the blind eternities even greater than the 3 Titans) will emerge on Tarkir, and Nahiri could be to blame.
    With as much hate as eldralzi got, it can be a great excuse for a reboot. Plus dragons vs. eldralzi could be a very fun set.

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  • posted a message on What's next for Commander?
    I hope we see allied colored decks.
    With 1 dual colored legend, 1 hybrid dual legend, and 2 mono colored with partner.
    I'd also love to see new lieutenants.
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  • posted a message on Gatewatch 16
    For allied colors I could see,
    UW- Narset.
    RG- Domri or Sarkahn returned to RG. (Though I just have a feeling Sarkahns death could drive Narset to join.)
    UB- It would have to be a new character, Ashiok would definitely not fit.
    RB- Same problem as UB, honestly I can't see these two getting members.
    For enemy colors I'd guess.
    WB- most likely a returned Elspeth, but I'd much rather see Kaya, she may have left a man to die in her story, but she had a reason. Her sense of an eye for an eye justice would be an interesting addition to the team.
    RW- I could see Koth getting this spot, or a new walker.
    RU- I think Saheeli will encounter the gatewatch again, I'd definitely prefer her to Dak.
    UG- I don't see Kiora joining now that the eldralzi conflict is resolved, and the only remaining Titan is sealed far away from Zendikar. Once again I feel like we'd get a new walker here.
    GB- Vraskas definitely a no, but I could see us getting a GB "good guy."

    I'd actually like seeing some new planeswalkers join, so far the only ones to join have been already established characters.
    Also I feel that the more characters that join, the more likely it is that they're going to kill off one of the original members. Most likely one of the origin five for shock factor.

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  • posted a message on Duel Decks: Law vs. Crime
    Instead of engineered explosives, how about Tyramet the Murder King?
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  • posted a message on Jhoira EDH question
    It won't resolve. It's stuck in exile.
    I don't know the exact ruling but I'm 99.999% sure. Haha
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  • posted a message on Curses in Amonkhet??
    Thanks!! Traps would definitely be cool too! I like the idea of different desert subtype lands too, instead of just reprinting desert.
    You could do a few things with that, maybe a caravan route through the desert could be a land that lets you tap some wastes to discard a card and draw.
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  • posted a message on Curses in Amonkhet??
    I'm sorry I have no idea how to tag back to the previous reply.
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  • posted a message on Curses in Amonkhet??
    Curses aren't like Equipment in that curses are very flavor specific while equipment make sense on any world. Bringing back them back on one or two cards doesn't work well especially in sets where the flavor doesn't match. Curses don't fit with Ravnica's political conflict, Theros living enchantments, Tarkir's being a war-torn world in either timeline doesn't fit either. Neither of Zendikar's themes fit curses that well either since most of the things the adventure world treasure hunters found where relics meant to keep the Eldrazi imprisoned and once they where free your primary concern is kill them all, not trying to keep them around and torment/punish them with a curse.

    Curses should be sensible for Amonkhet with the inspiration from real world myth. I also think that when they do them for Amonkhet they'll work like traps, if they don't bring those back as well, where in they are cheaper upon certain conditions being met. Basically a punishment for failing the trials of the gods.

    I get that, and I know that's why they do it. That's why I was saying Amonkhet would be the perfect home for Curses.
    It's just when they first came out, I hoped they would show up more than they have.
    In my opinion though they make sense on any plane that uses magic.
    If a character on any world can use magic to beneficially enchant a person, why is un-flavorful for them to harmfully enchant a person.
    Cultures all over our had the idea for curses, and expressed it in different ways. Egypt had cursed tombs, most places curses people like in innistrad, but there's also myths of cursed artifacts. It wouldn't be hard to make them work for any given set, the same way they do auras in every set, after all curses are "enchantment- aura curse" and even though they've only affected players so far they could easily have them affect artifacts or lands.
    Casting sorceries usually doesn't go hand in hand with a political intrigue theme, but it's a game about magic. The Orzhov could very well have had a couple of curses. If Silumgar can reanimate the dead surely he can corrupt the living. And on Theros just like your idea for Amonkhet curses could have been a punishment from the gods.
    I guess what I'm saying is, if a world has magic it probably has curses (seeing as a curse is just a harmful act of magic.) It's not that much of a stretch.
    But I can see how the name curse gives a sense of dark and evil that makes sense on a world like innistrad, that might not seem to work other worlds. That doesn't mean it only happens in places like that.
    I can also see the logistic problem of trying to put curses into ever set. I mean you only have so much room.

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  • posted a message on Curses in Amonkhet??
    Exactly! There isn't a reason not to bring them back unless the idea just fell flat the first time and they were unpopular.
    If they don't bring them back in Amonkhet though, I doubt we'll see them again.
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  • posted a message on Curses in Amonkhet??
    One of my favorite things in old Innistrad were Curses. To me they felt like a great new take on a classic type of Magic. I had hoped that they wouldn't become a set mechanic and keep popping up in sets to come. (Like how equipment were released in Mirrodin, and there hasn't been a set without them since.) This obviously wasn't the case, and with SoI I was very disappointed that they didn't make a real comeback.
    So I got to thinking why didn't they bring back such a unique piece of Innistrad.
    What if wizards already planned to bring them back, but this time in Amonkhet!?
    Curses aren't very Gothic horror.(except maybe with witches) Curses would fit perfectly into an Egyptian themed set however. Take for instance the legnd Tutankhamen's curse. I could easily see some Egyptian themed Curses showing up. Possibly even pulling from the plagues of Egypt. (For example something like a curse of locusts card)
    I'm sure this is why they were left out, because they new they would use them.
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  • posted a message on SOI Planeswalker Predictions
    As for heroes. I'd like to see a new green white walker from a new plane, possibly muraganda (the dinosaur plane) or Lorowyn.
    That would leave a slot for Jace. All 5 colors would be covered with 2 blacks and 2 blue (which fits the tone for Innistrad)
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  • posted a message on SOI Planeswalker Predictions
    I would love to see a planeswalker duo as the baddies in this set.
    Tibalt-made red black. (All about physical pain)
    Ashiok- staying blue black (All about mental anguish, nightmares made real etc)
    They'd make a good evil pair if they met. One could be in each set and together they'd be blue black red focused in black.
    Hell they could even be pawns of Bolas (though I'd rather not.) I believe they'd make an interesting pair, and it'd be something new.
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  • posted a message on Planewalker for superfriends
    Yeah.. Personally I would still play bant and those to colors, but I could "see" going into those. You could go Bant, Esper, Grixis, Red Green Blue, 5 color, whatever, and every one could be a great deck. Now saying I'm going to build one buy the other options are still good isn't a contradiction.
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