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  • posted a message on Order of Steel
    "By hoof, wing, or paw. For the realm!"
    —Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale

    Color: Mono-White
    Tribal Type: Knights

    Emeria, the Sky Ruin: As you can see with most of my mono-white decks as well as those that can have enough nonbasic lands with the plains subtype to enable the recursion of creatures. It is a hit and miss card as it requires 7 plains in order for it to function properly but I am willing to work with this flaw.


    Novice Knight: This knight is a good defender and will survive most attacks with his 4 toughness however he really shine when he is equipped or has an aura upon himself as it will allow him to attack. With 12 equipments included within this deck makes that possible especially with a Mace of the Valiant equipped to him and a constant stream of creatures coming under your control.

    Venerable Knight: This knight is a good support card that boosts another knight when it dies.

    (I know that there are better 1 drop knights in white for modern but they are the better choices then the ones above. If you are running a strong deck that shouldn’t matter.)

    Accorder Paladin: This knight boosts other creatures by 1 when it attacks but every little bit of damage helps.

    Leonin Skyhunter: This knight is a nice little flyer for a knight that helps you soar over the battlefield and attack without much difficulty letting you deal damage to an opponent.

    Ardenvale Tactician: This knight, just like the Leonin Skyhunter, is a nice flyer however its adventure (Dizzying Swoop) is what makes this a good card to have without freeing up a slot for a spell for the effect. With up to two target creatures tap and taken out of combat it allows other knights to damage your opponent and allows you to cast this knight later.

    Benalish Marshal/Knight Exemplar: These knights boost all of your knights by +1/+1. It is the Knight Exemplar other ability a little bit better is makes other knights you control indestructible (with 2 of them all of your knights are).


    (I understand that all of the following equipment spells all cost 3 to equip but I believe that there effects make up for that fact.)

    Shining Armor: This isn’t a good card in any deck that isn’t based around knights. In one it is it is a free equip when it enters the battlefield. This is a boost to Novice Knight.

    Mace of the Valiant: This little equipment is a real gem within this deck (as with a heavy creature deck or a deck that generates lots of tokens) as it makes the equipped creature bigger whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control. The added bonus of granting said creature vigilance making it good on the defense as well.

    Sigiled Sword of Valeron: This equipment is a great token generator for this type of deck as when the equipped creature attacks it creates an attacking knight that can help on defense as well as triggering the mace.

    As always I appreciate any and all help with this deck.
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  • posted a message on City Watch
    "The walls of Argive were built by a peaceful dynastic union that has guarded us against war for fifteen centuries. The lesson is clear."

    Color: Mono-White
    Tribal Type: Soldiers

    This deck is a standard soldier deck.

    Haazda Marshal is a cheap soldier that comes with a nice ability that allows you to create a soldier token with lifelink that can block when you opponent attacks. Unfortunately you have to have 2 other creatures attacking for this ability to function. If you have 3 of him then you gain 3 tokens.

    Akrasan Squire is a cheap soldier that has exalted that if he attack as alone boost his power and toughness by 1. This is good if he is the only option that you have if you are forced to only attack with only 1 creature.

    Aven Squire Just like his brother, the squire, he has the exalted ability. What makes him better is that he has the flying ability that allows him to soar over the battlefield allowing you to deliver increased damage to your opponent.

    Ballyrush Banneret is a little guy that helps to reduce the cost of all my soldiers (as well as Kithkin) allowing me to get my costlier guys out faster.

    Aerial Responder is, to me at least, is a triple threat with flying, vigilance, lifelink allowing me to deliver attacks over the battlefield, gain life, and have him be able to block when my opponent attacks.

    Preeminent Captain is the star of this deck as when he attacks I can place a soldier onto the battlefield and attacking at the same time. There has been many times that I have gotten out a Captain of the Watch this way.

    Baird, Steward of Argive is a mini ghostly prison in that my opponent has to pay to attack me or my planeswalker.

    Captain of the Watch is a beefy soldier by himself that pumps all of my other soldiers (by 1) but he also brings friends (3) to the party. He is costly and I have had to hard cast him a few times but he did help me stay in the game.

    Dawn of Hope is a good card that allows me to create a soldier with lifelink when I need him. However it is included here for me to draw a card whenever I gain life.

    Launch the Fleet is a nice little surprise for my opponent it turn all of my attacking creatures (if I have enough mana) into token generators that are also attacking.

    I appreciate any and all help in helping make this deck more powerful then it is.
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  • posted a message on Army of the Damned

    As you can see with the version 2 of this deck I have added the suggestion mentioned above as well as added 4 more lands as this deck requires additional mana sources. With the addition of Mortuary Mire I will be able to return a creature to the library and on my next draw into my hand. It isn’t perfect as I can’t use the land right away for mana but it does allow me to regain a creature

    I appreciate any and all help in helping make this deck more powerful then it is.

    If you want to see how this draws just follow this link below:

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  • posted a message on Rhy’s Army: Nature’s Allies
    "The soil that makes up a elven nation is sacred, and you're about to meet it with your face."

    Color: White/Green
    Tribal Type: N/A

    This deck isn’t fast for the first 3 or 4 turn but once it gets going it is hard to stop.

    Emeria, the Sky Ruin allows me to return any creature that dies back to the battlefield especially that I have 18 plains (12 of those being dual land with the forest plains subtype) within the deck.

    Rhys the Redeemed, Conclave Guildmage, and Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage are token producers that help increase the army grow. Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage helps by allowing you to add a token that is different to the one that it creates white Rhys the Redeemed allows you to place another token onto the battlefield of each kind that you have already. Conclave Guildmage turns the pumped army to deal damage even if they are blocked.

    Steward of Valeron (a green mana) and Atzocan Seer (any one mana) are mana producers that allow you the chance to cast more spells each of your turn.

    Loxodon Smiter and Wilt-Leaf Liege have a nice second ability that allows you to place them unto the battlefield if you are forced to discard them giving a opponent(s) a 4/4 that they have to contend with.

    Speaking of the Loxodon Smiter its first ability is nice in the fact that you can cast it and it can’t be countered allowing you to have it on the battlefield.

    Both the Knight of New Alara and the Wilt-Leaf Liege and the lords of the deck that pumps all creatures by +2/+2 allowing more damage to bleed over to the opponent when you use the first ability of Conclave Guildmage.

    Assure // Assemble allows you to either pump a creature or to place 3 green and white Elf Knight tokens with vigilance onto the battlefield giving you blockers if you have none one their turn or after you have attacked.

    Growing Ranks allows you to place a single token that you have. The more Growing Ranks you have the more tokens made.

    If you want to see how this draws: https://www.mtgsalvation.com/decks/12763-rhys-army-natures-allies
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  • posted a message on Mob Rules
    Goblins are eager to follow orders, especially when those orders involve stealing, hurting, annoying, eating, destroying, or swearing.

    Color: Mono-Red
    Tribe Type: Goblin

    Mob Rules is designed to overrun an opponent(s) with goblins.

    Raging Goblin: This goblin is a strong first turn beater as he comes with haste allowing him to deal damage on the go or to trade in a one-on-one battle.

    Goblin Fireslinger: Just like Raging Goblin, this goblin is a solid turn on that can deal damage to a player on the second turn it is under your control.

    Bloodmark Mentor: This little guy allows all goblins to deal damage first hoping to remove any opposition.

    Mogg War Marshal: This little dude is a two-for-one package as it brings along a little playmate to the party. As a bonus when it dies it taps in another goblin that can fight in his place.

    Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin: Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin (in addition to Krenko, Mob Boss) is a nice outlet for goblin production. However unlike the Mob Boss, the number of goblins made is equal to his power when it attacks (Mob Boss requires that you tap and the goblins made depends upon the number you have). The bonus of using him is that each time he attacks he gets bigger allowing him to take on larger creatures.

    Goblin Rabblemaster: Goblin Rabblemaster is a nice body that his power increases when he attacks when other goblins are attacking. The fact that he comes with a Goblin Assault in the package is a bonus.

    Goblin Chieftain: The chieftain is a nice lord for goblins that grants all goblins haste the moment that they hit the battlefield. This allows all goblins that don’t have haste to have an effect on the battlefield.

    Goblin Warchief: Just like the chieftain the Warchief grants other goblins haste. In addition he reduces the amount of lands needed to cast a goblin spell by 1.

    Pashalik Mons: A nice and improved Boggart Shenanigans wrapped in a body that can attack any target when a goblin dies. In addition he can produce goblins for a two-for-one increasing the mob. With the number of goblin makers in this deck makes board wipes a little bit more tricky to pull off as all the goblin removal with trigger him allowing you to deal damage to an opponent and hopefully making you win the game at the same time.

    Goblin Assault: This enchantment is scaled down version of the Rabblemaster that is a little bit harder to remove, requiring enchantment destruction/exiling instead of creatures that have deathtouch, creature destruction/sacrificing, or board wipes.

    I'll appreciate any and all help in fine tuning this deck.

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  • posted a message on Bloodsuckers
    "A whole life, full of memories and experience, love and sorrow, drained drop by drop into this bottle. Could any feast be more glorious?"

    Color: Mono-black
    Tribal Type: Vampire


    Vampire Neonate allows me after a few turns to reduce opponents while gaining life for me.

    Vampire of the Dire Moon enables me to reduce any blockers (even if they are bigger then he is) that a opponent may have while gaining life for me; although, trading a 1/1 for a larger creature isn't ideal but I envision my opponent trading a smaller 1/1 instead of their beefier creatures.

    Blood Artist ability kickes in any time that a creature (including itself) dies causing a player to lose life while gaining 1 life (a good 2 point swing in life is always good).

    Cordial Vampire is a nice mini lord when any other creature dies (Including itself) making my vampires beefier (the power pump lasts even after it is removed).

    Gatekeeper of Malakir, when it is kicked triggers both Blood Artist and Cordial Vampire abilities while removing a creature from my opponents (Unfortunately a weenie as that is what I would choose unless he only has 1 creature in play) .

    Bloodthirsty Aerialist benefits from any time that I would gain life when I use Vampire Neonate, Vampire of the Dire Moon, Blood Artist, and Vampire Nighthawk gain me life and thus making him beefier. This and his evasion ability (Flying) makes him almost unstoppable.

    Captivating Vampire is the Vampire lord of this deck pumping other vampires with his ability, however he really shines with his second ability. This ability allows me to steal any of my opponents creatures while turning them into a vampire but allowing me turn it around and attack my opponent with it or allowing me to sac it to power my other spells.

    Vampire Nighthawk is a BIG vampire for this deck. Jut like Bloodthirty Aerialist he has a nice evasion ability allowing him to fly over the battlefield and attack. Also Just like Vampire of the Dire Moon removes any attacker if I have him stay at home while gaining life from that creatures death (and pumping Bloodthirty Aerialist at the same time).

    Other Spells

    Spark Harvest allows me to remove a creature or planewalker that can hurt me and/or my creatures. If either Cordial Vampire or Blood Artist is on the battlefield at the time benefits either me (life gain) or my creatures (+1/+1 counter).

    Severed Strands allows me to remove a creature that can hurt me or remove my creatures. The bonus of gaining life is just an added bonus. Just like Spark Harvest it works well with Cordial Vampire, Blood Artist, and/or Bloodthirsty Aerialist is a boon.

    Right now the sideboard is in flux and what is posted might not be there or moved to the main deck.

    My biggest question is do I really need Captivating Vampire while i have a Cordial Vampire? If I don't need it then what to place within its spot?

    I appreciate any and all ideas and/or commons in fine tuning this deck.

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  • posted a message on Army of the Damned
    Quote from D90Dennis14 »
    Liliana, the Last Hope is a good option and another good PW for the deck can be Liliana, Untouched by Death.

    Cryptbreaker is a must-have in my opinion as it does everything you want in this deck.

    Your SB could also be improved with:
    Discard spells (Thoughtseize/Inquisition of Kozilek/Collective Brutality), Creature removal (Fatal Push, Victim of Night/Cast Down, Defile), GY-hate (Withered Wretch, Nihil Spellbomb) and some land hate (Fulminator Mage/Rain of Tears) as well as activated abilities hate
    (Pithing Needle/Sorcerous Spyglass/Phyrexian Revoker).

    Thanks for all of the Ideas and I will have to look into all of them.
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  • posted a message on Army of Atlantis
    Quote from megatog201 »
    Check the merfolk thread. Merfolk hovers near tiger 2 status currently. Also can look up nikichu on YouTube as a merfolk specialist.

    Thank you very much I will have to check both out.
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  • posted a message on Army of the Damned

    Quote from D90Dennis14 »
    You need to play Undead Augur and Relentless Dead in your maindeck as they're some of the best zombies for your deck.
    They're much better than Eternal Taskmaster and Highborn Ghoul.

    Carrion Feeder is the best zombie 1-drop besides Gravecrawler and should be in the maindeck as well, I'd add it over Graf Harvest.
    Cryptbreaker is also very good and much better than Endless Ranks of the Dead as it can be used earlier and also draw you cards besides making tokens.

    Unearth is probably a better option than Ghoulcaller's Chant as it puts the creature back into play and can also be cycled away if there are no targets for it.

    Geralf's Messenger is much better than Ghoulraiser and a solid 3-drop for the deck.
    Plague Belcher is also not bad (especailly with Carrion Feeder to trigger it at will) but is probably not as good as the other 3-drops (Lords, Colossus, Messenger).

    Thanks for the card ideas and helping me see that Cryptbreaker is better then Endless Ranks of the Dead. I was thinking of adding Liliana, the Last Hope over Endless Ranks of the Undead and Cryptbreaker although I am not a big fan of planewalkers.

    I'm most concerned at the number of lands here. Most decks that are hoping to get up to three drops and four drops to curve out play upwards of 23 lands, I'd play 24 myself. You may not want to cut spells to add lands, but if you want your deck to be consistent and to be able to battle other decks at FNM, you will greatly appreciate the change.

    I do have a slight problem of seeing a card and wanting to play it without really thinking it over. I will have to rebuild this deck soon to address this problem.
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  • posted a message on Army of Atlantis

    This is my redesign of my Merrow Legion (https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/standard-type-2/standard-archives/75581-merrow-legion) that I posted some time ago. First I took out all Plains and cards that require white mana.

    As a mono-blue deck I have been able to add some better cards. First with 32 Merfolk cards within the deck Deeproot Waters is a must card in order to produce tokens that have hexproof to them for attacking of activating abilities. Speaking of tokens; Lullmage Mentor, if done correctly, will produce more tokens when I counter spells (even when using its ability).

    With both Mist-Cloaked Herald and River Sneak can’t be blocked is good but the added bonus is really River Sneak as it is pumped by all the tokens that are produced (if I can find some space for merfolk creatures with flash or figure out how to fit more counter like spells).

    Both the Master of the Pearl Trident and Merrow Reejerey both pump the merfolk that I have out. They both have their own strengths. The Master of the Pearl Trident makes all of my tokens unblockable when used with Aquitect's Will. Merrow Reejerey allows me to untap any merfolk creature that I use with the Lullmage Mentor to counter a spell unfortunately I can’t really use his tap ability (same reason that was given under River Sneak).

    Silvergill Adept allows me to draw a card every time it enters the battlefield and when paired with Familiar's Ruse allows me to draw another card when I cast him again. Unfortunately it only allows me to use him up to 8 times giving me 8 more cards to use. If I have Sygg, River Cutthroat in the main deck and on the battlefield it turns any and all of my merfolk into a Scroll Thief at end of turn especially if I have Inkfathom Witch on the battlefield at the same time. (I will probably go with this build in version 2 but I want your opinion on this deck.)

    Merrow Commerce allows me to untap all of my merfolk permanents that I have taped in either attacking or activating abilities of other cards. If I could figure out how to untap all of my lands at the same time it would be awesome.

    (While looking up merfolk with flash that isn't to costly it moved me to look up green merfolk and inspired a mono-green or green/blue merfolk deck for a future build.)

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  • posted a message on Army of the Damned

    Created with an eye to using graveyards (especially my opponents) as recruitment centers for bodies as well as to return my creatures that have been sent to the graveyard. A strong zombie deck that performs as it expected (a little big weak against flyers, mass removal, and burn).

    I have been thinking of splashing white to add some other options to the deck. In particular Binding Mummy, Corpse Knight, Wayward Servant, and Unraveling Mummy. Of course I will add Godless Shrine and Unclaimed Territory to provide for the source of white mana.

    Another thing that I am considering is addition Undead Augur instead of Vanquisher's Banner. If do add the Augur so then I will need to offset the lose of life by splashing some white as well adding Reliquary Tower in order to retain my drawn cards or adding Gravepurge to restock my library with creatures.

    I appreciate any and all help in helping make this deck more powerful then it is.
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  • posted a message on Boros: Helix Company

    A deck that I have had some success with but I am looking for some ways that I can fine tune it as I feel that there is some problems with it but can't truly put my finger on it. I do know that I want to build around the balefire liege. I appreciate any and all ideas and help.

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  • posted a message on Theros Speculation
    Could be that we will see a lot of legendary cards since they just changed the legendary rule and that last time they did that we got champions. If that happens then we could see the return of grandeur for the legendary creatures.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] W/G Tribe (Humans, confirmed via Twitter)
    for me giant beasts could be the w/g tribe. but it could also be fungus or treefolk
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  • posted a message on Can we expect Illusions on ISD?
    i really dont think that there will be alot of illusions show up maybe 1 or 2 as there was a few new illusions just released.
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