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  • posted a message on creatures for green-blue commander deck
    long story short. i am creating a hypothetical commander deck that i want to build someday. however i am very lacking in creatures atm
    i have chosen kruphix as my commander as the other options kinda sucked imo.
    i also have helix pinnacle in it
    also a few trolly cards like: telepathy, consorship, bronze calendar, and permeating mass.

    my deck also contains:
    1,00 Terra Stomper
    7,95 Champion's Helm
    0,30 Censorship
    2,00 Cast Through Time
    0,50 Cackling Counterpart
    0,20 Bronze Calendar
    0,20 Blinding Powder
    0,25 Blighted Woodland
    0,75 Blighted Agent
    0,20 Blight Sickle
    0,75 Blatant Thievery
    0,35 Biomass Mutation
    0,50 Beastmaster Ascension
    1,50 Skullclamp
    8,50 As Foretold
    0,75 Argentum Armor
    1,00 Arcane Lighthouse
    2,00 Sol Ring
    3,00 Awakening
    0,70 Animist's Awakening
    0,45 Altered Ego
    3,00 Allosaurus Rider
    1,20 Alchemist's Refuge
    0,35 Anthroplasm
    0,20 Plasma Elemental
    0,30 Ætherplasm
    0,75 Cryptoplasm
    0,50 Plasm Capture
    0,75 Aetherflux Reservoir
    6,00 Kruphix, God of Horizons
    0,50 Permeating Mass
    6,00 Temporal Mastery
    2,00 Temporal Trespass
    0,50 Temporal Adept
    4,50 Helix Pinnacle
    0,15 Telepathy
    59,55 Total:

    i will also throw my: Nissa, steward of elements in it, polymorpher's jest, rhonas's monument, elvish mystic, forced adaption and primal druid.

    i would like to hear your opinions ofcourse. and tell wich cards should be thrown out and/or added.
    this is just a casual deck also. i just grabbed the cards i saw in mtg card search
    also xmage is being: you want account and test deck? nope!
    and i want to keep it under 100.
    the cost u see above is ofcourse the cost a local magic store selling place thing.
    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
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