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  • posted a message on juggernaught in dominaria? WHY?!
    i find siege-gang fine, technically 5 power n toughness for 5 and an extra. probably will put it into a random red/monored brew. serra im skeptical about. I mean there are so many better cards now even in this set though admittedly at much higher rarity. + it already had so many reprints, does it really need more?
    juggernaut imo is a 5/3 for 4 with the horrible downside of losing it garuanteed the moment an oponent has a expendable creature with power 3 or more. and 1% chance to have less trouble with blockers.
    well after looking at mine a bit longer though... you know if it were common i would be completely fine with it. it's not complete trash but i wouldn't enjoy finding one in an uncommon slot. especially in a set that has amazing uncommons. but as far as i know most juggernauts are uncommons

    (edit) you know what reprint would get me on tilt though? tyrant's machine
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  • posted a message on juggernaught in dominaria? WHY?!
    it absolutely makes no sense even if juggernaut(not even juggernaught wtf?) originated from dominaria!
    it is a horrible card especially since less than 1% of creatures are walls these days. let alone people using them.
    i mean at least errata it to be unblockable vs defender creatures or something!! or since changing paper cards is hard, replace it with another card that is the the same thing exept is can't be blocked creatures with defender and isn't called juggernaut
    on top of that it is all round a horrible card! if it would only not be forced o attack each turn i would have been fine with it.
    and this in a set that has a 5/4 for GGG that actually has a positive effect that does something. (yes yes i know, colorless vs green... but srsly every color has something better to offer than this)

    i didn't like this card when i first got it from my very first starterkit and i don't like it now
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  • posted a message on How do you guys film matches?
    or tape a video camera to the hanging lamp above the table
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  • posted a message on So, I saw this on another forum. Figured I would post it here and see what we could do with it.
    my last suggestion btw, if you can safely get ixidron to resolve you are good.
    another idea is to cast a spell that COPIES genesis hydra which byspasses the namejam
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  • posted a message on So, I saw this on another forum. Figured I would post it here and see what we could do with it.
    Psychic Puppetry if you could get this trough and untap that land that gives counter immunity for 1 turn you can win.

    Rules Lawyer might help? no?
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  • posted a message on So, I saw this on another forum. Figured I would post it here and see what we could do with it.
    get Burn from Withinon plat and u win due to he has to draw an emty lib
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  • posted a message on So, I saw this on another forum. Figured I would post it here and see what we could do with it.
    but what rule states that that creature will be copied if i may ask quickly?
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  • posted a message on So, I saw this on another forum. Figured I would post it here and see what we could do with it.
    did this in 30 minutes
    grind up to 6 island and 1 mountain
    play Sphinx of the Final Word which cannot be countered and prevents spells getting countered
    play Cyclonic Rift next turn
    play shock(this or next turn)

    I WIN

    where is this lgs facebook and can they deliver to europe?!
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  • posted a message on Which Deck to get???
    most products wotc releases are not premade decks. and the premade decks they do have (aside from commander and the challenger decks) are absolutely horrible.

    so here is an idea of the packs of cards that do not form any kind of decks. it does mean you need to like to actually make a deck yourself, but its better than premade and more ethical and cheaper than copying pro decks.
    booster pack, pack of 15 cards, 1 rare/mythic, 1 wild card, 4 or 5 uncommons, and like 9 commons.
    starter kit: good value for starters containing a land pack of around 100 basic lands
    fat(or whatever it was called now pack: contains 40$ worth of (from what i heard slightly rigged) packs of cards.
    booster box: 100$ worth of booster packs meaning about 32-34 rares and 4-5 mythics?
    my advice: just get a starters kit for $20 and spend any remaining money you planned to spend for now until you relearn better on booster packs.
    for a quick refresh if you really forgot deckbuilding: stick to 1-3 colors, preferrably 2 colors, 21-23 total lands, about 1/3 of the deck should cost 2-3 mana per card, 1/3 of the deck should cost 3-4, and the last 1/3 can be used A for more cheap cards or B for big splashy explosion cards.
    stick to those rules for your first few decks, play your deck alot, observe what your deck lacks and why it loses or wins, what are its flaws, and improve upon them. when you got building good decks deacently under control you can A continue brewing decks with what you have or B look up cards on mtg cardsearch, order those cards, and create decks this way.

    in stores where they sell mtg they also hold casual events called friday night magic. but since you play with your kids i assume they dont care alot you play the legal sets. to make sure you can ask them.
    if im correct you can just look around which set you would enjoy and buy that.
    some points of refference:

    -ixalan the latest set is about 4 tribes that must be played homogeneous as each tribe only buffs their own units
    -dominaria is an upcoming set and my suggestion to buy as its theme is well... the original plane, dominaria. since you are a returning player you will surely enjoy that.
    -amonkhet/hour of devestation is egyptian themed and playstyle is themed about being cruel, olmost torturing your oponents to death with things like torment of hailfire and torment of scarabs
    -kaladesh/eather revolt is steampunk themed with not alot of neccesarily strong individual creatures, but decks made with this set shine with cheap to play vehicles. artifacts that turn into strong monsters when you give them pilots. next to this the set has powerfull energy counters, a powerfull currency which the cards that use it broke standart play for a long time.
    -(out of standard) return to innistrad is a set which focuses on gothic lore with werewolves and fallen angels in a demonic world. altough it has a few big stompy creatures and certainly has many strong cards it also has "flip cards" cards that have art on both sides and are unplayable without good sleeves.
    -coresets. they have everything you need to build any deck and because they dont feature any special gimmicky mechanics what you learn from them will apply to all magic sets and are easier to learn, this without sacrificing powerful and fun cards that will do hilariously strong or fun things.

    much behind this i am out of knowlege though i do know
    - battle for zendikar. a set which is themed around the eldrazi, a collorles collective evil out to destroy stuff. there are 3 main eldrazi titans which all 3 are similiar but different. they are game ending creatures that cost 10+ colorsless mana. these 3 titans command their army of scions to do their biding. yet these scions are no joke either, many being equally able to end the game. the main feature of eldrazi is annihilator, an imo unfair ability that forces their foes to sacrifice (depending on their strength) 1-6 permanents whenever they attack not including the chump blocker it will cost to keep their massive power away from your life total.

    again, dominaria is probably a good starting point ASSUIMNG you dont have just 10k lying around to spend on older sets you enjoy more due to nostalgia

    one last note, magic has no to little powercreep, the makers sell new sets by making them the ultimate counter vs the previous one. so assuming you dont wanna play standard, your 2010 deck is not outdated at all. just modify it with some new cards you collect and tadaa.
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  • posted a message on No Slivers in Dominaria
    i dont know alot about dominaria but i like slivers and my mind is just saying

    *claims there is not enough space for sliver tribal*
    *spoils wizard tribal*

    wizard tribal...

    also on the guys saying sliver commander (precon) decks... dont... i mean i love slivers, but that is like holding apiece of candy just out of my reach. that's like... you are increasing my blood pressure man! and that combined with the fact it is so unlikely... ouch
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  • posted a message on core sets are good right?
    man like 3-4 months until m19... it cannot happen fast enough... sadly for me im in one of those parts of my life time passes REALLY slowly...
    so even return to dom is too for for me XD
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  • posted a message on opinions on coresets
    which coreset do you prefer and why? or do you dislike them and why?

    personally i am favouring the m14 (or m15) one.
    because it overall has alot of playable cards that are not complete trash like that roach that asks 6 mana for +3+3 selfboost (which is probably in m14 lol)
    but m13 looks pretty cool too...

    i am less fan of the older coresets because... they are kind of expensive
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  • posted a message on Deck Opinions?
    hello mediocre casual player who is scrolling trough the forums here.

    again mediocre player so dont take my advice for fact.

    imo the deck is a bit unfocused. for example: what is durress and cabal therapy doing in your deck? and especially, why 4 each? only one conduit? furthermore, what gave you the idea to play so many 1 cost cards (that don't even ramp you) in a deck that wants to throw out big creatures?

    i personally would predict that with this deck your durress and cabal therapy will only make up slightly for your own upcoming card dissadvantage.
    you will quickly play emty your hand and be stuck with 6+ cost spells and what will you be playing when you have 4-5 mana? the mana curve has a massive crater there.

    one easy improvement is replacing arborback stomper with a second conduit of ruin.
    makes playing the big eldrazi easier AND increases reliability.

    another problem i spot is it has some cards that say: "i want to lose all friends i ever had" but the deck doesnt push trough with it. meaning an unneccesary loss of friends

    an example of this is soll ring i dont know how it goes in other places of the world but it is really just a silent agreement that you don't play soll ring in any format other than commander. but if you would really play it in here, why 2? and not 4?
    ofoourse eldrazi themselves kind of are the embodiment of "i dont need friends anymore" but that is a whole other story.

    in general i have 3 rules in making a deck and 4 if i am going to just oprder the singles and have an unlimited pool
    the 4rth one being, is my deck reliable? having one copy of a single card is always a bad idea, even legendary permanents are played at least 2 of in a deck. in any other case most cards are played 3 or 4 of. the reason being that of you are putting 1 copy of a card in your deck, do you really need it? you will only pull it at all 1 in every 5-6 games and that is what we call unreliable.

    the other 3 rules i have are:
    is it focused on its main goal?(in this case big creatures) does it not have to many subgoals? (hand disruption+creature removal+1 drops in a slow deck is too much for example, and the 1 drops in a slow deck does not mix very well either)

    does it have enough card draw? can i make sure all cards i draw have enough impact untill i can create more card draw? (all the one drops means that you technically are trying to ramp to 7,8 and 9 mana with 3 or so less cards in hand) (this rule can be ignored in glass cannon decks they dont waste mana on card draw they have one goal and that is to use those 7 cards in hand to kill your opponent before turn 5-6)

    can i reach my desired mana curve? will i always be able to play something impactfull? (during the early turns you are jamming your own mana by wanting to play 1drops, you can't do anything during the turns you have 4 and 5 mana, you cannot ramp past being stuck with 4 and 5 mana, meaning untill you can pay for your eldrazi monsters (who are btw boat anchors in your hand untill you can play them) you cannot do anything)

    here is an example of my 100% casual deck that i built of cards i happen to have

    you can see that i am keeping very well to my rules here

    my main goal, pump out creatures, my cubgoal, to have slight control and keep my opponent from going out of hand with cards like pillar of light my secondary subgoal, boost my creatures with things like nobilis of war and magmatic chasm.
    ofcourse magmatic chasm is a finisher and a dead anchor in my hand until i can kill my opponent with the damage potential of my creatures, that is why i have 1 less than i could have in it
    my manacurve is how i like it, alot of 2 drops that all do something impactfull either now or lategame. i have little manaramp so i am happy with having few high cost cards, because i will likely be able to play all of them AND have good use from them
    if i had more manaramp however i would up my manacurve to include more 5 and maybe even 6 drops. but since it is aggro with a touch of control i dont.
    ofcourse my carddraw is horrific with the mentor of the meek being my only hope to keep the engine going, but again, casual. but one instant improvement on it would be to add 3 more mentor of the meeks simply because it ensures i can keep going and going and hitting and hitting
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  • posted a message on core sets are good right?
    i keep asking myself what i should buy. and what i am looking for is the best set to buy as someone who wants to use the cards for constructed play without doing the actual inteligent thing of just buying singles. i enjoy being challenged to build the best possible deck with a limited but not too limited pooll.
    also having the time to actually think up this crazy ideas that may sometimes work.
    now i emmediatly said to myself when i saw ixalan: well a set that is 100% tribal is not exactly mind stimulating and leaves little options for me to build crazy decks with. as results i didn't buy jack from it.

    so i started mtg with a m14 core set and am wondering if core sets are my way to go. or do you guys think dominaria will still have some good tricks up its sleeve? is the difference between core sets and the now 1 block normal sets that core sets allow for more kinds of weird decks while normal sets focus on some set mechanics?

    what would you say? core set or dominaria?

    also what about slivers?
    i just really... really like slivers... i just never had the chance to build a sliver deck yet... i have a diffusion sliver a trampler and a +1+1 sliver up to now also a +2+0 and a +0+1 sliver and a first strike sliver and a manaweft sliver... and maybe a vigilance sliver... and a sliver construct?
    anyways not enough slivers... mostly not enough power/toughness boosters... okay getting off track now...
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