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  • posted a message on (edh/brawl) jodah seems really really strong what do you guys think?
    so I had decided to just grab some spare cards and manafixing for a quick 60 card jodah, archmage eternal commander/brawl deck... but i quickly noticed that with only like 20 dollars worth of cards invested into it already was beating things like a modified precon deck focused to 1 of its playstyles.
    obviously with jodah you save a massive amount of money when creating the manabase as things along the lines of sol ring are completely useless. you want 1 of each mana not multiple collerless or multiple of the same color.
    the first thing is obviously 5 turn finishers. my main ones are army of the damned(even though you cant cast the flashback with jodah) and progenitus. this makes jodah an emmediate removal magnet as a single big spell from him could end the game.

    however i notice that what can happen is while the other players are burning cards blowing up jodah i can just go ahead and hard cast the finishers anyways and the other players can't do anything about it since jodah took all the hits
    obviously jodah is less scary at the more competitive levels of commander but it still seems a ridiculous powerhouse.

    so i am interested, what do you guys think about the fist of suns on a stick?
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  • posted a message on bored!!!
    best way to learn is to play irl with a friend imo. There are also local gaming stores where many mtg players come together and play. join in at a open house or something or just ask around to play some matches with some kind players.
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  • posted a message on A peek into a deckbuilders mind and the uncertain thoughts within
    well ehm... you could limit yourself with how many expensive staples you are running if you are. slow your deck down to balance the game out. and if you feel you left yourself too weak buff the deck a bit.
    for the rest there probably are some fun commanders to try out still. i believe one that is under the radar is experiment kraj?

    there are also a few multiple choise commanders i think... an odd one i find is the one i have from my first precon. nahiri, the lithomancer. i mean its equipment and tokens... equipments is for vultron... and tokens aren't.

    one last idea could be to ask permission to make a lich's mastery commander deck. i mean it isn't a creature but it would be a really fun idea no? you could go tokens, lifegain, or both!

    silly ideas could evolve into working decks as well. how about that commander that gives other people your permanents, but you cram it full of cards that allow you to return them at instant speed? you can give your opponent the tools to wage war but return them to yourself again if they attack you.
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  • posted a message on So, I saw this on another forum. Figured I would post it here and see what we could do with it.
    in a stroke of genius i remembered sudden spoiling exists
    how does that one stack up against the odds?
    or does auto-counter not care about split second?
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  • posted a message on The Worse Rules of Magic
    wait quick question, does that mean i can declare a dude attackintg someone with propaganda, get the attack ability, and then not pay the cost to not attack into a deathstack? because that would be awesome
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  • posted a message on Brand New Player
    also consider simply not using cards with special abilities like menace, trample and flying. unless perhaps you have coreset cards which i believe have the basic abilities explained on the cards
    reason is those cards are 1-2 mana more expensive duo to having a functional ability.

    also small note, one of the few things that they do very well at mtg headquarters is preventing powercreep. so in short: have fun building with very old cards as they still stand very competitive vs newer cards.

    magic products should also contain starter guides with information like turn-phases, how planeswalkers work, damage mechanics, the stack and more.

    also i suggest avoiding blue cards for beginners. Reason is Blue is by far the most complicated color in the game which requires you to anticipate and predict dangerous actions of the oponent duo to blue being the color of countermagic and such. Blue also is the weakest in the basic mechanics like creatures. wherin you pay 5 mana for a 5/5 in red, 5 mana for a 6/6 in green, you get a 4/4 for 5 in blue.

    after purchasing your first toolkit and getting familiar with the game buying a second one is redundant. you would be better off buying a landpack for lands and for normal card either get 5kg of bulk for like $50 or go to your local LGS, and steal buy ALL the commons. if they happen to have a couple of boxes with commons in them.
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  • posted a message on Why not all full art ?
    i personally really dig the costum made cards you can google where the black border and basically anything not a textbox (or art technically) has been replaced with art.
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  • posted a message on Idea: give the "draw" player an additional benefit
    i think the problem inherentintly lies in that one player will always have more lands on the field than the other. there is no way both play will begin from 1 mana to 2 and so on.

    for example chess doesn't have this problem as both players start off with i believe 16 pieces. both resources are always equal, unless a player makes a mistake or gets outplayed in which case the other players did deserve that win.
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  • posted a message on silly theory
    i fricking knew it was gonna get vdebunked within a hour XD
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  • posted a message on silly theory
    you know that silly true history of dominaria page thing?
    alright so appearently there are a million different belzenloks replacing all the "fake characters"
    okay my theory is that on prerelease day a number of cards will be handed out of the legendaries exept they have belzenlok's face on them
    i mean, why else would they take the time to photoshop his face on all those artworks?

    i fully expect someone to tell me that article wasn't even written by wizards...
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  • posted a message on So, I saw this on another forum. Figured I would post it here and see what we could do with it.
    guys how about this: suspend Hypergenesis
    and in response to hypergenesis when it resolves, cast ANY instant to absorb the counterspell
    the suspended card HAS to resolve. dunno the rulings but if i get the benefit of the doubt the card resolves
    cheat onto the field any boardwiping creature like ixidron
    pass turn
    oponent loses due to emty library

    in any other case i see two other possibilities
    play the land that makes you ignore all errata (too lazy to check if that changes anything
    don't play an instant as the wiki keeps reffering to playing the card rather than casting it
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  • posted a message on Grunn, the Lonely King Commanderin spoiler
    first of all.... hella yeah fling this card in your foes face, prefferable with that brion stoutarm dude

    secondly, im sad now because i imagined an artwork of a sad giant ape in a chair in a giant open field of emtyness
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  • posted a message on juggernaught in dominaria? WHY?!
    i find siege-gang fine, technically 5 power n toughness for 5 and an extra. probably will put it into a random red/monored brew. serra im skeptical about. I mean there are so many better cards now even in this set though admittedly at much higher rarity. + it already had so many reprints, does it really need more?
    juggernaut imo is a 5/3 for 4 with the horrible downside of losing it garuanteed the moment an oponent has a expendable creature with power 3 or more. and 1% chance to have less trouble with blockers.
    well after looking at mine a bit longer though... you know if it were common i would be completely fine with it. it's not complete trash but i wouldn't enjoy finding one in an uncommon slot. especially in a set that has amazing uncommons. but as far as i know most juggernauts are uncommons

    (edit) you know what reprint would get me on tilt though? tyrant's machine
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  • posted a message on juggernaught in dominaria? WHY?!
    it absolutely makes no sense even if juggernaut(not even juggernaught wtf?) originated from dominaria!
    it is a horrible card especially since less than 1% of creatures are walls these days. let alone people using them.
    i mean at least errata it to be unblockable vs defender creatures or something!! or since changing paper cards is hard, replace it with another card that is the the same thing exept is can't be blocked creatures with defender and isn't called juggernaut
    on top of that it is all round a horrible card! if it would only not be forced o attack each turn i would have been fine with it.
    and this in a set that has a 5/4 for GGG that actually has a positive effect that does something. (yes yes i know, colorless vs green... but srsly every color has something better to offer than this)

    i didn't like this card when i first got it from my very first starterkit and i don't like it now
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  • posted a message on How do you guys film matches?
    or tape a video camera to the hanging lamp above the table
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