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    posted a message on Eternal of Harsh Truths
    Well Jace... Have you considered an invasion of Dominaria?
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    posted a message on Gifted Aetherborn
    Aetherborn Nighthawk?
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    posted a message on Yahenni, Undying Partisan
    He should have lifelink, but he is still well designed for his story.

    Agreed on the mechanics, but it should be noted thst Yahenni's pronouns are they/them. The story explicitly says as much.
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    posted a message on Tezzeret the Schemer
    Quote from Terrantula »
    this is not a viable build around though. This is a card that will never see play barring some new cards that poop out artifacts VERY easily.

    Yeah quick artifact generators are a definite must. Such as Tezzeret himself. Or, I don't know, the entirety of Kaladesh?

    Sweet jesus this card is not worth the poo-pooing people are spewing out.
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    posted a message on Saskia the Unyielding
    Quote from wildman274 »
    Except for the fact that it says creatures and last I checked, Panharmonicon is not a creature. Now, if you pair this with March of the Machines, then yes, you have a super overly complicated Jonny combo. Oh! But you can't because it's combat damage......please make sure you rtfc before you post combos that don't work :p

    AnotherZoruaAmongUs beat me to the explanation. Obviously I meant copying the ETB effect since that's literally the only thing Panharmonicon interacts with

    I suggest that you rtfc before coming on here with a snobby condescending attitude, sir or madame.
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    posted a message on Saskia the Unyielding
    Panharmonicon and Strionic Resonator say helloooo (hit 4 OPPONENTS FOR THE PRICE OF 1!)
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    posted a message on Impeccable Timing
    Quote from Manajunkie99 »
    Dont get ur hopes up guys. No New Ajani in this set. Sorry

    Well firstly, who said we expected a planeswalker card? Ajani is clearly in this story, on Kaladesh, and that's awesome enough for now.

    Secondly, how do you know there won't be an Ajani planeswalker this set? According to MaRo, WotC usually leaves 5 card slots per set for Planeswalkers. We have 4, Nissa, Chandra, Saheeli, and Baal. (the Planeswalker intro decks presumably don't count towards the 5 slots, for developmental reasons) So who's to say that Ajani won't be included?
    Truthfully, the slot will probably go to Tezzeret for color reasons- he's been UB before, and there's no black planeswalker on this set yet.
    But still, it's fun to get excited at the possibility of Ajani.

    Thirdly, even though there's not likely to be an Ajani planeswalker this set, there's still Aether Revolt. Perhaps he'll be given a card in the second set, after being mentioned in the first. (just like Tamiyo, Thalia, Tazri, and more)

    Fourthly, man, why did you need to be so rude about it? We're all here to get excited about the new set, there's no need to rain on everybody's parade with big authoritative declarations based on incomplete information and premature conclusions, and there's no need to downvote all the excited posts. Makes me glad I upvoted them all.
    Calm down, bud.
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    posted a message on Impeccable Timing
    Ajani my boooooyyyy
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    posted a message on Angel of Invention
    So either a 5/4 with flying, vigilance, lifelink, and anthem, or a 2/1 flying vigilant lifelinker and three 2/2s, for only 5 mana?
    That's a bit imbalanced tbh.
    This is a very well-balanced card, even if it can be answered. It forces your opponent to burn their removal, and if they can't the advantage you gain is HUGE.
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    posted a message on Sigarda's Aid
    Fun. Auto-include in Uril edh or equipment cats.
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