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    posted a message on [M21] Nine lives
    Quote from clubalien »
    donate this

    I think you meant Harmless Offering.

    Still....Nine Lives, Solemnity, Gideon of the Trials--the foundation is there.
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    posted a message on [M21] Hooded Blightfang
    This card makes me want to Roast a Hornet Nest.
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    posted a message on Cards Banned for Racist Imagery and/or Text
    Quote from LuckyJoe1988 »
    Remember when MtG and DnD were considered pagan devil worship tools?

    *Spits out milk* Wait, WHAT?! EEK!

    Oh, yes. In the early 80s there was an entire conspiracy theory about how D&D was actually a gateway to lure children and teenagers into the occult and, subsequently, actual demon/devil worship with rituals and everything. One of Jack Chick's most famous tracts was about that idea; that tract was so famous someone made a movie about it--our son found a JonTron video where he watches the movie. When MtG rolled around it was actually so small that it did not make many cultural waves--most people were still reeling about Tipper Gore's vendetta against rock music. Still, some people got upset over the original art on Unholy Strength specifically because of the inverted pentagram. even though they did not seem to mind the actual Demonic Hordes.
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    posted a message on [TBD] Unknown shores reprint

    I got back in to Magic after more than 20 years just before Khans got released, so the first Theros block was everywhere. The timing is really odd now because after nearly a year off I am just about to get back in to Magic again as another Theros set comes out--I guess it was just meant to be.
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    posted a message on [TBD] Alexander Hayne preview - Erebos’s intervention
    Playing a proven working deck is better in almost any case than failing to ponder around with your own brew, not that its not fun to brew stuff up, but the vast majority of people is not really successful throwing their own ideas into an actual working and competitive deck.

    That depends upon one's point of view. I have done the netdeck thing and gone 4-0 or 5-0 at the LGS before, but that always leaves me feeling bored and unsatisfied. I would rather put something together myself and go 3-2 because at least it was mine, not someone else's. Being a professional Magic player is like being a professional sports player--everyone dreams of being on an NFL, MBA, NHL, or NBA team while playing sports in high school but the reality is that only a very few ever make it there. If I were independently wealthy--or retired--then I could devote the time necessary to get there, which necessitates grinding out games on a daily basis. That goal, though, is not important to me.
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    posted a message on [THB] Heliod, Sun-Crowned— day9 preview
    New Tibalt and his pet dinosaur both disapprove. On the other hand, the Queen definitely approves.

    If the combo with Walking Ballista winds up becoming banned, they will probably ban the artifact creature rather than new Heliod; there are too many ways to abuse the ballista.
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    posted a message on THB: Nadir Kraken
    And a giant kraken starting as 2/3 is wonky.

    It is a nadir kraken, so it is the lowest kraken on the totem pole. The "you may pay 1" clause is less than optimal, but on the other hand if your opponent doesn't kill it then it both grows and spreads.
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    posted a message on [THB] Woe Strider— SCG preview
    They wouldn't kid us about the goat token, would they? Na-a-a-a-a-a-a-a.

    I could milk this for other goat puns but you have all probably herd them before.
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    posted a message on December 16, 2019 Pioneer Banlist
    Quote from the n00b king »

    Lightning Bolt and Inquisitions are huge reasons why. Also modern is significantly faster than pioneer. Most modern decks don't care about Oko. The only deck that plays it is Urza and that deck doesn't even need to.

    mostly for food tokens so urza can make blue mana berry pie out of them.

    Quote from Pappy »

    Certain decks do have an easy answer but others, like ur emerge, mono white aggro, etc. Don't have the urgency to race it or have any good removal against it. This would just polarize the format.

    Thank you for the responses. I am just starting to try and slowly work my back into playing on a regular basis--taking a 33% pay cut because your employer decides to downsize *sucks*. I almost had a complete play set of Standard back when I had to stop just before RNA got released, and I had almost complete sets going back to M2015, so I have just about everything I would need for Pioneer. In the last month or so I have managed to get a box of RNA, WAR, M20, and ELD--hooray for the part-time job--so now I just need to fill some missing card slots and I will have the tools for Standard again, as well as Pioneer. After that, I would need to polish off the rust and see how it goes.

    re: new Emrakul and Aetherworks Marvel...one presumes that Repudiate // Replicate, Tale's End, Disallow, or possibly Summary Dismissal would be useful. If you were weird you could even use Ceremonious Rejection but that build would proably fail miserably against some sort of mono-red aggro deck. *sigh* I forgot how complex trying to prepare can be.
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    posted a message on The Pioneer Format
    Quote from thatmarkguy »
    That ... really doesn't compare to the likelihood of an on-demand revolt trigger in a fetch-loaded modern deck. Like, not even close.

    Maybe not, but it is a better answer than "the card is useless". I look for the positives. Of course, I am not trying to compare against Pioneer against Modern, either, which seems to be a common theme here. If you love your current pet but you get a new pet you wouldn't spend time complaining how the new pet isn't as great as the old pet, would you? *shrug*

    If you don't like Pioneer then don't play that format. Simple. For the people who do want to play it, though, if they really want Push then they need to spend the time figuring out ways to make it work. Treasure and Etherium Cells are the best ways to get maximum value from it.
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