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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    I never said "stack the deck with all those cards". Someone thought it would be nice if white had non-enchantment removal so I listed some of the options which are available. Whether anyone uses them is an entirely different matter altogether.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    White removal which deals damage to attacking creatures is a bit pointless.

    That depends upon your point of view, as well as whether or not you have a Soul-Scar Mage on the battlefield.

    Quote from Colt47 »

    Countervailing Winds is playable, but there's quite a few decks running Scavenger Grounds. Having a counter basically rendered useless by a graveyard exile effect is not a good feeling.

    True. Not every card or strategy is perfect.

    Anyway...back on topic...does anyone else find it strangely curious that they banned Rogue Refiner when they knew Tocatli Honor Guard already existed? Especially when the guard also stops the most negative part of Rampaging Ferocidon?
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    White removal in Standard?

    Average cmc of creatures in Standard which have power >= 3: 4.46 (you may take my word for it or you can calculate that number for yourself; there are 351 of them out of about 711 in total, not counting creatures which are listed as */* or 0/0). Skywhaler's Shot. Given this set of circumstances, the removal is definitely more efficient that the creatures necessitating it. You even get a free scry.

    Creatures coming in to attack? Impeccable Timing if they are smaller (average cmc of creatures which are x/3 or less = 2.81), Sandblast if they are bigger (average cmc of creatures which are x/5 or less = 3.17; there are 673 creatures in this category), or Farm in any other instance (average cmc of all creatures in Standard = 3.36). These also deal with blocking creatures, of course.

    Your opponent cast Hazoret? Let her attack, chump-block her, Slaughter the Strong, then see if have another copy in hand. Tokens starting to get out of hand? Time for a reduced-cost Hour of Revelation.

    Sufficient answers exist. I suspect the problem comes from people still trying to view Standard through the lens of Modern and the two formats are simply different beasts.

    Counterspells? I see a lot of blue players using Search for Azcanta but *not* using Countervailing Winds. They are already looking to put >= 7 cards in the graveyard, so why not "counter target spell unless your opponent pays 5 (or 6, or 7, or more)"? Actually, I know why they don't--it is because they read an article which told them "don't use that".
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  • posted a message on MTG25 infographics -- Start of 25th celebrations?
    Looking at that infographic reminds me of one of the very few things in my life I actually regret--I wish I had not stopped being involved in Magic back in 1995.
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  • posted a message on Is pauper going to be the next big format?
    Quote from Mig2014 »

    Are they doing it because Pauper is hot at the moment, or are they trying hard to make it look hot at the moment? I don’t know. All I know is this was all done at the same time pauper cards were spiking like crazy.

    Probably both. The real question is this: is Pauper being hot right now a bad thing? I would say that the answer is "no"--it gets people to tournaments, it generates interest in cards or sets people might not have looked at before, people enjoy playing it, etc. The fact that some people are going to make money in the secondary market because of Pauper's current popularity is irrelevant--some people are *always* going to make money in the secondary market regardless of what is going on.
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  • posted a message on Is Magic Attendance and Sales dropping?
    A lot of people are also staying away from Standard right now while they wait for the pros to "solve" the format so they can let other people do all the hard work for them.
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  • posted a message on know any assasin deck vs ramp+large creatures?
    If you can't stop him from casting It That Betrays by using something like Essence Scatter then the most inexpensive way of hosing that creature is Guard Duty--for only one mana you stop it from being able to attack. White has a *lot* of "enchanted creature can't attack or block" auras.

    Other than that you can try Disallow or Stifle, both of which will counter the annihilator trigger when attackers are declared.

    Crackling Doom is also something people playing large creatures do not want to see.

    The Tajuru Preserver prevents abilities your opponents control from forcing you to sacrifice permanents, meaning all you have to do is deal with the 11/11 creature which doesn't have trample. The Narnam Renegade--or any deathtouch creature, for that matter--will gladly volunteer for that duty.
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  • posted a message on Is pauper going to be the next big format?

    So it doesnt have a bright future, but for a time people might jump on the "hype" train that some unnamed youtube dudes spread.

    No one with any common sense pays attention to anything YouTube personalities, whether named or unnamed, have to say. Anyone who does decide upon a course of action based upon what some talking head in a video clip says, though, has demonstrated that they don't engage in much independent thought.

    As far as "somewhat useful commons" in Standard...take a second look at the commons in Standard right now and some of them can definitely be quite useful. Consider Gruesome Fate in Elves. How easy is it to swarm the field with >= 20 elves? It is rare that that deck *doesn't* have that many elves on the battlefield. At that point, Gruesome Fate becomes a sorcery speed "you lose the game" effect. You don't even need any black sources of mana, either, since you can generate that from the Birchlore Rangers.

    If your opponent is at the point where they are playing creatures which outclass yours then use Mutiny to take one of them out.
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  • posted a message on Is pauper going to be the next big format?
    Even if--when--the prices of Pauper decks go up they still won't wind up being more than $150, which is still much more affordable than Standard. Just stay away from Oubliette, unless you already have it. For the same cmc or less, there are other, better options than that enchantment, anyway: Unmake, Pillar of Light (conditional), Complete Disregard (conditional), Journey to Nowhere, etc. None of those cards allow the auras attached to the target creature to come back like they do with Oubliette.

    Right now I don't see any decks listing for more than $125 and, as others have noted, most are in the $50 - $75 range, which is less that some individual Modern staples and far less than many Legacy staples.

    Will it become a big format? Not this year, even though its popularity will skyrocket. Every big event will probably have Pauper side events moving forward into the future, which is definitely a good thing.

    I still have my set of Counterspell from Unlimited, so I was glad for them to see play when my LGS was offering Pauper on Tuesday nights (that lasted only a few months, though--sometimes being ahead of the curve fizzles out until everyone else catches up). Island, Lotus Petal, go is sometimes a good plan.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    Quote from LordOrgodemir »

    You're talking about 3 and 4 mana removal when the best threats are either 3 mana and below, or force you to play 4 mana removal to remove them on the the first place. I'm not sure you really understand the "standard has bad answers" argument since you are arguing against it when Wizards themselves have admitted the answers in standard were weak. Nobody runs dispossess in the main and in games 2-3 it's not like their curve goes above 5 mana anyway. They have no real reason to scoop.

    It's weird you argue against bad answers in standard but then present two decks that you lose to if you don't have answers until turn 4

    Those are not the only answers, though, only ones which immediately present themselves as being good. Standard is not Modern so people need to quit thinking that the only good cards are cmc 3 or less. The initial comment to which I responded was "removal is horrid" but that view is simply inaccurate. The people who think removal is not good are not looking at what is available. We do have some good options which are low-cost, though, like the upcoming Mutiny or Reckless Rage...but I suspect people won't try Rage because *gasp* it deals 2 damage to one of your own creatures.

    Anyway...we can continue the whole "removal is bad"/"no it isn't" discussion elsewhere. These current bans really aren't going to change decks all that much, except for Temur Energy. Perhaps people should consider Commune with Dinosaurs in place of Attune since it finds a land. With only 21 lands in the deck if you cast Commune on turn 1 you are about 90% likely to find another land....but I suspect no one will try that, either.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    Quote from Greyimp »
    This move might get people interested in trying new things this block.

    Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, but last Friday night there were 26 people at my LGS playing Standard. Do you know how many people were playing decks which were *not* Temur Energy, Ramunap Red, GPG, or some list they most likely found online? Two. I had the first iteration of a Jund deck featuring -1/-1 counters and Nest of Scarabs--it went 2-2 but it was its first night out and I have to admit that Soul-Scar Mage + 2x Nest of Scarabs + Sweltering Suns was funny--and another guy I know resurrected his Metalwork Colossus deck--casting a 10/10 for what is essentially free on turn 4 took some people by surprise.

    Long story short: most Magic players *don't* try new things. Ever. Except when a set rotates out or their favorite card of the moment gets banned.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    Quote from Sephon19 »

    While I want to distance myself from your tone a little bit, you're right in that the current issue is how horrid answers are.

    How are answers horrid? Unlicensed Disintegration destroys any creature except Hazoret or the random Rhonas that someone might be playing while Vraska's Contempt deals with anything that isn't hexproof--we might see some more Jade Guardians being played because of extra Merfolk support but there aren't many Carnage Tyrants running around. Some decks even have answers before the cards are even played--do you know how difficult it is for a God-Pharaoh's Gift deck to win after a turn 3 Dispossess has exiled all copies of the artifact? They might as well scoop.

    Anyway...back to the ban announcement...Standard will become Pummeler and RDW, both of which can attain victory on turn 4 without answers in hand.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    Oh my god, how many banned cards there in standard now? Haven't we broke a new record?

    Seven. Aetherworks Marvel, Smuggler's Copter, and Felidar Guardian in addition to the four listed today.

    These bans will probably turn Temur Energy back into Gruul Pummeler but the loss of Ramunap Ruins isn't going to hinder that deck, other than necessitating a name change.
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  • posted a message on Full spoiler up
    I like the foreshadowing art on Gruesome Fate. The vampire depicted there isn't going to die from it.....

    Reaver Ambush--a functional reprint of Complete Disregard, a card which didn't see as much play as it should have.
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  • posted a message on Three more before the full set... (Kyle Hill's (Nerdist) Twitter)
    Just look at the crowds of big, fat, costly dinosaurs running around all over the place. Nothing happened the last time we had a mass of creatures and cost reducers with which to cast them, did it?
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