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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Can You Feel with a Heart of Steel!
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from Dontrike »
    That Arcbound Ravager art is the first time in a while I went "ooph". The other pieces of art are good in their own ways. Kind of wish Walking Ballista had a Zoids reference (with the raptor mech throwing rockets out everywhere) instead of normal mech reference, but what can you do. I will say that Darksteel Colossus is the only art that makes sense for the card.

    This has value, but I am going to skip this once again, like I will most likely always skip these.

    To be honest zoids is the reason I'm interested in this one I was watching a few episodes as a kid

    But I would get these by singles online/lgs just like I did with the kaldescope killers since these will go Lower than 40 dollars

    Woah... never knew Zoids was a TV show. I think I still have the original 5 (bird, elephant, t-rex, spider, and frog) in a box somewhere.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Can You Feel with a Heart of Steel!
    Quote from Shadow345 »
    I had a feeling that after Godzilla, Transformers would be one of the next franchises to get alternate skins.

    Mainly because Hasbro and they did that Grimlock card.

    I was hoping for baby alive....

    Oh no... I just learned Hasbro bought Death Row Records in 2019.... now I want to see that...
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Can You Feel with a Heart of Steel!
    So that's where Walking Ballista went..

    Quote from Xcric »

    edit: these look like left over art for something transformers related. that's lazy.

    This doesn't even remotely look like Transformers. I see Warhammer 40,000 more than anything else.

    The last card is unquestionably Transformers influenced, it's one of Bad Flip Productions (aka Ken Christiansen) apparently does quite a bit of.
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  • posted a message on What is the point of temporary effects from now on?
    Quote from Kamino_Taka »
    Quote from SavannahLion »

    Because Pouncing Lynx was released before Youthful Knight? It can also be card 5-8 if you're into that kind of thing? It can be card #2 in EDH. Because both Knight and Cat can't be targeted by Selective Snare at the same time. Because cat tribal is a thing? Somewhere on this planet block format still exists. Draft. Lots of reasons really.

    Admittedly, there are cards that shouldn't exist in Magic. Ever. But all the ones you cited aren't it.

    In the end though, you do you and play the cards you want. There is zero harm in letting others play with whatever card they want in whatever way.

    Except Youthful knight is older than Pouncing Lynx ;D. While I agree that there are reasons to play a worse card over a straight upgrade those are usually corner cases so overall it still tends to be better to use the better cards if you want that specific effect unless your synergy level is over 9000. Grin
    But I wholeheartedly Agree with your final statement no matter if it's a better or worse choice if you wanna play a card go for it.

    You are correct. It was a bad edit on my part since I wrote that part of my post in the context of the current Standard. My point was that one was printed before the other in this meta. So there was a time Youthful Knight wasn't even an option yet.

    Now if we talk about other formats... why do we have 90% of the garbage cards? It's just a circular argument really. So my final point still stands. You do what you want to do.
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  • posted a message on What is the point of temporary effects from now on?
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Maro said they can’t make keyword counters evergreen/deciduous due to requiring punch out cards to do keyword counters

    To me why?... people will just make them themselves with 3d printers or paper or whatever they think of

    Personally, I have always felt that the need for anything beyond a very limited number of counters should be beyond the scope of this game where Standard is concerned. It was one of the reasons that Frankenstein's Monster didn't become the norm. Why +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters don't usually appear in the same Standard meta. And one of the reasons why I strongly feel that they should never have explored deathtouch, lifelink, flying, etc as counters. At the point that WotC feels that punch out cards have to be necessary, that is the point that someone needs to stop and say, "maybe the complexity level is too high."
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  • posted a message on What is the point of temporary effects from now on?
    Quote from Mystic_X »
    [quote from="TheOnlyOne652089 »" url="/forums/magic-fundamentals/magic-general/817270-what-is-the-point-of-temporary-effects-from-now-on?comment=6"]

    @DudeFromDenmark: This is almost like asking "Why ever play creatures which deal normal damage from now on when counterparts with the same cmc have an attack bonus in the form of infect, first strike, double strike, trample, or lifelink?".

    At the end of the day, it really comes down the players' goals in deck building and the flavor they want their decks to have.
    Ultimately, your mistake is assuming that we're all "Spikes"; that we all play primarily to win, and as such only want to play the best (or contextually best) possible cards available (relative to the other cards in the formats they're legal in) for whichever archtypes we enjoy piloting, when in fact that may not even be the highest priority of the player (in fact for many, it isn't), who perhaps may not even have the budget for purchasing, or even physical access to every possibly card they might be better off with in lieu of a (more often than not) strictly worse variant; cards which they may even prefer because of their art, or some random unquantifiable nostalgic value related to its history of use or when it was first acquired.

    Some examples of why a player may prefer kindled fury:
    -their deck has a Kindle subtheme, runs sootstoke kindler, rekindled flame (+hand disruption), etc
    -their deck has a Fury theme with embodiment of fury, cyclops of eternal fury, fury of the horde, akroma, angel of fury, etc
    -their deck is Minotaur (or more specifically zombie minotaur) tribal.
    -their deck is red/blue, and they prefer a card with blue in the art's color scheme to pump their Insectile Aberration (or whatever)
    -their deck only contains cards with art by Craig J Spearing

    I see your point but as a player who is very much not a Spike but a Johnny who loves to build weird decks which main goal is not to win but to have fun, I still want to play cards that gives me good value.

    It´s the same with a card like Pouncing Lynx. Why would i ever play Pouncing Lynx when i can play Youthful Knight and get a 2/1 with first strike permanently instead of only on my turn? I think it´s important to be realistic no matter if you´re a Timmy, Johnny or a Spike player.
    As the Johnny player I am, I have been wanting to do a whole deck with a "As long as it´s your turn" and "As long as it´s not your turn" theme but everytime i start to ask myself "Why downgrade my deck when i could play cards that does the same thing but without drawbacks like Pouncing Lynx

    Because Pouncing Lynx was released before Youthful Knight? It can also be card 5-8 if you're into that kind of thing? It can be card #2 in EDH. Because both Knight and Cat can't be targeted by Selective Snare at the same time. Because cat tribal is a thing? Somewhere on this planet block format still exists. Draft. Lots of reasons really.

    Admittedly, there are cards that shouldn't exist in Magic. Ever. But all the ones you cited aren't it.

    In the end though, you do you and play the cards you want. There is zero harm in letting others play with whatever card they want in whatever way.
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  • posted a message on How Often Do You Support Your Local Game Store (LGS)?
    There are people within my local community who refuse to get a part-time job to financially support their Local Game Store (LGS) because of scheduling issues with having to work during the weekends which is when they want to play. So they tend to rely on other people that do have a part-time job with weekends off to help pay for their cards, decks, and sleeves though it depends on how much disposable income is being made to help compensate for it. The people who do have part-time jobs would still need to support themselves aside from other people in their playgroup (two would be the max IMO). E-commerce has made it a whole lot easier which is why I'm a bit surprised that the Comic Book Shop that doubles as an LGS in my area hasn't expanded past their eBay Store. So it's not that these people are lazy when they're more worried about having to spend less time with their playgroup is all.

    As much as I'd like to play at my LGS on Sunday or any other day of the week it's a pain since you got to make money to spend money. When people like Rudy from Alpha Investments complains about why days outside the weekend aren't as active at the Local Game Store (LGS) it's because MTG and most of it's competition is an expensive hobby that requires money to keep up with on a weekly basis. I feel it's already gotten to a point where the barrier of entry might be too expensive to keep up with compared to how "cheap" the hobby was about a couple decades ago. It might have more to do with the cost of collectibles in general becoming more expensive over a long period of time as we're just now starting to see the financial side effects from it. There's simply not enough Paper to meet the demand that Digital provides which costs less resources even though people like me hate that alternative.

    It's uh... hard to argue with that point. This hobby has gotten unnecessarily expensive and I place the blame squarely at the feet of predatory speculators and so-called investors. Can you tell I have a incredibly low opinion of those kind of people?

    But to answer the OPs question. I have not been buying anything from my LGS... at all. It's not for lack of trying though as I've practically been trying to throw money at them every chance I get, but they're not biting.

    However, as I type this, I thought to check their FB account and lo and behold, they're reopened their retail sales as of two days ago. I'll drop by their store tomorrow and see if I can throw money at them now. Does anyone think rolls of money as the potential to hurt a person?
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  • posted a message on Arena somehow using my webcam.
    What kind of video card do you have?

    That looks to be a part of the nVidia drivers. Watch this video; https://youtu.be/OgDqH2jzcr8
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  • posted a message on Gozilla Land Secret Lair
    Quote from Xcric »
    they're neat but definitely not for me

    also seems like poor timing on their part because i'm sure it didn't sell as well as it could've

    All things being equal, I absolutely prefer having a single Secret Lair staggered say... every two months or three months instead of the absolutely crazy schedule of one every month.

    With that being said, I actually struggle with what you said. On the one hand, I absolutely agree. This feels like it's a bit too early. People are struggling with finances and it feels very much that Hasbro is trying to cash in on the Federal stimulus checks.

    However, on the other hand, Magic players and so-called investors are gobbling up cards like crazy. Secondary market prices have exploded because those adjectives are spending a ton of money snapping up cards right and left. So it does seem reasonable that Hasbro wants a bigger piece of that action. So I'm all for this if it siphons their attention from the RL and the secondary market. However, I doubt this will actually do much to help reduce prices because this is just a collectable thing, not a viable reprint.
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  • posted a message on Creature type ruling
    It's Legendary Creature Avatar.

    For anything involving text on a card, you can always check the Gatherer for any errata or changes.

    edit: tried to fix weird formatting issue... twice. So forget it.
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  • posted a message on The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of the Local Game Store (LGS)
    So I recently looked into what Wizards of the Coast has been doing with FNM @ Home events and what concerns me the most about this is that there's no actual paid entry fee to help support Local Game Stores (LGSs) to stay in business even though they can set up online communities through Discord, WhatsApp, and Facebook to help run these events. Also I don't think it's right for Wizards of the Coast to sweep non-WPN stores under the rug by not allowing them to sell Mystery Booster products and singles to stay afloat.

    This is the exact reason why my WPN store is not taking part in the FNM@Home events. Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed, but I fully understand why they don't want to do it and it helps cut the sting a bit when all the prizes are cosmetic anyways (I refuse to spend money on MTGA cosmetics).

    If anything I think the "stay at home" order is making it more difficult for people to sell their MTG collections to LGSs especially since they can only buylist cards through the mail and it has to go through some kind of appraisal by the LGS before you get your money back from it. If Wizards of the Coast hadn't got rid of the MSRP for MTG products by bending the knee to Amazon then there's a good chance that LGS owners wouldn't of been forced to price gouge the Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition products in order to stay in business.

    I don't agree with the first part of that comment. LGSes have greater overhead so their typical offerings for card X will be on the low end or even lower. The advantage is you can easily haggle higher prices or whatever to negotiate higher premiums. Sellers have all sorts of other avenues to sell of their cards via eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, or online merchants. These avenues each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Can't argue the last point.

    This was a deliberate move on Wizards of the Coast's part to make LGSs look bad compared to big box retailers like Walmart and Target as well as online retailers with Amazon being the monopoly they are. All it took was for a Black Swan Event like COVID-19 to occur by amplifying Wizards of the Coast's attempt to do away with LGSs for good so they can continue to focus more on Arena and MTGO despite what Mark Rosewater says. As mentioned earlier, 2020 has been a year where corporations and businesses are really showing their true colors and Wizards of the Coast is no exception.

    Well... yes and no. Paper is too much of a cash cow to completely do away with the format. I don't believe that MTGA and MTGO are where they need to be to completely get rid of paper. For WotC/Hasbro, this is more like icing on a cake, not the cake itself.

    To understand where MTG might be headed, compare the My Little Pony, Transformers, D&D, Nerf, and the recent Ikoria Godzilla cards with the hundreds of Monopoly IP variations introduced since Hasbro bought Parker Bros. Not counting the war time versions, Monopoly really only had two significant versions for sale. Looking at the list, it appears that Hasbro has introduced something on the order of 50 (my calculations may be off) different versions of the game each year since acquiring the IP. There are only a handful or two of digital versions of the game. This is not counting the Monopoly licensing such as for McDonalds and the weird city variations.

    MTG isn't going to die, but we are seeing a (horrendous) transformation into something Monopoly-Like by Hasbro as long as Hasbro controls WotC. It doesn't seem like the Planeswalkers thing is working out like how Hasbro wants it to, so we're going to see more crossover marketing that will possibly expand into something making Magic barely recognizable. Every time I think about what Hasbro seems to be pushing onto WotC, I'm just reminded of the merchandising scene from Space Balls. "Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the game is made. Magic-the T-shirt, Magic-the Coloring Book, Maagic-the Lunch box, Magic-the Breakfast Cereal, Magic-the Flame Thrower. The kids love this one. And last but not least, Jace the doll."

    I believe that WotC is treating LGSes like garbage but it's because big box stores and Amazon probably offer better return on the volume. LGSes require a certain amount of support whereas big box stores just want you to hand them product en-masse. If WotC is given any opportunity to cut costs, you can bank they'll do it.
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  • posted a message on All That Binds

    I honestly feel like Garfield and development has been very shy and boyishly hesitant towards hyper-accelerating the game pace, when they've know all along that it's desperately needed it. This is not only taking that step, it's doing it in an incredibly stylish and proficient manner. This is the work of an artisan. This is not some makeshift implementation.

    Dude, what on earth does that mean?

    I'm confused here as well, outside of Dominaria, has Garfield had a hand in game R&D since leaving WotC?
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  • posted a message on Home Interview of MaRo by The 'Professor' at Toarian Community College
    Wonder how the playtesting will go

    There is a very interesting question. Will overpowered or degenerate combo pieces sneak through? Or will they design on the conservative side and cards will be purposely underpowered as to avoid play problems? Wait and see I suppose.

    Remarkably good question. Was Field of the Dead, Oko, and Hogaak someone's pet card?
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Points are being removed at end of May
    I work for an entity with approximately $14 billion in expenditures this fiscal year. Not a Fortune 500 Smile

    I hear you. I had to build my own Excel spreadsheet tools to pull relevant data when and how I want them because the existing databases (yes, plural) are such patch jobs.

    The real beauty is we started our upgrade probably... five years ago (give or take a year and ramp up) and we're only about half way through. Even better it's live and no one can find the source code to finish the remaining portion for the project. All of the people from the beginning of the project retired.

    So I get to sit here and decide whether I want to craft new queries or use Perl to massage the UI data into something useful.

    Good luck on your project Wink

    Note that my comments in no way shape or form is intended to give WotC an excuse on their crockery. I'm of the firm opinion that WotC discarding the DCI and not porting the data to the new architecture is either lazy or a cost cutting measure or both. Neither of which is excusable.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Points are being removed at end of May
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    Quote from Xcric »
    whats so difficult about merging it? couldn't they just have a field that asks for dci number when you create/update an account - that's pretty basic isn't it?

    i mean its a minor thing, but it definitely feels like another in the many small missteps that alienate players and disconnect the company further from them, especially veteran players.

    It may be a "minor" thing on the surface but underneath the hood, it's possible that the DCI database is horribly complex. When the original database was born, it very likely had a very small number of tables with a limited amount of interaction across them. But I guarantee that as the years went by, the original developers probably left. New developers came in. Time marched on and some pointy haired boss told those later developers to add a new feature or start tracking something else. They probably looked at the code and the table structure, looked at the clock, and said, "screw it, I'll just add a new table with some new keys and call it done." And that's exactly what they did. Added a new feature without ever actually touching the old code or old database. Then someone else came along looked at those tables , query strings and old code with orders to add a new feature. So instead of changing the table which would likely break old code, they added another table, or two, or three then added more code. Then some feature was obsoleted and that table sat disused but never dropped because dropping that table would break code somewhere else.

    So twenty years later, you have a database with dozens upon dozens upon dozens of tables, half of which the programmer has no idea what they're for or why they're there with so much legacy code that they just write they're own functions to do their own thing because they have no idea what a similarly named function actually does and they don't have the time to figure it out because the boss said they have to produce the code by Monday 9AM and it's already 2AM. Oh, and don't forget that they have to fix an entire block of code they wrote 3 years ago on a whim because they read all about refactoring in "Code Complete" Chapter 24 but completely ignored all the commenting requirements because they thought they would never forget what they wrote at 2AM.

    So yeah, there are times that a simple box that allows a specific entry can be extremely convoluted and far more complex that it seems on the surface. What... what..? what.

    This is cute, but it is nonsense.

    We can still query the database successfully, even through the customer-facing web API. That means WotC can still query its database on the backend. Therefore they can still extract data from it to populate the new architecture with legacy customer data.

    (I teach database design and I right now in the private sector I am transferring legacy content to a new database architecture)

    You assume all businesses maintain ideal database architecture and content? You also assume that their existing programmers can actually untangle what previous programmers actually did? It must be nice but such ideals do not exist whole hog across all companies. It's something to always strive for, sure. But it's hardly a reality for everyone.
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