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  • posted a message on New Format Idea: Uncle (Uncommons only)
    I guess it could work. A casual peak at the stats currently show 6,511 unique cards printed at uncommon. For comparison, there are 7,169 unique common cards. Not counting unset cards or considering any overlap. A difference of 658 isn’t too bad.

    It would be an interesting format to fiddle with. A cursory scan shows some of the ever important “glue” cards are available, not sure if all or if enough of them are there but there are some at least.

    The most pressing would be the cost. A check of some of the higher price cards show some depressing prices. One of the attractions Pauper has, I think, is the generally lower entry cost associated with it. A format like Uncle might potentially put the price point somewhere close to Legacy level nonsense.

    I think it’s an interesting proposition but I don’t understand the appeal such a format would have. Who would play such a format?
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  • posted a message on Bag of Holding (Saving Throw Show Preview)
    Quote from fettpett »

    Karn is different as the cards don’t go to the exile zone but under the silver token. Those kinda effects happen the only difference is any Karn, Scion of Urza can interact with the token.

    With all due respect, you might want to re-read what Karn, Scion of Urza actually does. Karn literally says the cards go to exile. Whether they’re marked with a silver counter or not doesn’t change what zone the card is in. This matters for cards that actually interact with cards in exile, like Scion, Squee, and Karn, the Great Creator.
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  • posted a message on Bag of Holding (Saving Throw Show Preview)
    Quote from andyscout »
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    Quote from Randuir »
    I am fairly certain you can't, as the new bag of holding is seen as a different entity than the one you had on the field previously, so it would not consider the exiled cards to be exiled by itself. Someone will probably drop by with all the proper rule references though.

    This is probably one of the more frustrating rules of magic, because it seems counter intuitive and frustrating when you want to make cards like this work.

    In some ways, yes, but in other ways no. Let’s say you have two Bag of Holdings out, each with a few cards exiled, and both get bounced to your hand then your opponent makes you discard one at random. Which one was discarded? When you play the one in your hand, which set of exiled cards do you get? Because card can go into hidden zones, the rules have separate out instances of a card such that any time one enters the battlefield, it is considered its own new thing.

    Not to mention that allowing the bag to retrieve exiled cards from a different instance of the bag violates the idea that exiled cards are supposed to be hard to get back and willingly putting them there is supposed to be risky. WotC is already dancing into dangerous territory with cards like Karn, Scion of Urza where exiling any card harbors little risk or with cards like Squee, The Immortal or God-Eternal Kefnet pushes Magic into Yu-Gi-Oh-like style of play.

    In short, WotC has to be careful not to arrive to a situation where Exile 2.0 becomes necessary.
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  • posted a message on What happened to MTG?
    LOL, meanwhile the Serendib Efreet misprint can be had for about $6 or less. Yeah, I totally feel what you’re feeling. I quit Magic when I moved to a new city because the new players were awful, greedy and self centered. My old stomping grounds were super friendly (unless you cheated) and cool to hang out with.

    I tried again several times over the years but it was always the same. Epic jerks and/or LGS owners who didn’t give a flip.

    It wasn’t until Shadows over Innistrad was released that I got back in because my son found my old collection. We tried to play at a local LGS chain but we easily got pushed out by classic Jeff Albertson or modern Sheldon Cooper types. It would be another two or three sets before I found one of the LGSes was placed under new ownership and the place is absolutely awesome now. Everyone is super friendly, it’s relaxed, and cheaters are dealt with old school.

    I know it’s disheartening but keep at it. Try and find a like-minded individual to play kite hen table with. Before I found my LGS, I hooked up with a co-worker and played during lunches at work. It was enough to keep my interest.

    As for prices. Yeah, that was mind blowing when I first saw the new prices. Cards that once sold for $60 are now $600+ and others have fallen dramatically to the point of worthlessness. Prices are so far out of reach and so skewed that I really don’t want to carry around any of my Legacy decks. I get called a “scrub” for not putting more than $500 into any of my Commander decks. My vehicle probably won’t fetch more than $5k, why am I carrying around a deck worth twice that? Yeah, no thanks.

    So yeah, I get it. It can be rough sometimes. I have a spouse and kids too and only my youngest two really understand what Magic means to me. There are bills to pay ($450 for a week of camp?!?), mortgage, car loans, etc. It can be nuts and stressful sometimes.

    If you really want to play, just hang in there. You’ll find the right time. Otherwise, don’t worry about Magic. Just move on and find something else to your liking. First rule is to take care of yourself, you don’t need to take care of Hasbro investors.
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  • posted a message on MTG Arena Events - What did you guys think?
    Quote from Algernone25 »
    Also if you got the damage triggers off a Cry of the Carnarium that's a bug and probably should be reported to wizards - if the fiends and devils get exiled by cry they never died, so their effects shouldn't trigger.

    Oops! I realized remembered the wrong card, opponent played Find // Finality. I posted that at like 1AM so I must’ve been brain tired. I corrected the original post.
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  • posted a message on MTG Arena Events - What did you guys think?
    So we're finally into Week 5 of the Chronicles on MTG Arena. What did you think of the events?

    These are my own personal thoughts.

    Part I: Ravnica at War - Momir
    Out of all of the parts so far, I feel that Momir was the most fair. Not necessarily the least annoying but I felt it was the most fair in terms of deck construction (or lack thereof). Once you figure out the mathematics behind what card(s) are likely to be cast at each CMC, the game becomes far more enjoyable to play. I'll concede that not everyone liked the sheer randomness involved with Mommir. I genuinely felt sad for my opponent who kept casting for 9 CMC and getting only Zacama, Primal Calamity into play every time. It took me a little while to figure out how things really worked. Once I reached the final goal and got my dailies I just kept conceding every round afterwards to boost other players. I tried to play until my opponent or I went down to about 10 life then conceding to give them their other dailies but too many conceded before that happened.

    Part II: No Escape - Pauper
    Until this came out on Arena, I never really played Pauper. Apparently, I tried a Magic Format that used only commons and uncommons (peasant I think?) but I wasn't much of a fan of it so I figured pauper was just more of the same. I confess I actually like this format and might build a proper pauper deck. There are some pretty surprisingly powerful cards in the format. I eventually settled on nice WB with Ill-Gotten Inheritance and Epicure of Blood as the jewels.

    Part III: Storm the Citadel - Singleton
    I thought this format was the most annoying until week 5. All because of two cards, Rat Colony and Persistent Petitioners. Those decks are just outright annoying (sorry fans). When I built my singleton, I gambled that a lot of people would play these two decks and built a WB deck with every single removal spell I could shove in there. Then I did a rare thing and pushed the deck size to 75. The gamble paid off when the first game was against Petitioners. Despite milling every chance he got, my removal eventually exhausted his deck and he conceded. That's what most of the Colony or Petitioners players did, concede when too many of their key cards were removed. I estimate about one out of three opponents I faced off against was playing one of these decks. I find these two cards against the spirit of the format and annoying to play against. Every other deck I played against was actually an enjoyable experience.

    Part IV: Commence the Endgame - Counters
    This format is just... borderline awful. Nearly every game just dragged for at least 30-40 minutes because each player was always guaranteed at least one creature at every turn, always. One opponent had a 60/60 zombie on the field but wouldn't do anything with it. It was just constant chump blocking back and forth or just sitting there and seeing who can accrue a larger army. I finally settled on a WG deck with reasonable board wipes, land ramp, counter ramp and evasion.

    Part V: Gideons Sacrifice - Ravnica
    I didn't want to play this one though becauseI have a limited Ravnica block Arena collection to build from. I experimented with several iterations of a WB, WRB, and UG with really low win rate until I finally settled on a WR deck that was somewhat playable. I eventually eeked out enough wins but it was not an enjoyable experience. This format felt too much like a chore. Thanks for all the fish Wizards. At least my most satisfying win was against a Petitioners deck that managed to get 4 Petitioners on the field. Opponent milled me down to 26 cards and he was down to 5 life when I top-decked Inescapable Blaze. The most hilarious was when someone thought it was a good idea to play Cry of the Carnarium Find // Finality with enough Footlight Fiends and devils on my side for the kill.
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  • posted a message on Ferocious Pup - Carlos Romao
    Quote from keoten »

    He likes to be flickered too. What a good boy.

    I guess it can make Justiciar’s Portal er... half-viable in Standard?
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  • posted a message on Ugin, the Ineffable
    Quote from Villawhatever »
    There are exactly zero situations I can think of where making the 2/2 Spirit token leave the battlefield wouldn't return the card to your hand.

    It isn't an ability granted to the token. It's just a thing that is Simply True. The entire ability of Ugin's +1 (a) makes the token and (b) sets up the delayed trigger that returns the exiled card to its owner's hand if the token ever leaves the battlefield.

    The rest of the rules work just fine. Misreading them doesn't make them any less correct.

    I wasn’t implying that the rules aren’t correct. Confused I’m just trying to understand how to play Ugin correctly and, more importantly, make sure my opponent plays it correctly.

    In any case thank you both for the clarification.
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  • posted a message on I think it's about time someone says it
    I had a huge response but decided it was too harsh and it’s a suggested change that’s never going to happen. This isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh. In a nut shell, I would not support such a change if WotC ever dared to propose it.


    Why not make a house rule with some friends that you can target creatures and try it out? See how you like it. Might even become a new format if enough people are interested.
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  • posted a message on Ugin, the Ineffable
    I understand what you’re saying and C.R 112.7a makes sense, I think. But the rest of the rules er... don’t make sense.. sort of.

    So if a player say, attaches Kasmina's Transmutation to the Spirit token, it still wouldn’t matter. The token leaves play and the exiled card returns to the owners hand. Is that the correct interpretation?

    Is there a circumstance where the card wouldn’t/couldn’t return from exile once the token leaves exile? Like how Oubliette can be bounced before the first ability resolves to keep exiled creatures exiled permanently.
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  • posted a message on Ugin, the Ineffable
    If Ugin, the Ineffable leaves the battlefield for any reason with any number of 2/2 Spirit tokens on the field created from the +1 ability, do the exiled cards still return to owners hand when the Spirit token leaves the field?

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  • posted a message on Ajani, Strength of the pride
    Quote from Marquisd »

    Source is an Email from Wizards

    It wasn’t very exclusive. I got the same email and came here to post about it too. Smileup

    In any case, this card would slot nicely into my Ajani deck. So I’ll snag one by hook or by crook.
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  • posted a message on Self-Recurring Creatures
    Isn’t Grixis blue mana black mana red mana ? If so there are quite a few to choose from. I did a simple search and came up with 54 cards. I’m sure I can find more if I filter using different criteria and phrasing. I notice that, despite you mentioning Grixis, all the cards names are black.

    Are just wanting straight up black creatures or are the other two colors an option for you? I’m not intimately familiar with many commanders, who is your commander? That will give us a good starting point to make suggestions from I imagine.
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  • posted a message on 4 Color Gates
    Quote from LeoninKha »
    @savannahlion thats the reason behind the 2 Scrabbling Claws in my sideboard. I basically recognized Izzet Phoenix as a bad matchup even when there's not alot of it being played in my meta. I think the match merits having something in the side. Give us your current list to see what you're working with.

    Any details on what cards were played by those lifegain decks?

    @snowcrow kuddos on beating that, seems like a tough matchup from what I gather

    I plumb forgot about scrabbling claws. I didn’t go the last two weeks. First it was pre-release for MH1 and last Friday I was under far too much unrelated pressure to play an effective game. I’m stuck on a family retreat today. My family thinks celebrating Father’s Day is done with me doing all the work.

    Off the top of my head here is the list:

    Some notes...

    The Narset/Quasi combo is nuts when it fires off but I don’t think I’ll expand on it. Narset replaces Expansion // Explosion. I find that I want to use Expansion more often on “larger” spells. Narset lets me copy X-Spells like Banefire or Mass Manipulation. Quasi let’s me add two other creatures. I use the Jump-Start ability more of them than I care to admit.

    I am considering swapping one Mass Manipulation for a In Bolas’s Clutches. Most times, I only have enough to cast Manipulation for X=1 with a rare grab for x=2 but never 3. So I figure if I’m castings CMC=6 spell anyways, might as well aim for any permanent and snatch those stupid Ixalan lands.

    I swapped out Shimmer of Possibility for Anticipate because I find casting it on my opponents EOT is more conducive to leaving me with enough open lands for other spells earlier. I’m already waiting a full turn anyways so anything to reduce that....

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  • posted a message on Question about revealed cards
    Quote from Rezzahan »
    A player is not required to aid you in remembering stuff that happened in the game. That's each player's job and is what note taking is for (which means, you are allowed to forget, but she isn't, since these are her cards. But take note, that all players are responsible for keeping the game state clear.) However, once information becomes known to all players, you can ask for it later, it cannot be withheld, and you must be answered truthfully. But the other player is not required to keep it in your face.

    There appears to be a stunning number of players that take issue with this, especially the more “serious” players. What C.R. does this fall under? Game State?
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