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The Limited Archetypes of Core 2019
Magic Market Index for June 22nd, 2018
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  • posted a message on Vivien....
    Quote from Quannage »
    and apparently her homeworld was destroyed by Bolas. so there's that.

    Not surprised. It's seemingly some sort of Neowalker requirement these days (together with somehow being linked 2-3 levels below with someone in the stable of Planeswalkers we have now). Shocked
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  • posted a message on Core 2019 General Discussion

    I mean that I much prefer the "bestial" appearance of Nicol Bolas when he was a creature to his "goblinesque" feature of his planeswalker form (also, why does a dragon need to wear armor?!)

    I dunno what they give as description to those who do PW Nicol Bolas art but I've noticed that for some reason there are some artists that make the goblinesque look more prevalent... one is Magalli here.

    (also, why does a dragon need to wear armor?!)

    Because he's conceited? Laughing Look at him plastering Amonkhet with his horns for example. XD
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  • posted a message on 2018 Spring Announcement Day Megathread
    Ugh, now I am even more bitter AF that Dominaria got only 1 SET.

    We Return with Ravnica with 3!? ARGH~!

    Heres hoping that at least the Firemane gets Feather and/or is back to their more iconic looking butterfly forme like wings (yeah, right XD )
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  • posted a message on Battlebond Packaging
    All the humans that's in these are models lololol... XD
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 planeswalker face cards speculation
    Quote from VoidableFall »
    Any Serra PW would definitely have to be mono-W. She couldn't be Bant or anything green, as artificially creating your own world feels like about the least-green thing you could do. Plus, as others have observed, everything with "Serra" in the name is mono-white, with the sole exception of the deliberate inversion of the color pie in Planar Chaos.

    A mono-white Serra deck would be a great opportunity to print some more W card draw, a la Mentor of the Meek and Alms Collector, to help the color out, and while they couldn't give W actual ramp, some more cards like Gift of Estates or a more reasonable functional Land Tax reprint that ensure you hit a land drop every turn would be sufficient to alleviate W's mana problems.

    I'm still not a hundred percent certain that the blurb for C18 is anything but marketing copy, but as a huge fan of mono-W and Angel tribal I'd absolutely love a Serra Planeswalker for Commander, so I certainly hope we're getting another cycle of PW commanders.

    I also agree that you don't print Serra as a card without making her the face of the deck. Even setting old lore aside, her name is so iconic that it doesn't make sense from a marketing standpoint for her not to be the face. Going off Scryfall, she's still mentioned on more cards than just about any other character besides Urza, even including the Gatewatch.

    Serra's card SHOULD be mono-white as it is her favoured of all mana colours and most associated to.

    But if the Planeswalker novel lore (i.e. she totally abhors black mana, but tolerates the rest. But cannot make a plane that is PURE white so she has them in the plane but totally supressed) and the Homelands lore (i.e. Aysen Abbey, the main base of the city she developed and was Patron "Goddess" to produces BANT colours ) is to be respected, she can be put in a BANT Commander deck and still fit.

    Still crossing my fingers and my toes of her inclusion in this year's Commander line up... so many factors has lined up (Magic's 25th anniv, the Church of Serra being revealed to be having a huge power base in current Dominaria) for it not to happen this year again. Frown
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  • posted a message on The Vorthos Cast: In Bolas's Clutches
    I about chuckled out loud...

    serves you right you vain, angel murdering W-- ~ All those work, all for nothing. Laughing She thought she out manouevered Bolas...

    ps. But yeah, she Gatewatch... she's gonna pull through from this. They always do in some way. :p

    Quote from Caranthir »
    Quote from Chalsis »
    I actually like this art, but for Yawgmoth's ****ing sake, they need to come up with a definitive, unified depiction of Bolas already. He has more artistic variance than any other character I can think of.

    That pretty new $700 statue they're releasing, based on the Conflux Planeswalkers art? Let *that* be the definitive, gospel depiction of Bolas. Wizards ought to give one to every artist hired to depict him. It's time for some uniformity.

    I do not know what you are talking about. He keeps this gremlin face since his "rebirth" and the very Conflux art you are referencing. Even the statue has it. The thing is, you very rarely see him so close and grinning. He is not well suited for close-ups.

    I think it's really when his scales gets highlighted by the artist... like, with the upcoming CORE 2019 promo art by Magalli (?) he looks even more gremlin-ish there.
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  • posted a message on 5 cards from Limited Resources (1 known, 1 reprint, 3 new)
    That shoutout to (Urza's Saga) Serra's Embrace on On Serra's Wings ~ DA Flavour~!
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    I'm MEGAS BIAS about anything Church of Serra related... so I enjoyed this story immensely. Grin Goodness, what a week it has been... just yesterday we had a barrage of Church of Serra related cards~! (I legit felt like I'm having palpitations scouring the updates Weird ...)

    I never thought we'd explore as much about Tiana and Arvad since the Neo Weatherlight crew has to contend with the story path of Liliana...

    - Lyra being a Serra's Realm OG Angel? Interesting...

    - Serra "healing" Benalia? Uhh I dunno if ita just a romantization of her death or this is the new canon... but I don't mind this being a sort of Lord Windgrace thing.

    - Church of Serra angels being "born" in the Cathedral of Serra perked my curiosity... since it is where Serra "died", I wondered if her death made a Bant-like effect around the Church site (since you know, she basically gave the land there her mana). Kelly Digges said that the art book has some answers about this while a flavour text writer responded to me that Serra's "death" protected the church site during The Invasion...

    - I am glad that more has been explored about Tiana and Arvad. Although Tiana's origins might be somewhat funny in a way... it works for me in its religious tinge. Arvad I find interesting, a Sengir sired Vampire being kept in check via the Serra's Realm powered Powerstone of Weatherlight. Ooooh... feels like Homelands a bit.

    - I wonder who's getting the MTG Story focus next week, I thought we'll jump around Liliana's Mission and the Neo Weatherlight Crew quite actively...
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  • posted a message on Mothershipspoilers 4/2 Weatherlight and crew
    Ah~~~~~ I love all of them~

    Slimefoot is an unexpected addition, so its one of his wards that got squishrd by Ryu Beleren? XD

    Also, I guess he's the Tangarth stand in? dot dot dot
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  • posted a message on Karn's Temporal Sundering .:. Card of the Day on the Mothership
    Oooooh... that is some tasty art.

    And that flavour text? Mmm mmm mmM... Only missing the SIGHT. ;P
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    - I felt indeed that that last story was rushed in a way... it could've expounded a couple of things imo.

    Nevertheless, I am plesantly bewildered with the reveal of Tiana's art, it was not something I expected. But in the end of day, I've always yearned of deviations from the usual Magic Angel make-up (e.g. warriors) so she's good in my book. I just am partly hoping that there would be art done (even in concept) of her in Serran Church attire.

    - Arvad I am quite surprised... I was envisioning they'd go with a usual vampire template and an emo attack... but making him look like that? AUUUGH... I just wish his fate doesn't parallel his OG Weatherlight reference.

    - Is it me, or Dominaria's Magic Stories alternating? Like, I feel there would be a 50/50 split for the Liliana's Quest For Belzenlok and Neo Weatherlight in terms of story numbers.


    Quote from OathboundOne »

    4) Tiana = Kaylee. (Just the general vibe I get from her.) Also, I'm pretty sure she's at least part human. We know that Serra angels had relations with humans in Serra's Realm, and it's implied that they were also born just like humans, so I'm kinda feeling like she's maybe actually only half-Angel? (Hence her unsuredness in her angelic ability.)

    That parentage thing or she might've failed before on being a "Guardian Angel" before?...

    Quote from Quannage »
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    I'm not too kin on how new crew members are take up the position/race of the previous crew. Succession is an important them of this set, but mimic the past shows more nostalgia than practicality. The addition of Gatewatch an various PWs would only crowded the ship even further while diluting the importance of each member; the old Weatherlight crew has enough backstory for each member to avoid that issue, this new hastily put up new crew will suffer more.

    I disagree. put the nostalgia and comparisons to the original crews aside, and look at these characters on their own merits. I posted this a bunch of posts ago;

    "Having an angel on the team that is familiar with the ship is useful, so is having a person on the team that is naturally resistant to magic. You wanted a veteran fighter on the team, but instead you get a rookie mage with a demonstrated knack for illusions. that could come in handy at some point in time. and you just happened to luck into a Vampire knight that wants to be part of the team. Vampires are immortal, super strong and are willing to cross lines that normal people wouldn't to get the job done: very useful traits."

    Funny thing is, for me, Tiana fits much better in the Weatherlight than Selenia was in the OG.

    Quote from Caranthir »
    Screencaps from the Access the Magic video with Mark Winters and Ethan Fleischer:
    - Benalish angel (or angel-blessed soldier)

    Could this be "On Serra's Wings"?
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  • posted a message on The First Eruption & regular Steel Leaf Champion
    Quote from Caranthir »
    I have to say that I adore the visual concept of the sagas being basically artistic pieces.

    So far, we have:
    Petroglyphs - Fall of the Thran
    Stained glass vitrage - History of Benalia
    Tapestry - The First Eruption
    Statue - Gerrard's Triumph
    Cast iron relief/grid - The Flame of Keld
    Altar engraving - Phyrexian Scriptures

    Looking forward to the rest Smile

    I don't remember correctly... but has there been a given definite number of Sagas?
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  • posted a message on Danitha Capashen, Paragon
    The monent that the knowledge dropped that Serran Church related forces have that specific seal, I knew that this art will fall to a Benalia related creture... never knew it would be Gerrards descendant. Cool~
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from Formless_One »
    Unless Jhiora found a way to Empower a Huge Power stone then no, the Weatherlight shouldn't be able to Planeshift, during Apocalypse The Weatherlight took the Mana from the Null Moon and slammed it into Yawgmoth it burnt out basically everything that the Weatherlight could do.

    On the other hand, as someone pointed out last time we saw the Weatherlight it was rapidly sinking into the ocean and deemed by its captain to be unsalveagable. Now its back in the sky. It was known for one thing, and that was traveling between planes; well, two things if you count being a piece of the legacy weapon, as is its power matrix, and the LW supposedly lives on as Karn, who shows up in this set. And Karn created a whole plane of artifice, so who knows what he and Jhoira could do together on a project? Look, all I'm saying is that I wouldn't put it past Wizards to retcon their existing lore to allow it. They've done it before in the not-so-distant past.

    Quote from Jay13x »
    Quote from SimicNuggets »
    I was wondering about Lyra Dawnbringer as well. Since when would an angel have a descendant/family by name? And if it's just an homage, why Reya Dawnbringer of all legendary angels from Dominaria? She was less than a footnote. O_o Bummer because it's probably not relevant enough to have anything to do in the story.
    There is an implication in Planeswalker that Serra Angels are 'born'. Not sure if that's going to be walked back or anything, but it IS possible that Lyra is a descendant, or 'Dawnbringer' might be a title, like Urza Planeswalker was.

    The idea that Serra's angels are born goes all the way back to the novel Planeswalker, actually, which I'll requote from the Dominaria Spoilers Digest article:

    Quote from "Chapter 14 page 212" »


    So three things are revealed here:

    1) there are apparently male Serran angels, even though the game makes a point of only depicting female angels outside of Amonkhet.

    2) Serran angels are indeed born and raised alongside human children. How they are "born" is left up to the imagination, but the text suggests they have parents, and some stuff I left out from earlier in the chapter implies Serra has an almost G ideology concerning the sanctity of life in direct contrast with Phyrexian beliefs or even some of Urza's actions (although Xantcha finds the Serrans to be just as dogmatic as Phyrexians, hence her suspicion in this passage).

    3) Serran angels can feel love and are allowed to marry humans. Could explain the flavor of Angelic Destiny! Among other things.

    Yes, Kenidern, YES~! For years, even before Amonkhet came about, I've been brandishing him when people go against the idea of male angels. I mean, what more than from the planeswalker who's greatly associated with angels and all~!

    I just had a thought...

    What if the reason that Lyra Dawnbringer has the Dawnbringer name (other than the reason that Creative is going, "HEY GUISE~! Look at this reference! That would be unfortunate...) was because it was passed to her after Reya Dawnbringer, who became sort of an important figure of the Serran faith through Time Spiral, or presumably becoming The New Order of Serra leader after the Invasion, was killed? (maybe either from sacrificing herself so that Benalia gets those Serra's Realm-ish structures floating again, or being killed in a battle against Belzenlok...)
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from Perkunas687 »
    Any hint of what the new Serran/Benalish combo is going to be like, as far as temperament? I'm trying to remember the angels of Serra's plane. I know Radiant went off, managed to kind-of kill Urza, and was war-like. But I don't think all the angels were like that. And Benalia was about honor, chivalry, knights, and all that, as far as I recall. So are they the 'good guys,' through and through?

    It was said IIRC that even though Radiant wanted to stay in the Realm, in the end she felt that it was far better in the times that Serra was there.
    I guess the same is true for a large remnant of the angels... specially those that got saved from Urza's 2nd return back there. Case in point, Reya Dawnbringer. (another question pops up, is Lyra a creation of Reya or just a namesake?)

    I'm largely interested in how current Creative is going to weave the Serran religion being seemingly the prime religion in the current Benalia when before it was considered a cult.

    Maybe it became more prevalent because there are actual Serran Angels that could help the cause of the religion? (it was never mentioned if Gabriel Angelfire, the supposed namesake of the Church prevalent in Benalia before actually appeared in Benalia and/or he has made angels to go around Benalia)
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