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  • posted a message on [JMP] Dinosaurs theme— LegenVD previews
    This set is odd. Like, really odd.

    In a normal set, a normal rare has about a 1/50 chance of being pulled while a mythic has about 1/120 (1/8 chance of getting one of fifteen mythics).

    In this set, any card that appears in exactly one pack list has a rarity comparable to a mythic while those in two pack lists have rarity closer to (but slightly worse than) a rare... regardless of the rarity on the card.

    As such, Selvala (a mythic) is effectively a rare while Rhystic Study (a rare in this set) is effectively a mythic. That is kind of bonkers, right?
    In a normal set a rare appears twice in every 121 packs while a mythic appears once in every 121 packs. Those are exact figures for 'normal' sets... things like 'a legendary in every pack' sometimes modify that, but generally they aim for those values even then.

    In Jumpstart the new cards appear at roughly those rarities as well (new mythics appear one in every 121 packs, new rares twice in every 121 packs) while reprints can appear above or below those figures with no attempt to keep them in line. However from what I have seen mythics are still appearing 1 in 121 and rare reprints at 1 in 121 or 2 in 121. In this case both these are appearing 2 in 121, so the rare is on target and the mythic is effectively downgraded to rare.

    New Commons and uncommons are being printed at roughly normal rarity (I think that means a common has to appear in 12 lists and an uncommon has to appear in about 4.5 lists). Again reprints can be way off this metric.
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  • posted a message on Test card speculation for all sets
    Quote from gcracker69 »
    last strike is happening as soon as they have a set with the right flavor.
    I think last strike will happen sooner or later, but I think it might require a shift in Rules Manager or a fair amount of time. Maro has tried to do it and only put it into Silver Bordered because he 'gave up the fight'. But I agree it would be nice to see extra beefy green and black creatures with last strike, black spells that grant last strike to opponent's creatures, and white creatures with triple strike of some kind (or even a regular and last strike double strike variant)
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  • posted a message on Test card speculation for all sets
    You're in Command - I could totally see cards that replace your commander, be it a card that can't start in your deck and another card goes and gets and makes your commander (which would require partners with type booster collation) or just legends that when you play them they become your commander (or for rules reasons non-legends that become legendary and your commander when you play them)… we do have Commander Legends coming up...

    Time Sidewalk/Bone Rattler/Gunk Slug - They have wanted to shuffle token cards into your library before... I think they will eventually get there... but there are a lot of problems so I expect this to stay Silver Bordered for now.

    Visitor from Planet Q - I could see them making Instant a super type and replacing Flash with it... Maro has talked about it for a while.

    Seasoned Weaponsmith - Attacking creatures directly is likely to happen at some point, but I would expect the reverse of this... something like "Skirmish (This creature can attack tapped creatures)".

    Throat wolf/Bear with set's mechanic - I could see a keyword that lets creatures attack during a second combat each turn... only one second combat for all the creatures with that keyword...

    Trascantation/Domesticatede Mammoth/Growth Charm/Waste Land - They could let cards reference other cards by name and make token copies or make other things copies of those referenced cards even if those cards aren't in the current game (or even legal for the format). They chose not to do this with the token spellshapers, but as smart phones become more a part of everything... this becomes more and more likely.

    Pick your poison - I could see Modal spells that weigh things differently, but my guess is no more than 2 weights and even then its a fairly big ask.

    Barry's Land - I would expect this to not be a basic land and to have the ability "Cloud is a basic land type." so it is only true if it is on the battlefield and you can't use other cards to turn things into clouds (unless this is on the battlefield), but yes, I think this is likely at some point.

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  • posted a message on The last sorcery magus (Green)
    Quote from krishnath »
    Quote from Manite »
    Magus of the Weeds would be adorable, especially if they made it a Cat Wizard.

    Nah, it needs to be a Squirrel Druid for the meta joke. (for those that don't get it, Waiting in the Weeds was originally going to make Squirrel tokens, but the artist didn't get the memo. At the time it was easier to change a word on the card than commission new art).
    I would apologize but I am not sorry Wink

    Edit: update link
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  • posted a message on The last sorcery magus (Green)
    Quote from void_nothing »
    Quote from NRedfield84 »
    Not to revive dead topics, but if they wanted to go the aggressive route, a Triumph of the Hordes magi would be cool (Magus of the Hordes?)
    Interesting as that would be, it would also mean committing to bringing back infect in a Commander product, which would be divisive; if the rules committee decided to make the infect victory condition in Commander 20 counters instead of 10, then it would be much less controversial, but that move comes with its own set of problems.

    Counterpoint: "Magus of the Triumph." Metal.
    I don't know... I would be fairly upset if they decided to change poison to be 20 counters in Commander... its already NOT a strong mechanic, I don't think it needs a random nerf for being different so I would find the change itself controversial.

    Before you (everyone, not the OP) get mad at me... dying to poison because infect was granted to something like Nekusar or a hasty blightsteel after a wrath (or non-hasty one before..) or just a Triumph of the Hordes isn't a problem with Poison. I am not sure any of those is a problem, but if they are then it's a problem with combos... just like kiki-jiki and pestermite or any other 2-3 card kill... Poison is only a problem if you are dying to a deck running a bunch of creatures with Infect and attacking with them... (if the deck has less than 10 cards with the word infect it isn't an infect deck and the problem is a combo problem not an infect problem.)</rant>

    and back on topic... magus of the Summer
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  • posted a message on Soul of {Plane}
    A recent Question Mark asked Maro:
    Q: What are the chances of leaving more souls like: Soul of Ixalan(green/blue) Soul of Amonkhet(white/black) Soul of Eldraine(black/green) Soul of Kaladesh(blue/red) Soul of Ikoria(red/white)?
    A: Would people like more souls?

    And I thought.... Eldrain isn't Black Green! So, what color(s) would Souls of each of Magic's planes be? lets limit it to 1 or 2 colors.

    So what are the planes?
    • Antiquities
    • Legends
    • The Dark
    • Fallen Empires
    • Ice Age
    • Alliances
    • Mirage
    • Visions
    • Weatherlight
    • Urza's Saga (The "Urza block" story spans the planes of Serra's Realm and Phyrexia as well as Dominaria.)
    • Urza's Legacy
    • Urza's Destiny
    • Prophecy
    • Invasion
    • Planeshift
    • Apocalypse
    • Odyssey
    • Torment
    • Judgment
    • Onslaught
    • Legions
    • Scourge
    • Coldsnap
    • Time Spiral
    • Planar Chaos
    • Future Sight
    • Shards of Alara
    • Conflux
    • Alara Reborn
    • Amonkhet
    • Hour of Devastation
    • Throne of Eldraine
    • Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
    Soul of Innistrad
    • Innistrad
    • Dark Ascension
    • Avacyn Restored
    • Shadows over Innistrad
    • Eldrich Moon
    • Ixalan
    • Rivals of Ixalan
    • Kaladesh
    • Aether Revolt
    • Champions of Kamigawa
    • Betrayers of Kamigawa
    • Saviors of Kamigawa
    • Lorwyn
    • Morningtide
    • Shadowmoor
    • Eventide
    • Mercadian Masques
    • Nemesis
    • Prophecy
    Soul of New Phyrexia
    • Mirrodin
    • Darksteel
    • Fifth Dawn
    • Scars of Mirrodin
    • Mirrodin Besieged
    • New Phyrexia
    • Urza's Saga
    • Urza's Legacy
    • Urza's Destiny
    • Invasion
    • Planeshift
    • Apocalypse
    • Arabian Nights
    *Overlayed to Dominaria
    • Tempest
    • Stronghold
    • Exodus
    • Nemesis
    Soul of Ravnica
    • Ravnica
    • Guildpact
    • Dissension
    • Return to Ravnica
    • Gatecrash
    • Dragon's Maze
    • Guilds of Ravnica
    • Ravnica Allegiance
    • War of the Spark
    • Urza's Saga
    • Urza's Legacy
    • Urza's Destiny
    • Khans of Tarkir
    • Fate Reforged
    • Dragons of Tarkir
    Soul of Theros
    • Theros
    • Born of the Gods
    • Journey into Nyx
    • Theros: Beyond Death
    • Homelands
    Soul of Zendikar
    • Zendikar
    • Worldwake
    • Rise of the Eldrazi
    • Battle for Zendikar
    • Oath of the Gatewatch
    • Zendikar Rising

    Ice Age (Comics)
    Tevesh Szat's primary source of blue mana
    A peaceful plane with lots of rolling hills and fields (mentioned in the 1994 pocket players' guide)
    Setting of the novel The Cursed Land
    A location in the novel Planeswalker
    "Exists on the edge of time, even the mountains are smoothed down, like they've been standing too long"
    "small, hidden plane" with "colossal peaks and exotic fauna." (setting of the 1994 pocket players' guide)
    A location in the novel Planeswalker
    an "Abandoned world"
    Mentioned in the novel 'The Cursed Land'
    Little is known about the plane of Kephalai beyond the totalitarian and bureaucratic character of its government. The plane features cities with gothic architecture that are surrounded by large bodies of water.
    Scott McGough's Magic Legends Cycle Two consists of three books: Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist, and Champion's Trial. The trilogy features an enigmatic plane known only as the "meditation plane." It is a shifting, surreal place accessible only by the powerful, and only from Dominaria, and its appearance often echoes the thoughts and possible futures of those within its boundaries. Here the emperor of Madara would meet his closest advisors.
    In Lynn Abbey's novel Planeswalker, Urza and his companion Xantcha settle for 30 years on the plane of Moag, "a truly hospitable world with abundant, rich soil, a broad swath of temperate climates and a wealth of vigorous cultures." After decades of peaceful life, Xantcha discovers Phyrexian agents in a fire-god cult. Urza and Xantcha flee, hoping the Phyrexians will follow and leave Moag in peace.
    In J. Robert King's novel The Thran, the planeswalker Dyfed takes a guest to the plane of Pyrulea: "In every direction, a vast rain forest spread. Millennial trees trailed nets of vine and moss hundreds of feet downward to wet undergrowth. [...] North, south, east, and west, the landscape curved up and away into walls. They, in turn, joined to form a ceiling of sky. This was not merely a bowl of land but the inside of an enormous sphere." The guest was a middle-aged Thran doctor named Yawgmoth.
    How many thousands of players have been bewildered by Segovian Leviathan? Leviathans are titanic creatures of the deep, so why is Segovian Leviathan no bigger than an elephant! Because Segovia is a miniature plane about 1/100 the size of Dominaria. In The Duelist magazine issue 25, Pete Venters writes, "Your average army of Segovian humans could be crushed under a single goblin's foot and the biggest Segovian dragon isn't any bigger than a Dominarian dragonfly."
    Soul of Shandalar
    Shandalar is a mana-rich plane without a fixed location in the Multiverse. Instead it wanders an irregular course through the Blind Eternities. For a time after the Brothers' War, Dominaria and eleven other planes were separated from the rest of the Multiverse. These twelve planes were known collectively as the Shard. But Shandalar's planar path could pass into and out of the Shard, and was thereby a kind of planeswalkers' escape route from the Shard. Shandalar was the setting for the 1997 Magic: The Gathering computer game by Microprose.
    This plane is mentioned in passing as a place Urza and Xantcha visit in Lynn Abbey's novel Planeswalker. Nothing further is known about it.
    This plane of fire, djinni, and efreeti has connections to both Rabiah the Infinite and to Dominaria. Emissaries or viziers from Wildfire have appeared in Bogardan and Suq'Ata as well as in Rabiah. The Emberwilde Order is a ruling force on Wildfire and is referenced on a few different cards, including Emberwilde Augur, Emberwilde Caliph, and Emberwilde Djinn.

    Now then, what are your thoughts on the Colors, or core identity of the Soul of [planes]
    Soul of Ixalan - I agree it is green/blue, exploration and the sea
    Soul of Amonkhet - I agree it is white/black, death and order (white and black zombies)
    Soul of Eldraine - I don't think it is black/green, it has a strong Knights theme and a fairy tale/wild theme... I would go with White/Green
    Soul of Kaladesh - Obviously blue/red
    Soul of Ikoria - I don't see red/white, it has a Humans VS Monster theme, with a bit of Human/Monster bonding... I see a lot of white (humans working together to survive), Black (going it alone, looking out only for yourself and your 'family') and green (evolution, survival of the fittest, nature). Overall I would go Black/Green as the cities don't really work together to fight the monsters so it is more black then white
    Soul of Dominaria - History theme... seems white blue to me.
    Soul of Alara - Red/White... Chaos (the shards divided) being tamed.
    Soul of Kamigawa - White - Ancestors, pride (hubris?), honor, spirits...
    Soul of Lorwyn - A Transform card, green on the front, black on the back.

    Disagree with some of my choices? want to hit some of the other planes?
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  • posted a message on Maro's Core 2021 Teaser
    Quote from user-11102155 »
    eww, this seems so right and smart

    probably a card with
    gets this if u payed white, this if you payed blue and so on and u have a card that could have 31 different outcomes
    that card has 32 outcomes, you can spend all colorless mana and get none of the abilities... the card has to force at least 1 color (or use a different vector)
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  • posted a message on Maro's Core 2021 Teaser
    • A brand new planeswalker (from a plane we’ve visited)

    This could literally be anything... not really helpful.
    • A card that lets you draw half of your library.

    I am guessing a PW ultimate but it could also be something cheaky like an enchantment with "UU: Exile the top card of your library, if you do draw a card"
    • A +1/+1 tribal lord for a creature type that’s never had one. (A creature type with over fifty cards already in print.)

    The options are:
    Advisor, Ally, Artificer, Assassin, Avatar, Berserker, Cleric, Construct, Demon, Dragon, Drake, Drone, Druid, Eldrazi, Elephant, Giant, Horror, Hound, Insect, Kor, Lizard, Monk, Mutant, Ogre, Orc, Phoenix, Rat, Rebel, Rogue*, Scout, Shaman*, Shapeshifter, Snake, Spellshaper, Sphinx, Spider, Vedalken, Wall, Wurm

    Rogue and Shaman both have a 'lord' that puts +1/+1 counters on but that might work for Mark. My money is on Construct, but there are a few good options.
    • A character with a Vanguard card and a legendary creature card gets a second of the latter.

    I was thinking Teferi (flip walker), but he doesn't actually have a Vanguard...

    There are several good options, but I am going with Sliver Queen for the lulz.
    • A card with thirty-one different options.

    so something that lets you choose one or more colors... or something with 6 options that you choose two of with one option that can be repeated (choose up to two keywords from this list of 5, this has those keywords and gets +1/+1 for each keyword less than 2 you choose)
    • A card that gains all activated abilities of a certain subset of cards in a place it’s never done it before.

    Battlefield, Exile, Graveyard, and Library are all covered... so Hand, Stack, or Command Zone?

    I am guessing Hand.
    • A card that uses a nonevergreen named ability over twenty years old.

    Phasing (as in target creature phases out) is a good guess already mentioned... I can get behind that.
    • A card with the words “battlefield”, “cast”, “creature”, “converted mana cost”, “end of turn”, “exile”, “graveyard” and “mana cost”.
    no current cards meet this criteria, but a cast trigger with a flicker effect would hit most of them...
    • An aura inspired from a cycle from Urza’s Sagablock

    Gaea's Embrace or Rancor would be the 'obvious' ones but this could also be an aura that grants flying and protection from a color and reference the voice (of grace, of law, of reason, of duty) cycle for example.
    • A nonevergreen enchantment subtype returns

    Cartouche, Curse, Saga, Shrine...
    Obvious answers are Curse or Saga with a reasonable chance of Shrine

    So I am going with Shrine Smile

    Core 2021 also has a number of fun reprints, including:
    • A popular character first introduced in flavor text.

    There have been a number of guesses here and I am NOT going to make a full list...
    • A French Vanilla mythic rare.

    Akroma would hit this and the timeshifted one but doesn't feel 'standard' to me...

    Baneslayer angel, Furyborn Hellkite, Impervious Greatwurm, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, Vorapede, a rare upshifted or something cute like Realm-Cloaked Giant (the creature part is French Vanilla) or Thundering Chariot (not a creature but French vanilla)
    • A popular aura that started as part of a cycle.

    Rancor? ties in with the new aura above...
    • A card with a unique protection.

    Baneslayer could hit this and French mythic
    • Two cards played in tournaments that have been reprinted over twenty times with at least five different pieces of art

    Disenchant! (timeshifted)
    • A card that’s never previously appeared in a premier set.

    Something from P3K would be nice (grim Tutor has been tossed around) but my guess is Teferi's Protection.
    • A card that’s never been reprinted before which has a 2, 3, 5 and 6 all appear on the card.

    Heres a few to think about...
    Purphoros, god of the forge
    seizan, perverter of truth
    massacre wurm
    Serendib Djinn
    • A Human Monk.

    there are 54 human monks... I think it reasonable to assume this will be a relatively high profile reprint...
    Abbot of Keral Keep, Azusa, lost but seeking, Monastery Mentor, and Serra Ascendant are my short list.
    • A card from the Time Spiraltimeshifted sheet.

    Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Disenchant, valor, Flying men, Sengir Autocrat, Dragon Whelp, Gaea's Blessing, Spike Feeder, Thallid, and Lightning Angel are the short list... but my money is on Teferi's Moat.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Quote from illidqn »
    Crovax of Windgrace (Version 3)
    sorry to be super nitpicky... but that should be version 4...

    Ascendant Evincar
    Crovax, Ascendant Hero
    Crovax the Cursed

    speaking of which, what do you want out of a fourth version of Crovax?

    I am hoping for more Partners...

    I would love to see an uncommon cycle of mono-color partners and a rare cycle of 2 color partners (either a 10 card cycle for this or the allied color pairs to round out 2 of each 2-color pair). The uncommon cycle can pair with itself to give additional options for two color decks, and it can pair with the rare cycle to help insure that when you get a rare partner you can find a partner for it... and occasionally the rare cycle will partner with itself for 3 or 4 color decks...
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  • posted a message on [C20] - Spike Feeders Spoiler - Twinning Staff
    Epic Experiment in a fork heavy deck...

    Each copy flips 2X spells and that gives more copies...

    Win con of mill/draw is probably easiest, but some rituals can get you a big Red Sun Zennith (blue too) which might usually cast for zero but shuffled back in until you draw it...
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  • posted a message on Apprentice Planeswalkers?
    Quote from Manite »
    No for common and no for nonlegendary.
    No for Common... I could see a Planeswalker who's primary characteristic is that he made a bunch of clones of himself show up as a non-legendary (or as a legendary that ignores the legend rule, but I could see a walker having space issues in the text box sufficient to push them to non-legendary).

    I had a character in one of the D&D campaigns that I ran that was a wizard who made Simulacrum and had them go out on missions, he was epic level so his Simulacrum were often capable of making Simulacrum of their own...

    But I agree, no generic Planeswalkers...
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    Unless MH was a plant for snow coming back and they wanted to make sure it had the seeds ready to do some crazy things... I could see it. Like Ix had WB vampires just after commander had WBR ones when they had previously only been in BR and BU...
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  • posted a message on Speculation for Return to Theros
    Quote from Manite »
    Quote from Melriken »
    Quote from Manite »
    I could see Devotion, Heroic, and Monstrosity all returning as a result.

    I am going to go out on a bit of a limb and say... I think Heroic was the worst mistake in Theros and the cause of almost all of it's issues.

    Heroic makes creatures grow, reducing the need for auras.
    Heroic increases the value of Auras, forcing design to under power them so they aren't too strong in actual play. (they go in the same decks as Auras and consume significant amounts of the power available to those cards)
    Heroic creates a desire to design cards that target multiple creatures, these are typically instant or sorceries not enchantments, but they are positive effects that target your own creatures and thus occupy the same design space as Auras.

    R&D knows all this and will look for a heroic mechanic that better fits from a flavor standpoint and doesn't have all these downsides.

    I predict bestow will return at a significantly reduced cost and that Heroic will not return.

    There are 14 cards with Totem Armor and 35 with Bestow note. Totem armor is the stronger mechanic in all cases other than 'I have no creatures in play and draw this card' (namely if you have a creature with 3 totem armors vs a creature with 3 bestows, all cards otherwise identical, the totem armor version is stronger). Yet totem armor costs significantly less. Look at Drake Umbra and Nimbus Naiad they cost the same but the Totem Armor version gives an additional +1/+1. Same for Mammoth Umbra and Observant Alseid. Cards like Hyena Umbra have no direct analog, but it would cost at least 2W and likely 3W. I believe that without Heroic in the set that Bestow could be stronger, and that the set could include more auras and Bestow creatures (replacing cards like Coordinated Assault, Cutthroat Maneuver, Dauntless Onslaught, Triton Tactics, Hunt the Hunter, Gods Willing, Savage Surge, titan's Strength, or Warriors' Lesson).

    Even if Bestow isn't included in Theros 2 the set will be Enchantment focused as that is too strong of an expectation and was NOT lived up to the first time around for them to just ignore the second.

    I strongly disagree.

    I think you misunderstand.
    Quote from Manite »
    First off, not all Heroic abilities produced +1/+1 counters. That was mainly GW's thing; blue, black, and red leaned towards spell-like effects, as was the case with Artisan of Forms, Agent of the Fates, and Labyrinth Champion. This is because +1/+1 counters were the GW theme, which both Heroic and Monstrosity played with.

    I did not intend to imply that they all did, some do and those cause the listed problems
    Quote from Manite »
    Secondly, Heroic worked wonderfully with Auras, which helped sell the enchantment theme. Not all Auras exist to make creatures bigger. Aqueous Form and Battle Mastery want to go on creatures that gain +1/+1 counters, and the +1/+1 counters produced by Heroic made it easier to cash in the Ordeals.

    That was my point, it worked well with auras which forced them to nerf auras.
    Quote from Manite »
    Bestow served both to justify enchantment creatures and to synergize with Heroic. And since they're enchantments whether or not they're Auras, they play well with enchantments-matter effects like Constellation.

    Yes, creatures that triggered off being targeted by spells did create a demand for multi-target instants and sorceries...which was handled by Strive and which represented well the flavor of the mortals and gods being set against one another. You're complaining here that the designers designed their set around the set's mechanics, which is what they're supposed to do. It's like complaining that Innistrad pushed for more sac outlets because of Morbid. When your set features certain mechanics, you want to build around those mechanics. That's just common sense.

    Strive took away from the space in the set for enchantments...
    Quote from Manite »
    I don't know how you can say "R&D knows this" when Heroic was one of the better-received mechanics of the block overall, certainly a great deal better than Inspired, Tribute, and Strive. Heroic played well and it represented the flavor of heroes well. It was part of an intricate machine, and it served its purpose well.

    Is it possible Heroic could be replaced during our next visit? Certainly, but it won't be because it played poorly or had poor flavor or whatever, it'll be because they have a new angle to tackle and need new mechanics for it. The next hero mechanic could care about Auras and Equipment, like Novice Knight or Champion of the Flame. And stealth Heroic could still appear the way stealth Landfall appeared in our first trip to Theros.[/spoiler]

    R&D know that there is a huge demand for an enchantment 'block' that never happened.
    R&D know that Urza Saga was intended to be that block and turned into the broken artifact block instead.
    R&D know that there was public perception that Theros was going to be that block (they intended enchantments to be a minor theme not a major one) and it really wasn't.
    R&D know that they can have Heroic or Enchantment matters as a primary (because of the various things in my prior post) they can't do both.

    Heroic isn't inherently a bad mechanic or a problem (I do think it is bias towards lower power smaller formats and 1v1 play, so Limited or Standard, which is a strike against it but not a deadly one), but letting players think they are going to get the Enchantment Matters block they have been asking for for literally two decades now and then not delivering it... again... is a problem.

    I did a poor job of conveying that originally and that's my fault. Heroic was a mistake in that block for reasons that aren't directly Heroic's fault.
    Quote from Manite »
    On the subject of Auras and Equipment, now that colored artifacts are a regular thing, I can totally see the next trip to Theros featuring a plethora of colored artifacts, maybe even some enchantment artifacts, that play with Devotion. A good number of those artifacts could easily be equipment, and thus could justify a new hero ability that cares if the creature is enchanted or equipped.
    I would love to see Threshold-1 attached as a thing.

    Theros Dude W
    Creature - Human Soldier
    Theros dude has Vigilance and Double Strike as long as a permanent is attached to it.

    Theros Dude W
    Creature - Human Soldier
    As long as Theros dude is enchanted or equipped it has Vigilance and Double Strike.

    I like the attached to it wording, but its fairly awkward to actually use so they may go with the 'enchanted or equipped' wording that better matches current templates and likely is less confusing overall.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    White has ramped with cards like Knight of the White Orchid
    White has drawn cards with cards like
    Pursuit of Knowledge

    I would expect that the thing he is referring to is either something that white has done but never much and they are letting it free (like counter magic) or something more specific than ramp or card draw while also less noticeable...

    For example ‘with this new set white now has clone effects!’ Would be an accurate but misleading statement talking about return to ravnica...
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    Curses are big in the source material... and we see a kiss turning a statue to flesh. I doubt enchantments are a white green thing... magic in general is not a hero thing in fairy tails... the fairy godmothers have it and merlin has it and the villains have it... but I don’t see the good guys (white green) doing enough for it to be a theme... I do see sleeping beauty’s enchanted sleep, the beast’s enchanted rose, little mermaid’s silence and ability to walk on land, and many other curses showing up...

    I think the storybook mechanic shows in all colors and isn’t a draft theme... like double faced cards in inistrad... we may get a related draft theme (like werewolves). But you could be right and it goes more like levelers from rise of the eldrazi... but I am curious why you went red green instead of white green?
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