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  • posted a message on How do you determine the skeleton of your deck?
    While Bulding a Deck, i seperate the cards i need into two piles:

    The first are Cards that fit the theme of my commander. Is it Sacrifice?Lifegain?Tribal? When i choose a commander, i buy every (low to mid budget) card that i find interesting or fitting. I always end up with a lot of cards not fitting in anymore, since theres no more space left. Thats why i note the cards, and when i build the deck again with the same commander, i try the other cards or just mix some of them out because of the interactions with the former deck version. Since i always play up to 5 different decks every 3 weeks, i often cycle through my former commanders.

    The second pile is just staples. Cards that fit into every deck because they are just so good. White? Sun Titan and Path. Green? Zenith, Witness, Beast Within.Blue? Rhystic Study, Consecrated Sphinx and so on. Always covering the Basics like Recursion,Removal, Card Draw and the Rest- as good as the color can provide it. The Staples are up to 50 Percent of the deck, so about 31 cards. But i try to keep it as small as possible, by overlapping. Have a Death Trigger matters deck? Play A Shriekmaw instead of Doom blade, you get the idea.

    Thats my idea how to play a "fair" commander deck, while also being a pretty good threat.Even playing against stronger Decks it can hold on its own, and win. So this is my Strategy : The correct mix of the fun and janky cards you always wanted to play, mixed with good staples.
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  • posted a message on How to organize my Commander-Binder?
    Quote from lyonhaert »
    Well, I don't build quite like that. But I am moving my collection to a smaller, mostly singleton collection and will only have 2-4 assembled at a time. Other decklists may still be considered "active" in that I could still reassemble it relatively quickly.

    I'm keeping some cards in sleeves permanently — starting with the cards that are in active decklists, but eventually everything. This does make it a lot faster to reassemble a decklist or brew a new list on the fly. I've found myself doing that much more now since they're sleeved.

    So if you can afford the additional sleeves, maybe that would make rapid assembly/disassembly easier. But the sleeves are not an investment. Some cards could be considered an investment. Double-sleeving these would be protecting that investment, but so would not playing with them. But what fun is that? Smile

    I also use boxes sorted by color identity (with planeswalkers, legendary creatures, artifacts, lands, and multi-color-identity cards in their own boxes). I know of some folks who use binders for sleeved cards, too, but they probably don't store/remove them from the binder all that often.

    Sounds like the best idea. I also dont disassemble them directly after one day, i keep them "active" till one month is over (or more than 4 commander days, whichever comes first). I collected over 250+ commanders and i try to play with all of them at least once. Besides, I even try to do the same with all my other cards aswell. I dont like any of them sitting alone in the corner of the binder ;D. But the safest way to play all options is simply: Build one version of the deck, and memorize the cards who had no room. Next time you build it again, try the other cards.

    Even tough i always bring another deck to the table, i still have my pet-decks that i build when i'm not in the mood to get overly creative. Also i often revisit older decks.

    Sounds kinda perfectionistic, but i dont wanna miss anything out.
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  • posted a message on How to organize my Commander-Binder?

    First of all an explanation what i exactly mean: I dont have prebuilt commander decks. I have two boxes (separeted to "Rares/Mythics" and "Commons/Uncommons", and the night before I play i start picking my commander and build decks. Most of the time i build up to 5 decks. It takes a lot of time to pick and build them, sleeve them and the same thing backwards when im dismantling them afterwards. Theres another problem: none of the cards i keep in these boxes are sleeved. And some of those cards im having for years and they have their marks. How could i organize them? I tried putting them in the pocket sleeves in my binder, but its also very exhausting putting them in and out.

    Should i just buy those clear sleeves (they're about 1 euro for 100pcs.) and sleeve them all up? I could do it just with the rares and mythics. Or should I invest more money and put them all into Dragonshields?

    Is there maybe anyone else who also builds his/her decks like this and how do you do it?

    best regards,

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  • posted a message on SIlverborder being legit in Commander?
    As far as I read into his descriptions of Unstable, i think that a big part of the set is taking a different direction in case of being "un". It seems to me that the factions and cards will explore design space that would be problematic in Black Border, but not COMPLETELY ridiculous. We will not get any Shoe counters again, maybe not even something regarding "outside the game"-things (your age, height, touching oder speaking), but more like designs and ideas that black borders arent ready yet. Im sorry if i cant really explain it well, im not sure how to put it exactly into words.But if we look at certain Uncards we see some who are really crazy ,and some who have just a whacky (or even too powerful) effect, as seen in the examples in this thread.

    I told my playgroup that if i like the Unmanders, i will absolutely make decks around them, combining cards from Unstable and black-border cards, if they fit the theme of the commander.
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  • posted a message on dinosaurs and enrage synergy for commander
    Tamanoa if its noncreature damage could work. Its such a shame that she isnt legendary btw, not for this deck i mean in general.
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  • posted a message on Suggestions: O-Kagachi Rattlesnakes!

    I've seen a thread about building O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami as a Monarch Commander. While i like the idea, i definitely want to include some good rattlesnake cards,maybe make it the big theme of the deck.Archon of Justice and Ashen Rider are of course included, but thanks to the access to all five colors we could find some hidden gems or just things that i overlooked. For instance, False Prophet and Bearer of the Heavens are pretty big, but maybe to risky, since everyone can trigger it by simply destroying it. Magus of the Disk could be a better option.

    Any thoughts or Ideas? Is Karador more suited for a rattlesnake deck because the best ones are in his colors (plus playing them from your grave?) Regardless of the answer to the Karador Question, i really like to find rattlesnake that are (partially) outside of his color identity.

    Best Regards,

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  • posted a message on How do you manage?
    I have 2 Boxes where i keep my cards, a Holiday Gift Box where i keep my rares and mythics, and a big one for the commons and uncommons. Right now i have about 250 Legendary Creatures, and i want to try to build at least one deck with each of them- not all at once of course. Most of the time i build decks right before a Commander Day in my LGS, or before i'm meeting my friends to play at home.

    The issue is, that i build more than just 1 deck, most of the time it's 3-4 decks. There are times where decks share one color, there are staples that both of the decks would need. So i started buying more copies of some staples (Removal, Ramp, Mana Fixing,Eternal Witness), i dont want to build one deck better than the other just because i dont have 2 copies of a card.

    Whenever a new Set arrives, i buy all the cards i could/want to play in Commander. Also i look at the legendaries, and search for other cards needed to buy a deck around them. My last big purchase was Hour Of Devastation + Cards needed for Neheb, the Eternal , The Locust God and The Scorpion God. All three of them were fun to play and to play against. And right now i'm waiting for the new Commander Decks. I'll buy all 4 of them, with some minor upgrades.

    Best Regards Smile
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  • posted a message on Decks that didn't dissapoint
    Momir Vig, Simic Visionary, it was a deck full of Clones and Self-Bounce Effects.

    Attacking with 5 Kalonian Hydras is always fun, but my favorite Wincon is Biovisionary- and yes, i pulled it off having four of them on the field Grin
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  • posted a message on The Locust God [Let's Brew!]

    Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur should make a fun addition Grin

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  • posted a message on In need of a fun commander idea
    Quote from Aetherblade »
    Thank you for all of your suggestions! There are many ideas I really like that you guys recommended and I'm definetely going to think about a few more in-depth. However, I have another question that is really crucial for me right now: How do I stop myself from getting too many out-of-budget ideas? In other words, how do I really limit myself to my budget? For example, as I was looking at Ghave, Guru of Spores, there were many ideas I could use within my budget, but I could not stop looking at stuff like Grave Pact or Doubling Season outside of my range. Then I quit thinking about Ghave whatsoever because I found myself frustrated.

    Again, thank you for your help

    Pretty Simple, you just look for budget solutions.
    Grave Pact : Dictate of Erebos - Comes with flash and in a budget mana base slightly easier to cast than grave pact. There's also Butcher of Malakir who is a Grave Pact on a stick.
    Doubling Season: Use Primal Vigor.

    Ghave was one of my first budget builds and even most of the combo pieces are budget, if you want to go that route.

    Hope this helps!

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  • posted a message on In need of a fun commander idea
    Quote from elfric »
    i suggest Wort, the Raidmother. can be build below 30$ amd be pretty good. then you can choose to buy one or two more expensive cards to round it out. (life from the loam past in flames sylvan library are very good cards)
    you can go different paths with wort. you can do tokens. i did burn. but every wort deck ramps. double ramps and draws and then doubles each business spell.
    think boundless realms Early Harvest comet storm big - because wort conspires them all.

    That's exactly my favourite type of deck. I have a low budget Wort the Raidmother deck myself and its really fun to play. I run Mana Doublers, token generators (from simple Dragon Fodder to a big and copied Goblin Offensive) and Burn X spells. Im often going both routes because Burn at the Stake is also a great finisher.

    Also if you want to upgrade , Tooth and Nail is a perfect addition , running into Craterhoof Behemoth Grin

    Its just plain hilarious when you start a turn , double your mana, casting token spells, copying them, doubling them again with Parallel Lives, then cast a copied Second Harvest for an instant army. Cue "How did that happen?" reactions from the table.
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  • posted a message on Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun (Let's Brew!)
    If you want to play the unfair route, making a token copy of something big (Minimum 8 Power) equipped with a Grafted Exoskeleton.

    Speaking of Something big : Serra Avatar, Cackling Counterpart it and swing (hopefully) for lethal.
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  • posted a message on Forcing the Issue (Ludevic & Sidar Kondo)
    I absolutely love this deck idea! Always searching for interesting take on decks.
    Quick Question: Any suggestion for Budget Solutions regarding these two : Angus Mackenzie and Academy Rector ?
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  • posted a message on Dem Proxies
    Hi there

    In my opinion, proxying cards took a lot of fun out for me. When i trief proxing my decks, i felt kinda bad, like "yeah i could just proxy all cards but where is the joy of finally having it if can print all of them out?". I had a very low budget for a very long time and if i cant afford the cards, i simply dont play them.
    Thats my opinion, and it brought me a lot of joy when i was finally able to buy all my needed staples a week ago (Consecrated Sphinx, Kira,Phyrexian Arena,Councils Judgment, Swords to plowshares, Beast within), the latter 2 are for many players cheap but as I said i had a very low budget.

    But to specify on your question, if you only have one copy of the card, and play it in two decks, proxy it or swap the cards from one deck to the other. I always just buy one copy of each card and i have no specific Decks, i just have a collection and whenever i want to build a deck i pick the cards, sleeve em up and start playing.

    Of course its difficult when you build two decks with blue in it and only have one copy of a card that fits in both, but i never really have that problem.

    If your Playgroup knows the issue or your telling beforehand, i think it would be okay to do so if i were you, i personally could not do it .

    best regards
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