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  • posted a message on war of the spark seems like a high power set
    its an absurdly powerful set. dominaria or khans are not on the same level at all. Scars of Mirrodin and its neighbouring blocks are what this is most like (which is probably the highest power level in magic history)

    this set has a very very high number of rules breaking effects, mostly the static abilities on the PWs. fifth dawn is known as the set that most experimented with this kinda stuff. khans was more powerful in just aggressively costed spells. this set will open up many new combo decks/synergies in standard and modern and will probably lead to multiple bannings (ie. bolas's citadel, new teferi ect)

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  • posted a message on Arkanist der Schreckenshorde
    i didnt at all say they were 'cutting snappy for this'. i said its one the same level of power. it has a completely different purpose and its not reactive like snapcaster, but double bolting(3x damage twice or 6x to one target), doubling pump spells, ect ect. = same level of power. you will understand once this set comes into modern.
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  • posted a message on Arkanist der Schreckenshorde
    this is not a 'maybe' over this impacting modern / legacy. this is snapcaster mage power level. in many scenarios far more brutal, its actually stupid.

    the fact it triggers on the attack lets you bolt (or double bolt) a problematic blocker.

    those red decks that just maximize 4x of every bolt variant will just be ridiculous now

    this set is scars of mirrodin/orig. innistrad in power level
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  • posted a message on 9 more walkers + Niv-Mizzet + Simic legend
    these are not fake. very nice design on most of them too, they feel as interesting and creative as the commander products of the past.
    i think wizards would be very unhappy these leaked...
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  • posted a message on Rise of the Gatewatch
    the art is worse than usual, which is REALLY saying something, as 99% of mtg art these days resembles a bucket of CGI vomit. WOTC cutting costs as usual.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Gallery Up
    this is one of the best sets in a long time, mechanically speaking. there are so many pushed cards and interesting build around me ideas trickling through this set, and i wonder if this really marks the beginning of a gradual power creep over the coming years. the design team should be proud of what they've accomplished here.

    the artwork however, is some of the most pathetic and uninspired ive ever seen. every new set gets uglier and uglier with the cheesiest CGI photo realistic depictions of characters. these artworks are supposed to depict populations of a FANTASY universe, yet they are so shamelessly trying to reflect some kind of younger modern day generation. it really assumes total narcissism of todays youth, that they will not be able to identify with MTG unless they see idealized versions of themselves in almost every artwork.
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  • posted a message on Tolarian Community College spoiler: Domri, Chaos Bringer
    hahaha woooow this card sucks so bad.
    what is domri's backstory anyway? he doesnt look very healthy, kinda malnourished. why does he have the power to control giant pigs? does he also have the power to cook and eat said giant pigs?? just saying he looks like he would benefit from getting more protein.
    poor little guy hope he pulls through:frown:
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  • posted a message on New planeswalker named Davriel
    the tattoos was a generalization (obviously), i was talking about the other walkers and the general state of magics characters and aesthetic. its awful. its like every character is designed primarily for cosplay potential.

    and i said "young douchebag LOOKING types", my point is they look like young douchebags, i dont care what his age is in the storyline.
    the anger is not misplaced, magic looks like trash now because they are desperately trying to market to a younger audience rather than building real fantasy settings.
    i mean just think about it man, not a single planeswalker in MTG actually looks like Gandalf. do you think this is ok? it is NOT ok.
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  • posted a message on New planeswalker named Davriel
    why do wizards insist on making all the walkers these young douchebag looking types? like, every single walker is just some young moron with tribal tattoos. its actually vomit inducing, worse character designs ever. remember when mtg actually had real wizards in it? yeah me neither.
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  • posted a message on Etrata, the Silencer - Command Zone preview
    this is probably the most boring art i have ever seen on a card. "background? who needs it. just go with dark shadows everywhere, nobody will care/notice"

    im 100% convinced wizards must be underpaying artists so they have no choice but to cut corners on this stuff
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  • posted a message on Risk Factor (R&D Twitch stream preview)
    wow this artwork is actually good. really feels like a classic mtg card. more of this please
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  • posted a message on Mothership 9/14 - Trostani, and others
    wow connive//concoct is the first card that ACTUALLY looks like a real mtg card. regarding the art i mean.
    like, the artist actually used... COLOUR?! instead of a murky wash of grey and black.. how novel
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  • posted a message on Enhanced Surveillance and Disinformation Campaign
    disinformation campaign is one of the ugliest cards ive ever seen. who the heck wants to see this kind of photo-realism on cards? it looks so contrived and stupid, like a high school art student taking themselves way too seriously. i seriously dont buy cards anymore because they look this awful
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  • posted a message on Doom Whisperer and more Cool stuff inc previews
    the art in this set is some of the most drab, uninspired, lifeless and depressing kind of monochromatic blandness in a magic set ever. i imagine wizards have slashed their art budgets and the artists have barely any time to work on these.
    the art in older ravnica sets were so colourful and imaginative by comparison
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  • posted a message on two Dimir italian cards
    these have got to be some of the ugliest and blandest artworks ive ever seen on cards. whispering spy is hideous. what the heck is with this awful photo-realism in 90% of card arts these days? they look like cheezy BS from some utterly forgettable sci-fi channel tv series.

    and rain of notions is so misfitting. its a draw spell that just looks like some girl from the matrix standing there doing NOTHING. background remaining as GRAY as possible?

    MTG is one of the worst looking card games around these days. its very sad
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