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  • posted a message on [M20][CUBE]- M20 Almost Playables
    It's probably time for this. Most of these are archetype specific cards this time around.

    Chandra, Novice Pyromancer
    Alright, so she's no Chandra, Torch of Defiance, but she's pretty sweet for an uncommon planeswalker. The plus is mostly just an empty plus, but even that is better than the lofty, high-end ultimates that some planeswalkers have. This Chandra is a pretty simple engine, but she does what she does pretty well. I think she's honestly better than several existing Chandras by virtue of her easy mana cost and her non-reliance on build-up. For budget/peasant players, she's solid. I might actually player her, since red is my weakest color for planeswalkers.

    Angel of Vitality
    Life gain is an archetype. I don't really like it as an archetype, but this slots into it pretty well. Doubling the life gain from Soul Warden isn't nothing, and the +2/+2 are enough payoff for the archetype to make this playable. Maybe it's just peasant, but this has homes.

    Ajani, Strength of the Pride
    Speaking of the life gain archetype, it's the only real reason to play this Ajani. But unlike the previous card, this isn't pauper legal, and won't be obtainable for pocket change. I don't think this has as many homes.

    Yarok's Fenlurker
    Maybe this is good enough in a multiplayer cube. But probably not even then. Perhaps it doesn't belong on the list. However it is a multiplayer card, so it's worth thinking about for a multiplayer cube.

    Corpse Knight
    I've seen Purphoros, God of the Forge/ Impact Tremors used as a cube archetype. What it needs are more playable iterations of the ability, and this is a decent one (although it's going to be hard to dedicate a guild slot to it).

    Empyrean Egle
    Thunderclap Wyvern has a friend. This one may be mostly for peasant. Skies is a pretty basic archetype buildable in most cubes, and this is solid support.

    Silverback Shaman
    It's pauper legal. It tramples. It replaces itself when it dies. Simple and effective. This may not be anywhere near the all-time top five drops, but it could be dropped into most environments and do just fine. Not too shabby for a core-set common.

    Starfield Mystic
    Obviously, this is only a card with an enchantment theme. It's leagues better than Hero of Iroas in its slot.

    Unchained Berserker
    The kids love their two drop, three power attackers. I don't love this, but protection from white is good.

    Honorable mention to Barkhide Troll. A 3/3 for GG still isn't worth it, but it's getting close if you support green aggro. Honorable mention to Blightbeetle as well. There may be an environment with a huge +1/+1 counter theme. But even there this little 1/1 for two is probably still crap.
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  • posted a message on [M20][CUBE] Hanged Executioner
    This is the kind of thing I like to see! It's good for tokens, skies, and blinks, and it's great goodstuff with a universal ability that it just so happens to curve perfectly into (while leaving behind a baby spirit). Bonus points for a somewhat useful tribe. I'm playing Midnight haunting, so that's an easy cut. I also don't expect this to be any kind of expensive. This is a card for me!

    I find stuff like this a lot more exciting than stuff like Ravenous Hydra.
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  • posted a message on The One Word Card Game
    Final Words WU
    Final Words can be cast from exile if a player lost life this turn.
    Exile target creature with
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][M20] Scheming Symmetry
    Well it usually helps the opponent more than you. Seems heard to justify at any size. Soldier of Fortune to the rescue!
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  • posted a message on New player confused
    Hi. I've been playing since I was your son's age, so I'll try and help if I can. The comprehensive rules can be viewed here, but that's probably just going to confuse you more. You're better off looking at the rulings on Gatherer. You can look up any card, and it will show you rulings on it, but that might not always answer your question. Here you can see the one ruling on a card I reference below. I used this to make sure I understood the card when I explained it. With further questions, the best thing is to ask somebody you know, or ask us here on the internet.

    Quote from Elahrairah »

    For example if a card says X can do 3 damage to a target creature or player, who decides if it is attacking a creature or the player? If the other player has creatures to block with, is the attack forced to attack them (unless they can fly over,etc), or does the wording of the card saying creature "OR" player give the person playing the card a choice? Because if the other player didn't have a creature summoned, of course the attack is against the player.

    Lightning Strike is just such a card. One important thing is that Lightning Strike does not "attack" anything. Only creatures can attack, and they can only attack players and planeswalkers. (Some cards like Fountain of Ichor can become creatures and then attack, or may turn something else into a creature like Ensoul Artifact.)

    The player who is casting the spell gets to choose its targets, so I can choose any target I want to target with my Ligtning Strike unless there's something that stops me (Invisible Stalker's hexproof stops me from targeting it). So if I target your Llanowar Elves, the elves aren't blocking Lighting Strike, they're just it's target. If the opponent has no creatures or planeswalkers, obviously you want to either shoot them directly or just hold onto your Lightning Strike. You should probably hold it unless you are playing a pretty aggressive deck that wants to attack their life total quickly.

    Other spells might direct a player to taker an action. That player makes any decisions for such an action. For example, Diabolic Edict targets a player, and that player chooses which creature of theirs to sacrifice. Likewise if I target you with Mind Rot, you choose which cards to discard. But if you only have two cards, you don't get a choice. Once again, something like Disenchant allows the caster to choose the target.

    The real reason this is confusing is because it involves different wording conventions. Back in the day, there were no planeswalkers. Then when they printed planeswalkers, they had this rule that you could redirect any damage that would go to a player to one of that player's planeswalkers instead. So I could direct the damage from my Lightning Strike from you to your Jace Beleren. Not too long ago, they changed that so that new cards mention planeswalkers. For example, here's the new Lava Spike. and the old one. That's why your Lightning Strike may look like this or this. It's still the same card.

    Quote from Elahrairah »

    Also, for example, Tribal Sorcery turns any land card to what that land card is as well as an island...I get that now it can be water and whatever the original card is, but it is not detailed enough to tell me if I can also use that land "stack" as two mana, or if it is still just one mana, but with a choice on which it is..
    So for example Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth makes it so that every land including Urborg is also a swamp. So an island is now an Island Swamp. That means it can do everything an island can do (tap for U) and everything a swamp can do (tap for B). It is not two lands. It's one land with the properties of both. It can't tap for more than one mana at a time. It also means that that if I have a swampwalk creature like Bog Wraith, it'll be unblockable.

    On the other hand, if I cast Spreading Seas on a land, it's different. Spreading Seas just turns it into an island, so it stops being the land it was before and becomes a normal island. So it can tap for U, but if it was a mountain before, it can't tap for R. Or if it was a Blighted Gorge, it loses its 4R ability. Most cards let lands keep their old types.

    Quote from Elahrairah »
    And the card "Blighted Gorge", man, that one is very confusing. I can add mana, but need to spend 4 mana if I want to "convert" it to an attack of 2?

    Blighted Gorge is a utility land as The Decepticon said. It can only tap for colorless mana, so in some ways a basic mountain is better. But it tries to make up for that with an extra ability.

    You can pay five mana (four of any type and one red mana: 4R) and tap and sacrifice the gorge to shoot something for two damage. You basically turn the land into the card Shock. You might do this later in the game when you need the damage more than the land. if you have that mana open, the opponent knows you can activate the ability at any time, so they will have to play cautiously. For example, if I attack with Grizzly bears, and you have an Aerial Responder that you want to keep alive, you may not block my bear, since it would deal enough damage that I could finish the responder off with my Blighted Gorge. This principal is called "threat of activation" and it's an important part of cards like Blighted Gorge.

    Remember, the Gorge never attacks anything. It deals damage to a target, which is different. Think of it as a land that turns into a Shock when the time comes. But if you're playing something like Crucible of Worlds, you can use the fact that it's a land to replay it.

    Here's another thing to make clear: The Gorge taps to produce mana like a normal land, but it can't produce mana to use its own ability because the ability requires it to tap. That means that you have to have five mana PLUS Blighted Gorge to use the ability. As a rule, all utility lands work like this. In contrast, Mishra's Factory doesn't have to tap to pay its cost, so it can pay it itself, but if it does, it'll be tapped, and it won't do much good as a creature.

    Magic is a great game, but it can get overwhelming at first, especially when the cards and players assume you know how everything works. It's hard to use Swiftfoot Boots if you don't know what Haste or Hexproof are, and you don't know what Equip means. Don't be ashamed to ask lots of questions. I promise it all makes a whole lot of sense if you give it time. Gatherer will help some.
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  • posted a message on [M20][CUBE] Ravenous Hydra
    So the modes are:

    GG: 0/1
    1GG: 1/2 + Fight OR 2/3
    2GG: 2/3 + Fight OR 4/5
    3GG: 3/4 + Fight OR 6/7
    4GG: 4/5 + Fight OR 8/9
    5GG: 5/6 + Fight OR 10/11

    and so on.

    This doesn't really start to get good until the bigger numbers, but it's pretty respectable at X=2 and up.

    But is this really the best green hydra? I'm asking that honestly because I don't know what the best one actually is, but I feel like it probably isn't this one.

    I'd throw this in my cube, but only because Protean Hydra is an easy cut. I think the removal option will prove too costly in general.
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  • posted a message on Wedge limited themes in M20?
    Hell yeah! The world needs more wedge cards.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][M20] Kykar, Wind's Fury
    I'm a fan. I've got a slot for this, but as a mythic, I'll probably never own a copy unless it withers away under two dollars.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][M20] Dread Presence
    You need to be mono black to really capitalize.

    If this triggers twice, it has paid for itself, but it seems too conditional to me. Swampfall doesn't play with existing archetypes nearly as well as landfall.

    This is a decent filler card.

    I once theorycrafted a 666 card all black cube that this is great for, but that's not worth an awful lot.
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  • posted a message on [M20][CUBE] Cryptic Caves
    This is a little short for a colorless land for me. I would play it without the five lands restriction, but even still it probably wouldn't be for most cubes.
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  • posted a message on The One Word Card Game
    Final Words WU
    Final Words can be cast from exile if a player lost life this turn.
    Exile target
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Demonic Attorney 2BB
    Summon Demonic Attorney (R)
    Any time a player successfully casts a spell, that player suffers 1 damage as long as Attorney is untapped.
    Once each turn, you may discard a card from your hand to tap Attorney. You may do this any time you could play an interrupt.

    IIW: It's return to Khans of Tarkir. They want to give one of the five factions (Jeskai, Mardu, Sultai, Abzan, and Temur) a returning mechanic from anywhere in MTG history. Make a common and a rare/mythic representing this mechanic in this faction.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2019 Theme Speculation
    Quote from krishnath »

    Didn't Lady Orca get compleated and turned into Tsabo Tavoc? Or was that just fanon?

    Wow, I never noticed that. She looks the same, and has the same mana cost, power and toughness, so it certainly seems pretty deliberate.

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  • posted a message on [URGENT] MTGSalvation Closing July 8th + How the Cube Community Will Move Forward
    Yeah, I'll probably split my attentions until one becomes the clear inheritor of the community. There's no reason for it to be a schism.

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  • posted a message on Commander 2019 Theme Speculation
    It would be kinda neat to see some of the randoms from Legends get a little more personality. Just at a glance, all these characters strike me as worth looking back into:

    I don't know if there's any existing lore about these characters at all.
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