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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Includes and Testing Results
    Card is worthy of maindeck play != card sees maindeck play. Goes for both directions: sometimes cards that are good enough aren't adopted by the playgroup (applies to Thoughtseize for your group), and sometimes cards that are bad are popular (pet cards).
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Includes and Testing Results
    I'd be concerned about the lack options to interact with opposing spells without targeted discard.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Mesmerizing Benthid
    This card is one of the best at its role - a blue defensive creature. I'd only test it if the meta has a need for that.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Kaya's Wrath
    Interesting post. Have you cubed with Comeuppance?

    I haven't. Without playing the card I think the following two things are true:

    1. Comeuppance is worse than Settle the Wreckage. It is less white intensive, but that comes with a greatly reduced range of targets it kills. For starters, it cannot kill creatures with higher toughness than power, and there are a lot of them in cube. In white alone we have Elesh Norn, Brimaz, Restoration Angel, Hero of Bladehold, Kor Skyfihser and Exalted Angel as commonly cubed cards. It also doesn't exile, so it triggers LTB effects like Wurmcoil Engine, doesn't touch Kozilek, is preventable by Selfless Spirit, worse against self-recurring beaters and reanimator and many more. I think the more intensive cost is justified in this case.

    2. The second such effect is much worse than the first. That's true in a deck, as the drawbacks of the two cards are overlapping. But that's also true in the cube, as now people will play around them more often.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Includes and Testing Results
    This is a good set, at 720 I'm testing at least one card in every color. I'm happy we have been given redundancy in much needed areas (extra Craterhoof, another recursive black one drop, another Gruul fattie)
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Kaya's Wrath
    I agree with Patrunkenphat. If some of you are still looking for a four mana mass removal, Settle the Wreckage played better here than any 5 mana wrath. I think the card is a bit overlooked. It keeps you alive against aggression as good as any other wrath. Not being able to kill creatures that do not attack is obviously a big drawback, but the other advantages of the card almost make up for it. First, it answers haste creatures. Who didn't play a mass removal on turn 4 just for his opponent to immediately play Hellrider/BB elf/Koth? Settle keeps you safer for an extra turn. Settle answers manlands, vehicles and attacking Gideons, that normally evade mass removals. Exiling over destroying is another relevant perk.
    But the most important is that StW is playable in more decks, at least as a sideboard card. You can play it in creature based decks against more aggressive opponents. Token decks, G/W ramp decks with elves and even sometimes white weenie or midrange will side it in when they are the slower deck. I recommend people who consider trying Kaya's Wrath to also consider testing Settle the Wreckage.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from kingneb »
    Vorapede or Verdurous Gearhulk in 540 powered?

    Gearhulk by far. Vorapede was too easy to answer in practice in my experience, with all the white removals, bounce and control magic effects owning him hard. He is also not as good on the defense provided you have other creatures, not to mention it is a slower clock and is less splashable.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Biogenic Ooze
    I'm gonna test the card, but not excitedly. As just a pair of 3/3s for 3GG this is super low value. The card is killable by everything, including all burn spells. So yes, you gain a 2-for-1 against them if they burn out the main ooze, but it is a super bad tempo play as they have probably spent 1-2 mana and you spent 5. If he survives, the tokens grow, but that is still probably worse than Whisperwood Elemental for multiple reasons. Yet my experience with WE was terrible so a slightly better version is still probably not good enough.
    All that is to say that I'd be very sad to play it in a deck without a real viability of using the activated ability at least once a game. That decks needs to be heavy green and ramp hard. Such decks obviously exist in the cube, and it has great synergy with Cradle, Rofellos and co. But it will not be a good midrange card, not is it worthy of cheat/ETB abuse. Reminds me of Polukranos - has an almost acceptable floor without sinking extra mana into it, but becomes much better in certain archetyes because it is a mana sink.

    Gearhulk has been a bomb here and I don't think this card is as good as the Hulk. Hulk has a much higher initial impact, doesn't require extra mana to be good and is strong enough to be cheated/reanimated as everything is self-contained.

    My initial estimation is that it is going to be #5 green 5 drop.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    Explore > Harrow > Traverse
    Wild Growth > Fastbond
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    2 - Raider, 3 - Crasher, 4 - Explore
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  • posted a message on The White One Drop Debate
    I run 14 of them, and rank them as best to worst:

    Mother of Runes
    Kytheon, Hero of Akros
    Dauntless Bodyguard
    Thraben Inspector
    Skymarcher Aspirant
    Isamaru, Hound of Konda
    Student of Warfare
    Mardu Woe-Reaper
    Legion's Landing
    Soldier of the Pantheon
    (bottom three are included because they are humans and we experiment with Champion of the Parish and are equal to other, and otherwise would be equal to Savannah Lions)
    Dragon Hunter
    Elite Vanguard
    Expedition Envoy
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Sphinx of Foresight
    I agree with Whriler Rogue being better, and the two sphinxes being at around the same power level. But I also think Curator of Mysteries is underrated.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] End-Raze Forerunners
    Quote from calibretto »
    I'm not currently running Hoof. (Not because I don't like him. He's just a bit pricey, especially in foil.) I'm running Avenger of Zendikar and we've had some success with him. This is probably a better Craterhoof place holder than Avenger. I might make that swap.

    Thinking of that swap too. I like redundancy for Craterhoof in a large cube (720), but I still have a slight fear the powerlevel is too low due to a weaker game-ending capacity.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Ravager Wurm
    Not the card we wanted, but very suitable for the purpose. Gruul decks around here are usually a red splash in a green ramp deck, or a cheat deck. Green decks splash red exactly for effects like this - removal and haste. The land-hating clause will not be trinket text either, although rare.
    There are also real downsides. I think the major one is how weak it is against decks that go wide, without any form of evasion. A trample could go a really long way here. The other major downside is that it is probably not attractive enough to cheat with Sneak Attack and Natural Order (and every other off-color effect). Again, this is mostly due to this card being value in a point of the curve you want a finisher (and evasion could fix that).
    Definitely worse than Atarka, but a weaker Atarka could still be #2 in Gruul, at least in amount of play if not ceiling. I'll likely try it unless we get a different amazing Gruul card this set.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Gruul Spellbreaker
    Quote from steve_man »
    *cough* SAHEELI IS GREAT *cough*

    Experience here has also been positive of her. I like how well she signals ans supports the archetype, for the first time in both colors. She was a very needed card for a barren guild.
    Quote from LucidVision »
    Quote from Metamind »
    Izzet and Simic are in a worse position, but after them Gruul is the weakest

    Eh.. I mean outside of dack fayden, izzet isn't special, but when you have the strongest MC spell by a lot and a handful of average/solid cards, I have trouble calling it weaker than a guild with nothing exceptional. Gruul is slightly deeper for huge cubes.

    I think we all agree simic is dead last though Smile

    I should have specified the metric. I'm referencing to depth. Izzet is IMO the shallowest of all guilds in term of number of playables to choose from. Playables #3 on are all entirely skippable, and not even highly likely includes for decks in their colors. I agree with you, Dack is stronger than any card in Gruul or Simic by far. Simic has no bombs, it could definitely use a boost as well. Gruul has a problem with too many 4 drops; luckily green is heavily lacking in that point of the curve which makes Gruul look better than it really is (and it still doesn't look good).
    Quote from rantipole »
    I love Bloodbraid and Atarka. I wouldn't mind replacing Sarkhan Vol with a 2-3 drop creature. I'd love one that gives you a choice of ETB Fire Imp or Viridian Shaman. That would be awesome.

    Edit: Or a Viridian Shaman with Riot.


    Would be great if costed properly
    Quote from LucidVision »
    I know this is controversial, but I don't love bloodbraid elf for cube. It's certainly a good card, but I mostly keep it in for it's iconic value and lack of better alternatives. For me atarka is #1.

    Bloodbraid's ceiling is quite high, but it's uncommon I find a deck that reaches that ceiling. Gr decks have frequently so many underwhelming targets (and some complete blanks), and Rg tends to have an abundance of good 4 drops in MonoR that are on par with bloodbraid in a purely agressive strategy.

    Bloodbraid excels in agro-midrange value strategies, as a card that guarntees a 2+ for 1 AND puts on pressure... but those are pretty rare in cube compared to constructed... and in the cube variants of those decks, deck building concessions often have to be made (Mox diamonds, X spells etc).

    Fully embracing the thread derail!

    Agree with you completely. BB is still #2 in Gruul though

    As for Gruul Spellbreaker - I'm unsure it wins the competition against red aggressive three drops.
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