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  • posted a message on Howdy ho, old fart returning to the game
    welcome to the forums jester, that's a shame that you gave up on magic after your cards got stolen and yes alot has changed since then. I just wish i had gotten into magic a long time ago so that i could have gotten all the cards that i wish i could afford :p
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  • posted a message on Favorite Magic Stories
    great article dark, i have a story about my inexperience of magic which was at the 1.x ptq right before tempest rotated out. Which was when i basically fell in love with aluren too bad i was a few years too late lol,
    but anyways i was playing a crappy goblin deck that a friend of mine back then helped me build which actually won 1 match and 1 game. I heard stories about aluren about a week before the ptq though and i was sure that it wasn't bad at all, of course i was so used to playing against my friends and brother i figured i could actually win alot of games. Unfortunitely my lack of knowledge of mtg caused me to lose most of the games i played, but it also helped me learn that you can't go unprepared for something like i did, i've learned so much since then though and i hope the next ptq i goto will be a little bit more in my favor Smile the decks i played against was a seismic assault build (won 2/0), big red (lost 1/2), aluren (lost 0/2), and affinity (lost 0/2), last words from me is if you're pretty new to the game don't make my mistakes and goto a ptq unexperienced with the game or at least don't underestimate a deck and be prepared to face a ton of netdecks and weird rogue decks Smile and experienced players please help newer players
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  • posted a message on getting back into magic - buying cards online
    easiest way to pick up newer cards would be to draft imo and the reason is because you usually end up with more rares (if you rare draft) than $15 worth of boosters which it used to be cheaper here :| not to mention that as far as card shops go every rare is worth at least a dollar :)....but anyways if you're looking for playsets of the tier 1 deck cards get on ebay and start bidding :P, same with playsets of a certain set. You can get a playset of commons/uncommons on ebay for $39-$49 and just buy the rares you need most rares in a set will go for .99 or so a playset hope this all helps you Smile
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  • posted a message on Venting: Piss poor packaging
    heh i've gotten some cards like that actually, i've never shipped a card without a hard sleeve, my flooded strands i recently got were taped on a hard sleeve along with my deltas which wasn't that bad seeing how the cards are in nm condition but i've never gotten cards that were beat up as much as you said, but yea man the fact that the guy made you pay full shipping for every card then shipped them all in the same envelope unprotected isn't cool maybe you can contact him and ask what the deal was
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  • posted a message on Find Fellow Legacy players in your area here!
    hattiesburg, ms here trying to find shops that hold legacy tournies no luck so far
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  • posted a message on Solidarity... Discussion or something to that effect
    There really isn't too much of a difference of six and eight fetchies, I personally run 6 as I feel 8 is too many, however to each their own. Right now it wouldn't be a good choice to be playing Solidarity in tournaments, imo. Hulk Flash is superior to it and the decks that are geared to beat it (Fish, Red Death, BW even?, Thresh) are not very good matchups for Solidarity. However, if Flash is banned then I think it woulnd't be a bad choice .

    well the main reasoning that i'm building so many decks is because it's pretty much the only way i can learn weaknesses from them outside of playing games, but as i said before there's no legacy tournaments around here that i know of and very few people have good legacy builds :P...i'm going to go over turns once i recieve the cards...i do have a grasp on playing it though Smile
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  • posted a message on Solidarity... Discussion or something to that effect
    heh sorry i haven't been paying attention to this thread as of late....but i just took care of solidarity tonight, pringlesman it actually wasn't the force of wills, it was 2 resets, the strands, and deltas...i get paid midnight tuesday and already won all the cards with 2 deltas to spare, but anyways i hope i can get some practice in soon, i've got the same build as gearhart but i may tweak the fetch land base to 8 instead of 6 since alot of people are doing that and i agree it is better to have more fetch since land is dead when you're going off and it's never good to draw into land
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] BHEC Fish AKA "We Beat Hulk Flash"
    hmm i like the deck and was thinking about building it if flash doesn't get banned/errated, i have a question though, could sickening shoal find a place in the deck to off a lackey or driver tossing confidant or hard casting later to kill a bigger threat? i'm thinking it would suck but i've never seen a fish build so i wasn't sure
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  • posted a message on Wacky Deli (Barren Glory combo)
    the deck list looks fine...why not add some U to add more controlabilty to the deck card drawing and more counters though :p
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  • posted a message on Faerie Stompy- Not Just for Girls
    Quote from Top Deck
    chalice for 1 and chalice for 2 should be 95% of the decks out there.

    of course, it shuts down solidarity almost and shuts down needles, mages, lackeys, vials, ect... nice deck list though aok i love the revised deck list especially for the fows Smile if you think about it though the drakes aren't very expensive especially if you're looking at vintage cards :p
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  • posted a message on New to town
    hey welcome to the forums Smile and gl auctioning off your cards
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  • posted a message on g/w land lock (have other names but the mods will get mad =P)
    ok the idea is not new nor is the deck i'm sure (at least the strategy)

    the combo is straight forward using azusa and exploration is a partial combo with the main combo to abuse them.....the actual combo is strip mine crucible and limited resources saccing strip mine to replace one of their's after lock is made (having 10 lands in play to their 0) just attack with man lands/hierarch priviledge i added as a deck filler to protect the combo, since this is a casual deck i will probably modify it to fit better cards then what i have

    fast bond - i chose exploration over fast bond because usually you won't need but a few lands to get started and the fact that i'd rather have exploration for value reasons and if i decide to build 43 land i'll already have them also i don't like the pay 1 life drawback

    eternal witness - i was thinking about adding her but decided against it for position which i will test and modify soon if i think it'd fit better

    any comments or help with this deck would be great Smile

    Why do some people simply not understand the easy way of deck-tags?

    [DECK]land x4 [CARD]savannah[/CARD] x4 [CARD]temple garden[/CARD] x4 [CARD]windswept heath[/CARD][/DECK]

    Is completely wrong - the first character in each line is not a number, and there are other tags inside of the deck-tag. Please learn those simple rules for tagging.
    - Craven
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  • posted a message on Faerie Stompy- Not Just for Girls
    i don't think masticore would be a good card to add as much as he's a good creature, aggro decks tend to do better without card disadvantage -fow i do agree that regen. is important but there's so many cards that tamper with regeneration masticore isn't worth the deck slots
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  • posted a message on Locket Combo
    i think if it was a u/b build psychatog could easily fit in to help with the locket combo and sleight aggro and yes disruption could be easily used as well, i'm thinking rewind would be a good fit in here as well, with 2 in the yard and locket out it becomes a better counterspell :), i think the deck is pretty good it just needs some minor fixing up
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  • posted a message on Vaka Beatz- Is this going to be Legacy's next big Aggro Deck?
    well the main problem i saw in the deck is why play duals if you're going to try for 1st turn magus or blood moon? from what i saw that's what i thought you were going for so i think you should just put in a forest and mountain instead, i dunno i guess i'm just going to have to test it out
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