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  • posted a message on [SWTG] Star Wars The Gathering (255/255) Feedback Appreciated
    I've been thinking a way to expand the set (creating maybe a second set for a SW block) mainly because of the SW hype we have received since last year. My greatest concern about the whole idea (which I admit it's great) is that I quite don't feel the flavor of Rebels and Empire while sub-themes under Jedis and Siths. For a moment I thought on making a expansion with wedges, being Jeskai correspondent to the Alliance and Mardu to the Empire, but mixing both wedges and shards on a cube doesn't sound mechanic viable. Then I imagined making a cycle of pairs corresponding to the originals shards (much like the relation between clans and broods in Tarkir). I don't know yet, maybe you guys could help me figuring it out!

    EDIT: I've just seen the change on Yoda's emblem, genius!
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