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    This looks like a tempo player's wet dream come true Smile
    I wonder if it will be as good as Clique.

    Btw, there was another vid of the Saheeli Cat deck today and even though I don't want to flood this thread with the combo deck I do want to post
    Corey Baumeister's video here because he's having sooo much fun with the deck!
    Just look at him. So much joy Smile
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    Jim Davis played a league today with Jeskai Copycat without SFM but also with 4 Astrolabes.
    Here's the league

    Funny thing is that he actually plays one match against SebastianStueckl (the guy with the 5-0 posted by GPash) and wins. However, I think the build with SFM is much more resilient and I don't think that Astrolabes are a necessary addtion.

    @CurdBros: I haven't played versus Whirza often with this new deck. But I lost against it pretty often with my Jeskai Delver list.
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    Today I played in a Two-Player-Queue again and my opponent was on Four-Color Whirza.
    The match was very intense so I'd like to share it here: Game 1 & Game 3
    Since I don't want to spoil anything I'll hide my comment below.
    Game 1 my opponent's Ghirapur Æther Grid successfully prevented my combo but SFM grinded him out. Drawing my main Abrade was also important.
    Game 1 he we infinite with Urza + Foundry + Sword. I had Surgical in hand but Surgical can't stop the combo once all three parts are assembled.
    Game 3 I went for the win early but had one of his 2 SB Fatal Pushes. But then I was lucky too when he played a Tezzeret and not Urza...
    The turn I had RiP on top I should have drawn it with my Horizon land, that was sloppy.
    All in all the match was very thrilling!
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    @ManDolphin: Nice list! Spell Queller works best in combination with T3feri though. If you somehow can jam 3x Teferi in this list it should work even better.
    What I really find interesting in your SB is Sword of Truth and Justice! I never paid a lot of attention to this card but it could really help in one of my worst match-ups with the new CopyCat deck, which is UW Control. And with 8 PWs in my deck proliferate should be really good... I have to test it.
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    WickedApp, it's true, the deck is almost as expensive as Jund with the SFM package -_-
    However, since the results are so great and since I am really enjoying the deck I bought 3x SFM + Skull + Sword of F&F yesterday Shocked
    I am really looking forward to play with these cards in paper.

    Btw, I love The Royal Scions! I'll definitely build another really aggressive deck with them centered around Geist.
    I am very happy with the new Modern!
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    Hi, not sure how many readers of this threat are interested in my Jeskai CopyCat deck with SFM but I'm still playing the list I posted above and meanwhile I'm 24-3 on MTGO. This deck is really insane, it feels like it's almost impossible to loose.
    I just plaed twice in Two-Player-Queues an won against Jeskai Midrange with Geist & SFM and against Grixis DS.
    I love this deck Smile
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    Meanwhile I still am enjoying my unfair deck on MTGO Smile
    I played Jeskai CopyCat for a few weeks now, first I also added Narset + Puzzle Box and a few day ago I added the SFM package since it's still affordable online and I wanted to try it.
    Atm my list looks like this:

    And here are my results from last week:

    A 16-2 record isn't too bad right?
    What I found interesting though is that seven opponents scooped after the first game. Why do people get so salty when they loose to a combo? When I was playing fair Jeskai Delver I always had to win at least two games to win a match. This is a new experience for me but I am still enjoying the deck a lot.
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    Hi Chaughey, your list looks very good.
    One question though: Can it win against Titanshift? With big mana decks on the rise I'd probably change the 2 Geist in the SB for 2 Disdainful Stroke. Geist seems a bit much with all the other CMC3 cards (I am counting Snappy and YP here) and only 18 lands.

    GreatNate posted something after quite a long time. You can read his article about Jeskai Stoneblade here.
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    The deck currently looks like this:

    I added Spell Snare and Abrade main because of SFM. Unfortunately there's only space for one Puzzle Box.
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    Quote from ccc1522 »

    EDIT: just watched you match. That was awesome man. I cant believe they had an answer to the puzzle box. But GW company has gotten alot of tech lately but since Todd Stevens is gone I guess theres no one representing the deck anymore.

    I was wondering why he would attack Saheeli and not Narset... it was because he had the perfect answer Smile
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    Hi, I really like your first draft, CurdBros!
    I'd love to see this deck in action. Unfortunately I can't afford to buy the missing cards on MTGO.

    I am still playing Jeskai Saheeli and with that deck I was super happy when I heard that Looting is gone. A slower meta is perfect for my combo.
    1000 Felidar Guardians don't care about a Batterskull Smile
    (I am also enjoying wins with Teferi's Puzzle Box & Narset)

    I added Abrade and Spell Snare main and played a match today on MTGO... of course my opponent played SFM.
    You can watch the first game here: Video
    Interactive Magic at it's best.
    I am sure I didn't play every turn correct. I'd love to hear from you what you would have played different and why.
    Second game I lost against Choke and Strip Mines (Leonin Arbiter + Ghost Quarter) but third game my opponent kept a greedy 1 land hand with Aether Vial which I destroyed T2 with my Abrade. He couldn't find a second land fast enough and I won the match.
    UW seems stronger than GW for SFM. I am looking forward to see how this matchup will play out...
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    @ManDolphin: I think Watcher for Tomorrow is a solid choice in the CMC2 slot. I haven't tested it yet but it seems better than Wall of Omens.
    During my testing on MTGO I used 2x Lone Missionary because the meta is so aggressive and the life gain is worth a lot.
    The testing has been a mixed bag so far. I had some sweet wins against Tron and Hardened Scales but also clear losses against Zoo and Jund.
    Jund feels just as hard to beat with this deck -_-
    One game against Jund I could have comboed but my opponent had a Plague Engineer on Cat so I would have attacked with a million 0/3 tokens...
    I think the strongest card against Jund is Leyline of Sanctity. Unnecessary copies of Leyline could be discarded to Seasoned Pyromancer who also seems to fis the deck very well. Unfortunately I don't own Seasoned Pyro on MTGO.
    At FNM this week I am going to run 1 Seasoned Pyro and 1 Cavalier of Gales.
    Online I tried 1 Hero of Bladehold and she won me a match. If she isn't removed she basically wins next turn just like Felidar Guardian, because with Saheeli's help she can attack for 20 (2x Hero, 4x Soldier Token, 2x Battle Cry trigger).

    @CurdBros: I don't think that I could win with Bedlam Reveler against the Jund player I frequently loose against. He runs 3x Nihil Spellbomb and casting Reveler for 8 seems impossible. Planeswalkers are a good bet though.
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    Since there is no active Jeskai CopyCat thread I'd like to ask you all for your opinion, but since this is (except for being Jeskai) off topic I'll put my question below in a spoiler. If you're not interested please ignore this post.

    A typical CopyCat list plays
    0-2 Wall of Omens
    0-2 Seasoned Pyromancer
    3-4 Snapcaster Mage
    4 Felidar Guardian
    2-3 Narset, Parter of Veils
    4 Saheeli Rai
    2-4 Teferi, Time Raveler

    I'd like to add one card that can take over the game if it's blinked with Felidar or copied with Saheeli (therefore no legendary).
    A 1-of with CMC4 or CMC5 that can win even after the combo get's removed by Surgical. I'll play 1 Seasoned Pyromancer btw.
    Here's my candidate:
    Cavalier of Gales
    Pros: Saheeli Copy let's me attack for 10 in the air and double Brainstorm
    Cons: UUU cost, but the deck aims for Narset on T3 so it should be possible late game.
    What do you think? Would he make a good 1-of? Is CMC5 too hard with 22 lands and 9-12 redraws?

    Also, in my opinion Spellskite should be better than Wall since you already draw enough cards and Spellskite can protect both combo pieces not only by blocking but also by redirecting Bolt, Path and Trophy. Do you agree or disagree?
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    @ccc1522: I can only agree. Jund is insanely powerful now. I played online with my Jeskai Delver list against a friend who's a really good Jund player (he also made it in the Top8 at MKM Series Frankfurt) and I went 0-4. Even with the CopyCat list I have difficulties beating him if I don't use Leyline of Sanctity...

    @GofyTomcat1: I was able to cast FoF during 3 of the 5 games I played and it always felt great. Against Jeskai Control I might even have won the third game if I had chosen the other pile. My opponent put: Fumarole, land, Bolt, Path in one pile and Elspeth in the other pile. I chose the 4 card pile but he told me that he had no answer for Elspeth...
    Regarding Remand, I just think that it's only good in decks with Inevitability like CopyCat. Team Geist doesn't really have that.
    As for the SB, I think I boarded in Surgical, Disdainful Stroke, Fry, Dovin's Veto and Clique against Jeskai Control. Against 5C Niv-Mizzet I brought in Celestial Purge, Disdainful Stroke, Dovin's Veto, Clique and Ashiok.
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    I played 1-2 against Jeskai Control and 0-2 against 5C Niv-Mizzet. I think my second opponent pretty much played this deck. Really hard to beat with Team Geist. Glittering Wish gets Deafening Clarion and Kambal, Kaya's Guile means even more life gain and resets my graveyard, Niv-Mizzet drew 5-7 cards each game and as a 6/6 Fry and Sinkhole can't kill him. The deck looked sweet. So, two more losses with the fair deck. But next week is payback time. I am going to deal 1 billion damage (at least once)... Smile
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