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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    I am REALLY happy with the changes!
    Card draw in mono white? CHECK
    Ramp in mono white? CHECK
    Played five matches since I made the changes yesterday night and I won all five.

    2-0 vs UW Stoneblade
    1-0 vs UR Electrobalance (opponent quit the match after game 1)
    2-0 vs Mono G Tron
    2-0 vs Eldrazi Tron
    2-0 vs Bant Yorion Control (Sword of Fire & Ice won both games)
    So, once again, thanks Jon!
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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    Jon from MTG Nexus was kind enough to play two matches with the deck.
    You can watch them here.
    He used the original version and unfortunately he had to mulligan a lot but I really appreciate the feedback at the end. Thanks Jon!
    I'll test Knight of the White Orchid instead of Knight of the Holy Nimbus and I'll try another Sword sind I also had awkward moments with Giver and Sword of Light & Shadow already Smile
    Jon recommended Sword of F&F but I might try Fire&Ice first.

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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    Hi megatog201, I get what you're saying. I was actually disappointed when my opponent blocked the flanker but you wouldn't believe how often that happens. I am always wondering why people don't read cards that they don't know, especially when there's a lot of text on them.
    I don't want to suggest that the opponent played well, I didn't always choose the optimal lines either, but I see a lot of players punting on MTGO, at FNMs and even on GPs. Some YouTube streamers who get quite a lot of views, like Corbin Hosler, are punting all the time, so bad that I can't even watch their matches. What I am trying to say is that it's hard to find a good opponent who plays a tier deck and then play an interesting interactive match worth showing, where neither player looses because of flooding or bad mulligans.
    The uploaded match was literally the first match with the new Lieutenants. After that I actually lost 1-2 against Treefolk because the Treefolk player had Wrath of God and 2x Path in game 3 and I lost 1-2 against UW hard control (with several copies of Timely main and the new Teferi) because I didn't draw a single land in five turns during game 1 (kept a starting hand with two lands) and I had to mull to 5 in game 3. The match against Treefolk was fun but it's not worth uploading because the opponent's deck is even more fringe than mine...
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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    Basri's Lieutenant has finally arrived!

    So now the deck looks like this:

    I just played my first match with the new Lieutenants...against Bant Snow Control.
    You want to know how it went? Then please watch game 1 here and game 2 here.

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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    @megatog201: Hi, I'm glad that you're still following and that you actually watched the vids. Have you also tried the deck?
    The vials are indeed important. Against fast unfair decks like Neobrand a priest of course is worth much more than a vial but at least on MTGO I never run into Neobrand.
    Mangara has been fun so far. Without vial he's slow af but I like the fact that he can even exile lands.
    Regarding main deck hate, well there's Thalia and True Believer and they've been doing a great job so far. The other hate cards (Spirit of the Labyrinth and Eidolon of Rhetoric) come from the SB. If they were Humans I'd run them in the main deck for sure.
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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    In June I've played 29 matches so far with this deck. I won 20, lost 6, and 3 ended in a draw because either player had to leave. Not counting the draws the win percentage actually is at a pretty good 76%.

    I've tried a lot of cards lately in the deck.
    Compared to the deck I posted in the very first post I've changed three SB cards so far:
    OUT: 1 Lantern, 1 Path, 1 Firewalker
    IN: 1 Runed Halo, 1 Blessed Alliance, 1 Cast Out
    In the main I tried Gideon Blackblade (he enters the battlefield as a Human for triggers) and Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis (unlike Elspeth, Knight-Errant she actually creates Human tokens) but both weren't good enough because of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. I love PWs but not in this deck Smile
    Compared the first version I am running the following changes atm:
    OUT: 1 Bodyguard, 1 Hero of Bladehold
    IN: 1 Brave the Elements, 1 Mangara of Corondor
    The rest is still the same. Brave just seems like THE card for a mono white deck. I am testing Mangara as an answer for everything (Bridge, Worship, Tron lands, PWs whatever...). Vialing him in EOT makes him pretty good actually.
    On the 25th I'll add 2 Basri's Lieutenant for sure and therefore go up to 4 Thalia's Lieutenant. But which three cards shall I cut???
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    @Gofy: Very nice primer!

    @CurdBros: Nice card! Snapcaster, Mission Briefing, Light Up The Stage, Chandra... It's just hard to find the right balance between card advantage and power to actually win the game, while not losing too much tempo...

    I actually love this dude for my white deck:

    They'll be so annoying. Either they come back flying or leave behind a Knight or both. Muahaha!
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    I am not playing "the" Modern Humans deck that is being discussed here but I am playing a mono white creature deck that runs 22 Humans. So I thought it won't hurt if I paste the link to my primer here, in case any Humans players want to try a good chunk of their creatures in a different deck. If you're interested please check out my primer. Thanks Smile
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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    Still no comments on this deck (exept for CurdBros' comments) Frown

    Anyways, I am really excited about the white cards that have been spoiled so far.

    This seems like a very good CMC4 drop, but I don't want to use more than four in this deck and the two Broodmoths are set. So is Mangara better than a Hero of Bladehold in this deck? Since the deck wants to be the aggressor I'd say no. Thoughts?

    What about this card in the SB? It really hoses a lot of strategies but it also shuts down Aether Vial. Would it make sense to play 2 Priests SB and switch out 2 Vials for them during sideboarding?

    During the last six matches with the deck I tested Angelic Destiny over one Hero of Bladehold since many games end up with board states where both I and the opponent have a considerable ground force and neither player can attack profitably, but one flyer could end the game.
    I've won all six matches but I didn't cast Angelic Destiny even once. So much for testing...
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Well, my Lutri Jeskai deck is dead after this change. Mana for Lutri was already tight. Control versions with 24-25 lands can still play Lutri though. I guess that Lurrus decks are going to disappear but Yorion players won't care at all. They play Yorion when they have like ten lands in play... I don't really mind though since my mono white deck has a very good win rate against most Yorion variants Smile
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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    Quote from CurdBros »
    I am very excited for the companion announcement on Monday.

    Maybe Monday's errata will look like this:
    Companion — xxx (If this card is your chosen companion, you may cast it once from outside the game. Discard one card from your opening hand.)
    I think that would be pretty fair and a better option than just removing the whole mechanic from the companion cards.

    Here's another game I uploaded: Game 1 of a 2-0 against Sultai Uro Reclamation. Game 2 went pretty long and the replay is longer than 5 minutes so I can't upload it with the free TinyTake software. Can anyone recommend a better alternative that's also easy to use?
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  • posted a message on Mono White Riddle of Steel
    I haven't posted any new matches for a while but I've been playing a lot of Jeskai Lutri lately. I wonder what they're going to do with the Companion mechanic on Monday...
    I am sad to see that not many other players are posting anything here. Has someone tried the deck?
    Today I played a quick match against Merfolk and the match show again how explosive this deck can be. Here's game 1 and here's game 2.
    The deck is still the same except for one card. Since Bogles are on the rise I added one Blessed Alliance to the SB and took out one Firewalker. If even more players start to play Bogles I might switch out the Nevermore in the SB for a Runed Halo.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Congrats, ManDolphin! A graduation and a promotion, and still finding the time to build a nice deck and play with it...well done!
    There are quite a few interesting cards in your version. Fire Prophecy for example wasn't on my radar at all but I might try it in my deck as well.
    Narset of the Ancient Way has been very good so far, better than expected. I also think that you should definitely run Fact or Faction! There's no better deck for that card than Jeskai Lutri.

    Oh, and I am very glad you like my videos. I'll continue to post the most exciting matches here Smile

    And about what CurdBros wrote, "Just value on top of value.", I think so too!
    Adding Dire Fleet Daredevil was a very good decision. Together with Lutri, Snappy, Dreadhorde Arcanist, Ranger-Captain and many other spells the value is often too much for my opponents.

    I am having a good run with Lutri. Pic related
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Here is one more game that was really exciting: Game 3 of my match with Jeskai Lutri vs Grixis Delver feat. Lurrus. Companions can be fun!
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Found a Jeskai Lutri list that went 5-0 in a league.
    It's more Jeskai Control than Tempo but it also looks sweet:

    ZXROGUE (5-0)

    I checked on Youtube but unfortunately Squa Chief didn't upload this one, only his games with Temur and Grixis Lutri.
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