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  • posted a message on An outsiders view: MTG Finance is a bubble.
    A huge factor pushing prices is how playable a card is. Take arclight Phoenix - that is a hefty price tag for a card in print. Why? Because you can win tournaments with payouts.

    Most other colltibles cannot be utilized to generate returns during ownership (prize pay outs). Playable magic cards can - and do. This is all while appreciating while you hold them if they don't have a great supply.

    This makes the payout for cards so much easier because when you start dropping $50 USD+ in travel/food/lodging to play in a tournament, the $5 USD price tag for a sideboard card that gives you a better shot is absolutely worth it.

    The collectible aspect of the game is also suspended further because of the social aspect of the game. I'm sitting accross from someone for upwards of an hour some games - and I get to show off my collectibles. To me it may be worth it to he the chase version of a card because it's in an environment where it'll get appreciated by my peers.

    How many conventions do people walk around with their rock collections, old baseball cards, or piles of toys in original boxes. They exist, but not in the same quantity and regularity as magic.

    I agree the game is pricey, but I also kind of get it. In a world where people drop tons of money on consoles or computer rigs with low life expectancies comparatively, the buy in is justified. Right or wrong, people can and do justify the expense.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Bant feels stronger at closing out games if an opponent doesn't have an ideal start. Which makes it well suited for longer tournaments.

    UW feels like it plays much better against interactive matches with a solid game 1. It just can't turn up as much pressure as bant as quickly if your opponent stumbles (t3 coco into double lord).

    At least in my experience this has been the case. I prefer UW but it plays better for my meta. In an open field I'd more than likely run bant because if even a few of your matches are you going hierarch, traft, coco hitting double captain then you're that much further into a tournament because lets be real...what is beating that? Take 9, take lethal while your opponent has gone into maybe t3? All your opponent can do is hold up mana to stop the coco or removal on the hierarch game 1 against those hands.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Do you guys think that the move out of MTGO will cause a small bump in paper prices?

    Also curious if paper prices may recede if this erodes consumer confidence over time. I'm thinking that the impact of the prize support increases will likely drown this out more than likely.

    If people were willin to drop a USD grand in hopes to spike some local tourneys before, the bigger prize payout accross the board may incentivize larger buy ins for meta decks.

    I have personally shifted some of my monthly spending money into arena at this point. It's much more user friendly and I have been able to grow a modest collection of standard decks so far. Unfortunately that's a few bucks a month that isn't traveling through my LGS.

    Mixed feelings. I'm all for change, but I don't want the MTGO blues to negatively impact other game channels.
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  • posted a message on Patrol Signaler + Cryptolith Rite Combo --> New list improved
    mentor of the meek would actually be very strong in the creature dump versions in earlier posts. You'll always have the mana to draw the top card and continue the chain through hitting lands potentially.

    venerated loxadon seems cute but could be powerful against midrange decks. If you get to go nettle untap rite with loxadon and 3 more 1 drops you can flood the board and pump your entire team. You risk not untapping the nettle potentially, but that's still a scary board state for a bunch of decks. Ok yeh that's 8 cards with lands included, but it only requires nettle, loxadon, a rite/song and 3 of your other one drops. That's not actually a huge ask.

    Alternatively if you go elf heavy you can just run beast whisperer which gets quite silly in multiples. You could even just run in place of mentor actually. It's a great card advantage engine.

    apostle's blessing gives you cheap protection after T1. post-mortem lunge lets you recur a mana engine and give it haste. rally the ancestors lets you recur the yard for extra etbs, you can do it eot during an opponents turn and if you have a sink during upkeep get value out of everyone that came back with the exile trigger on the stack.

    devoted Druid can untap itself, although at a cost until getting a vizier of remedies out. Again, could be great with the elf package.

    renegade rallier can get back rites/song, a combo creature or even a fetch land to help ramp if you can reliably trigger revolt. Heck, he can also recur impact tremors. Card gets downright silly with lotus cobra and fetchlands too. I use them together in 4c saheeli evolution. T1 dork into t2 cobra + fetch into rallier getting back fetch cast saheeli ego the rallied ftw.

    Just some ideas.

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  • posted a message on UG answers to big creatures in std
    So I've been jamming UG merfolk for a couple weeks (having a blast), but I need answers to large threats like ghalta, primal hunger or steel leaf champion wearing a blanchwood armor.

    I've tried metamorphic alteration but it just gets eaten by vivien or thrashing brontodon.

    I have kraul harpooner in the side to deal with flying, but there is no easy way for me to give these things flying and I don't want to 3v1 myself trying to jump through hoops to answer one card.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm probably going to just go UGb and try and make the mana work so I can access assassin's trophy or cast down. Not sure there is a better answer in UG that isn't enchantment based though.

    STD fish doesn't have a bunch of flash, so it's hard to play tempo when only merfolk trickster can help me utilize mana unspent at opponents eot. Yeah there is swift warden but meh.

    Thanks all!
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  • posted a message on Mana Source Spoiler- 2019 GP Prom....OH MY GOD!!!
    Can't watch the vid, at work. How does one obtain forest and lightning bolt? Smile
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  • posted a message on Proliferate for Simic
    Teferi with uX proliferate spells ::shudders::

    Merfolk would work incredibly well with counters. Off the top of my head you have:

    kumena, tyrant of orazca
    merfolk branchwalker
    jadelight ranger
    jade guardian
    hadana's climb // winged temple of orazca
    jade forerunner
    deeproot elite

    These are all kind of playable in a UG merfolk shell as is. Proliferate backed with counterspells/hexproof may be a hard nudge into T1 status as the deck curves out turns 1-3 and then protects the queen and grows at the same time - which can be incredibly hard to handle.

    It really depends on what they want the guild to achieve. I don't typically like counter style decks as you often end up in a position where you play subpar overly costed cards for weak effects if your opponent can cleanly answer your side of the table and keep it under control.

    Hopefully, as much as I want merfolk in standard to be broken af, they don't make the same mistake that they made with longtusk cub having a enabler and pay off in one cheaply costed and well priced creature.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    I am saying assume he can. If Bolas showed up smacked down all the Paruns and took direct control and then handpicked some Walkers to run the guilds for him then I buy Kaya and Dovin easily taking control. But with Bolas doing this by being subtle then it doesnt make sense to me for some randoms to show up and jump straight to Guild Leader especially for the Azorius and Orzhov. I mean Gruul it work cause they operate on might makes right and the strongest takes control and probably don't have detailed records for membership but Orzhov and Azorius don't seem like guilds where a no one can show up and easily climb to the top.

    Still maybe will see some beefing from the Orzhov, they don't look all that happy behind Kaya granted they normally don't look happy but that is not a council I trust if I was Kaya based on the body language.

    I'm running with the folowing assumption:

    After the golgari petrified Isperia, the azorious guild falls to semi chaos cause not only did the leader fall to an attack from another guild, but it doesn't look like the boros can pin it on the golgari, (since the lich in the golgari story was trying to set her up). I think it's an easy bridge to tap that a scared and shaken guild would turn to a figure of power - like a planeswalker - to protect them. Dovin is incredibly smart and meticulous, he could fill the role with slight ramp up time. His role on kld was similar. He gets in and writes laws that assist Kaya with not only taking control of the orzhov - but maintaining it against the factions wishes. I doubt Teysa is going to die off, but why would she let someone usurp her dream job that she has been working on for so long? Got to be a reason and we know she is well versed in the law.

    Bolas knows that azor was a law mage and has had plenty of time to figure out just how powerful the law magic on rav is (Jace was able to bind a Parun on another island...granted it makes sense he would be susceptible to his own spell but yeh). He just has to set things in motion. Dovin can actually figure out the details.

    I'm interested in how the general populace is going to survive the eternals tbh. Aside from a few large creatures with the selesnya and maybe some big bugs with golgari - the rest of the plane is full of common folk essentially. I don't see how they fight the most highly trained and undead army in the multiverse.

    Edit for spelling.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Imo the hate cards for artifact and GY strats are just lacking. ancient grudge isn't as punishing to decks like hardened scales affinity as anger of the gods can be for something like elves.

    leyline of the void is great, but it creates the mulligan subgame. It's only useful against dredge typically if you open with it. So what happens is you get these awkward windows to use weaker hate cards then what other strats have to fight against.

    cavern of souls and aether vial are great vs control - but cavern's first copy is great whenever you draw it. It poses a severe threat to counter heavy lists.

    Another issue is that while aggro decks are deploying resources for 2-4 points of chip damage, combo decks are winning with the same volume of resources. Burn is about as aggressive as you can get and it still can't out pace certain combo decks.

    I think a few modal cards that pose significant speed bumps for these decks would be good for the format. knight of autumn is a step in the right direction. It's flexible enough to stall out a few strats and can safely be mainboarded. It's not going to infinite loop you on t3 though. I want more cards like this in the format because you have more decisions during a game. My best mode match one may be my worst in match 3 - but it's still providing some benefit.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    I'm not sure how I feel about this. The promos are going to make it incredibly difficult and expensive to build out playsets that match.

    The price tag is restrictive. Not only that, but I know my LGS will jack up the price AND sell out asap (which I can't say I blame them for the former given the latter). Acquiring packs could be an issue.

    Our player base is bleeding out slowly because no one can get into the game affordably - and the next product is a super short lead time on an overpriced chase card set. This does nothing to get butts in chairs to run actual tournaments.

    I think announcing that this is the last "masters set for awhile" fails in two respects. First one is wallet fatigue from the bank account slaughter that started with OGW. Telling me it's slowing down after years of masterpieces, buy a box exclusives, and crap like the GRN mythic edition is backed by zero consumer confidence. Secondly, the major players in the market may take it as confirmation that prices don't have to adjust by much given there is no second swing coming. Reprints probably won't tank prices into the dirt. It'll be a limited print run or chase cards that have an inventory dip of 20-50% for like a week before stuff starts climbing again (look at scalding tarn and horizon canopy - yes they were impacted but they still aren't cheap). SCG has bought goyfs for less than the market low prior to almost every release of these specialty sets - there is zero threat to their inventory levels for sitting on crap and letting the price appreciate.

    I want reprints, I don't want the price tag that goes along with them. The box MSRP is already silly. Buying into the core of most modern decks that exist today was cheaper than just one box of this set if you moved early enough. That's why the market freaks out because if you miss the train (eye of ugin is a great example) you pay through the nose for it. So standard movers and shakers just auto float up to $20-40 a piece. Like wtf is history of benalia so expensive with no eternal port? Because just in case, that's why.

    Also, with the box toppers - how much of a spit in the face is that to people who couldn't even order the product due to geographic location lol. Not only do you miss out on grn mythic - but you don't get a shot at the couple hundred USD chase card consultation prize because we can't build a competent website to handle traffic patterns.

    What a joke.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    cryptic command, settle the wreckage, engineered explosives, supreme verdict, exhaustion, hibernate, weath of god, day of judgment, detention sphere are all servicible sweepers or anti-wide effects. Any of the destruction spells require higher selfless spirit counts.

    blessed alliance, path to exile, dismember are fine for removing key targets.

    Counters and queller can really put a damper on the biggest plays. I would avoid unified will and look to cards like unsubstantiate to give you an mode to use vs vial/cavern heavy tribal decks. I've greatly enjoyed spell pierce as a 2 of in the main - but I board d out of counters in these matches.

    Humans has an incredibly hard time killing you through a worship. Elves isn't impacted by it. GB can just drain kill you. GW can ballista down your board and then dome you for whatever they need unless you have the hexproof lock - at which point they just dig for a rec sage. Rec save may already be coming in because of vials anyway - esp finally if they are worried about grafdiggers cage.

    Just some notes from my games at the LGS with UW vial.
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  • posted a message on Teferi - and why he shouldn't exist
    I play esper control and although teferi gives me a reason to splash white - chromium, the mutable is what packs a lot of my punch. Teferi can be answered and there are plenty of hexproof threats in standard right now that give Control decks fits.

    Teferi is fine for modern and honestly if you wanna gum up your hand with 1-2 copies on average I'm cool with that because the games you play against me are going to feel like a mulligan to 5.

    As for the price, I agree it's not WotC fault. It is 100% the secondary market. Also, you're comparing a meta 14+ years ago in a totally different economy. Even at 3% inflation a year you'll see what used to be an $80 playset top $120 14 years later...
    If this is the price people are willing to pay then it will absolutely sell for that price. Period.
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  • posted a message on Argent Moon (U/R Control & Land Destruction)
    Never considered fireweaver as an altar replacement. Very glad I came here to check out your brew now ;).

    I've toyed with an all in artifact heavy jeskai list with felidar guardian. What's good about fireweaver is a felidar guardian and phyrexian metamorph go infinite with the fireweaver or altar. Two felidar a go infinite with the altar only.

    I've been very pleased with spellskite as a 2 of in the deck and karn, scion of urza is a monster with mox opal decks.

    I'll have to try a more controlling shell because my list got freaking lit up at modern night running into hardened scales affinity and elves - which more control would have helped me a ton on.
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  • posted a message on Argent Moon (U/R Control & Land Destruction)
    If you are on saheeli and liquimetal coating already, altar of the brood creates an infinite mill combo.

    whir of invention can help you tutor a 1-2 of. You can actually leave mana up to cast/bluff cryptic command and then just whir for the win at opponents eot if they tap out as 5 mana will let you play saheeli/coating in one turn to start the combo.

    The package is very small for how much work you get out of it.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from idSurge »
    Quote from BlueTronFTW »

    Dredge...I dunno I am looking at lists and it still feels like people are only playing a couple of pieces of gy hate. I run three in my burn deck, and I don't even see dredge much in paper (people in my area generally hate that sort of glass cannon type of deck, I know its weird). Leyline of the void was everywhere for a while as a response to vengevine and hollow one decks, but both of those died down and the hardcore hate went with them.

    Look at the MTGO Challenge decks I listed, and the GY Hate. Thats what it takes.

    I always approached my sideboards like this:

    What spells help me insulate my game plan from interacting with me?
    What's the most efficient graveyard hate?
    What's the most efficient lifegain?
    What's the most efficient artifact hate?
    What's the most efficient low cmc sweeper/spot removal for creature combo?
    What can control not answer?

    Then I look at the meta and assign 1-4 slots for each of the above. There is zero reason people shouldn't be running GY hate in modern. Even incidental hate like dryad militant is grossly under appreciated. I'm surprised deathgore scavenger hasn't popped up - it checks so many boxes for a t2 play in most green decks.
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