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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    The most ill feelings I have towards the twin ban was how quickly it happened after a reprint. I literally just finished trading for and buying my playset a week before the announcement. Then with them pushing it out on mtgo first was just icing on the cake. It was poorly handled imho - and much of my gripe was this.


    last night was my first experience playing against hardened scales affinity with a combo deck and honestly it felt stupidly lopsided in scales favor. They're just as fast as the premier combo decks of the format and much more resilient. Both games I lost I had a t3 combo in hand and lost to just straight aggro. Yes anecdotal evidence is such, but it's very frightening to know that this is quickly becoming the hurdle to clear. Elves never felt so bad because you had access to pyroclasm - but ravager makes affinity so fluid in dealing with spot and wide removal.

    As a long time elves player I don't want to admit this, But I would love to see some kind of lower cmc sweeper that's more playable than pyroclasm. I have no clue how you push something like that through standard though.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Not sure this is the right thread, if not then could a mod please move. It's a saheeli combo deck with more artifact focus. I ran the list below at a modern event last night for a 2-2 finish.

    So it is a little all over the place, some quick notes before I get into the deck:
    1. I was testing a bunch of stuff. Hence the weird numbers.
    2. The mana needs work, I know.
    3. Mox opals would be nice, but I don't have them.
    4. I was on karn, scion of urza for a little bit but took him out for the night.
    5. I need more removal, but I wanted to push the combo first. I need spot (probably galvanic blast or bolt) and board wipes.
    6. Elder-deep fiends in the side were for funsies. But emerging off useless combo pieces and board wiping and then copying it for a hasty 10 damage (especially if you can chain them) is gross.
    7. I really need 1-2 phyrexian metamorphs. They do a lot of heavy lifting for the deck.
    8. Apostles blessing needs to be main and a 4 of I'm sure.

    Okay so the combos:
    Altar + coating + saheeli is a t3 x mill. With a mox you can have rebuke back up.

    Saheeli + felidar guardian is x damage

    Altar + saheeli + guardian is x mill

    Felidar + felidar + altar is x mill (break the loop by targeting a land)

    phyrexian metamorph can act as a second copy of anything you want with liqumetal coating out because it can copy artifacts.

    Coating can change anything to artifact to protect it with apostle's blessing. You can save saheeli from an alpha strike or bolt mid combo.

    Rebuke and thopterist can turn off mine. The oracle text specifically says it needs to be untapped.

    Anyway, the matches:
    Match 1 was UW control. Round 1 I was on the draw with t3 kill. His t3 he d spheres my altar :(. I take round 2 on like t7ish by running him out of counters as I had drawn a bunch of saheelis and both Chandra's. On 5 mana he let Chandra resolve, so I just plus to as RR tap the 5th land for blue and jam the altar combo. Opponent had to leave after this game, but it felt 50-50. I'll take a free win round 1 though. 2-1 is what we logged for the match results.

    Match 2 was RG titanshift. I take match 1 off an early rebuke leaving one land up and opponent thought the coast was clear. I untapped and jam the saheeli/felidar combo. Opponent had 6 mana and cast explore even if he led on the shift I could counter it. Match 2 I play saheeli with altar/coating out and pass priority to move to combat. Opponent takes the bait to try and bolt her now, I artifact her and use mana off the mox to cast apoatle's which he responds with a second bolt (doh!). Match 3 was two felidar guardians and an altar for a mill win. 2-1.

    Match 3 was hardened scales affinity. Game 1 I die to inkmoth nexus t3 with me on the draw - yuck. Game 2 I turn around off a well timed kozilek's return from the side and then untap to jam the combo. Game 3 I had 2 chances to top deck a land for the win and my text didn't want to give it up. 1-2

    Match 3 vs elves. Game 1 I die with two lands on like round 5. Game 2 I miss land drop 3 and tapped an island to cast an altar. Opponent untaps and chokes me. I draw my third land staring at k return in hand and he just kills me next turn. Very frustrating 4 minute match. 0-2.

    I figured this list is closer to the control variant than the 4C combo (as I'm not tutoring and all). So far I've been having an absolute blast with this deck. I'm going to run some more removal/sweepers and probably up the land count. First on the list is to get the metamorphs and then I'll branch out from there. If/when opal sees a reprint I'll be picking some up. I'll be folding karn back in.
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  • posted a message on UW Mentor Sai Outcome
    I think Sai plays incredibly well with metallic rebuke. I have a jeskai saheeli deck that uses it and it feels great.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    I'd imagine trophy has to have a cap because of the ev of boxes. Realistically it can't go much higher before the rest of the set starts to crater or supply just gets gobbled up to compensate. It's already pushing 20% returns on box price with 36/however many rares and mythics are in the set something chance of getting one (assuming there are no forced scarcity shenneigans like people accused fatal push of having).

    Assuming you don't get many duplicates throughout a box. Which doesn't happen very often from what I can tell at my LGS.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Guild Mechanic Speculation
    For azorious I would love to see a variant of revolt but only if your opponent cast a spell this turn.... Makes the guild play well on the stack but is weak to the board. It would greatly encourage 2nd main phase casts and be a fun mechanic. As a cost reduction OR rider, I would imagine design space would be quite plentiful. Relying on an opponent keeps it in check for enteral formats.

    If Gruul was going to get the enrage mechanic, then I expect something that benefits from fight style effects. There had to have been a reason they wanted to that specific mechanic.

    Simic suffers from UG not having a super great identity in many multicolor sets. While it is often the +1/+1 counter theme guild, and it would play well with the merfolk of ixalan - I feel like it's uninspired and generally weak. I do expect a very serviceable UG multicolored spell that is potentially external playable. A UG counterspell that's worth running is my hope. The color combo desperately needs some unique design space and format staples for older formats.

    Rakdos I have no idea. Discard/hellbent/madness all play well together and then there was unleash - which didn't conform to the prior mechanical theme of the guild at all. The guild has also historically gotten some oddball cards imho that while fit in color pie or themeatically, don't have much overlap mechanically.

    Given gruesome menagerie I fully expect an aristocrats build for orzhov. However given how weak bone dragon looked for core 19 spoilers I'm not sure there is going to be anything quite like scrapheap scrounger levels of beater + recursion rolled into one card. Not sure here but I'm thinking a sac theme with spirit tokens (token pump would overlap with selesnya well).
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  • posted a message on UB Dredge (modern)
    I tried snapcaster mage in goldfishing and didn't love it, I rarely hit more than 3-4 mana. mission briefing seems good, so I may try that instead. Being able to play at mostly instant speed via these mill spells or activating my stitchwings has been great.

    I'm considering a golgari thug or two for the additional dredge so that I can get more oomph T1 off dream twist/thought scours.

    Not gonna lie, missing life from the loam a lot. Not sure it's worth the splash but I'm often stuck between dredging or drawing to try and hit land drops after 2. Gonna try 21 lands with another salvage maybe.

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  • posted a message on UB Dredge (modern)
    Quick brew I've been messing with. I've seen plenty of attempts at this over the past few years, but I don't see any recent lists. I've gone back after GRN released because Creeping Chill is pretty neat.

    The deck can be quite fast, but it's exceptionally resilient. I'm kind of surprised that there isn't a recursive zombie lord that is remotely playable - because then gravecrawler for bloodghast is an easy swap.

    I really like dream twist, and thought scour is great for hitting an early dredge if you luck into an imp.

    This is slower than the typical modern dredge lists, but you can board into plenty of blue interaction to deal with opposing decks. I like that I can leave mana up for a negate or something similar to deal with sideboard cards if they aggresively mulligan for them or just fire off the skaab abilities if they don't do anything worth countering.

    thought scour feels weakish in testing, but I'm not sure what I'd cut for it. Here is a preliminary sideboard plan, but again this is all super rough draft.

    sideboard idea:

    4 negate
    2 necrotic wound
    4 ceremonious rejection
    4 darkblast
    1 echoing truth

    Basically feels pretty decent in testing against anything midrange or control because of the combat tricks. On the draw, probably trim some number of thought scour/think twice for interaction. Wound/Darkblast for creature/combo decks. Truth as a catch all to draw towards against RIP if they stick it before you get traction. KCI/Tron/Affinity all seem too resilient/fast so rejection is overloaded so I can just hit the first 1-2 payoff spells and get beats in to close the game out. Probably needs some grave hate of some sort.

    I'm not super interested in deal with storm, as the match just feels awful and I'd rather just deal with a bad match up then jam 4 damping sphere like everyone else.

    I've considered a grixis mana base for the faithless looting, cathartic reunion, kozilek's return, Wretched Gryff, Elder Deep-Fiend build (riff off the UR zombie standard deck during EDM) but it feels kind of slow. I've also considered just jamming 4 elder deep fiends in the side to just convert to a flash creature and get around crap like terminus by rebinning my team and then reanimating it after it resolves.

    Anyway, any feed back is welcome. Deck is fun and it seems like it's finally FNM ready thanks to creeping chill. Looking to tweak and tighten and I'm starting to hit a wall with ideas.
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  • posted a message on Gb warrior elves (modern)
    I didn't even think about trophy in the list now, I will for sure be giving it a spin.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    Not 100% sure on this, but I think Ashiok's magic is just more potent on theros (like lili's on innistrad). Can't find anything to reference it right now though. Anyway, I'm not sure he originated from Theros.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    We don't know he's a villain yet. He's just working for one - potentially unaware.

    I wouldn't be surprised for a battle royale to break out in set 3 and someone mention him just harvesting sparks and both sides just be like wait...I don't want to die. Then it's like 20 v 1 and bolas can't even walk to escape if the immortal sun is there. Fight wraps up a bit later after some red sorts and maybe 1-2 named characters bite the dust.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    Quote from 5colors »
    Some news about how the magic story is going forward, to sum up;

    -They are looking to expand and play with magics stories through different mediums.

    -Exploring worlds that aren't the focus of the current card set. This also lets them do more with the sorties since they aren't bound by the needs of the set.

    -Reminder that Greg Weisman is writing two novels about the Gatewatch/Bolas conflict and a comic featuring Chandra by Vita Ayala and art by Harvey Tolibao will be out next month.

    -Announcing that Greg Weisman will also write the web fiction for Milk as well.

    -Finally Jay Annelli or Jay13x on here who has worked hard to bring us sourced story summaries and keeping track of the story through out the years, as been brought in as a consultant to help keep continuity.

    Grats to Jay, this was sorely needed and I'm glad he got it. His write ups are top notch.

    After reading what they had to go through just to recreate the map of dominaria I'm surprised it took this long to bring someone else in. This is a pretty big step forward imho for telling a more cohesive story.
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  • posted a message on State of Standard Thread: bans, format health, metagame, rotation, etc!
    Dino nukes the GW token decks in std, I can't see it coming off anytime soon. At least you can rebuild after a chainwhirler...but whirler into Dino is just gg for token decks usually. You have to have removal for them or you just lose the the board (let alone crap like the phoenixes).
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  • posted a message on MTG Goldfish 12 Bolt Deck - viable?
    Quote from grievance »
    Now that GRN has been released, I'm considering adding Risk Factor to this deck, probably as a 2-of. I'm not sure what I'd cut for it yet.

    I'm not sure it's right, but maybe a gut shot and a flame of Keld? I'm thinking you'll need more lands for risk factor potentially. My first though was to cut bomat, but he actually works incredibly well with jump start spells. Gut shot as a 2x seems fine, and in playtesting I found multiples of flame of keld to be annoying.
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  • posted a message on SpellVine (Dredge control)
    Quote from thnkr »
    Heh, you could find a way to adjust it to include Traverse the Ulvenwald to search up the creatures you need. Something like Mishra's Bauble would allow you to get delerium faster, and allows for more dredging. You already run enchantments, so that would also help with delerium, but you could run enchantment creatures for the Traverse as well.

    architects of will give you two creature types in the yard and you can get a dredge off the draw.
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  • posted a message on SpellVine (Dredge control)
    I think you should find room for 4 manamorphose. It's mana/card neutral fixing that helps you recur phoenixes or hit multiple discard spells in one turn without sacrificing the mana base much.

    That being said, Phoenix is very succeptible to path. Not sure if discard is enough to protect it or not? Could be and probably is in practice and I'm not sure how to better protect the core here.

    firery temper seems like it'll work well with a discard suite if you go that route.

    creeping chill gives you more reach and it's kinda like Phoenix 5-8.
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