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  • posted a message on 3CH LR - Hands Posted
    My line:

    3) Mogg
    Arcane Denial / Hammer of Bogardan / Swan Song

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 6
    3: 6 6 X 2 6 0 | 20 | 400

    1: 6: I cast t5 Hammer, leaving up Denial. I cast Hammer again on turns 7-12 to outrace hardcast Colossus.

    2: 6: Per MC’s analysis.

    4: 2: Swan Song counters Vessel. Nerdyjoe holds Liliana. I cast t5 Hammer to kill Swan, leaving up Denial. Nerdyjoe drops me to 2 with Wanderer, and then Hammer kills Wanderer each turn.

    5: 6: Swan Song counters Command and Denial counters Scavenger. Hammer kills Swan, then Superbajt.

    6: 0: I can’t contain the double-threat.
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Stairs / Library of Leng; Superbajt wins! (480 points)
    My line:

    4) Mogg
    Devil's Play / Runed Halo

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 6 |
    4| 0 2 X 6 6 6 | 20 | 400

    1: 0: Halo to stop Elder or Devil's Play to shoot Saprolings puts me too far behind on Forests. Halo on Forest leaves me dead to Elder.

    2: 2: Feyd_Ruin doesn't cast Storm World, and Zuran Orb answers Devil's Play.

    3: 6: Playing first, I land t2 Halo and resolve a Play. Playing second, MC can counter t2 Halo. If they do, then t3 Play kills the Chronomaton and Play with flashback kills MC. If they don't, then I cast two lethal Plays, and one resolves.

    5: 6

    6: 6: t2 Halo names Vessel. Play keeps pace with Warden, and then wins.
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Exploration; ManyCookies wins! (600 points)
    My line:

    3) Mogg
    Cryptic Command / Sire of Insanity

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 |
    3| 3 0 X 2 6 | 10 | 250

    1: 3: Sometimes, I have sufficient mana to cast Cryptic Command and counter Squirrel Nest.
    2: 0: Effectively, counterspells trade and Emeria Angel is the better win condition.
    4: 2: Phoenix blocks fine, but it can't outrace Sire, so neither player attacks.
    5: 6: With its four points of toughness, Sire narrowly defeats Squire.
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Historic; Feyd_Ruin and Mogg win! (440 points)
    My line:

    3) Mogg
    Pyrite Spellbomb / Walking Ballista

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 6 |
    3| 6 3 X 6 2 6 | 22 | 440

    1: 6: Spellbomb hits Hangarback and Ballista shoots down tokens.
    2: 3: Feyd_Ruin goldfishes on turn 12. To have Ballista survive a double-Spellbomb turn, I cast it on turn 10 as a 5/5. I swing for 7 on turn 11. A second swing on turn 12 for 10, in addition to unloading 10 counters and activating Spellbomb drops Feyd_Ruin to -9.
    4: 6: nerdyjoe can't cast Mangara with protection until turn 4. By that point, Ballista can keep Mangara in check.
    5: 2: nerdyjoe activates Angrath's -3 to deal with Ballista, and I activate Ballista in response to finish off Angrath.
    6: 6: Spellbomb burns Mimic. tomsloger can drop me to 10, and then my 3/3 Ballista beats his two 2/2's.

    In addition to what I submitted, I considered the following hands:
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  • posted a message on 5CH Creature Favoritism; Mogg wins! (567 points)
    My line:

    X| 1 2 3 4 |
    3| 6 4 X 6 | 16 | 533

    3) Mogg :: Phyrexian Theme Deck
    Mishra's Workshop / Phyrexian Dreadnought / Phyrexian Metamorph / Phyrexian Revoker / Torpor Orb

    1: 6: My two 12/12's get the job done.
    2: 4: Starting, Revoker names Lotus. Second, I lead with Revoker and ManyCookies responds by stealing Shop. Revoker names Memnarch, and I cast Metamorph copying Memarch. Neither player can attack profitably.
    4: 6: Revoker names Sol Ring.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Self-Destruction; Mogg and nerdyjoe win! (467 points)
    Quote from ManyCookies »
    4. 3-3, we race to T3, and I can't caverns kill through the disruption.

    Not quite. If I don't cast Foil, then I can win on your t3 upkeep.
    ManyCookies t1: City, Swarm, 19
    Mogg t1: Lotus, Vanguard, activate Vanguard, activate Citadel, 13
    ManyCookies: t2: Vault, 18 [activate Vanguard, 9]
    Mogg t2: activate Vanguard, 5
    ManyCookies t3: [activate Vanguard, activate Citadel, win]

    My line:

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 |
    4| 6 6 6 X 3 6 3 | 28 | 467
    1: 6: CS doesn't really do anything, and then I win.
    2: 6: I counter Illusions and outrace Chasm.
    3: 6: As described above.
    5: 3: Spell Pierce forces me to pitch Citadel, so we trade quick wins.
    6: 6: Per Reyemile's analysis.
    7: 3: Daze plus Foil prevents Lotus from resolving. Hex Parasite activating once on each player's turn outraces Citadel. When I start, though, Foils trade, and Vanguard wins quickly.

    I looked at a lot of combos, before deciding that Tarnished Citadel was better than most of them.

    These were some of my ideas for this round:

    What other cool ideas did people develop?
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  • posted a message on 2CH DLR Retrace; Reyemile wins! (433 points)
    Quote from ManyCookies »
    3. ?. I'm missing something here, don't you discard to hand size each turn and not get the wombo? I'll defer to your eval for now.

    Here's my default gameplan, barring disruption (which a few of you chose to play :)).

    t1: Island, Ancestral Recall (Embers & 3 lands in hand).
    t2: Island, 2x Ancestral Recall, discard a land to hand size (Embers & 6 lands in hand).
    t3: Island, opponent's end step: 3x Ancestral Recall (Embers & 12 lands in hand).
    t4: Mountain, Spiraling Embers dealing 12 damage (12 lands in hand), discard 5 lands to hand size (7 lands in hand).
    t5: Island, Ancestral Recall, Spiraling Embers dealing 8 damage (8 lands in hand); 12 damage + 8 damage = 20 damage.

    My line:

    3) Mogg :: t5 Burn
    Ancestral Recall / Spiraling Embers

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    3| 0 0 X 0 0 0 6 | 06 | 100

    1: 0: Lose to Prelate.
    2: 0: Lose to some combination of Ebony Charm and Unsubtantiate.
    4: 0: Lose to Council of the Absolute.
    5: 0: Lose to Mardu Charm plus Leyline of the Void.
    6: 0: Theoretically, my win condition is to build up to eight or twelve lands and cast Spiraling Embers repeatedly in the same turn. However, to protect Spiraling Embers from discard, I need to cast Ancestral Recall early to pad my hand, and then Rakdos Charm exiles my Ancestral Recall. I need to keep playing lands which reduces my buffer. When I finally do cast Spiraling Embers, it's for a very small amount of damage, and then Spiraling Embers gets exiled.
    7: 6: I win this one! Tom's hand goldfishes on turn 6 whereas my hand goldfishes on turn 5.
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  • posted a message on 4CH Mana Bazaar 3; Mogg wins! (475 points)
    My line:

    3) Mogg :: Five-Color Control
    Death's Shadow / Leyline of Lifeforce / Leyline of Punishment / Spell Queller

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 |
    3| 1 6 X 6 6 | 475

    1: 1: When I start, I lead with a 5/5 Death's Shadow and hold Queller for CalvinSchwa's Shadow. Pride forecasts for a chump-blocker each turn, and the game draws.
    When CS starts, he can create an additional token, such that one token always will be attacking me as the other blocks, and I lose.

    2: 6: MC can't lead with Carnie T, because eot Queller would counterattack for lethal.
    If MC leads with Capsize on Leyline of Punishment, then I Spell Queller that and win.
    MC can lead with Chant into Capsize but then won't have sufficient life remaining to cast Estate on the same turn; I cast Death's Shadow and hold Queller for Estate.
    If MC gets into the position of having to Capsize Spell Queller, then he or she can't Capsize Leyline of Punishment effectively.

    4: 6: If nerdyjoe leads with Guildmage, then I Queller it. if nerdyjoe Capsizes Queller on the same turn, then I drop to 2 to recast Queller and exile Guildmage again.
    If nerdyjoe leads with Capsize on Leyline, then I let it resolve; I also let Estate resolve; I save Queller for Guildmage.
    If nerdyjoe eot Capsize-buyback bounces my Shadow, playing for the draw, I Queller it. nerdyjoe can resolve Guildmage then, but will be on 2 life. Guildmage taps down Queller and chump-blocks Shadow. From that point, with two threats again a single Capsize per turn, I win.

    5: 6: Reyemile has insufficient life to cast Dismissal and Obstructionist during the same turn, so I can resolve Shadow with Queller protecting it from Dismissal. Queller also provides a blocker for Obstructionist. Shadow attacks until I win.

    Two concepts that I was interested in but didn't manage to incorporate into a hand:
    Children of Korlis + Phyrexian Reclamation
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Only Colored Permanents; Magus of the Aesthetic wins! (400 points)
    My line:

    4) Mogg
    Earthcraft / Runed Halo / Squirrel Nest

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 |
    4| 3 3 0 X 4 | 10 | 250

    1: 3: CalvinSchwa does or doesn't let me cast Squirrel Nest.
    2: 3: Playing first, Earthcraft acts as sacrificial fodder to let me cast Squirrel Nest.
    3: 0: I can make one squirrel, which is inferior to Ob Nixilis.
    5: 4: Playing first, I combo. Playing second, I cast Runed Halo naming Myth Realized.

    I did expect a hand along the lines of Orcish Lumberjack / Progenitus / Sneak Attack. Lumberjack is one of the few ways available to make a lot of quick mana.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Slow Roll; ManyCookies wins! (486 points)
    I had a lot of fun with this round!

    My line:

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 |
    4| 3 6 0 X 6 0 6 0 | 20 | 286

    Match analysis:

    1: 3: On the play, Chain + Anvil is sufficient.
    On the draw, Venser bounces my Anvil, CalvinSchwa recasts Exploration, plays his sixth land, and upkeep bounces a land to his hand to protect Capsize from Anvil before going after my permanents on the following turns.
    2: 6: Anvil
    3: 0: Per MC's analysis.
    5: 6: Chain + Anvil.
    6: 0: When I start, Superbajt discards Path, discards Scavenger, and then waits until I've discarded Chain to cast Command, destroying Anvil and recurring Scavenger. Using attacks and commands, Superbajt drops me to 77 before I cast Army. He can shoot down one zombie per turn, so it's on me to be the aggressor.
    Here's how the game plays out starting on my turn 10:

    10: army (command), 12 zombies
    11: attack (block, command), 10 zombies (80 life)
    12: attack (block, command), 8 zombies (64 life)
    13: attack (block, command), 6 zombies (52 life)
    14: attack (block, command), 4 zombies (44 life)
    15: attack (block, command), 2 zombies (40 life)
    16: attack (block, command), 0 zombies (40 life)

    No more zombies jumping on the bed means Scavenger is free to attack.
    7: 6: If Mana Drain counters Anvil, then Chain on Exarch in response to Twin stops the combo. If not, then Anvil discards Mana Drain and the combo.
    8: 0: Tom can perennially discard Legacy Weapon to Anvil, saving Mana Drain for flashback Army. If I don't go the Anvil route, then Tom can use Mentor to accelerate into Weapon, which also is sufficient.

    Hands I considered:
    aetherflux reservoir / elixir of immortality / exploration
    aetherflux reservoir / mana vault / festival
    annul / exploration / karn liberated
    anurid scavenger / glorious end / path to exile [I'd forgotten about Scavenger-Command; even in this format, Command is decidedly the better option]
    anvil of bogardan / army of the damned / chain of vapor
    arcane denial / karn liberated / mana crypt
    braids, cabal minion / chancellor of the forge / culling the weak
    braids, cabal minion / chancellor of the tangle / dark ritual
    chain of vapor / eternal witness / exploration
    cryptic command / greater gargadon / restore balance
    final fortune / isochron scepter / walking ballista
    foil / kozilek, butcher of truth / island
    iona, shield of emeria / lion's eye diamond / unburial rites
    karakas / mangara of corondor / seeker of skybreak
    kozilek, butcher of truth / lion's eye diamond / shelldock isle
    kozilek, butcher of truth / mana crypt / shifty doppelganger
    kozilek, butcher of truth / mana vault / sneak attack
    time vault / voltaic key / walking ballista
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Conjurer's Closet ; Magus of the Aesthetic wins! (550 points)
    Um, good point.
    I'll fix that when I'm signed into the phm account.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Overabundance; WhammeWhamme wins! (500 points)
    My line:

    3) Mogg
    Blazing Shoal / Blazing Shoal / Chancellor of the Forge / Chancellor of the Forge / Maze of Ith

    X| 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 |
    3| 6 4 X 0 6 3 2 | 20 | 333

    1: 6: Blazing Shoal applies a lot of pressure.
    2: 4: Play/draw, but ManyCookies can't afford to Swan Song his own Balance, so I get to keep Maze in hand to deal with Gargadon.
    4: 0: I hit for 15, and then MyNameIsFourteen drops to 3 to cast Mycon. Goblin and goblin can't get through goblin and Mycon, and Mycon makes more tokens.
    5: 6: Even better than one 1/1 is two 1/1's.
    6: 3: Play/draw; it doesn't take much storm for Superbajt to end up with more goblins than me.
    7: 2: Counterspell counters Shoal, but Marit Lage forgot her map.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Lotus Vale; WhammeWhamme wins! (543 points)
    Since we're having this great discussion can I take this opportunity to say the one thing I don't like about xcb is that I always want to have more discussion of the format as I'm prepping for it, but obviously that doesn't make sense if we're all trying to compete. This discussion after the fact is almost as good and I hope we can have more like it.
    Something I've considered before, but wasn't sure how to implement, is some sort of team format. I agree with your general point, and discussion among teammates could lead to pre-submittal discussion.
    I welcome suggestions for how a team format could be run.
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  • posted a message on 4CH Incremental Omniscience; knobbodi wins! (420 points)
    Quote from Superbajt »
    Why do you say you have 6 against me? Worst case scenario, I can bounce Venser with Karakas enough times. I think I am able to win OTP too, not sure if OTD, thanks to what WhammeWhamme told me, but I will need to think about it more.
    That was a mistake. My description of the result was actually based on you winning, and I've corrected my line.
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  • posted a message on 4CH Incremental Omniscience; knobbodi wins! (420 points)
    My line:

    7) Mogg
    City of Traitors / Failure // Comply / Sphere of Resistance / Venser, Shaper Savant

    XX| 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 |
    07| 0 6 6 3 4 2 X 0 0 3 0 | 22 | 220

    1: 0: Yeah, I lose to Islands.
    2: 6: Failure the first play, then cast Sphere with Venser back-up to lock up the game.
    3: 6: As discussed.
    4: 3: As discussed.
    5: 4: Playing first, I lock up the game. Playing second, I Failure Sphinx, then Magus casts Lotus and can use it to cast Judgment through Sphere.
    6: 2: MC’s counters don’t protect Progenitus, but Aethersnatch plus Spirit Guide forestalls Venser.
    8: 0: See #1; specifically, the problem is Islands.
    9: 0: See #1 & #8; actually, the problem is just lands.
    10: 3: Tom resolves Mox after Lotus gets bounced, which lets him reset. When I start, Sphere locks him out.
    11: 0: as discussed.
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