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  • posted a message on State of Modern Thread: bans, format health, metagame, and more! (3/13 update)
    As a control player, as much as i'd like to see jtms or preordain get unbanned (they are fine imo), this isn't really what i want. Just get counterspell into modern. Every control deck i build has this glaring deficiency in the early counterspell suite. Cryptic is good, but i am so tired of the rest of my counterspell list looking like 1 logic knot, 2 mana leak, 1 spell snare, 1 negate, ect. While i get some people like playing with this diverse list of counters, it drives me buggy. I don't care how they do it, just print it in the next modern masters if it's too good for standard (it's not). Counterspell should be in modern.
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  • posted a message on Esper Death Shadow
    In the delver/shadow builds, i have been playing 4 dismember instead of street wraith. It ups the spell count for delver, takes care of most of the formats creatures, can drop my life quicker than street wraith, and drop it in different chunks (4, 2, or no life, depending on the situation), always trumps street wraith as a pump spell in the mirror ( your shadow gets -5, my shadow gets +4 better than pumping your shadow for 2). Against creatureless builds, once i get to 11 life, i can target my dismember at my own deaths shadow as a pump spell at end of my opponents turn, and it will live as a 6/6.
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  • posted a message on [Censor]
    I look at censor a little differently I guess. I see it as a 1 mana instant speed cantrip that can occasionally counter spells. I replaced serum visions in my non delver builds, and it's been fine. After all, all your loosing is scry 2, otherwise they do the same thing. I wouldn't replace any actual spells for it, however.
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  • posted a message on April 21, 2017
    Vote: iphanx, entombedhydra

    Ertai, The Meddler 2uuu
    Planeswalker (m)
    Planeswalker flash (you may play this card or activate it's abilities at any time you can play an instant. You may not activate abilities of Ertai, The Meddler if it has an exhaustion counter. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove all exhaustion counters from Ertai, The Meddler.)
    +1 scry 1, then draw a card. Put an exhaustion counter on Ertai, The Meddler.
    -2 counter target spell. Put an exhaustion counter on Ertai, The Meddler.
    -9 you get an emblem with "You may cast sorceries whenever you may cast an instant. All instant and sorcery spells you control gain "counter target spell" in addition to their other effects. Must still have all legal targets (ex. to counter a spell with a spell that kills a creature, there must be a creature on the battlefield to target before you can counter that spell."
    Starting loyalty 4
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  • posted a message on [Daily Card Contest] DCC Discussion Thread
    Hello, I'm new here and have a question. I would like to submit a card, only I can't find this multiquote button. I don't have access to a computer, my only internet is my phone, maybe that is a problem? Anyway, would it be alright to post a card without this? Any help would be appreciated, I've got a pretty good idea for a card. Thanks!
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  • posted a message on Is the Bible's way of salvation correct?
    There is no god, no afterlife. People don't have invisible spirits that live inside their bodies and go to some magical paradise after they die. Religion was something that was invented by very primitive people to explain to themselves a world that they could not understand. Now that we know better, it's time to get rid of religion for good. No other force in the world today causes as much death and destruction as religion. How many people over the years have died prematurely because of some stupid religious conflict who otherwise, with the proper schooling and training, could have made substantial contributions had they not died, like finding the cure for old age. If humanity is ever going to really succeed, then we need to finally rid ourselves of these primitive superstitions and work with reality as is.
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  • posted a message on FETCHABLE Cycling Duals!
    Well, I guess this means they wont be reprinting fetchlands in standard anytime soon, if ever again. Oh well, it would have been the biggest troll ever if wotc reprinted fetchlands in an unlimited print run after everyone already spent so much on enemy colored fetches in mm17. I myself just got a bunch, though I would probably laugh instead of get mad.
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  • posted a message on State of Modern Thread: bans, format health, metagame, and more! (3/13 update)
    Was it the version with simian spirit guide? It can be insanely fast. I saw a turn two kill once, fetchland, pitch spirit guide, play herbalists, herbalists, burning tree, reckless bushwhacker, attack for 11, all on the play, before the opponent played a single card. Creatures and a couple of bolts finished it off, even through turn one push. Granted, that hand is probably pretty rare, but wow.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    I have to admit I'm baffled by how card vendors set their initial prices for new cards. I saw on channnel fireball tonight that they had the new arid mesa going for around 35$ or so. The other prices were not listed yet, although they might be by now. My question is, where do they come up with that price? Is it just kind of arbitrarily chosen on what they think the market will pay, or is there some kind of actual math?They were the first to have some prices up, as far as I know. I know the other vendors will usually follow along once the initial prices are set, although I do remember some cards changing slightly after the initial pricing. I've just never understood how they first set the prices of these new cards.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    If everybody is going to start playing fetches, is it worth it to run a stomping ground and temple garden to the deck and start playing wild nacatl? The extra damage might not be worth it, but i always felt it was extremely unfair that other decks got to run the best one drop and not us. Its a green card after all!
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 7/7 - Imprisoned in the Moon, Heron's Grace Champion, Courageous Outrider, Tokens/Emblems
    How exactly do you imprison something in a moon? Is it hollow?
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  • posted a message on Full Set List is Up
    Yes legacy players, we hear you. The lack of gainlands in legacy is a big problem. We know that legacy players have been waiting for a gainlands reprint since khans block, so here you go! You're welcome.
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  • posted a message on [OGW] Goblin Darkdwellers (Buy-A-Box Promo)
    Wow. This guy is insane. Him and jace are going to be best buddies in standard. There is a deck there, even if I don't know what it is yet. It may not slot into any existing decks (don't know, havn't thought about this yet), but graveyard recursion is going to be a real thing. It's even better that the same answers that handle jace usually won't answer the goblins (firey impusle, silkwrap, ect.).
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