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  • posted a message on Holding priority & sacrificing creatures?
    cheers guys, yeah I think it was slight confusion as to whether a spell/ability that requires a sacrifice as a cost actually removes that creature before it resolves, but I suppose logically it does, hence why you can cast a spell that requires a sacrifice like altar's reap, then it can be countered, but you've already lost your creature. Will keep this handy in case I make these plays and some question it.
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  • posted a message on [RNA] Leaked promo card
    could be you can cast it for Spectacle mana cost if a creature you control has dealt damage to a player/other creature (one of the two), or you can pay the spectacle cost to copy the cards effect, again requiring something like you've done damage, a creature you control has died in combat etc. Can't be too broken if it's going to either be able to reduce the cmc to 1 or let you copy it for 1.
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  • posted a message on Holding priority & sacrificing creatures?
    Just for some clarity..

    I'm building a Horobi, death's wail EDH deck. I've recently read a discussion where by people say the best use is play a mass targeting spell then while holding priority, sac Horobi at instant speed so the opponent cannot cast any spells/abilities that target your creatures, making the effect one-sided.

    However I'm a bit unclear on priority and such I think. I understand that I can declare I'm holding priority and cast multiple spells on the stack, then my opponents can decide what to counter. But if I cast say touch of darkness or use an ability like cauldron of souls to target multiple opponents creatures and then say while holding priority, I sacrifice Horobi to sayAshnod's altar, bloodflow connoisseur or altar's reap. Can't my opponents, while this pending sacrifice is on the stack, use an instant to target my creatures and have Horobi see this? Does the effect that sacs Horobi have to be something which requires the sacrifice to cast it like Altar's reap, as I suppose that might make more sense as to why an opponent cannot respond, since Horobi leaves the battlefield for the spell to actually go on the stack while I still have priority I guess.

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  • posted a message on Seeking Wall Support
    Not sure if this is quite what you're looking for as it doesn't specifically help only walls, but my Doran EDH (Arcades makes him sad...)has quite a few cards to try and slow down the game for those not running a big butts strategy..

    Archangel of Tithes both defensive and offensive
    Marble Titan basically a creature meekstone
    Noetic scales late game if the opponent doesn't have reliable 4+ cards in hand it can often keep their boards quite clear, obviously if they have great ETB effects it can go against you, but I've found it more a help than hindrance.
    Crackdown non-white meekstone

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  • posted a message on How safe do you consider artifact ramp
    I think it depends on how competitive the meta is and number of players. In our group artifact ramp doesn't really seem to get targeted unless its some sort of mass board removal. I'm always loath to use removal that targets nonland permanents say, on someone's signet...because there's "bigger fish to fry", but of course you'd probably do better destroying it as you could slow them down quite a bit, albeit it may create a feelbad situation if your group isn't cutthroat.
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  • posted a message on Too many cuts
    Ugh tell me about it, especially for a deck which can be tweaked quite easily/can be built a variety of ways.

    I've ended up taking apart and rebuilding some decks multiple times to try and accommodate new cards I find. What I've ended up deciding to do now though is once I'm reasonably happy with how a deck functions, I just leave it alone. I will only swap a card in if a strictly better card is printed. If there are a lot of good cards which just didn't make the cut of my decks final version, I'll eventually choose a commander who wants to do a similar but maybe slightly different thing, so I have two decks which aren't identical.
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  • posted a message on Golgari Raiders Dana Fischer Preview
    for 4 mana seems a bit harsh for it to be 0/0...

    could be interesting if we got a few boardwipes and your opponent cant put a creature into play after it.
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  • posted a message on Izoni, Thousand-Eyed Mana Source spoiler
    Really like the concept of the abilities here but 6 cmc for a such a fragile body? Also would it kill for those tokens to be more than vanilla 1/1's. Then the sacrifice to draw ability is always nice but 2 mana for each activation? Vampiric rites only cost you a black..just seems very expensive to be relevant even in EDH.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Frightful Delusion
    Always comes in and out of my Mazirek EDH, Gyre sage has the spot now but it's still a decent card, not the best for early game ramp but then again Gyre Sage can be inconsistent at times.
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  • posted a message on HELP: LF protection from forced sac effects
    Honestly I don't think there's much else that can do the job on a repeated basis.

    The only thing which comes to mind for a single creature you really want to ensure you don't have to sacrifice is Assault suit.

    There's things which can help in a different way in that you can at least get some creatures back into play, such as Cauldron of souls, but as someone who has an EDH deck that wants to force my opponents to sac as you're describing, something like that would probably be what I wanted to see, as I can just make you sac them again for my benefit, albeit not all sac decks work that way so it depends what you're up against, it could be helpful.
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  • posted a message on At end of turn triggers, responding?
    Just a quick one, if a card has a trigger which occurs at the end of the turn, in this case Desolation, and the sacrificing of a land at end of turn causes a +1/+1 counter to be put onto a permanent I control, can I respond to this by tapping for mana and activating animation module to create a token? Or does the Desolation effect occur as you're literally choosing to end your turn so you can no longer respond to it? I know there's an end step and animation module works at instant speed anyway, just not 100% on it.
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  • posted a message on Trivial Magic Irritations
    Lands in front of creatures ugh..

    People choosing to not read your cards, then misplaying (as they aren't aware of what they do), then complaining they didn't know or shouldn't have to deal with such *****/jank cards. This is experienced players playing high tier decks.

    Similar to the above, those who don't lose gracefully, especially more experienced players who get overly agitated when you're jank homebrew beats their expensive netdeck.
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  • posted a message on Community wishlist
    Big on tribal lords/support for minor tribes in general.

    Main thing I guess would be an Insect type commander which supports the tribe, either mono green, or jund for being able to include the vast majority of insect cards. Either something akin to the token generating ability of Ant Queen though maybe a little more interesting, whenever an insect you control dies create a 1/1 insect token, unending swarm idea (though that could lead to a very oppressive deck...broken really) or something which doesn't create tokens but has a coat of arms type effect going on maybe.
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  • posted a message on Token generators advice, repeat single generators or one turn multi-generators?
    Yeah was thinking that Darren, one of our playgroup almost always plays his Edgar Markov vamp deck, if the board is wiped I know he has the potential to come back fastest.

    thanks for the suggestions guys, think I'll attempt a new deck list and stick it in multiplayer for hopefully some feedback soon.

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  • posted a message on Token generators advice, repeat single generators or one turn multi-generators?
    Yeah it is, yeah with the likes of Sifter of skulls and other cards which care about nontoken creatures dying, I think it depends if I go mainly with repeatable effects, in which case less nontoken creatures are going to be sacrificed, or if it's one-time, where they're fodder and also may be sacrificed to try and reanimation them. In which case I'd consider cards like bramble sovereign. (the pains of trying to cut down to 99...)

    I wasn't sure if Orochi Hatchery was a bit expensive mana wise as I'm not ramping up that much. Obviously it's repeatable but it's 11 mana for the first 3 snakes say, where as snake basket would give me 7 for that investment, if I put a lot into the X value of Hatchery it may well eat removal I feel.
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