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Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on "Oops, All Spells!" (Balustrade Spy and Undercity Informer)
    Hi, been digging through cards trying to find cards to put together some of my old decks but I've forgotten so much so I've been lurking for a week now and I recently found this thread and realized I have almost all the cards for it. I'm short both the cabals, the chrome moxes and manamorphose. Which should I prioritize first in acquiring. Im guessing ritual, therapy, mox, then manamorphose, in that order.
    I have TONS of modern cards too, so if there's any replacements from that format that can act as a substitute there's a good chance I have it or have a friend that I can trade with. Thanks
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  • posted a message on UWx Miracles
    I was thinking of use with counterbalance for the owls. The body was for chumping.

    I've finally found most of the cards I need, is search for azcanta still something worth trying? I have a few from my modern decks.
    I have soothsaying and CB's so that's the style of deck I'm putting together.
    I was looking at a few copies of glasses of urza to help with information.
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  • posted a message on UWx Miracles
    Would spire owl or sage owl be any good here? It's library manipulation with a body to chump block or ping damage.
    And what about counterbalance? Is it no longer viable, I was thinking with something like lantern of insight maybe to see their top card, that and clique to see their hand. Just spit balling here as I am trying to get back into legacy.
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  • posted a message on Want to get back into legacy, maybe sultai delver, is it good?
    I've been lurking around and it looks like it's either BUG threshold or miracles. I have only one FOW left sadly and one tarmogoyf though. I don't know if miracles is still viable but I'll build it anyways.
    I have full playsets of dark depths and thespian stages with hexmages so I'll probably work on that.

    Friendly note, DONT sell off your legacy staples because you never know if you'll come back. I'm kicking myself here!lol
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  • posted a message on Want to get back into legacy, maybe sultai delver, is it good?
    I have sold off most of my legacy duals and various other legacy lands throughout the years as well as key components to many decks so I'm having trouble finding a deck to start out with. The cards it seems I have the most for is a sultai delver deck but I can't find a primer to ask this question in, is there a sultai delver thread? Tried to look up BUG too but all the threads are dead.
    I also have miracles,but a friend told me it's dead since top was banned.
    Dredge I'm missing three bloodghasts for modern(gave up on it after troll ban) and LED for legacy.
    I have my twelve posts still, my dark depths and thespian, even a few gaea's cradles still. Have a single wasteland left as well as a single city of traitors and missing everything that goes with any of that.
    I have full playsets of every modern dual though but that's potentially lethal in legacy.Worth the risk?

    Anyways, I'm having a hard time finding a starting place, any suggestions on threads on here that might be helpful that are competitive enough to play with the top decks if a sultai delver primer doesn't exist?
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  • posted a message on Land destruction deck in Modern!
    I have been working on a red version with a splash of white. It uses the GQ crucible package with the goblin dark-dweller and rains package. The white splash was for prisons and flicker effects. Plus it opens up a much better sideboard.
    It needed a win condition and I've been toying with Kiki in my skred deck so I put it in here with resto angel.

    I only have the one resto angel otherwise I'd have four, I'm short one pia and not sure if I need a fourth.

    The arid mesa is the same, I'd run four mesa and two foothils if I had them, but alas.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    To deal with reality smasher there is dismember and beast within if it doesn't have to be a creature and if you want to discard a card.
    If you do need a creature you can use one with deathtouch like narnam renegade or acidic slime or the good old classic ambush viper. Then there's also wolfir avenger that has flash and regenerate for two mana, unfortunately it's only 3 toughness.
    cloudthresher is great for devotion and is a 7/7, however it also costs 6 mana.
    briarhorn is the best option if you want to go the creature route, flash and evoke for 2 for a 6/6 is very good against smasher I think.

    Hope some of these suggestions were helpful.
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  • posted a message on Doubling Season Tron
    Deck sucks trying to splash blue for jace. New Jace needs tooth and nails ramp package or something.

    I took out two warping wail for two witchbane orb.

    I think with storm getting popular again I'm going to have to run a few dragon's claw replacing the endbringer and a ratchet bomb.

    I also removed the one thragtusk for another doubling season and removed the four explore for four walking ballista.
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  • posted a message on jace castaway goes infinite...
    Well there's also ramping with green like tooth and nail or green devotion decks do, sprawls and walkers allows it turn three and with purphoros, god of the forge there's another win con.

    I do have a doubling season tron deck actually, but that's for ugin to ultimate, I tried the combo in it but the need for blue slowed it down too much, hence me turning to T&N for ramp.

    Oath and call the gatewatch tutors for walkers but what tutors for enchantments in modern? Particularly in green?
    Idealistic would be a green creature that tutors for enchantments.
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  • posted a message on Tooth and Nail
    The T&N devotion thread is focused on devotion decks so I was hoping there was some people out there that wanted to just focus on Tooth and Nail builds. I've played it for only a short time recently but I used to play it back in the day when it still used the tron lands to ramp.

    Here's a list to get it all started.

    There is nine slots that still need to be filled, currently I'm using/testing,

    Kiora, master of depths is good too but I haven't had many games with it to form an opinion yet.

    My sideboard, I've been tinkering with a toolbox idea using creatures like reclamation sage, kataki, war's wage, silent arbiter, scavenging ooze thragtusk and walking ballista as "interaction" coupled with a few beast within and witchbane orb.

    The deck can be explosive and destroys everything if it can get to the late game. It has its drawbacks, like tron it's early game sucks, thats where the deck needs to improve. Either protecting the mana dorks early on or having removal ourselves early.

    I'm currently playing the moon package since turn two BM has been very effective lately.

    All the lists I see aren't using horizon canopy either, I personally think it's a must since the deck doesn't have any draw otherwise.

    So please, let's discuss.

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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    So is our primer no longer getting updated? Seems like it hasn't seen much activity for awhile.

    I still frequent the thread but I play extraplanar lens and my deck performs way diffrent and since nobody else plays it I feel I don't have much to contribute. I really like being able to go off turn four, at the cost of two slots it's well worth it.

    I've tried every flavor and I still think mono blue has the strongest legs.

    AV, opt, serum and sleight are all meh. With all the slots being taken by our engines or turn spells I've replaced those cards with early interaction. void snare has been better than expected and stops decay which I had a problem with for awhile.

    Ratchet bomb I really like too, better than explosives, most of the time it goes unanswered. Kills fish, goyfs, tokens,is good for burn on one and has saved my bacon numerous times.

    Early frost is ok but downpour has been better for me, for those having issues against 5c humans I'd recommend trying it. It's giga or exhaustion 5&6.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    On the nut draw I know it can, its consistently that I'm after. I still think 3 seasons is the max but I'm using four jace's right now to test, getting two and no season isn't good. oath of nissa I haven't tried yet. I can't play any paper matches to test it until tmrw but I'll try to get online tonight and get a few games in if I can.

    My list(s) is pages back , the latest is still GR using kiki-jiki and worlspine wurm with primetime backup. I splashed blue by adding a few breeding pools and really lean on my sprawls and arbor elf to cast jace. I don't think I added any other blue.

    Wife has some friends over,I'll probably sleeve oath into it tonight so I'll post with the list I'm going to test.
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  • posted a message on Could a Twin/Kiki type deck come back at this point?
    Can you post the list?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Here's a change in topic. I play a t&n and a tron deck that trys to abuse doubling season. I found an infinite combo using doubling season and jace, cunning castaway. Think t&n can get it out before turn four? Season is the issue, it has to be on board first to go infinite with jace.
    I'm trying to work on a decklist now. Any suggestions?
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  • posted a message on Doubling Season Tron
    Took out the explores for a playset of jace, cunning castaway and a third doubling season because those two cards are an infinite combo. I haven't had many games yet since I found the combo but I haven't been able to cast it before moderns turn four rule so it should be a safe combo.

    I need to change the deck around now for blue so I will post the new version in the next few days even though it seems like I'm talking to myself
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