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  • posted a message on New Interface: how do I see my wildcards?
    You can also add cards to a deck that you don't have yet and use the "craft missing cards" (or something like that, not sure on the exact label) button. It's quicker than crafting each one individually if you need a bunch of cards for a specific deck.
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  • posted a message on Strange glitch, could not play cards..
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    The only problem with that is, if the OP was disconnected, they wouldn't have seen the opponents emotes.

    Not necessarily - When the connection to the server is gone, you can't send or receive any game-relevant data, but if they use a seperate client-to-client connection for emotes and highlighting of your opponent's mouseovers, that could very well still work.
    I'm not sure how Arena handles this though, so the above might not apply here.
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  • posted a message on Strange glitch, could not play cards..
    You probalbly disconnected from the game without your client noticing it.
    Won't hurt to report, but the first thing to do in cases like this should be Alt/F4 and restart - might be able to get back into your game.
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  • posted a message on Is there a land manipulation feature for Bo3 like Bo1? // How many lands to not get mana screwed in Bo3?
    As far as I know, they stated there is no manipulation on hands/shuffling for bo3, but it is fully random.
    So, at least in theory, you should get the best results with building just like you would in paper.
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  • posted a message on New Interface: how do I see my wildcards?
    The vault only appears ingame (as a glowing treasure chest icon besides the 'settings' gear) when it's full. You can check your progress with a tracker programm or by manually browsing your log files though.
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  • posted a message on Why do I constantly have the same cards in my hand, and see the same ones from opponents?
    Quote from JaishivaJai »
    Supposedly they take 2 hands, then give the hand with the best land/spell ratio.

    That's not quite right - they are not very open on details, but as I understood it, the system does not straight up give you the better of two hands - it prefers the one with a land/spell ratio closer to your overall deck and specifically should avoid no-land/90% land hands.
    Nobody outside of the development team really knows any specifics though.
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  • posted a message on Why are players using Rats and Petitioners in current SINGLETON Arena weekend?
    While possible, It should be a relatively weak deck in singleton. I see it as more of a problem for pauper events, as the limited card pool of standard pauper doesn't have all that great answers to petitioners (rats are pretty easy to counter here, but you have to tech specifically for it).

    So far I did not play against any rats and only one game against petitioners (which I actually managed to lose by misclicking a jump-start discard), so I might be wrong.
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  • posted a message on Which is a better value, paper or Arena?
    Quote from AlecPyron »
    Also, you should consider that both can be complementary (even thou I said it otherwise on collecting prospective) and it's designed to have some synergy (at least WotC is adding some stuff like Arena bleeding on competitive MTG and codes for sealed products).

    I Mostly agree with you, but talking about synergy is a bit of a stretch here, imo. It's mostly just a cross-selling marketing strategy.
    Not to say it can't have benefits to play both in paper and arena. Personally, I don't get to play a lot of paper magic anymore since I moved away from my magic-playing friends to a pretty rural area without a real community. I still keep expanding my collection and updating decks, as it's a very enjoyable part of magic for me, but missed just playing the game. So, Arena is a great way to catch up on that.
    Also, I was never really interested in standard, but with Arena's quite fair free to play model, I could quickly get some well-performing decks without investing a lot and rotation shouldn't hurt too much either.
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  • posted a message on Can I be banned for MTGA Pro Tracker?
    I'm not sure if there is an official definitive statement (and I'm too lazy to dig for it at the moment), but they released an example log file before the latest bigger patch to give 3rd party tool developers the chance to update their parsers in advance, so I'd say it's pretty safe Smile
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  • posted a message on Arena too difficult? Or maybe it's just me...
    The first preseason ended, so everyone dropped in rank for the next. Each season will last a month and your starting rank is determined as follows:

    Bronze Tier -> Bronze Tier 4
    Bronze Tier 3 -> Bronze Tier 4
    Bronze Tier 2 -> Bronze Tier 4
    Bronze Tier 1 -> Bronze Tier 3
    Silver Tier 4 -> Bronze Tier 3
    Silver Tier 3 -> Bronze Tier 3
    Silver Tier 2 -> Bronze Tier 2
    Silver Tier 1 -> Bronze Tier 2
    Gold Tier 4 -> Bronze Tier 1
    Gold Tier 3 -> Silver Tier 4
    Gold Tier 2 -> Silver Tier 3
    Gold Tier 1 -> Silver Tier 2
    Platinum Tier 4 -> Silver Tier 1
    Platinum Tier 3 -> Gold Tier 4
    Platinum Tier 2 -> Gold Tier 4
    Platinum Tier 1 -> Gold Tier 3
    Diamond Tier 4 -> Gold Tier 3
    Diamond Tier 3 -> Gold Tier 2
    Diamond Tier 2 -> Gold Tier 2
    Diamond Tier 1 -> Gold Tier 1
    Mythic -> Gold Tier 1

    For special deck building restrictions, you will have to hope for limited time events like the Ravnica block constructed that we had with RNA release. There are no permanent options like this. If you know others that are interested in similar decks, you could of course play direct challenges with them.
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  • posted a message on Are that many people really spending money on this game?
    Quote from JaishivaJai »
    If you want to have an honest discussion about Arena, why can't we compare it to paper Magic? It is not an entirely separate product.

    So, since "BestMagicGamer" doesn`t seem to be interested in any constructive discussion, I feel like someone should pick this up.
    Of course, MTGA is not a seperate game from paper magic - it can't be totally different from the game it is a digital adaption of, obviously. BUT that's talking about mechanics/gemeplay. A direct comparison of the financial aspect is problematic. In paper magic, you get physical cards with at least some resellability, everything you buy in MTGA is purely for your personal use and holds no objective value. So a comparison to other digital games makes more sense than comparing to a physical card game.

    That said, I don't think MTGA is particularly expensive. You can get pretty far without spending ANY money and with relatively little investment, you can easily build 1 or 2 viable competitive decks. Personally I spent less than 50€ so far and I already got more out of it than quite some full price games (have 3 pretty refined decks, a fourth almost finished and a lot of semi-competitive brews).
    Of course, it depends on your expectations - if you want to be able to play every existing Tier 1 whenever you feel like it, it will be expensive. But this goes for every collectible game ever, physical or digital.
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  • posted a message on Wildcards, 3 Colour Mana Base - Its busted.
    Quote from idSurge »
    once the Ranked Ladder becomes Bo3 instead of Bo1 (end of this season) the Arena Ladder will almost certainly match the Paper meta.

    It won`t become bo3 instead, there will be both, so the bo1 specific meta won't just go away. We'll have the option to avoid it while still playing ranked though, since bo3 ladder should be pretty close to paper meta-wise.
    Of course if you're absoluteley sick of the bo1 meta, you could just play traditional anyway, it's not like the ladder offers great rewards, so not much reason to bother with it if you don't enjoy it.
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  • posted a message on Chaos Wand buggy
    Is it possible that the wand pulled a spell with no legal target available and just skipped it? Maybe a Prey Upon from the stompy and a Lava Coil from the Izzet Deck or something similar.
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  • posted a message on New Quick Draft paper format modeled after Arena
    While I think bo1 is legit for limited (where sideboarding is a lot less of a factor anyway), I don't like the way this might lead...

    If the "players love this format on arena" comes mostly from numbers of entries, this is a highly biased argument, since bo3 drafts are a lot more expensive and require premium currency that you can only get without paying real money by playing bo1 drafts.

    Following this reasoning, they could also extend the bo1 mode to constructed, since it is the default mode and so far the only one with a ranking system in arena.

    Not to forget, an online game is a very different environment from an FNM or similar event - you can just start it up and play a couple of games whenever you feel like it without commiting too hard. That's fine, personally I mostly play quick single games on arena too, but you can't really compare it to organized paper play.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition
    Kaya art is great, Tamiyo is fine too, Jaya is on the same level as the original and the rest are clear downgrades imo... not impressed.

    Also very weird they excluded Dovin Confused
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