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  • posted a message on Premium Deck Series: Graveborn (Full list spoiled!)
    Quote from Solaran_X
    Not really. Split Second cards say that no other spells or triggered abilities can be put on the stack until the Split Second card resolves.

    The rest of your statement was correct, but you made an error here that I wouldn't want to see go uncorrected.

    Split Second says that other spells or activated abilities can't be placed on the stack. Triggered abilities work just fine (see Counterbalance).
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  • posted a message on [FtV:L] Kresh and Progenitus + Sharuum, Kiki-Jiki, and Rafiq
    Quote from Kithas
    now I may be confused as to what the reserved list means but from my understanding it meant that those cards would never be reprinted into the standard format. under that understanding putting them into an ftv would be fine because being in this set does not change its legality in any set.
    kind of like how dark rit has been reprinted in precon decks since it was put on the list, but because precons dont change a cards legality in any format they are immune to the list.

    again I may just be wrong

    p.s. still hoping for norin

    This is not at all how the reserved list works. Dark Ritual has never been on it (and never will be--they don't add cards any more).

    Reprint Policy.
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  • posted a message on [M12] Visions of Beyond
    Where are people coming up with turn estimates of 10 or earlier for this card?

    You draw one card per turn. You start with 7. That's turn 14 before you've seen 21 cards. And that assumes you float a blue mana, resolve Obliterate as the 2nd to last card in your hand, and have every card you've ever drawn in play.

    Yes, you can speed it up a little bit with cantrips/card draw/etc, but there's absolutely no way this will draw 3 with any kind of regularity (unless one or both players are mass-milling).
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  • posted a message on Ponder vs. Preordian
    Quote from Happy Gilmore
    Quote from SicksEyeUrn »

    In an attempt to add some science to the discussion...

    Top 3 Preordain E(x) Ponder E(x)
    GGG GGG 3 GGG 3
    BBB B?? 1 ??? 1.5
    GGB GGB 2 GGB 2
    GBG GG? 2.5 GGB 2
    BGG GG? 2.5 GGB 2
    GBB GB? 1.5 ??? 1.5
    BBG G?? 2 ??? 1.5

    Avg(E(x) 2.07 1.93
    The conclusion is that the expected value of the next 3 cards drawn would be better using preordain vs ponder.

    Food for thought!
    For the record, this is entirely unscientific. In statistics you cannot assume that a card you see (in the case of Ponder) is the same as the third card you cannot see with preordain. All unknown cards have a percentage to be any cards remaining in the deck. They are neither good or bad, simply they exist.

    The data you present is based on a wrong presumption.

    The instances where preordain seem better than ponder are invalidated by this assumption, because of the fundamentals of statistics. You cannot compare the two situations as though they are the same.

    You are both wrong.

    SicksEyeUrn failed to account for the probability of each pattern occurring. In other words, that analysis is only correct if all those patterns are equally likely. If your deck is equally likely to have 3 bad cards on top as 3 good cards, then you're doing it wrong. Note also that the chart could change drastically based upon the situation.

    Ponder gives you more information, and is better for digging for a single specific card.

    Preordain provides better incremental advantage.

    Note: I did not read the entire thread, only the first and last pages.
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  • posted a message on [FtV:L] Kresh and Progenitus + Sharuum, Kiki-Jiki, and Rafiq
    Quote from luminum can
    If that were the case, Phelddagrif is definitely in. :p

    Can, you'll confuse people.

    Phelddagrif is quite clearly on the reserved list, and they closed the "premium" loophole, so there will be no Purple Hippos in FTV:Legends.
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  • posted a message on [M12] Time Reversal
    Quote from Elio
    At 3 it's broken, see Timetwister.

    Another reason (in addition to CMC) that Timetwister is broken is because it doesn't exile itself.

    See also Diminishing Returns, which is far less broken, but was still preferred over Time Reversal in the few Legacy decks that ran an effect like that before Time Spiral was unbanned. Primarily due to the 1 mana difference.
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  • posted a message on [M12] The Last Card
    Here's to hoping for Time Manipulation, since the price is stupid.
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  • posted a message on [M12] Name and Number crunch
    How can the last remaining card not yet spoiled be a blue Mythic?

    This card is either so terrible that it wasn't worth spoiling, or so amazing that WotC really put out an A++ effort to keep it secret.
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  • posted a message on [M12] Adaptive Automaton
    Quote from ramblingsimon
    Changeling isn't a creature type; it's a static ability that some Shapeshifters have.

    Quote from TheComprehensiveRules »

    204.3k Creatures and tribals share their lists of subtypes; these subtypes are called creature types.
    The creature types are Advisor, Ally, Angel, Anteater, Antelope, Ape, Archer, Archon,
    Artificer, Assassin, Assembly-Worker, Atog, Aurochs, Avatar, Badger, Barbarian, Basilisk, Bat,
    Bear, Beast, Beeble, Berserker, Bird, Blinkmoth, Boar, Bringer, Brushwagg, Camarid, Camel,
    Caribou, Carrier, Cat, Centaur, Cephalid, Chimera, Citizen, Cleric, Cockatrice, Construct,
    Coward, Crab, Crocodile, Cyclops, Dauthi, Demon, Deserter, Devil, Djinn, Dragon, Drake,
    Dreadnought, Drone, Druid, Dryad, Dwarf, Efreet, Elder, Eldrazi, Elemental, Elephant, Elf, Elk,
    Eye, Faerie, Ferret, Fish, Flagbearer, Fox, Frog, Fungus, Gargoyle, Germ, Giant, Gnome, Goat,
    Goblin, Golem, Gorgon, Graveborn, Gremlin, Griffin, Hag, Harpy, Hellion, Hippo, Hippogriff,
    Homarid, Homunculus, Horror, Horse, Hound, Human, Hydra, Hyena, Illusion, Imp,
    Incarnation, Insect, Jellyfish, Juggernaut, Kavu, Kirin, Kithkin, Knight, Kobold, Kor, Kraken,
    Lammasu, Leech, Leviathan, Lhurgoyf, Licid, Lizard, Manticore, Masticore, Mercenary,
    Merfolk, Metathran, Minion, Minotaur, Monger, Mongoose, Monk, Moonfolk, Mutant, Myr,
    Mystic, Nautilus, Nephilim, Nightmare, Nightstalker, Ninja, Noggle, Nomad, Octopus, Ogre,
    Ooze, Orb, Orc, Orgg, Ouphe, Ox, Oyster, Pegasus, Pentavite, Pest, Phelddagrif, Phoenix,
    Pincher, Pirate, Plant, Praetor, Prism, Rabbit, Rat, Rebel, Reflection, Rhino, Rigger, Rogue,
    Salamander, Samurai, Sand, Saproling, Satyr, Scarecrow, Scorpion, Scout, Serf, Serpent, Shade,
    Shaman, Shapeshifter, Sheep, Siren, Skeleton, Slith, Sliver, Slug, Snake, Soldier, Soltari,
    Spawn, Specter, Spellshaper, Sphinx, Spider, Spike, Spirit, Splinter, Sponge, Squid, Squirrel,
    Starfish, Surrakar, Survivor, Tetravite, Thalakos, Thopter, Thrull, Treefolk, Triskelavite, Troll,
    Turtle, Unicorn, Vampire, Vedalken, Viashino, Volver, Wall, Warrior, Weird, Whale, Wizard,
    Wolf, Wolverine, Wombat, Worm, Wraith, Wurm, Yeti, Zombie, and Zubera.

    Yep, no Changeling in that list. Those are ALL the legal choices to name with this card (unless new creature types were introduced w/M12 and I didn't notice).

    EDIT: AFAIK, there's still no proof this is actually real. Did I miss it?
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  • posted a message on [M12] More reprints and a couple of new cards
    Quote from Foam-dome

    Hey now, Noxious Revival can be Redirected to target one of your opponent's binned cards...! ;D

    What you're doing is actually pointing out another way the Noxious Revival is better.

    "Hmmm, you've got several good outs and only one turn to draw them? Let's put that fetch land back on top of your library." "Gee, thanks."
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  • posted a message on [COMM] DailyMTG Preview: Hornet Queen, Zedruu
    Quote from luminum can
    Not all of them; some older ones haven't had art commissioned for them and just have blank space in their art box. Sand Warrior tokens made by Hazezon Tamar are a good example.

    Perhaps I was wrong about this. I've never seen a token w/o art on MODO, but I don't play that much.

    However, I *do* know for sure that there are tokens that only exist on MODO and nowhere else, which proves that they do make art just MODO tokens.
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  • posted a message on [M12] Adaptive Automaton
    Is there confirmation of this?

    Normally everyone here cries fake for 50% of the posts if the spoiler doesn't come from a website or well known source.

    Where is this confirmed?
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  • posted a message on [COMM] DailyMTG Preview: Hornet Queen, Zedruu
    Quote from Vividice
    Good find. One one hand it sounds stupid and unkind to print a new Card and don't include the tokens (on paper).
    On the other hand it's very likely that they designed this card for another set then because I agree, it's unlikely that they made the art just for Modo.

    Im guessing we will see her in Inistrad then Smile

    Every single token has art on MODO. Even old ones that were released before they printed useful token cards.

    Yes, they do commission art just for MODO tokens.
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  • posted a message on [M12] Name and Number crunch
    Well, 111 is indeed "Sorin's something".


    Sorin's Vengeance. It's a Sorcery, not Creature -- Vampire.
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