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  • posted a message on Monoblue beatdown
    I'm definitely going with Thassa; unblockable is really nice for allowing big dudes without evasion to shine.

    ... like Phyrexian Ingester! Can't believe I missed that one.
    Most of the others I've already considered. My 7+ CMC slot is getting pretty crowded, as this is not a seamonsters deck. I think CMC 3-to-5 is ideal. Though I do understand there isn't a whole lot of good stuff at that cost in blue.

    Also found Illusory Angel while looking through the phantasmal stuff.

    I thought about Kefnet, but he's awfully hard to actually get to swing.
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  • posted a message on Monoblue beatdown
    Quote from MRHblue »
    Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep as either the Commander or theme.

    Plenty of cards interact (or do not in a good way) with those tribes. See Whelming Wave
    As much as I love Thassa sea-monster tribal, Thassa herself gets bounced a lot. Also Slinn Voda just costs too much mana.

    Though that did cause me to stumble onto Scourge of Fleets.
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  • posted a message on Monoblue beatdown
    Quote from Taleran »
    Most aggressive Mono-U decks I have seen these days have been some variations of Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign because that Sphinx does everything you would want from a Commander.
    Not a huge fan. He costs a lot and usually needs to make it around to your next turn before you can start laying all the sphinxes down. Thassa on the other hand is cheap, hard to remove, and makes other big things unblockable.

    Quote from Onering »
    Theres that one swole merfolk from shadowmoore.
    Ah, Wake Thrasher. Good call.
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  • posted a message on Monoblue beatdown
    For funsies I want to make a mono-U beatdown deck, very much a 'battlecruiser' sort of deck. Shockingly I am having difficulty finding good blue beatdown creatures.

    Commander: Thassa, God of the Sea (she's big, comes down early, and helps me scry into more creatures)

    So far I have...
    Lorthos, the Tidemaker
    added - Phyrexian Ingester, thanks @RxPhantom
    Nezahal, Primal Tide
    added - Scourge of Fleets, thanks @MRHblue
    Inspired Sphinx
    Frost Titan
    Sphinx of Jwar Isle...?
    Guardian of Tazeem
    Master of Predicaments
    added - Stormsurge Kraken
    Icefall Regent...?
    added - Keeper of Keys...?
    Sphinx of Foresight
    added - Master of Waves
    added - Profaner of the Dead
    added - Conundrum Sphinx (Thassa synergy!)
    Tempest Djinn
    added - Loyal Drake
    added - Wake Thrasher, thanks @Onering
    added - Illusory Angel...?, thanks RxPhantom
    Chasm Skulker
    Thada Adel, Acquisitor
    added - Deep-Sea Kraken...?
    Skaab Ruinator...?
    Riptide Mangler...?
    Jace's Phantasm
    Cosi's Trickster

    and I'm looking for suggestions on other good blue beats, preferably at the lower end of the manacurve.

    I'm considering going spell-slinger with cantrips and whatnot as a sub-theme so that I can throw in some cards like Niblis of Frost, Pteramander, and Runechanter's Pike. Thoughts there?
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  • posted a message on How many arguements can this card start?
    Still incredibly busted 1v1, but at this point I take it that you don't care.
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  • posted a message on How many arguements can this card start?
    Still busted in 1v1, and now you've made it useless in multiplayer. You play it, then on each new player's turn everyone votes 'yay' and you never actually end up creating any soldiers or dealing any damage.

    Change the second trigger to 'at the beginning of your end step' so that you benefit on the same turn you play or gain control of it, and make it so that you lose control in the event of a tie.
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  • posted a message on How many arguements can this card start?
    It absolutely doesn't need shroud or indestructible. Adding those on to cards just because you personally want them to stay around is just creator bias.

    Quote from InfinityDie »
    You can't just go up to a government and say they don't exist anymore, right?
    By that logic 90% of enchantments should be indestructible, since most of them are intangible ideas. Magic is meant to be evocative, not necessarily congruent. It's the same reason you can murder a golem and why the graveyard represents both memories and a literal graveyard.

    This card represents an increasingly powerful effect potentially disruptive to the game, and for balance there needs to be a way to easily deal with it. Especially if the current controller gets to keep it in case of a tie, which makes it very strong in 1v1 games.

    Then each player votes for another player. The player with the most votes gains control of Political Power.

    If the event of a tie, there ISN'T a player with the most votes so control doesn't change.
    This is still ambiguous both in terms of game rules and semantics (and semantics are important here because they help players understand what a card does when they read it the first time, rather than forcing them to pause the game in order to go look up rulings.)
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  • posted a message on Washing out color identity for tribal
    I'd really like one for curses...

    So needless to say, I like the idea. I suspect WotC is going to stick with the Tazri approach though, just because it's so much cleaner with the game rules.
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  • posted a message on What is your favorite commander?
    Queen Marchesa, the Mardu commander that isn't just combat.

    She's also very versatile in how you run her.
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  • posted a message on Favorite mono-brown commanders
    I like Kozy 2.0 because the colorless mana symbols make me feel like I'm playing some super-secret 6th color instead of just colorless.

    Also ramping pairs well with a quasi-wheel effect, and if you build the deck right then Kozy 2.0 will end up drawing you more than four cards. The counterspell thing is just a side benefit, and lets you do something that colorless otherwise couldn't do.

    But if you're just trying to have fun then I think Emrakul is the best choice. Her effect is the most unique among them, and as long as you have a way to get her back in the command zone or your hand then you can probably cast her a lot. If you also make sure not to screw over whoever you're controlling too badly and maybe make their land drop for them then they might not even mind on account of the extra turn, depending on the person. She's also the cheapest to cast and the hardest to block.

    Most importantly she allows you to eliminate people by doing something other than turning sideways, which at the very least makes the deck more fun to play.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR CMC Countdown - Hands Posted!
    Oh, oops. Looks like Force got banned at some point before I took a long break from these?
    Or was that just always the case?

    Well, I don't know of any simple substitutions, so I'll just need to withdraw.
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  • posted a message on EDH stats via Command Zone
    The best takeaway from that video is a cautionary tale. It stands as a clear example of how 'scientific' studies can be misrepresented and misused by someone with an agenda and a weak understanding of methodology. In this case the agenda is to create 'surprising' results that fly against the expectations of the typical commander playerbase. The small sample size, blatant ignorance displayed near the start of the video of how statistics work, and lack of a control of any sort should all be red flags.

    All they've done is produce clickbait: "Study finds 1st-turn Sol Ring actually horrible play!" or "Study shows Superfriends is best commander archetype!" for example. Now those 'facts' will be repeated ad nauseam in forum discussions about Sol Ring, deck archetypes, winning strategies, and so on. Feeding back into their show when people want to reference the source.

    To be fair, they mention repeatedly that this data should not be relied upon. But since the majority of the video is them immediately attempting to justify the results that they get, they end up sending mixed messages. Ultimately the impression that will be left with most viewers is what they spoke most emphatically about; that being "this unintuitive and shocking conclusion is true and here's why!".

    Some of the conclusions they draw from it are hilariously nonsensical, even going so far as to suggest that a pet card, Vedalken Orrery, somehow mitigates the disadvantage of not going first. Their sample size for the superfriends archetype winrate is four. That's not statistics. Realistically that's closer to an anecdote about your friend Steve's totally super-rad Atraxa superfriends deck that always wins when he plays it and therefore proves the archetype is top-tier.

    ... None of that is to say that a study of this sort can't or shouldn't be done. It's simply that I have tremendous misgivings about their methodology. It is difficult and very much expensive to get a large enough data set in a given activity, particularly when there are so many factors involved, when that activity typically takes an hour or more, and when the goal of those involved is ill-defined (since many of these players involved are not necessarily trying to win commander games, but rather create shows that are fun to watch for their youtube viewers).
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Pick A Guild - Hands Posted!
    At first I thought I was pretty bad off, but this hand was fast enough to sneak out an unexpected win OTP against Bloopers

    5) "Oversoul Oversell"
    Emmara, Soul of the Accord / Shield of the Oversoul / Oversoul of Dusk

    1) ManyCookies :: Go Go Gruul!
    Clan Defiance / Huntmaster of the Fells / Regisaur Alpha
    Defiance can't kill any of my nontoken creatures. Emmara whittles you down with flying, and makes lifelink tokens for blocking. Oversoul can block either of your nontoken creatures and I win well before Defiance threatens to burn me out. ~ 6-0

    2) Sizel
    Selenia, Dark Angel / Evershrike / Edge of the Divinity
    Emmara gets in for a decent amount before you can play your creatures, then she switches to defense while Oversoul wins it from there with protection. ~ 6-0

    3) Bloopers
    Orcish Lumberjack / Deus of Calamity / Predatory Advantage
    OTP Emmara's tokens throw themselves in front of Deus to keep my lands alive. Oversoul comes out fast enough to block Deus while I'm still at 9 (and while you still only have 1 lizard), letting Emmara win the race. OTD Deus eats a land before Emmara can start tapping, and it's all downhill from there. ~ 3-3

    4) Superbajt
    Selesnya Guildmage / Wheel of Sun and Moon / Dromoka's Command
    OTP I can get you down to 4 before your saprolings chump my Oversoul forever. OTD it's not even close. ~ 0-6

    5 | 1 2 3 4 5 |
    X | 6 6 3 0 X | 14 | 350
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Number One - Hands Posted!
    Quote from Sizel »
    *Respectfully and politely Wink
    Grumbles in the corner about "youngin's these days..."
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Guild Mechanic Speculation
    I would love proliferate Simic. New Phyrexia was long enough ago that I also don't think new players are going to get confused about the flavor or anything, in terms of why the Simic are using the Phyrexians' mechanic.

    Incidentally, Selesnya in the current set has a number of effects that distribute +1/+1 counters among multiple creatures, and Boros has Mentor. So I also think proliferate for Simic seems likely due to the synergies it would have with this set's mechanics.

    Jump-Start and Undergrowth make me think Rakdos will have something discard-related (as opposed to something like Unleash). Madness is a good bet.

    But the current set has only one old mechanic, assuming you're willing to count Undergrowth as 'new'. I doubt the next set will have more than two old mechanics.

    Orzhov might have something related to returning from the graveyard. Maybe something like "Whenever a creature you control with toughness greater than this card's CMC dies, return this card from your graveyard to your hand." That would fuel Jump-Start nicely as well, and add value to the various fatties you'll get from spreading around all of those +1/+1 counters.

    I don't really have any guesses for Gruul or Azorious.
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