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  • posted a message on Leak Gideon (story spoiler)
    Quote from Morphling »
    Quote from Bhogal83 »
    So, Gideon didn't actually sacrifice anything then. I bet the two (two!) other named planeswalkers who "died" in this "devastating war" aren't really dead either, but rather, catching up with old friends and chillaxing in heaven. Great storytelling, Wizards.

    Pfft. Go write a better one? Rolleyes

    What an idiotic statement. It's not my job to write for Wizards (though I'm sure I could actually do better). But even if I somehow couldn't, if you think that you're not allowed to criticise something unless you can do it better, then the next time your flight gets delayed, you're not allowed to complain, because you don't know how to fly a plane. The next time you don't like a dish in a restaurant, you're not allowed to complain, because you're not a professional chef.

    Seriously, next time think before you post.
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  • posted a message on Leak Gideon (story spoiler)
    So, Gideon didn't actually sacrifice anything then. I bet the two (two!) other named planeswalkers who "died" in this "devastating war" aren't really dead either, but rather, catching up with old friends and chillaxing in heaven. Great storytelling, Wizards.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    I just read the leaked info, and it's confirmed legit (photos exist of the book and its pages). The novel is unsurprisingly poorly written, with a lot of atonality and on-the-nose dialogue, but the worst thing about it is that there appears to be a *huge* inconsistency in the central plot point of the novel (i.e. the most important event of the story directly contradicts a crucial fact established on Amonkhet). However, since the mods won't allow me to elaborate, I'll just stop there.
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  • posted a message on Aminkhet Gods returned?
    Looks like we might be getting a new creature type: God Zombie (Zombie God?), which could prove to be extremely cool.
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  • posted a message on [WAR} Official War of the Spark Trailer!
    I think that if Liliana was actually going to die, then they wouldn't have so strongly suggested she was going to die in the trailer, as that would spoil the surprise. They *want* us to think she is going to die, so it's probably safe to say she lives.

    The trailer does actually show what appears to be Dack dying (or losing his spark), though, and since he's an unpopular character who is taking up a slot that could be given to someone much more distinctive and representative of the UR color identity, I think we can count him as a casualty.

    Overall, the trailer didn't reveal much about the story that anyone with more than two brain cells couldn't have predicted. The music was also super cringe. But the visuals were impressive, and I am happy that they portrayed Bolas as an actual reptilian dragon this time, rather than the cartoonish goblin-faced imp that has prevented me from ever finding him even slightly intimidating.
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  • posted a message on War of The Spark Trailer
    The current crop of planeswalkers are among the blandest characters in all of fantasy. I am hopeful that many of them will die forever.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Art Book -Spoilers
    Quote from Gutterstorm »

    Autumn, i seriously don't understand why you're here. If you don't like anything then just stop reading it. Stop involving yourself. It boggles the mind that you continue to engage with this stuff that you think is so bad

    This is the Magic Storyline forum, not the Magic Storyline Appreciation forum.
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  • posted a message on TheMarySue - New Planeswalker Vivien Reid + Vivien's Invocation
    Where's Ugin? This upcoming set is supposed to be about his history with Bolas, and yet apparently he won't get a card just so that Wizards can continue to avalanche us with generic brown-skinned human female planeswalkers to show everyone how woke they are.

    Less politics, more dragons please.
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  • posted a message on Benalish Marshal
    Amazingly awesome card. But why is seemingly every Benalish and Serran black? Benalia was definitely European in Invasion... And am I wrong, or is every evil character white? Correct me if I am wrong, by all means.

    I've noticed this as well. But it's not really surprising, given that most of WOTC hold to a far-left ideology that they try to force on us at every opportunity. From here on out we'll be seeing a lot more black and female Mary Sues, and we'll probably also see a few autistic sphinxes and transsexual dragons in wheelchairs because diversity.

    I would actually love to see more black, LGBT, and disabled characters, but I'd like them introduced organically, not shoehorned in. Having what was clearly a Western medieval realm of knights suddenly filled with black people without explanation is jarring, just as having white Jamuraans in traditional African garb would be (though WOTC wouldn't do that, just as they wouldn't have blonde people on Amonkhet, because it'd be cultural appropriation, which only works one way). I know that this is fantasy and all, but suspension of disbelief and aesthetic coherence matter.

    And I'm also insulted that WOTC thinks that it needs to push ethnic minority characters in order to get ethnic minority players. I come from an Indian background, and Saheeli Rai did nothing for me, because I don't need someone to share my skin colour in order to sympathise with them. I'd prefer that WOTC created characters with, y'know, character, rather than just expect us to like them because they're brown or female.

    But hell, the true minority in this game seems to be people who think like us, because we get called Nazis and attacked for our opinions by the far-left people who dominate this game, including WOTC itself. End rant.
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  • posted a message on Christine Sprankle and Harassment in the MTG Community
    I don't normally post here, as I don't believe the mods are even-handed. You only have to look at how tyrannically they've acted against the slightest disagreement, while also allowing a poster to call Magic players "Fat losers" (I thought insults were forbidden, mods?)

    Anyway, on topic, there are a few things to remember about Jeremy:

    - He has Lifelink: Every time you clash with him, he gains life. Conflict strengthens him.
    - He has Double-strike: Whenever you hit him, he hits back twice as hard. This is because he is twice as malicious, has twice as much free time, and his career depends on hitting hard.
    - He has Indestructible: Regular damage is ineffective against him. He is impervious to shame. To defeat him, he must be exiled, from the conversation and from the game.
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  • posted a message on [AKH][CUBE] Nissa, Herald of Life - FAKE, LOCKED
    I will never use a Nissa card unless Wizards sorts out her stupid Warcraft ears.
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  • posted a message on Ars Technica Preview - Cruel Reality
    Gideon was once able to wrestle Ulamog to a standstill, but now can't hold off two regular humans. I'm glad Wizards hit him with the nerf-bat. I hope it lasts. As for the card, meh - should've been a sorcery that creates an emblem, and even then wouldn't have seen play.
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  • posted a message on I will write stories of your favorite commander
    Quote from Ashiok »
    Indeed, Geralf and Gisa are quite the interesting characters! Since Drain Life requested Gisa, but not Geralf, I will focus on the sister this time around. I can write Geralf for you! I could write Sen Triplets as well, but I suppose I will see how many requests I get. The thing is: since there are more requests than I initially thought, I think I will write one story per person until the requests end, and then I can come back around and write the Sen Triplets story. Is that okay? (I could also write Sen Triplets first and Geralf second, heh).

    Awesome. Sen Triplets first please! Cheers!
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  • posted a message on If Frontier Became Official - Where Should it Start?
    Frontier should start at M15. Tarkir block is the source of sexy mechanics like morph and delve, which add a lot of variety to the game.

    Instead of banning problematic cards, answers to them should be printed in future sets. Wizards have already printed cards that hate nonbasic lands, like Thalia, Heretic Cathar. If they release a few more cards that specifically punish fetchlands, players will eventually have to consider alternatives.
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