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  • posted a message on Escape characteristic on copied spells
    I escape Kroxa, titan of death's hunger and copy it with Lithoform Engine (and have whatever that cancel out the legendary rule) - Now, do I need to sac the token, or did it escape? I'd say it didn't escape since:

    702.138b A spell or permanent “escaped” if that spell or the spell that became that permanent as it resolved was cast from a graveyard with an escape ability.

    Since the copy was never in the gy it can't escape. Is this correct?
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  • posted a message on Best deck to constantly trick, confound and dazzle the opponent?
    For the topic: You could try a chaos deck. It certanly keeps opponents guessing.
    "So when I play this creature, first you get a myr, then I need to change my creature for another creature, then you change your creature, then that creature has haste, and we seperate our permanents into 3 stacks and sac one at random, while every spell I play is countered and another spell is played at random instead?"
    Keeps them guessing XD they might also hate you. My playgroup hated me. Had to take my norin deck apart.
    Some cards from my chaos pile:
    ScrambleverseWild EvocationInvasion PlansConfusion in the ranksGrand MeleeFiery GambitThieves' AuctionOmen MachineRisky MovePossibility StormGrasp of ChaosPlanar ChaosKnowledge Pool

    Quote from Helnas »
    A guy at my fnm insta scoops the moment you steal his commander just so you dont get to use it, even for 1 turn

    That sounds like I'd put a steal effect or two in my deck just for the purpose of knocking this guy out of the game. If he wants to hamper himself - he is free to do so. But scooping a game because "QQ there is a game mechanic I don#t like"? Hardpass to play with such a person. If it were premade pots I'd take full advantage of this.

    I mean what shall you do?
    - Some people hate solring/manacrypt/manavault t1 - scoop?
    - Some people hate to get milled - Scoop?
    - Get Counterspelled - Scoop?
    - Graveyar exiled- Scoop?
    - Extra turns - Scoop?
    - Staxx - Scoop?

    Yes you can do so if you want, but don't expect other players to go easy on you. Don't force the way YOU want to play on everyone else. There is a set of rules everyone has to adhere to, and you don't get to make this rules, unless you talk them through with your playgroup and everyone agrees.

    I.e. in our playgroup we just got rid of the official bannlist with the exception of a few cards like
    - Prophet of Kruulphix
    - Power 9
    - Library of Alexandria
    - Karakas
    and I think 2 or 3 more that caused problems... but their bannlist didn't fit our style of play. We also sometimes houserule that its okay to take a pw as a commander, if someone wants to try something out and its not obviously insta-broken-bull*****-garbage. Would I try to bring a planeswalker-non-commander-commander to fnm? Yeah you bet not.
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  • posted a message on Looking for a good, big, cheap tablet to display the MTG Lifecounter App
    So far, we have been playing with the commander life-wheels and used D20 to signal commander damage - while command tax was usually displayed by a d6. Now I'd like to upgrade our life/ tax / poison / storm / and so on counting to a tablet - but I realized our tablet is too old. Now, before I put the effort in researching tablets to go with the mtg life counter app - maybe someone can suggest something?
    - Big Screen
    - Long Battery life
    - Fast enough to run the app
    - Reasonable priced
    - Whatever I forgot.
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  • posted a message on Most wasted artworks / card names / flavor tests
    Shimmer of Possibility - I love the art, especially combined with the cards name. The people in the rain dissapearing and appearing somewhere else. But I can't play it in commander .(
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  • posted a message on Who will replace Gideon?
    Doesn't anyone else think elspeth will come back as bw?
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker War 2.0?
    Quote from Morphling »
    And yes, I am a type of person that is more for Dark Endings...

    So you keep telling us.. Rolleyes

    From searching the story forum the last 30 minutes: yes he does, and yes we got it, dark dark, eldrazi hold grudges and and and ^^

    Also, on topic:

    Nicol Bolas + Lilia + Tezzeret + Baan VS All the other planeswalkers in the multiverse, call it a planeswalker war if you like^^

    Well, sorin and nahiri took some time to take part in it and prefered to off each other for a while before they got their ***** together
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  • posted a message on So... did they just give Feather the axe?
    After reading the book: How exactly has she been "redeemed"? She wasn't mentioned once...
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  • posted a message on Emrakul RETURNS?!
    I don't think "Grudge" is part of their mindset. They are so foreign to our mindset I imagine even being trapped for millenia didn't really bother them. More like:

    "We eat this plane now"
    "Oh, why don't I eat anymore? Some strange magic? Oh well, doesn't matter, will continue to eat soon, probably." (few millenia later, feels like a second to an eldrazi) "Oh yes, those phenomens that keep me from eating are always over in a blink of an eye. Lets just go on where we took of"
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  • posted a message on Reddit Leak: Gideon's (SPOILER ALERT)
    Quote from Ernart »
    Expected after Avacyn and Elspeth. Typical MTG storyline.

    The white guy always dies first? Grin
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  • posted a message on Variant: Chaos Stack - Advice needed
    Thanks, will read the your other thread Wink
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  • posted a message on Amass' potential
    Quote from darrenhabib »
    "Amass" is dictionary defined as.. "gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of material or things) over a period of time.", doesn't actually resonate with what the ability does.
    Then they throw in the word "army" and again you imagine a mass of creatures, which this ability doesn't actually achieve.
    It only creates minimal +1/+1 counters, so in general it's been a failure in naming and flavor with the perceived notion of an "army" of Zombies, which it just doesn't do.
    It also encourages that you don't have an army at all, as gaining a creature (in general) is more advantageous than a +1/+1 counter.

    I find it funny that, flavorwise, the army consists of those battle hardened magical steel covered eternals. So, if you amass, I'd say you add at least 3-5, more likely 10 of them to the army as 1/1 or +1/+1. Then, you have your vanilla zombie token, wich is a half-decayed corpse with zero on the defence and little on the offense as a 2/2 Grin
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  • posted a message on Angrath amass?
    So, I'm currently reading WAR and it seems like Angrath is a good guy here, smiting undead with his chain. Angrath, Captain of Chaos - Why does he amass - make more zombies come to your side to help you?
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  • posted a message on Most interesting Mono Red or Mono Green commanders?
    norin the wary - you can do so much dumb ***** with him as the commander of an etb / Chaos deck
    Jaya Ballard, Task Mage - Control deck (Note that she can be a sweeper every turn if she has protection from red, and that there are ways to make your opponents permanents blue)
    Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs - Interesting Pillowfort / Punisher deck

    Ezuri, Renegade Leader - for your typical elf deck
    Selvala, Hearth of the Wilds - for that big BIG creatures (get a 2nd landdrop t1, play her t2, have 5 mana on t3, play a creature, have 10+ mana on t4
    Yisan, the Wanderer Bard It feels like you could so something really interesting with him, I just didn't get to do it yet
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  • posted a message on New Horizons and Aboreal Grazer LSV preview
    Quote from MonoBlackOut »

    Grazer is like "man these leaves are so good" *munch munch* "what's this about a guy named Nicky? *munch munch*

    This reminds me of the sloth from the last book of the iron druid chronicles... Best interpretation of a sloth ever, especially in the audible version^^ Also, it gets a green combat trick to decapitate some people at speeds a sloth has never decapitated people before... so theres that as a bonus Wink
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  • posted a message on Next Magic Set Prediction?
    Quote from krishnath »
    Quote from user-21171494 »
    So, what are your predictions for the next magic set? Enemy / Story / Plane?

    My biggest bet would be on:

    Enemy: Phyrexia (Tezzeret escaped with a way to make them planeswalk again, karn enlistened the gatewatch to help, everything points to this)
    Story: Either invade on new phyrexia (unlikely, since we should get a new world soon)
    Or invasion on another world
    Wich one?...
    Theros (Pro: Believe in yawmagoth to revive him as a Legendary Enchantment Artifact Creature - God :D. Also: Elspeth and probably a meeting with gideon in the underworld Con: Again, no new world)
    Vrynn: Descent level of technology to inflict, whished to visit by some fans, Jace survived WAR, Phyrexian invasion would set the world apart from the "Artifact set theme" that made it clash with kaladesh.

    So to sum it up, my storyline prediction:
    1) Phyrexia invade Vrynn
    2) Then, we go to New Phyrexia and blow it up with the stylix
    3) Phyrexians Escape to Theros and recreate yawmagoth to make Theros New New Phyrexia
    4) We go searching for nukes somewhere else, since we can't use the stylix again (New World, introduce new baddie or bring eldrazi back)
    5) We Nuke Phyrexia

    Yawgmoth is not going to happen in standard, stop trying to make Yawgmoth happen in Standard. Yawgmoth (and Urza and Gerrard) is dead in a way that prevents resurrection, there is neither a body nor a soul to resurrect. The firing of the legacy weapon obliterated Yawgmoth's body and soul, he is gone and not coming back in a Standard legal set, ever.

    It woudn't be a resurrection and also not Yawgmoth himself, it would merely be a projection of what he is believed to be by the phyrexians - an enchantment. Ashiok proved that its quite easy to create new gods on theros Wink
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