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  • posted a message on Re-New to the Site
    Hi everyone!! I have been on this site for quite a while, but I have not posted anything regularly in a number of years.

    My wife and I recently moved from New York to Chicago, and I am a Level 1 Judge looking for some stores who could utilize a Level 1 Judge on a semi-regular basis.

    My favorite formats are Legacy, Commander, and Vintage. Hello again, everyone!!
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  • posted a message on The [NY Giants] defeat the Patriots again!!! We are the champions!!! AHHHHHHH...
    hey guys...I know I haven't been posting too often...school, work, and gf dominating my time...Just want to let everyone know that I'm in the market for some cards, and if anyone has them, I would gladly trade for them.

    2 Razorverge Thicket
    1 Sword of Feast and Famine
    1 Sword of Light and Shadow
    3 Vendilion Clique

    Please PM if you have...

    In other news, been playing a weird version of GBW Pod at FNM and loving it...card choices are a little unusual, but they work...really well against the meta...also trying to build back up my Legacy collection that got a HUGE boost Friday night...:-D
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Spanish Inquisition (B/x Storm Combo)
    Well, now that MM is banned, is this deck actually viable again?
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  • posted a message on B&R List Discussion
    I've been reading pages and pages of discussion about this...Mental Misstep slowed down the format considerably, and whether or not its banning was actually warranted is a solid debate. However, I think back to Survival's banning, and I remember what was said when that happened: that it didn't need to be banned.

    I know the numbers: 70%+ win pct against the field, but our European players said it was barely making waves over there. I had been playing RecSur for years, and then I switched to 4c Survival Control. Did Vengevine push the limits of what Survival should be allowed to do? Yes. But players in the American metagame refused to change their decks, or their sideboards to deal with the increasing numbers of Survivals. 4 Tormod's Crypt and 2-3 Krosan Grip should have been enough to slow the deck down enough for the opposing player to gain control, as the European meta has shown us.

    The American meta is RIDICULOUSLY slow to adapt to any changes. So slow, that most players don't do it because they're too lazy to change their pet decks. Natural Order/Show and Tell decks can be worked around, but might even be harder to deal with than Survival. To beat a Show and Tell'd Emrakul or Progenitus on turn 2 or 3, you would need to have an overwhelming board presence already, or drop one of a select few cards that can deal with it.

    Personally, I haven't played much Legacy since Survival was banned due to outside reasons called life, so I cannot talk on the state of MM, but from what I saw, its printing forced the ENTIRE format, maindeck and sideboard, to adapt to its inclusion. The fact that any deck could play it made it worse (Wizards has always said that free spells always need to be examined under a microscope). Unfortunately, a majority of Legacy tournaments are played on US soil, and since us Americans are slow to respond to the decks popping up, we should all just play linear 60 card decks with SB answers to combat ONLY what screws us, instead of sweeping SB answers to the entire format, and eventually, Jace TMS, Natural Order, Emrakul, AEther Vial, Goblin Ringleader, and any other card that facilitates any kind of deck will be banned, until we're playing with Serra Angels again.

    Sorry for the rant, but just sayin'...
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  • posted a message on Double-Faced Card (DFC) Pseudo FAQ
    To give a judges' opinion on the question that arises from Illusionary Mask and a DFC/proxy, for purposes of Ixidron, the card is face down. For purposes of Illusionary Mask, the information about the card leaves it in exile face down. Since a card face down in exile is private information, I feel that a DFC removed with an Illusionary Mask will be hidden under Illusionary Mask as normal, especially since the checklist represents the card in all private zones.

    And fnord, as far as Tempest Efreet goes, you now own the checklist, which represents the DFC. Everywhere except America, paper money represents an amount of gold equal to the denomination printed. Therefore, you get a checklist card that means you own the card it represents. ;-)
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  • posted a message on Need U/G CMC=4 "ETB" and "LTB" Creatures
    Spike Weaver is always a solid choice in a 4cc green slot, and Tradewind Rider might help also in the 4cc slot if you can keep 2 creatures onboard.
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  • posted a message on Idea to slow spam?
    I was just thinking if it would be too much trouble to include a like button, similar to facebook's, to the forum posts. My one infraction in my time here was for spamming the forum, to concur with my clanmate about something. I look through the "most pimp magic card/deck you've seen" thread constantly, and although the spam warnings aren't given out for "That card looks amazing", it always seems borderline. I was thinking a like button could alleviate that.
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  • posted a message on The [NY Giants] defeat the Patriots again!!! We are the champions!!! AHHHHHHH...
    The other problem with Mark's is that you have me with weird as hell format breaking decks that somehow use hard to deal with card combos...:-D Serafis, welcome to the clan. Since GoC's car can fill up fast, if you're willing to travel into Flushing, Queens, I can give you a lift to Mark's on Friday nights. Mikey, grow up about your rating...LOL...Nice new clan thread, sorry I haven't been posting that much...I've been busy...really busy...LOL
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Spanish Inquisition (B/x Storm Combo)
    I've been playing this deck for a little while already, and I have an interesting question. What would people think of 2x Sundial of the Infinite between the MD and SB? It can save our behinds from the ever present problem of using a Summoner's Pact and failing to win that turn...
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  • posted a message on [NYC Dark Knights] The clan that never sleeps.
    Attention everyone:

    These past few months, my heart hasn't really been in Magic too much...as a result, I am contemplating selling my cards and getting out of the game. Since I've become unemployed, the game just seems like a way for me to spend money I don't have. I want to gauge my clanmates' opinions, as well as try to find somebody to buy my cards at a decent price. If you want to lend yourself to either, please text/call me and let me know. Thanks.
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  • posted a message on [NYC Dark Knights] The clan that never sleeps.
    by the way, gentlemen, it looks like I'll be MIA this weekend and next. Prereleases and Launch Parties mean $25 each time that I really don't have...unless somebody's willing to buy off some of my Commander deck staples or other cards, or wants a second player as a "ringer" for them...you pay, my cards are yours at end of tourney, and if I win prize, I keep half...otherwise, I might be MIA...
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  • posted a message on "Commanderness"
    Sorry to "necro" this thread, but since it is linked to in a current EDH forum thread, I would like to add what some of the official game rules say about this...

    papa_funk has stated that as per the EDH Rules Committee, a general's location is considered hidden in the library, as the library is defined as a hidden zone. The only hidden zones in the game are the hand and library, everything else is a public zone.

    When cards are exiled face down, however, this is a modified hidden zone, where only the player who hid it face down can see what it is. However, the rules committee has made a clause for this situation. If a player's general is found with Praetor's Grasp, it must be revealed as a part of the general's identity. As a result, a clarified explanation for General Identity can be described as the usual, plus this:

    When a general is in a public zone (on the battlefield, graveyard, exile or command zone), it must be made clear that this is a player's general.
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  • posted a message on [NYC Dark Knights] The clan that never sleeps.
    Jace The Wallet Raper is not being reprinted. First off, MaRo said it himself. Second off, with that angle, you'd be able to see a part of the text box if it had the 4 abilities. Third, as a cycle of mono-colored planeswalkers, having 1 with 4 abilities really sets a bad name for the other walkers, and the other colors.

    Core Set cycles have to be relatively balanced, since newer players use them to learn the game. Having a blue walker with 4 abilities and having 4 other colored walkers with 3 would set a precedence in newer players that blue gets to do more with what it has. NOT a good principle to set when players have to learn, sorry.
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  • posted a message on B&R List Discussion
    Quote from Soldier
    I could be wrong but Psychatog is what got Gush banned twice and today most players see Psychatog as an unplayable creature.

    Psychatog got Gush banned twice, and Psychatog is a mostly unplayable creature due to Gush being out of the format. If they unbanned Gush, Gro-A-Tog would come back in a BUG Landstill shell with Lorescale Coatl, Psychatog, and Tombstalker picking up the run. I do NOT think Gush should be unbanned. Unbanning Gush may not have much impact outside of GAT, but I remember when that deck was running, both with and without Gush. We don't need that headache in the format again.

    As for the rest of the B&R list, I think Legacy is in a healthy state right now. I don't think Land Tax being unbanned will particularly ruffle anyone's feathers, but it may even spawn a new archetype or two based on Scroll Rack and fetchlands/shuffle effects providing good amounts of card advantage. Yes, it might be too much, but you're still talking a 1 mana enchantment, and a 2 mana artifact. Granted, they're not as easy to remove as Painter's Servant, but it's still dealable.
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  • posted a message on Cards that are guaranteed to piss your friends off!
    My friends and I play a lot of casual legacy and EDH...nothing's worse for them than when I start casting Glimpse of Nature in my Elf deck, or when I cast the Biorhythm after resolving 30 Elves...:-D

    One of my friends uses Storm Cauldron in his mono-black griefer EDH deck. I'm VERY happy I gave him that suggestion...:rolleyes::D
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