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  • posted a message on ONE- Phyrexia: All Will Be One stories, lore and world-building
    Overall, the story is what it is, just a barebones guide to get us from point A to point B without much meat and left me wishing there were side stories to flesh things out. We've waited 10 years for a return to New Phyrexia and the most we get for it is when Nahiri makes the scale model of the plane's spheres. No details on just how the Mirrans survived/continue to survive this long. No deeper look at the tensions between the praetors and their factions. No real sense as to why the walkers chosen were needed (Lukka especially). There were some moments that were ok, mostly in the face commander stories, but for the mainline, I think I enjoyed Nahiri a bit more than most and that was just because there was a bit of respect for former oldwalker status.

    I think my main issue is similar to one already voiced: New Phyrexia and the glistening oil being too virulent. I can get behind Gin refining the oil to better potency, and can totally see the actual plane of NP being more concentrated than other worlds for the oil. Walkers getting so easily compleated like other beings from scratches/splashes/inhaling is where things get so meh. I would rather have walkers need either Gin or another high ranking Phyrexian to finish the process than just a walker succumbing to phyresis so quickly and easily. Gin *just* cracked the code to keeping the spark intact; we're supposed to believe he was able to perfect that method so quickly he could upload the process into just the oil alone? I am with others in being lost on as to how Creative can solve this potency in a believable manner.
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  • posted a message on [BRO] Return to the Past to Save the Future — Debut Show previews
    Finally, after all this time, we have Gix; and he doesn't disappoint! I love that he can come down early and start tempting your opponents into attacking each other, because what is a little life for cards ;). His mana sink ability is just gravy after you've sat back and reaped some cards of your own. Absolutely in love with the art too, it's epic and awesome!

    The other cards spoiled are pretty cool too. I like the kid versions of Urza and Mishra, and their adult pre-war versions are decent too. A little disappointed that we didn't see Ashnod's card, just her art, but hopefully it is a good design. Also glad to see Ashnod's Altar getting a blueprint reprint!

    This set is looking soooo good, very excited to see the rest of the set and more wonderful artifacts! Prototype is gonna be good!
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  • posted a message on BRO-The Brother's War Story, Lore and Worldbuilding
    These stories were great, loved the length and quality of both the Past and Current chapters. It was a little harder for me to connect with the Past chapters not showing main characters, but I did enjoy seeing the Bro War retold and refreshed. The Current chapters def made the walkers feel real, and loved all the little callbacks and Vorthos easter eggs.

    Today's main Teferi story was fantastic, def handling time travel well and providing us with a great Teferi and Urza scene.
    As for the Epilogue

    I def think Teferi ended up on Zhalfir at the end. His mind is cast thru time and unconsciously winds up on Zhalfir, kinda like Jace ending up on Ixalan after Bolas and Amonkhet. Teferi's body "fading" in the Temporal Anchor is prob actually phasing to catch up with his mind and spirit.

    For Nissa's story, I liked her more than usual, she's far from tree-huggy in this one. She's downright dark at points and loved the "be the hand that moves" reference to keep her motivated. I def think we'll see her make hard decisions about compleated walkers; I don't think she'll show mercy thanks to Gaea's memories, but we shall see.

    Over all, def excited to see more of the Phyrexian arc, and just how many of the assembled walkers will make it out alive.
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  • posted a message on [DMU] Ertai Resurrected, Urza Assembles the Titans, and common dual cycle — Weekly MTG previews
    Damn. Ertai was one of three characters I was really hoping to see in this set

    BUT not as a Phyrexia, epsecially with hideous Ulamog arms Frown

    Ugh. His artwork on both cards is so gorgeous, if only he were simply a Human Wizard, ideally mono-blue, and not ruined by Phyrexian trash

    WOTC always ruining my favorites with their awful and horrible decisions. This will not be forgiven AT ALL considering the YEARS I spent anticipating a new Ertai card only to end up in the realm of freaking Jenrik again

    fuuuuuuu Mad

    Why would you be expecting him in the set? He is part of a group of characters that were considered really dead instead of mostly dead, so outside of maybe commander product for the set, there'd be no real reason to think anyone deceased from the Weatherlight saga would pop up. As far as bad decisions, WotC handwaving Ertai's resurrection def overshadows his art, which is fine, and his colors, which are also fine considering he was Esper when we last saw his Phyrexian self. You can def be mad, it just seems that anger is coming from expectations that were longshots at best.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria United Story, Worldbuilding and Lore
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from 5colors »
    World building panel

    RIP the Weatherlight

    I know it’s true but what part of the video talks about the weather light being compleated.

    in other words they did a Amazon leak again but this time world building (they forgot episode 5 didn’t get published yet.

    another interesting note

    Sheoldred is aware of Gix she claimed she gonna succeed when he failed.

    The two guys discussing the art and history at the beginning start talking in the later half about "Phyrexia is transgressive, and what would be the most transgressive thing they could do? Take the best known artifact, the symbol of current Dominaria, and compleat it." And there's art of a compleated Weatherlight shown labeled as concept art. So it is possible Phyrexia will get its claws on the airship...just not confirmed. Yet. lol.
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  • posted a message on Domnaria United Stream coming July 21st at 2:30 PT
    I'm betting that the Cabal rituals Braids back from dementia space, but as with anything from that dimension, she'll be back as a nightmare horror version. I'm stoked that she's back, I wasn't happy with how she died, so I'm glad she's getting a second chance at "life." Hope her card is good bc my mind and body are ready for her to be a new commander lol.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria United Story, Worldbuilding and Lore
    Def glad to have any sort of confirmation that Sheoldred is actually alive! However, I don't see how Sheoldred could compleat Braids since she's been long dead, like Pre-Mending dead. The vibe I got from the Braids art was that she was being summoned back from dementia space by the Cabal cultists she's draining. Before she died, Braids was hopping in and out of dementia space to "climb" out of a chasm Karona created when the False God slammed the ground back together, burying Braids and hundreds of others alive. She retreated into dementia space as she ran out of air, and that was the last we saw of her. So I'm hoping this art means she's just been chilling in another dimension until the Cabal ritualed her out. Cannot wait to see what she does!
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  • posted a message on A Garden of Flesh- Another one shot story featuring Elesh Norn
    This is soooo exciting to get a New Phyrexia story after soooo long!!! It was a good read, and I was surprised at the twist for why Elesh Norn was feeling a certain way. I agree that this prob took place before the events of New Capenna, prob before Kaldheim since this can be seen as the motivation to expand beyond the plane. It does have me wondering if this is just the first part of a spread out timeline showing us how New Phyrexia experimented with plane hopping and planeswalker compleation. It would be cool to get these stories sprinkled throughout the time between now and the eventual return to NP to add to our suspense and anticipation!
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Benefitting The Trevor Project
    I'm thrilled that WotC would not only make a Pride product, but also have half the proceeds go to the Trevor Project! The art for the chosen cards is fantastic, especially Ral and Tomik's wedding and the Bearscape! I'm also glad Alesha got in too! Representation matters, and I'm glad that WotC did not try to be subtle with this. The *only* thing that I'd like to have in this is Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis getting new art. Hopefully they are a hidden extra card because they got snubbed when Breya, Atraxa, and Yidris got SL cards, and now we have a full blown Pride SL and no K&T to be seen. Fingers crossed my kings get some new treatment soon.
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  • posted a message on [SNC] Bootleggers' stash — MTG Korean facebook
    ****Bit of a rant, sorry****

    Of course they continue to give Green things it doesn't need. Is it "Green"? I mean sure, Green can make Clues and Food, and dabbled with Treasures, and it is the color of mana production, so sure this fits. But does Green need to get yet another great Treasure engine (glares at Old Gnawbones)??? I was highly suspicious when the Gruul Treasure cards were spoiled (the one that only costs RG with Treasure mana and the Treasure Dork that hurts you) along with Ziatora creating Treasures, but now they are going to be solidly in Green from here. This is so stupid. Not only does the mana stick around, but Treasure strats are only going to get better as Magic goes on, and these are artifact tokens, so this can be splashed in every deck that wants high artifact counts/token creation. This and Doubling Season is just stupid. This and Chatterfang, Squirrel General is just stupid. This is just a truly awful, yet sadly inevitable, development.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] The Restoration of Eiganjo // Architect of Restoration — Kenji Egashira preview
    The front is full of great abilities, and I like that the back is a pseudo-Brimaz. Def a lot to like and work with for 3 mana value.
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Welcoming Vampire— Weekly MTG preview
    Quote from Obazervazi »
    Wait a sec, does she count herself? Cantripping draw engines are pretty dang strong

    If she were Green, then yes lol, but she’s a White card, so no. At least we are seeing some of that White limited card draw that MaRo’s earlier color pie article discussed. I was afraid it’d be farther down the pipeline of sets.
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Odric, Blood-Cursed— Polygon preview
    I bet WotC was high fiving themselves thinking “Look at all the potential card advantage we just gave Boros! Great job everyone!”

    Like, how does Odric not have at least one keyword so you’d get a Blood token when you cast him on an empty board?
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  • posted a message on [VOW] HullBreaker Horror — Playedh discord
    I was finalizing sea monster choices for Runo Stromkirk when this got spoiled, and wow, I think this just replaces Brinelin, the Moon Kraken as this is a mana cheaper, has another point of power, is modal, and has no restriction on the cast trigger lol. I like this a lot and look forward to using it in Runo and Orvar, the All-Form as well
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Cemetry Illuminator — Star city games
    So I like this, just wish the White and Red Cemetery cards had two triggers as well, or maybe at least the White one bc the Red one's damage would def stack up faster lol.
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