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    posted a message on Teferi, Master of Time versus Marit Lage
    The SBA that caused tokens to cease to exist when phased-out was removed from the rules three years ago.

    Currently tokens phase out and in just like permanents represented by cards (or by both tokens and cards in the case of merged permanents).

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    posted a message on Sacrifice Triggers
    Quote from Craterallus »
    So just to be clear in the above example involving goblin bombardment and dissipation field (both are in play)

    If they sacrifice 100 goblins I take 100 damage despite the dissipation field? The damage is applied all at once and not as separate 1 damage triggers?

    There are 100 separate 1 damage triggers, but the abilities exist independently from their source. As long as they get all 100 Bombardment abilities on the stack before the first Field's ability resolves, the Bombardment abilities will get to eventually resolve despite the Bombardment permanent no longer being on the battlefield.

    Also you may not be aware but there is an ability known as split second. You make ask for strategy advice concerning its use in other parts of these forums.
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    posted a message on Becoming a new object while staying in the same zone
    Guys found it:

    701.15c If cards in a player’s library are shuffled or otherwise reordered, any revealed cards that are reordered stop being revealed and become new objects.
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    posted a message on Confirming something for myself about Conspire and As an Additional Cost
    Quote from MadMageQc »
    You can actually both sacrifice Wort to the Evolution's additional cost and conspire. Both the sacrifice and the tapping are additional costs, and different costs can be paid in any order, so during the casting process, you can first tap Wort and conspire, then sacrifice her. The conspire triggered ability will be put on the stack and give you a copy with 6 as the information for the sacrificed creature's CMC.

    Am I missing something here?

    From Wort's gatherer page:
    Some spells instruct you to sacrifice a creature as an additional cost to cast that spell. If you sacrifice Wort to pay that cost, that spell won’t have conspire at the moment it becomes cast, so conspire won’t trigger, even if you tapped two creatures.

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    posted a message on I know this question is probably stupid but...
    The previous replies have completely addressed your question in technical terms. I would like to add for your own education, that you appear to be confusing timing restrictions with summoning sickness restrictions.

    Unless otherwise stated explicitly by the ability itself (for a keyword ability such language may be in the rules rather than printed on the card, e.g. equip), all activated abilities have what is called "instant timing". You may activate them anytime you could cast an instant.

    Summoning sickness restrictions are not timing restrictions, they are action restrictions.
    A summoning sick creature cannot be declared an attacker nor can you pay for any tap/untap symbol costs associated with that creature's own abilities.
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    posted a message on Thelon of Havenwood and Death Triggers
    A simpler answer that needs to be pointed out is that the ability says "Fungus card".
    A card can never be a token and a token never a card.

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