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  • posted a message on Chainer and Conspiracy
    Yes it uses timestamp order since there is no dependency.
    There are two possibilities:

    1. If Conspiracy enters after Chainer's ability resolves, the creature will be the Conspiracy chosen type and not any other types.

    2. If Chainer's ability resolves after Conspiracy enters, the creature will be both the Conspiracy chosen type and Nightmare type.

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  • posted a message on Lazav and Layers
    I understand Joshua's confusion. Cryptoplasm's rule text is more similar to Helm of the Host than Lazav or Sakashima. The ability granting is written as though it was a separate Layer 6 event like Helm's haste granting, rather than part of the Layer 1 copy event as in Sakashima the Impostor. However cryptoplasm's oracle ruling clearly states:
    6/1/2011 If another creature becomes a copy of Cryptoplasm, it will become a copy of whatever Cryptoplasm is currently copying (if anything), plus it will have Cryptoplasm’s triggered ability.

    Which necessarily means the gained ability is a part of the copiable characteristics (Layer 1 copying) not an ordinary Layer 6 gained ability.

    Conclusion: Cryptoplasm has a typo.

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  • posted a message on Do -1/-1 counters get removed by +1/+1 counters?
    void_nothing's answer is correct, however your use of Atraxa in the question makes me think you might misunderstand proliferate.
    Proliferate can only add another counter of a type already existing on the permanent or player. For example, a Myojin with an divinity counter can have a second one added, but if you already used its initial counter, proliferate cannot create a new one. Similarly a player without any poison counters cannot be given an initial one with proliferate.

    By rule, a permanent (after SBA are performed) could have either some -1/-1 or +1/+1 counters, but never both at anytime proliferate would apply. Thus a permanent with at least one -1/-1 could never have a +1/+1 counter added by proliferate.
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  • posted a message on Turn aside.. on Ulamog?
    The only permanent spells which target are Aura spells. All other permanent spells (including creatures such as Ulamog) do not target, and therefore, are not a valid target for Turn Aside.
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  • posted a message on Lich's Mirror timing and a possible follow-up
    I don't think 704.3 is unintuitive. It is there to ensure that SBAs begin and end together as atomic actions. That is, with respect to each other there are only two gamestates that exist for SBAs, the state before all SBAs are performed and the state after all SBA's are performed.

    Imagine a hypothetical creature with the ability "As long as this creature is in a graveyard, players can't draw cards." If both this creature would be destroyed and Lich's Mirror's controller would lose simultaneously as SBAs, without 704.3, there would be no principled way to determine if the Mirror player draws cards or not. With 704.3, it is clear there can exist no gamestate wherein the creature is in the graveyard yet the Mirror player hasn't completed the entire multi-step SBA. Thus the player does draw.

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  • posted a message on Worms of the Earth and Life and Limb
    Quote from Nylon »
    Except that, as I already told you, the rule 108.2a that you are referring to no longer exists (including the exception for Hedron Alignment, which is no longer needed); rule 614.16d has just been created specifically to clarify Grafdigger's Cage; and the new Gatherer rulings for Grafdigger's Cage confirm what I am saying.

    I've read the new rulings for Grafdigger. Clearly they imply that Grafdigger's first ability is "Creatures can't enter ..." not "Creature cards can't enter ...". Wizards needs to change the text of Grafdigger post haste.

    Also nylon, while you a correct that the templating (and to a lesser extent rulings) has always used casting/playing cards vs casting/playing spells to mean the same thing, no such confusion exists between cards and permanents. Cards and permanents are very distinct objects rules-wise and Grafdigger's current text cannot be matched up with it's current rulings. One or the other must give.
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  • posted a message on Worms of the Earth and Life and Limb
    How does the new 614.16d apply to Grafdigger?
    Grafdigger refers to cards not permanents.
    Is Grafdigger getting an Oracle change to its rule text?
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  • posted a message on Worms of the Earth and Life and Limb
    How is this situation different than Startled Awake and Grafdigger's Cage?

    No land card/spell is entering with regard to Worms. Even though for ETBs a land has entered.
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  • posted a message on I know this question is probably stupid but...
    The previous replies have completely addressed your question in technical terms. I would like to add for your own education, that you appear to be confusing timing restrictions with summoning sickness restrictions.

    Unless otherwise stated explicitly by the ability itself (for a keyword ability such language may be in the rules rather than printed on the card, e.g. equip), all activated abilities have what is called "instant timing". You may activate them anytime you could cast an instant.

    Summoning sickness restrictions are not timing restrictions, they are action restrictions.
    A summoning sick creature cannot be declared an attacker nor can you pay for any tap/untap symbol costs associated with that creature's own abilities.
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  • posted a message on New Mechanic ; Embalm.
    And of course the embalm cost is unpayable for a token in the graveyard. A token can make only one zone transition -- from the battlefield to another zone; any additional zone changes are prohibited.
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  • posted a message on Medomai + double strike + strionic resonator
    Ah, I see. I had thought that "copy triggered ability" meant that Medomai would essentially have two abilities saying "deal dmg to player = extra turn". I didn't realize "copy triggered ability" was more like "copy triggered effect".

    Thanks for the quick answer!

    Triggered abilities are objects that exist on the stack, just as spells and activated abilities do. They exist independently from both their source object and the triggering event.
    Strionic Resonator targets NOT an object with a triggered ability (the source object), but the triggered ability itself while it is on the stack.
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  • posted a message on Mindslaver/Emrakul question
    Okay, it seems we are arguing English language interpretation rather than MTG rules.

    Rezzhan's statement seemed to me to imply that the extra turn was slotted during the resolution of Emrakul's ability (that is the turn order was changed right then and there).
    I wanted to clarify that that wasn't so.

    Sorry if I made a mountain out of a molehill.

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  • posted a message on Mindslaver/Emrakul question
    Quote from Rezzahan »
    That turn was created when Emrarul's ability resolved and the death of the player does not take it away.

    Sorry to bring back a five day old thread, but I must point out that this isn't correct. The ability does not create an extra turn when it resolves. Rather, Emrakul's ability creates a rule changing effect that causes the controlled player to take another turn immediately after the turn in which they were controlled. Otherwise the following Oracle ruling wouldn't be possible:

    • 7/13/2016 If the targeted player skips his or her next turn, you’ll control the next turn the affected player actually takes, and the extra turn the player takes will be after that turn.
    Because the timing of the controlled player's next turn is not known when the ability resolves, the extra turn cannot be created then.
    Furthermore, if the controlling player leaves the game before the start of the would-be controlled player's next turn, the controlled player will not get an extra turn.
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  • posted a message on Wormfang Manta plus Conjurer's Closet
    It doesn't work.
    The net effect of gaining an extra turn and skipping your next turn is nothing regardless of the order of those effects.
    This is because while gaining an extra turn inserts a turn into the turn order, skipping a turn does not delete a turn from the turn order. Rather, skipping an event (such as a turn, phase, or step) is a replacement action that replaces the start of the next instance of that event with not starting that event instead.

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  • posted a message on Planeswalker abilities
    Just to make sure no one gets confused by the previous answer:

    Loyalty abilities (the technical term for them) can never be mana abilities even if they would add mana to a player's pool. They always use the stack.
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