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    posted a message on Finale of Devastation
    Green sun's zenith this isn't but who knows.
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    posted a message on Modern Horizons Spec/Predictions/hopes
    Not sure we need new slivers, but a crystalline sliver reprint (or a 1 sided version as the new slivers are) would certainly be a welcome addition.
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    posted a message on Repudiate // Replicate
    Counter your turn 2 fetchland or function as a utility and copy eternal witness (to return this, letting you make as many 2/1's for 3) or spell queller or merfolk/spirit Lord's. Seems absurd in modern.
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    posted a message on Biogenic Ooze
    So 5 mana gets me 2 virtual 3/3's that get bigger every turn as well as the ability to pay 4 for a 2/2 that gets bigger every turn.

    Most importantly OOZE LORD!!!!
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    posted a message on Frilled Mystic
    Can we please make his official nickname Shane?

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    posted a message on [OGW] Kozilek, the Great Distortion and New Basic Land - Wastes???
    Quote from JesusKong »
    Quote from hucka »
    Quote from JesusKong »

    I don't see this being correct. I agree this is a specific type of colorless, but I don't see it replacing the colorless mana symbol. Plenty of cards tap for 1, this mana is colorless and it's pretty easy to tell. <> is adding another layer of complexity for new players, a lot more so than the simple 1. And it seems like a big, rules-affecting change for the second set in a block, where cards in the first tap for 1, not to mention the 20+ years of old cards that would need to be changed.
    well, factually wrong as explained earlier

    <> isn't replacing the colorless mana symbol. Which part am I wrong about?
    The part about this not being a 6th color for converge? Colorless is not a color.
    The part about this being a rules change affecting 20+ years of cards if it replaces the colorless mana symbol? So now Boreal Druid and Strip Mine produce <>? Not likely
    The part about cards producing 1 in BFZ? Hello Ally Encampment, now you produce <> too?
    The part about it being more complex to new players? New players would never realize you could cast Kozilek from Strip Mines, Boreal Druids, and Ally Encampments.

    Looking at all the theories, the one that <> is payable by <> or 2 seems to make the most sense flavor-wise. Eldrazi are monstrous brutes and I can see them costing more when not running their preferred lands, but, as colorless creatures, are still able to be cast using any type of mana. Not sure though about the last point, as devoid already made it so colorless creatures can't be be fitted in just any deck.

    but one of the most confusing elements for new players is understanding how (1) in a mana cost can mean 1 of any color mana, and when something produces (1) like strip mine, it can't be used to pay for colored costs. this clarifies it greatly.

    Also, it kind of goes without saying, that all the confusion and argument over how this will work and people making arguments while mixing up colorless and generic mana is exactly why this change is being made.
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    posted a message on [OGW] Kozilek, the Great Distortion and New Basic Land - Wastes???
    it would not surprise me if this was used to replace the production of colorless mana. When new players are learning the game i have often see them struggle with the concept that when in a mana cost (1) can be any color of mana, but when you are tapping darksteel citadel, it doesnt make any color.
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    posted a message on Maro Twitter Spoiler: Outland Collossus
    temur battle rage, swing for essentially 18 trample damage?
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    posted a message on [MM2] Modern Masters 2
    I want tron lands in the basic land spot and then they can print the common and uncommon eldrazi without going overboard with mana ramp and defenders
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    posted a message on Ken Nagle's 20 Cards
    I am calling recruit 2 ducklings as a 1RR sorcery that makes 2 1/1 dragons with flying and firebreathing.
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