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  • posted a message on 5/22 Random Card of the Day: Gutter Skulk
    It used to be, that a 2/2 for 1B at common without a drawback was a no-no for black. To my knowledge Gutter Skulk was the second black bear for that cost ever, the first being Walking Corpse in Innistrad. The closest before that was probably Wicked Akuba, but double black on a 2-drop can also be considered a drawback.
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  • posted a message on Some basic rules question ( havent played since 2010)
    Well, the legend rule has changed again. Now, each player can have a legendary permanent with the same name under their control. Only if one player controls more than one legendary permanent with the same name does the legend rule kick in. And now that player can choose one of those to keep, then the rest is put into their owners' graveyards. The planeswalker uniquness rule has been merged with the legend rule. All planeswalkers have been errataed to be legendary and are thus subjected to the legend rule. Now planeswalkers also only care about the exact same name, and not subtype.
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  • posted a message on Savra and her may-Triggers
    Savra's first trigger first has you choose wether to pay 2 life or not. If you choose to pay, each other player will sacrifice a creature. Both effects are part of the same trigger. There is no second trigger here. (Note, that this is different from abilities that use the wording "when you do" instead of "if you do". The "when" wording was introduced with Amonket, and does create a second trigger. But "if" is just a check for wether what follows the clause also happens or not.)

    For Savra's second trigger you also choose wether to gain life when it resolves, and then you gain the life if you chose to.
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  • posted a message on Casual: Good but not too good enchantments and artifacts?
    Honden of Infinite Rage, Honden of Life's Web, Honden of Seeing Winds. Your opponent having just one of those out is mildly annoying (though the blue Honden generates card advantage even then). If there are two or more, things start to get ugly. The enchantments are legendary, so having the same one multiple times is not easy (and usually not worth the trouble to make it happen). But you can still double/triple/quadruple/... down on them with Paradox Haze. Honden of cleansing Fire and Honden of Night's Reach are the weaker parts of the cycle, though the black one can also annoy the opponent, at least if he wants to hold onto cards rather than play them immediately.

    Token generators like Centaur Glade or Mobilization can also be quite powerful if left unchecked. Oversold Cemetery in a creature heavy deck also generates massive card advantage.
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  • posted a message on Cheap Mana Fixing for Jodah.
    If the good multilands are too expensive for you, you could try Chromatic Lantern. One card to fix all your colors as needed as soon as turn 4.
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  • posted a message on Spellweaver Volute + Gifts Ungiven
    Always follow the instructions in the order they are written. First, you create a copy of Gifts Ungiven. Second, you get the option to cast the copy. If you choose to take that option, you cast the copy. Third, since you cast the copy, you then exile the original Gifts. Fourth, you attach the aura to another instant card in a graveyard.

    All of this is part of the trigger's instructions. Since no spell can resolve without all players passing priority in succession, and no player getting priority until after the currently resolving spell/ability has finished all its intructions. The aura is long since atttached to another instant before the copy of Gifts gets to resolve.
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  • posted a message on Spark Double with another Spark Double interaction
    Replacement effects only get one chance to apply to any given event (with the exception of the commander replacement rule, which can be applied multiple times if it still appies to the modified event). Here you have one replacement effect (from the Double that's entering the battlefield), applied it makes another replacement effect applicable (from the Double it becomes by copyng the one on the field). That one gets applied, and then there is no more replacement effect to apply, as all the ones that could be applied have already been applied. So the new Double gets two additional +1/+1 counters if it copies a creature in the end.
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  • posted a message on How To Counter God Cards?
    One way to deal with those gods was mentioned in the release notes even. Kill it the normal way and then exile it from the graveyard while the trigger to put it into the library is on the stack. This way, the card will stay in exile, because the trigger is looking for it only in the graveyard, where it is no longer to be found. Orzhov gets playable tools for this with Consecrate // Consume and Ethereal Absolution.

    This works for the exile part of the trigger, too, but cards to interact with exile with instant timing are much more scarce and niche. Pull from Eternity comes to mind.
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  • posted a message on Casting auras in a row retaining priority?
    Quote from Pedro Rocha »
    Can I cast auras in a row without giving my opponent priority?

    I know that every time a player casts a spell he keeps priority. Auras, as enchantments, can only be played at sorcery speed... that means auras have to be cast while the stack is empty. So.. if I have 3 auras in my hand, do I have to wait for the first to resolve before casting the second? Even if I retain priority?

    Example: Have Kor Spiritdancer on the field and 3 Hyena Umbra s in my hand. I know my opponent has a Shock in his hand and will kill Spiritdancer in response as soon as I cast the first aura. My doubt is... may I cast the 3 umbras in a row, without passing priority, so that I can draw 3 cards before Spiritdancer is dead?

    Thanks for the help, my friends!

    Yes, you have to wait. In order for any object on the stack to resolve, priority has to be passed to all players in succession without anyone using that priority for anything. And while a spell is on the stack, non-instants and spells without flash can't be cast. Retaining priority means to hold the right to respond to your own spells and abilties first. But you cannot deny other players the right to respond. If you want your spells and abilities to resolve, you have to give up priority.
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  • posted a message on ETB change effect sequencing question
    No. Infinite Reflection has itself an ETB trigger. Since it has enter the battlefield, trigger, and resolve its ability to turn your other creatures into Guardians, the time for those to trigger has long since past. They have to be Guardians already when the enchantment enters, so even before its own triggr can make it to the stack, let alone resolve.

    Once the Reflection is attached, every nontoken creature of yours is a Guardian and new ones enter as Guardians triggering themselves and all others. This will cause a number of triggers equal to the number of Guardians already there plus the newcomer, and make all opponents lose 1 life per trigger. Note, that this is not damage, it's direct loss of life, which can't be prevented by damage prevention. Damage to a player usually causes loss of life, but may cause other things as well or instead, like poison counters.
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  • posted a message on question on 2 different interactions (Heartless Summoning, Karn, the Great Creator)
    Quote from Nelh »

    - I've Heartless Summoning in play and a non-creature artifact. I put Arcbound Ravager Can i avtivate Arcbound capacity in response of the -1/-1 ?

    No. The -1/-1 comes from a continuous effect generated by a static ability, it is applied instantly. There is never a time when a creature is on the battlefield under your control where it is not yet applied.

    - The other question is on Karn, the Great Creator. If i transform a artifact in creature artifact and it dies. Does it dies as a creature ?

    The permanent will be both an artifact and a creature. "Dies" triggers trigger based on the game state right before the permanent went to the graveyard. Since it was a creature at that time, a creature died.
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  • posted a message on Chandra, Torch of Defiance and As Foretold
    So long as you have not used As Foretold's effect for another spell that turn, yes. A spell without a mana cost can't be cast by paying the mana cost. But you are casting a spell via an alternative cost here, so the nonexisting mana cost doesn't matter.
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  • posted a message on I think "this spell can't be countered" should become a more common ability
    I don't see, how the amount of different counterspells in the format is relevant. Even a heavily counterspell based control deck can only run so many, 2 to 3 full sets, 8-12 cards, they can hardly fit more, and they hardly have to. So even if there were only three different reasonably costeffective counterspells, you'd still have the very real possibility of those decks showing up.

    Just countering everything is not really viable anyway. The player has to evaluate if the spell is an actual threat. Wasting a counterspell and the mana to cast it on a nonessential spell will leave the player unable to stop a real threat later. Even instant draw spells open a window for the opponent to get something icky through. And in the early to midgame, one has to decide wether countering a spell or drawing more cards is the better course of action. Playing counterspell decks correctly as well as playing against counterspells are arts that are hard to master.

    Now I personally don't like facing counter heavy decks myself. But I can accept them as part of the game, and rather than blame the game for an imbalance that only feels huge when on the receiving end, I try to adjust and find already existing solutions. Sometimes, that solution is just to play a bit differently. Counterspells have always existed in the game, they are a part of it, and have not broken it in two and a half decades. In fact, they've already become weaker. The baseline for a hard counter used to be UU, now it's 1UU. That one mana makes a big difference.
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  • posted a message on I think "this spell can't be countered" should become a more common ability
    A quick gatherer search reveals, that there are about 50 of those cards in Modern alone, more than half of them nonblue. A large portion of that is green. And many of those cards have seen extensive Standard tournament play in their days. So it's not like that ability is lacking cards.

    Control is not oppressing because of counterspells, those are usually a 1-for-1 trade, much like spot removal. What makes control work is card advantage, the ability to draw into more counterspells and stuff, and trade one card for many with mass removal.
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  • posted a message on Search cards for legendary lands
    Tolaria West can transmute into Nyktos.
    Thalia's Lancers grab any legendary out of your library.
    Practically any black tutor can get a land, since they usually let you look for any card.
    Sylvan Scrying and Expedition Map look for any land card.
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