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  • posted a message on Clarification on Snow
    No, a Treasure token is not a snow permanent. Only permanents with the snow supertype are snow permanents, and only those can produce snow mana (if they have a mana ability to do so).

    Also, please don't revive years old threads with new questions. Rather, create a new thread for such a question.
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  • posted a message on Sun Droplet? how does it work, and is it HUGELY underrated?
    Please don't necro years oöd threads. Also, we have a dedicated rules forum for questions likle yours.

    Anyway. Sun Droplet allows you the removal of one counter during your upkeep when its trigger resolves to gain 1 life. That is also the only way to gain the life from the artifact. Removing the counters in any other qway will not gain you the life, at least not through the Droplet's ability. And since it is a triggered ability, that triggers only once per beginning of an upkeep, you can at most gain 1 life per turn from it. Unless a player gets more upkeeps (Paradox Haze) or you copy the trigger while its on the stack.
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  • posted a message on Carth the Lion + Solemnity + Gideon Blackblade
    No, Gideon is a creature during your turn, and as such cannot have counter put in him.
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  • posted a message on Curious Herd vs Servos
    When an effect needs information about the game state, it checks that information only once, when the effect is applied. So during the resolution of your spell. At that time there are no Servos, so no tokens for you.

    There are a bunch of newer cards that specifically refer to the number of certain objects when the spell was cast, and then, of course, the game looks at the number of those objects at that time of the casting.
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  • posted a message on Does casting an encoded Cipher card cause Magecraft to trigger twice?
    Magecraft only triggers for casting spells and for copying spells. Creating a copy of a card anywhere but on the stack means, that you are not copying a spell, because spells only exist on the stack. So you get one trigger for casting the copy, but no trigger for copying the card.
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  • posted a message on Hardened Scales rulings
    Quote from Osiczyn »
    If I have Hardened Scales in battlefield and cast Invigorating Surge on creature without counters, how many counters do I get? I think 5, cause I will put 1, add 1 from scales, double those 2, so put another 2 plus 1 from scales, but wanted to be sure.

    Yes, that's correct. You have two counter putting events, and the Scales apply to each of them.

    Another question:
    If I have Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp, Arcbound Worker and Scales. My opp destroys worker and I use its modular ability, how many counters does Zabaz get? 3 (1 from Modular, 1 from Zabaz and 1 from Scales) or 4 (Scales will also add one to Zabaz ability)? I think 3, cause Zabaz ability doesn’t put counter but replaces the modular effect.

    Here you have two replacement effects. The first (no matter which one you choose to apply first) makes 1 counter into 2, then the other effect can still apply to that modified event, so it does, making "put 2 counters" into "put 3 counters". So Zabaz gets 3 counters.
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  • posted a message on Stealing a Creature when its Ability is on the stack
    That's correct, yes. A triggered ability on the stack is controlled by the player who controlled the source when it triggered (or the player who owns the source if it doesn't have a controller). The Chainwhirler is still the source of the damage, but it is now a creature the opponent controls, so it damages itself, and the opponent, of course.
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  • posted a message on 4x Omnath of the roil
    The legend rule is a state based action and will be checked the next time a player would receive priority, so right after the spell or ability that puts the four Omnaths on the field has finished resolving. The Omnath triggers go off during that spell's/ability's resolution, but they have to wait to go on the stack until after state based actions have been checked. So you get four triggers, but will have at most one Omnath on the field when the triggers are put on the stack. When each of the triggers resolves, they count the number of Elementals you control at that time, it doesn't matter how many you controlled when the abilities triggered. Which means, players have the opportunity to manipulate the number of Elementals under your control to change how much damage is dealt by removing some from the battlefield, or you can create Elemental tokens or flash in more Elementals, turn some creature of yours into an Elemental or non-Elementals, etc.
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  • posted a message on Some metaphysical & scientific questions about Magic
    Quote from Stoogeslap »

    1) Are planes spherical in nature? If not, do they have borders or go on infinite? Or is like a cartoon where you eventually emerge when exiting stage right on the left?

    Some are, some not. Dominaria, for example, is a planet like plane. But there is no nessessity for that. Especially artificial planes are not bound to be spherical. The shape of the world depends on the natural laws of the plane.

    2) What physics (if any) differ on any of the known planes?

    The major stuff is essentially the same thoughout all planes due to storytelling. Can't really go crazy on world building if you want it to be immersive and also want to tell a story, all while having limited space to establish either on the cards (names, illustrations, flavor text, abilities, and creature types are pretty much all you can work with). So there's equal gravity, breathable air, standard weather, etc. everywhere. Also, planeswalkers would have a hard time if they had to adjust to radically different physics everytime. Smaller stuff includes the floating Isles in Zendikar and Serra's Realm, in Kamigawa everything is inhabited by a spirit, in Lorwyn the sun never sets while in Shadowmoor it never rises, etc.

    3) Does society and technology advance on the plains (this is a "yes" assumption w/ Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, but what about other planes)?

    Sure. Innistrad had to adjust to the advent of vampires, then the disappearance of Avacyn, then had to adjust to the Eldrazi menace. Kaladesh is all about innovation. Ravnica had to reconstruct the relationship between the guilds after the Guildpact was broken. Dominaria's societies changed drastically after the Phyrexian invasion was pushed back, like how the Cabal seized power on Otaria. Etc.

    4) Outside of the Phyrexian language, are there any other languages?

    Yes. Though none are explicitly worked out to that degree. But you can glimpse a variety of different languages from flavor texts that are "translations" of common proverbs and sayings of various peoples.

    5) Is there a concept of "space" and "planets" on the planes (outside of moons, of course)? Does space exploration come up?

    Magic hasn't gone to space yet, far as I know. But nothing prohibits a plane consisting of several worlds within a vaster expanse. Kaldheim is pretty much that with its ten worlds connected through the World Tree.

    6) Id Dominaria the original plane where all has it's beginning? If not, any planes older than Dominaria?

    Dominaria is a nexus between a large number of planes. That's why older planeswalkers came through there often, it's one reason why the Phyrexians invaded the plane, and why the first stories where centered there. But the single origin it is not. It may not even be the oldest plane, if that concept even makes sense.

    7) In Ulgrotha, there are vampires among different races (there is Irini Sengir, a Dwarf Vampire), so why hasn't Vampire (which is more of a dead/alive state, such as zombie, skeleton, fungus, etc...) been incorporated into other races yet (vampires have, for the longest time, been treated as a human affliction)?

    That's most likely due to available card space, you can fit only so much text on the type line. And so far the benefits of having the vampire creature type along some other race kind creature type are minimal. If the space on the type line permits and it fits flavorwise, some non-human creatures can be vampires and another race. Examples include Mirri the Cursed, Vampiric Dragon, Vampire Hounds, Gifted Aetherborn, etc. But being a vampire usually matters far more than being of some other race, too.
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  • posted a message on Koma Cosmos Serpent countering tap ability?
    Your SO's ability should have resolved. Nothing in Koma's ability counters activated abilities, and it is not possible to tap something that's being tapped to activate an ability, since the tap is part of the cost and paid before anyone can respond. Seems like yet another bug in MTGA.
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  • posted a message on 9/24 Random Card of the Day: Gorex, the Tombshell
    Quote from Selvaxri »
    Soul Random- the wording sounds iffy- "soul ransom's controller sacrifice it" that sounds like an opponent discards two card to sacrifice the aura, not the creature- there's no mention of the enchanted creature. so one could argue either way. Eh, give me Spinal Embrace. :p

    There is no mention of the enchanted creature, the ability is all about the aura: the discard is to make the aura go away and get back the creature.
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  • posted a message on "Sacrifice A creature" and "IT's sacrificed"
    You can sacrifice a creature (if the nessessary means for that are provided) in response to any object on the stack, that would cause you to sacrifice it as part of its effect, targeted or not. If the object is targeting, then the sacrifice for the effect is locked in at the time the object is put on the stack. Whereas if it is not targeting, the effect will determine what if anything will be sacrificed for its effect when it resolves. If no creature can satisfy the criteria, then no creature gets sacrificed. This is, for example, the case with evoke. The evoke trigger demands you sacrifice that specific creature, but there is no targeting. If the creature doesn't exist anymore, evoke cannot make you sacrifice it and the game moves on.

    There is no window of priority for a player to activate an ability or cast a spell in between combat damage being dealt and lethally damaged creatures dying. While there is a delay, players are not given the chance to act.
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  • posted a message on Can tokens die? In order to trigger "whenever creatures dies"
    You are correct. Tokens go to any zone they are sent to from the battlefield. Once they leave the battlefield, they can't leave the zone they enter, though, and state based actions will make them cease to exist the next time a player would receive priority. But since "dies" means "to go to the graveyard from the battlefield", and a token certainly can do that, any "dies" triggers concerned about tzhat token will go off. Wether that trigger can actually do anything when it resolves, depends on the trigger's effect(s). For example, they can't move a token to anywhere both because it couldn't leave its new zone and because it doesn't exist anymore.
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  • posted a message on Bogardan + Vrondiss Triggers
    There is only one trigger on the stack, which has multiple targets. The number of targets, the targets themselves, and how much damage they will be dealt, are chosen when the trigger is put on the stack. When the trigger resolves, the chosen targets will be dealt the amount of damage chosen for them in the distribution, at the same time.
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  • posted a message on Grand Master of Flowers
    You seem to have missed the issue. Grandmaster is not a creature yet with only 6 loyalty counters, but will become a creature as soon as the cost of putting one loyalty counter on it is paid. Which is still before the ability becomes activated, but long after the proposal of activating it has been checked for legality and passed that check.

    This should be the rule to handle the situation (activating an ability follows the same rules as casting a spell, and is thus refered to those rules in the CR. Just read "spell" in here as "activated ability".):
    601.4. If a player is no longer allowed to cast a spell after completing its proposal (see rules 601.2a–d),
    the casting of the spell is illegal and the game returns to the moment before the casting of that spell
    was proposed (see rule 725, “Handling Illegal Actions”). It doesn’t matter if a rule or effect would
    make the casting of the spell illegal while determining and paying that spell’s costs
    (see rules
    601.2f-h) or any time after the spell has been cast.

    As I understand this, since the activation becomes illegal only when costs are being paid, the game will simply go through and activate the ability, even though that is illegal after the payment.

    And since becoming activated comes after the payment of costs, the Construct will see an activated ability of a creature become activated and trigger.
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