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  • posted a message on Planebound Accomplice + Valki, God of Lies
    In your hand, those cards aren't planeswalker cards, just creature cards. Because anywhere but on the battlefield and the stack, the game only sees the front face of a card. You are not playing the card with Planebound Accomplice's ability, you are putting it onto the battlefield. Those are different game actions, even if they are similar. Even if two different game actions would actually be doing the exact same thing (like drawing a card vs. putting a card from the top of your library into your hand), they are still treated as different game actions. You have to actually be playing an MDFC to play the backside. You have to actually transform a transforming DFC to get the backside.
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  • posted a message on Skill Borrower + Snarling Wolf + Sage Owl
    701.16c If cards in a player’s library are shuffled or otherwise reordered, any revealed cards that are
    reordered stop being revealed and become new objects.

    401.6. If an effect causes a player to play with the top card of their library revealed, and that particular
    card stops being revealed for any length of time before being revealed again, it becomes a new

    One could argue, that a revealed card, that is put into the same position as before is not being reordered, but as you said, that causes issues with potential multiples, that cannot be verified. So 701.16c has to mean, that the card becomes a new object and you can use the copied ability, since it is a new instance, that hasn't been used yet. (And no, any information gleaned by other players or even yourself prior to the reordering has no bearing on this, nor does a format, where only one copy is allowed.)

    As for the silverbordered scenario, since the Faerie becomes a new object and thus goes from not being on the battlefield to being on the battlefield (= entering the battlefield), you get to scy 2 for every scry 2 you do. You will have to stop that loop eventually, though, by scying the Faerie away from the top. It's silverborder land, however, so there are no hard rules for dealing with that nonsense. You could ask the Un-rules manager Mark Rosewater, if you want a more "official" answer.
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  • posted a message on Karlov of the Ghost Council + Soul Warden + Lightning Bolt
    Triggers on the stack need to resolve to do anything. And triggers can be responded to. So when Karlov enters, Soul Warden triggers, and that trigger goes on the stack. The opponent can now Bolt the still 2/2 Karlov and kill it. With no further responses, the life gain trigger resolves, and you gain 1 life. There is no further trigger here as Karlov has already left tzhe battlefield and cannot see you gain life, nor could he get +1/+1 counters even later.
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  • posted a message on Connive and Sun Titan
    The "may" is an option given at resolution of the spell/ability. It is then that you choose to take that option or not. But targets are chosen when the spell/ability is put on the stack, "may" or not. You do not choose to put a "may" trigger on the stack or not, you have no choice in that matter, you have to put it on the stack, with modes, targets etc. selected as required.
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  • posted a message on Multiple token replacement trigger effects
    Replacement effects are applied in the order chosen by the controller (or owner if there is no controller) of the affected object (control change and copy effects take precedent, though, but there are none here). The 3 effects here leave you with 6 possible orders. If from those possible orders you choose Xorn, then Manufactor, then Chaterfang, you will indeded get 2 Food, 2 Treasures, 2 Clues, and 6 Squirrels for any event creating a Food, Treasure, or Clue.

    Edit: I was slightly mikstaken, see below.
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  • posted a message on Confusion in the ranks ruling.
    Confusion in the Ranks

    701.10b When control of two permanents is exchanged, if those permanents are controlled by
    different players, each of those players simultaneously gains control of the permanent that was
    controlled by the other player. If, on the other hand, those permanents are controlled by the
    same player, the exchange effect does nothing.

    So the trigger will resolve, since its target is still legal (" target permanent another player controls"), but the exchange will do nothing as both permanents are controlled by the same player at that time.
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  • posted a message on Vesuva and Lotus Vale
    As to why:

    Replacement effects are applied to the event they replace in order, one after the other. Control change effects take precedent over copy effects, which take precedent over the rest. The controller of the affected permanent (or its owner if it has no controller) chooses one effect to apply, but must follow this general order, applies it, then chooses the next effect from all that are applicable then, but still following that general order. (see rule 616. for more details).

    So when Vesuva would enter the batlefield, its own effect as the only applicable copy replacement effect for that event is applied. But after it gets applied, the game checks again for applicable replacement effects, of which there is another one now, namely the Lotus Vale's effect. So that effect is applied. Then no more effects are applicable and the modified event (Vesuva entering the battlefield or the graveyard) occurs.
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  • posted a message on The Gitrog Monster & The Upkeep Step
    While you can activate those cards to sacrifice a land, that will not satisfy the Gitrog Monster's trigger. That one you have to pay for when it resolves, during its resolution. The Monster isn't looking for a land sacrifice during your upkeep, it requires that you sacrifice a land specifically for its trigger (or sac the creature).
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  • posted a message on Yedora, Blasting Station, Morph rulings
    No. The face down permanent merely changes its characteristics when you turn it face up. it entered the battlefield only when Yedora brought it back as a forest. To enter the battlefield, or any zone for that matter, the object has to go from not being in that zone to being in that zone. The object here goes from being a Forest on the battlefield to being a creature on the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Ninjutsu v.s. Eiganjo
    An attacking creature becomes blocked/unblocked as part of the declare blockers turn based action. Which means before the declare blockers step, there are no unblocked attackers. Which means, you cannot ninjutsu before the declare blockers step. This is the case even if your opponent has no creature to block with (yet).

    This scenario requires good communication as to when Eiganjo is used, at least in paper Magic. On Arena, you know which step of the phase it is currenly. So the Eiganjo player should say during which step he uses the channel ability. Usually, a player waits until the last possible moment before making a play, but if ninjas are expected, the best way to use the card is during the declare attackers step instead, to prevent the ninjutsu shennanigans. Generally, in tournament play, the usual procedure is the default shortcut unless otherwise stated.

    In summary, both scenarios are possible. Communication between players will determine which one will be the outcome.
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  • posted a message on Ziatora - targeting and priority
    Triggers are always put on the stack before any player gets priority. Be it Beginning of step/phase triggers, death triggers, or imbedded triggers like this one here. You can respond to the trigger after they've been put on the stack, but not before then. Simply because you don't have priority to do anything, no matter, which player you are.
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  • posted a message on 5/24 Random Card of the Day: Chittering Rats
    While paling in comparision to what is available in Standard right now, the painlands are still a very good tool for colorfixing. And there are quite a few cards for which you may want/need the colorless mana producing ability.
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  • posted a message on Nikya & Purphoros; Braids & Errant
    Quote from Dr. Shades »
    If I have Nikya of the Old Ways on the battlefield, and my devotion to Red is only one thanks to Nikya, may I cast Purphoros, God of the Forge?

    Yes. Purphoros's ability to make him a noncreature only works while he's on the batlefield. Anywhere else, including the stack, he's always a creature card.

    If I have both Braids, Conjurer Adept and the upcoming Errant, Street Artist on the battlefield, and I attempt to drop a Blightsteel Colossus on the battlefield with Braids's ability, do I get a copy of Blightsteel Colossus in addition to the original if I activate Errant's ability?

    No, because the Blightsteel Colossus is never a spell on the stack in this scenario. It goes directly from the hand to the battlefield. A spell, however, is a card on the stack, a copy of a card on the stack, or a copy of a spell. Therefore a spell only ever exists on the stack. The Street Artist copies spells you didn't cast, so essentially only any copy of a spell, like due to replicate, storm, Twincast, Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant, etc.
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  • posted a message on Sequencing of "Sacrifice at the beginning of the next end step" and other triggers at the beginning of the end step
    1) All "at the beginning of the end step" triggers go off at once and are placed on the stack at the same time. All triggers controlled by one player, then all triggers from the next player, and so on, beginning with the active player then going in turn order. Resolving a trigger may then cause other triggers on the stack to not be able to do anything anymore, but that is irrelevant for the triggering. A trigger that can't do anything on resolution then simply does nothing.

    2) Wether a trigger contains optional or mandatory instructions is also irrelevant. If a choice is nessessary, that choice is made on resolution of the trigger (except for modes, targets, and distributions among targets, which are chosen when the trigger is put on the stack). Meaning, any "may" triggers are always put on the stack wether you want to execute the option or not.

    3) Yes. Just put Ziatora's trigger on top of the delayed trigger from Hungry for More.
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  • posted a message on Using Flash (Spell) to block before having to sacrifice.
    So that's why certain tokens enter “tapped and attacking” sometimes and yet don't count towards attack triggers as they were never declared attackers by the player themselves?

    To be declared as attacker or blocker, a creature has to be around during the turn based action of the declare attackers step or the declare blockers step respectively. Which happen as the first thing in those steps before any player gets priority during those steps.
    Am I correct in assuming that the wording for it to work would be something like saying that the creature entering during the declare blockers step was specifically entering “blocking” or “tapped and blocking”? And that it wouldn't trigger any “when this creature blocks..” triggers yet?

    If a creature enters blocking a certain creature, then that attacking creature becomes blocked, which triggers "becomes blocked" triggers for that attacker. But the new blocker will not have any "blocks" triggers go off because it was never declared as blocker.

    509.5e If an ability triggers when a creature blocks or becomes blocked by a particular number of
    creatures, the ability triggers if the creature blocks or is blocked by that many creatures when
    blockers are declared. Effects that add or remove blockers can also cause such abilities to
    This applies to abilities that trigger on a creature blocking or being blocked by at least a
    certain number of creatures as well.

    509.7. If a creature is put onto the battlefield blocking, its controller chooses which attacking creature
    it’s blocking as it enters the battlefield (unless the effect that put it onto the battlefield specifies
    what it’s blocking), then the active player announces the new creature’s placement in the blocked
    creature’s damage assignment order. The relative order among the remaining blocking creatures is
    unchanged. A creature put onto the battlefield this way is “blocking” but, for the purposes of trigger
    events and effects, it never “blocked.”
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