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Magic Market Index for May 18th, 2018
  • posted a message on Copying Tokens destined to be Exiled
    That's about right, yes.
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  • posted a message on Shaman's Trance & Opponents Past in Flames
    No. You would still be the one casting and thus controlling the spell, so "your graveyard" still refers to your own graveyard, even though the spell came from someone else's.
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  • posted a message on Copying Tokens destined to be Exiled
    Copy effects only copy what's printed on the card (or what characteristics the token is created with) plus prior copy effects (=the copiable values). Things like adding/removing rules text, card types, color, abilities, or power/toughness changes all come later in the layer system and thus aren't copied. They don't change the copiable values of an object. Only a scarce few things do: copy effects and being a face down permanent. I can't think of anything else, though I have the nagging feeling, that I'm forgetting one more. (Edit: Transforming a double faced card is the one I forgot.)

    Wether the copy is a token or a card (Clone) doesn't matter in this regard.
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  • posted a message on About Jeleva and Strionic resonator
    No. The copy will let you cast the Bolt first, which means, it leaves exile and goes on the stack, and so is no longer in exile to be cast again when the original trigger resolves (which is after the Bolt has resolved and gone to the graveyard). Even if the card returns to exile in time before the original trigger resolves, it is considered a different object, that was never exiled with Jeleva, and so cannot be cast this way.
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  • posted a message on 5/24 Random Card of the Day: Jace's Erasure
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    Quote from RabidVacin »
    The 5/23/18 random card of the day is Winds of Change. If you have any comments, combos or a decklist involving this card, feel free to share.

    I can never quite get this card to play the way I want it to.

    If I was so far ahead in card advantage, I usually wasn't very interested in effectively cycling the cards in my hand. If I'm behind, I usually don't want to cycle my opponents hand.

    The best success I've had with this card is to play it with cards like:
    Underworld Dreams
    Booby Trap
    Breathstealer's Crypt

    I haven't tried it with cards like
    Phyrexian Tyranny
    Psychosis Crawler

    I tried it with Chains of Mephistopheles but it got pretty ugly pretty quickly.

    Notion Thief could be fun with this card.
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  • posted a message on Rat deck feed back wanted
    The choice of spot removal is strange. Black has many of thre best spot removal in existence, many of those at common or uncommon rarity, yet you chose a lot of the much weaker (because more expensive and being sorceries) 5 mana variants. In mono-B you can have Doom Blade, Murder, Unmake, Dismember, Murderous Cut, etc.

    Another strict upgrade would be to replace the Swarm of Rats with more Rat Colonies. They both get bigger with more rats under your control, but the Swarm starts at 1/1 (counting itself), while the Colony starts at 2/1. Though a more diverse collection of cheap rats with more useful abilities (like trample, fear, shadow, deathtouch, etc.) would serve the deck better than either. More Metallic Mimics would fall in here as well.

    On that note, you want more Marrow-Gnawers. Preferably a whole playset of 4, and/or tutors for them. Because a large number of rats early on that suddely have fear can really devastate a nonblack deck. And he can make more. He'll also have a big target on his head, so additional copies in your hand won't be useless for long. And if the one on the field sticks, well, then you are probably already winning. Giving him haste and making him harder to kill would also be a good idea. Luckily, there are two equipment cards that do both: Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves.

    Mind Rot, too, has strict upgrades in Arterial Flow (hitting all opponents, don't mind the vampire stuff), Heartless Pillage, or Unburden. Though usually, quality is better than quantity, meaning hitting specific cards in an opponent's hand is better than hitting the two weakest cards. For example, Distress can hit that Day of Judgment from a full hand, while Mind Rot and its friends can only do so if the hand has 2 or less cards in it. Personally, I would discard the discard stuff and get more card draw instead. Black is the second best color for that after all with cards like Sign in Blood. You want more rats, and you can get them by drawing more cards. If you are worried about the life loss that's attached to most black draw spells, you can run removal like Tendrils of Corruption or a set of Radiant Fountains to offset that. Though the only life point that matters and must be protected is the last one, the rest are resources, especially in black. Trading a bit of life for more cards is a great deal.

    (Edit: Getting lots of creatures back from the graveyard is also a possibility to get more rats and lets you trade with yor opponent's creatures more easily. Immortal Servitude for X=2 can get lots of rats back with your current setup. Death Denied is another good choice for this.)

    Dragon Blood is very slow and mana intensive. For a more aggressively minded deck like yours, cheap equipment like Vulshok Morningstar, Trusty Machete, etc. will be way more effective.

    Depending on how the deck shapes up, you may actually want more lands in your 60 card deck, especially if you have lots of more expensive cards. You can't afford to wait for a dozen turns to get the mana to play them. At that time, they won't make much of a difference, if you get there at all before losing.
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  • posted a message on Sunforger Question
    Yes. Escalate is an additional cost. It's not part of the mana cost, so Sunforger's "without paying its mana cost" won't make it free, but you can pay that cost to get several modes.
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  • posted a message on can i cast an instant before opponent has a chance to declare an attacker?
    You can do that anytime before the combat phase, or in the beginning of combat step, which is the first step of the combat phase and comes before the declare attackers step. Combat does not start with declaring attackers.

    Also, your opponent cannot by himself fast forward to the declaration of attackers. any attempt to do so is simply a shortcut proposal, it has to be accepted by all other players before it can happen. The other players can either accept the shortcut or shorten it, if they do the game will only progress to the point they shorten the shortcut to. If the opponent rushes through, the other players have the right to back up again.
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  • posted a message on Help with long running casual deck. It's out of control.
    I think, the best way to start is to just radically reduce the number of cards in the deck. Since you are roughly at 80 cards, culling every 4-of into a 3-of and cutting some lands will get us close to 60 without actually impacting how the deck plays overall. If anything, all those 1-ofs and 2-ofs will become more significant due to better chances of drawing them.


    -1 Powerstone Shard
    -1 Voltaic Key
    -1 Metalwork Colossus
    -1 Voltaic Servant
    -1 Essence Depleter
    -1 Mindbreak Trap
    -1 Rite of Replication
    -1 Urza's Tower
    -1 Urza's Power Plant
    -1 Urza's Mine
    -3 Island
    -1 Terramorphic Expanse
    -1 Evolving Wilds
    -1 Swamp

    leaves us at this deck of 62 cards with pretty much the same or even slightly better performance:

    Now obviously, there are no full playsets anymore. But with this culled list as a starting point, if you want a playset, don't just add the missing copy back in, instead make the hard decision of taking out some other card.

    Another big step for me would be to cut black and go back to mono-U. You can then lose those common fetches to add more utility lands or Islands. Black is only in there for Essence Depleter, and while that card can make good use of large amounts of colorless mana, the rest of the deck pulls you into big artifact creatures, massive cloning, and several other things already. There are just too many different things you want the deck to do. Instead of cramming all of them into a single deck, make two decks, that each can focus more on their own themes, if you want to explore them all.

    Untapping and using the Time Vault for an endless series of turns could be a focus of the deck, but only if you add more tutors for it besides that Tinker. Muddle the Mixture seems like a good fit for that, since it doubles as a counterspell and can fetch other things as well.
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  • posted a message on Help with long running casual deck. It's out of control.
    Didn't yet take a closer look at your deck, but have some ideas on how to better deal with that $$$ ChannelFireball deck:

    1) You could run 4 copies of Gemstone Caverns, which lets you have a land in play even if your opponent goes first and pulls the combo on his first turn. You can then use any of the many much less expensive 1CMC blue counterspells to stop the Fireball, like Envelop, Flusterstorm, Outwit, etc. He may still have his own counterspell to answer that, though.

    2) If you manage to have more life than he does, the life fueled Fireball might not be big enough. Again, you could try to do this with lands, like Radiant Fountain, but of course, that's not an answer to a turn 1 combo. Not sure, if there is a "free" spell to gain life in your deck's colors.

    I don't see any point in running just a single set of the Urzatron. After all, so long as you can assemble all three pieces at least once, all other pieces of unfinished sets on the field will also produce more mana. So you either want to run all 12 pieces (or close to that), or none, since assembling that single set is almost impossible with what you have in the deck and doesn't yield that much additional mana.
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  • posted a message on Help with long running casual deck. It's out of control.
    A better formatting of your list would definitely help us help you. If you leave an empty line between cards to form blocks, the software will put the blocks next to each other, saving space and the need to scroll up and down. You can also add headlines for those blocks (any text that isn't preceded by a number will be shown as plain text). I find a seperation into three blocks most useful, dividing the cards into "Lands", "Creatures", and "Others". Furthermore, ordering the cards in each category by converted mana cost will help visualize the mana curve.

    Lands (24)
    24 Swamp

    Creatures (24)
    8 Rat Colony
    12 Relentless Rats
    4 Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni

    Others (12)
    4 Doom Blade
    4 Unmake
    4 Damnation

    without the *s becomes

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  • posted a message on Dominaria Sealed Give me Your Build
    In order to get any decent early game at all, you pretty much have to play black as a main color. Or blue, but that color doesn't look very enticing as a whole. The pool also is seriously lacking in evasion in general. If you don't go blue, you have to use white for evasion. Starting with W/B seems like a good idea, though neither color has something big for the late game. But you get the majority of removal in those two colors. You have a lot of equipment, that can empower your early creatures and the combined cost of casting and equipping falls nicely into mana curve. Three Adamant Wills are also a nice suite of combat tricks. You could splash red for Garna, which by itself can act as more removal due to flash, and combines nicely with Whisper. Plus, you have two of them. Or splash blue for the Sphinx and Arcane Flight to get more evasion.

    I thought about going green and ramping out those Verdant Forces, an aproach for which you definitely have the tools. But B/G has too big a hole in the middle of the mana curve for me. You also lose what little evasion you have available, unless yo splash white or blue. Furthermore, cramming in those ramp cards takes up a lot of card slots, and you get mostly just vanilla fatties out of them. An early 7/7 will just eat removal, and when it comes down later, there's not much time to create a lot of saprolings with it. The game will already be closing and the damage will come mostly in the air.

    Here's my W/B build. I left out Whiper, because there aren't that many creatures I'd want to sacrifice here. They are pretty much everything available. The Lances were competing with the Wills, and I went with two of each, but I'd sideboard one for the other depending on the opponent. They also work well in tandem, but the other 5 "Other" cards are a must have for me, and I need the creatures more than a third copy of either. Still wondering wether splashing blue for the Sphinx is worth it. Overall, I wouldn't expect this deck to do overly well in an event, but shouldn't do terrible either.

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  • posted a message on Profane Procession // Tomb of the Dusk Rose + Commander Cards
    No. In general, when a card moves from one zone to another, it becomes a new object. Even if it later returns to the zone it started from, it is still a different object from the one that left earlier. Tomb of the Dusk Rose will not have a connection to the card anymore, once it leaves exile.
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  • posted a message on Mycosynth Golem and cards like Walking Ballista cost reduction
    When you cast your Balista spell, you have to choose a value for X. The spell's cost will later be calculated using this value for X. So if you choose X=3, the mana cost of the Ballista spell will be 6. From there you apply first any additional costs, then cost increasing effects, then cost reduction effects (like from affinity), then Trinisphere. With 6 artifacts total under your control, you can choose X=0, X=1, X=2, or X=3, without having to pay mana for the spell. The Ballista will enter with 0/1/2/3 counters. To get 6 counters, X must be chosen as 6, making the Ballista cost 12 mana. So'd need 12 artifacts for affinity to reduce that to 0.
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  • posted a message on Lorwyn card questions
    You can cast those ceatures just fine without there being a legal target for their ETB triggered abilities. The creature spells themselves have no targets. When the spell resolves and the creature enters the battlefield, if there is no legal target for the triggered ability, that ability is simply removed from the stack right away.

    Also note, that you get the ETB trigger regardless of how the creature enters the battlefield or from where. You could Zombify them from the graveyard and still get the trigger.
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