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  • posted a message on Kormus Bell and Eradicate
    This doesn't work, because Kormus Bell turns all swamps into black creatures (as per its Oracle text), and Eradicate cannot target black creatures.
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  • posted a message on Best green big creatures?
    Quote from discomute »
    I have to admit I haven't come across him! 8cmc is up there but he definitely deserved a spot on my list for sure.

    Tell what I wish we had, a green non legendary creature that granted haste to some or all creatures

    Not green, but playable in monogreen: Crashing Drawbridge. Also Vitaspore Thallid.
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  • posted a message on Are tokens spells?
    A spell is a card on the stack, a copy of a card on the stack, or a copy of another spell on the stack. Everything else is not a spell.
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  • posted a message on Countering thoughtsieze
    If a spell is countered, none of its effects happen. You losing 2 life is part of Thoughtseize's effect, so no, you don't lose life in that scenario. Note, that even if the spell resolves and the targeted player cannot discard (not having nonland cards in hand), you still lose the 2 life. But yes, the life loss is the last effect of that spell and happens after the discard.
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  • posted a message on Assault Suit Question
    Control changes with the resolution of the trigger at beginning of each opponent's turn. Control changes back during the cleanup step of that opponent's turn. So the creature goes away, and later comes back to you, for each opponent's turn (if you choose to give the creature away for that turn). Until it is your turn again, and the creature stays with you for that turn, since there is no trigger to change its controller.
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  • posted a message on Seasoned Pyromancer
    Certainly. That first ability is a trigger, that will go off when the Pyromancer enters the battlefield, so long after casting and even if it enters without having been cast. And it will trigger regardless of the number of cards in your hand. You have to discard two cards if you have them when that trigger resolves (or as many as you can if you have less than two), then you draw two cards, also regardless of how many you discarded if any. But for casting, the number of cards in your hand doesn't matter.
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  • posted a message on Glowstone Recluse
    Quote from chaikov »
    Quote from Jsun »
    does Brushwagg get reach and the two +1/+1 counters on it that turn?
    The effect is immediate, as soon as your mutate-spell resolves.

    The reach ability is immediate, since it is part of the Recluse's copiable values, but the counters have to wait for the trigger to resolve.
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  • posted a message on Looking for art
    Avenging Huntbonder?
    Slippery Bogbonder? - That one would be my best guess. The lower part of the art is cut off, so there could be a shallow river there in the full art.
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  • posted a message on Looking for art
    Thieving Otter?

    If not, can you give some more details about the art? Like color scheme, posture of the creature, background, etc.?
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  • posted a message on Help creating the perfect Alara Shards and Tarkir Clans Kits
    Quote from Curropepe »

    -The Temur deck only has 59 cards. I thought maybe 1 more Heir of the Wilds would be appropriate, but someone suggested Stubborn Denial in Reddit, which seems perfect.

    If you like the idea, go ahead and put it in. Those kinds of decks are for fun first and foremost.

    -I don't know what's the point of Memory Erosion in the Grixis Deck. No other card supports Mill, and it's clearly an Esper card.

    Maybe the card was read wrong and was included with the assumption that you could mill yourself for more access to unearth. But as it is, you are right, the card makes no sense in regards to the rest of the deck. Some people like to include random 1-ofs just for the lulz of it, though, and to steal games. A friend of mine used to be known as Mr. Chaos in our group mostly because of this kind of attitude. He'd put powerful 1-ofs, he just so happended to have available, into his decks because the deck could play them. And yes, sometimes he just downright caught the rest of us totally off guard and won this way.

    -The Alara Shard decks have some cards that are obviously part of another Shard.

    The Shards and Clans are really just 3-color combinations. And their sets were designed with Limited in mind, where the lines between those Shards and Clans would naturally blur. There's nothing wrong with playing a black unearth card associated with Grixis in a Jund deck, for example. Especially the Shards as they also blur Lore-wise as the Alara story unfolds. But if getting off theme troubles you, you are free to remove those cards and replace them with something more fitting.

    -I don't know what to think about Planeswalkers in two of the Tarkir decks.

    Planeswalkers are just another type of card, really. Designed mostly as powerful tools, though, with repeatable effects, which practically equals card advantage. Again, if you are not comfortable with those cards, just replace them. But planeswalkers are part of the game and have been for many years, so having some decks as introductory tools for them is a good thing if introduction to the game is part of your goals.

    -Last but not least, I don't know if these decks are really balanced.

    Only by playing them can you truly tell. And player skill is an important influence, too. A good player with a mediocre (or even bad) deck can still beat a bad player with a good deck. A player who understands his deck well has quite the advantage against a player who doesn't know what he's supposed to do with the cards. I used to playtest my new decks against my other decks, playing against myself (I did have a lot of free time back then apparently), to get a better grasp of their relative power as well as finding cruder flaws (in both decks). A complete balance of power level is unachievable, in the end. The best you can hope for is for those decks to be of comparable power.

    So, with those decks in mind... any tweaks for making them "perfect"? Again, I don't want them to be competitive, just balanced, thematic and fun.

    That depends entirely on you definition of perfect. So it's up to you. As long as they make for a fun pastime, you've done well. You are the ultimate arbiter here. The only one, really.

    If you want suggestions about how to tweak the various decks, it would be better if you posted those decks here (in the Casual forums). Maybe not all in one thread, though, as that will get clunky quickly. Usually it's best to talk about only one deck in a thread. Multiple decks in one thread are entirely feasible, though, but even "only" 5 decks is already pushing the limits hard.
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  • posted a message on 5/29 Random Card of the Day: Storm Herald
    A long time ago, I used Junktroller in a monoblack deck in conjuction with tutors to get enchantment recurrsion for my several 1-of enchantments. A roundabout way to achieve what the color usually cannot do. And as a creature it was easy for the deck to recur the Golem if necessary. Creature recurrsion is easy for black after all and the deck was all about that.
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  • posted a message on 5/29 Random Card of the Day: Storm Herald
    This is a nice ramp tool for highly multicolored decks that are played in multiplayer or against opponents that can be expected to run Vivid lands, Gemstone Mine, Cavern of Souls, Tendo Ice Bridge, etc. I personally use it in a monoblue deck that centers around Puca's Mischief as a means to ramp a bit and to use activated and triggered abilities that need colored mana, because I expect the opponent to play lands that produce mana of the necessary color.

    An older version of my deck is featured a thread of mine here on the forums, if you are interested:
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  • posted a message on Copying Reanimate with a Titan
    As soon as the copy of Reanimate resolves, Kroxa leaves the graveyard and becomes a new object. The original Reanimate now no longer has a legal target. Even if Kroxa returns to the graveyard before the original Reanimate resolves, by whatever means, it will be a different object, not the object targeted by the original Reanimate. That spell will resolve doing nothing since it has no legal target.
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  • posted a message on World Purge and Teferi's Protection
    You cannot cast a spell during the resolution of a spell unless that spell specifically instructs or allows you to. Worldpurge is currently resolving in your scenario as indicated by players making decisions as prompted by the spell's effect. They do not make those decisions earlier than that. Also, you as the active player make the choices first. The decision making doesn't come around to you, it starts with you.

    You can cast Teferi's Protection in response to Worldpurge. But that is then also before anything is bounced and any decision about what to keep is made. Because to respond means to act before the thing you are responding to starts resolving. As the player who has cast Worldpurge you are in fact the player who gets to respond first. But if you don't respond then and there, and no other player responds, the spell resolves. That is the risk you take when passing instead of responding immediately.
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  • posted a message on Solemnity based loop
    Also of note, even if a player has a way to stop the loop, they are not obliged to use it, because it is not a part of the loop.
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