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  • posted a message on The Official "I would like my Username Changed" Thread
    Could I have Squirtle_Squad?
    I made this account a bit ago and I dislike my name I put.
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    I am Squirtle_Squad!

    I have been playing MTG since the realease day of ROE. I got a promo Emrakul for showing up. I have been trying to play competitively but I utterly fail usually. The best I have done is a gruul sliver deck when it was standard. But I have been using a website called MTGvault.com for criticism on my decks.

    I am almost always thinking about mtg. I try to think of cool decks to make with interesting combos. I dont play many competitive constructed games because I live in a richer town where many people have a deep pocket while I dont.

    I have a question about the formatting on this fourm. How do I make a deck list?

    Thank you!
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