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  • posted a message on Consecrated Sphinx and discarding to hand size
    I hope I understand your question.
    You only have to discard to your max hand size at the end of your turn.
    If you play something like Reliquary Tower, you no longer have a max size. So you will never reach “no max” number of cards in your hand do you will never have to discard.
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  • posted a message on Best green big creatures?
    Silvos never stopped being good, people just forgot about it.

    For enablers, how were Quicksilver Amulet and Elvish Piper left out?
    Also recommending Growing Rites of Itlimoc.

    As for beaters, I always love adding Bellowing Tanglewurm because it is a solid closer.

    Additional praise towards Ghalta, Primal Hunger. Ramping to a Gigantosaurus then dropping Ghalta down as a garnish feels great.

    Vigor You need to play it.

    Lastly I want to point out Archetype of Endurance this creature hoses so many answers and does not require you to splash colors. Sure the P/T to CMC is a little off, but the creature’s ability more than makes up for it.

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  • posted a message on What have i done.......
    The Throne of Eldraine Legendaries are far from Gods. You would be better off running the Myojins from Champions of Kamigawa, as they were gods in their own right in that plane. However I do agree that running the hybrid demigods would still be flavorful AND help your deck run more smoothly. Just so you know, if something costs GGG and Morophon is out, it will still cost GG. The discount only gets rid of one of each of the mana symbols, not any mention of them.

    I'm also thinking Child of Alara might be a better commander option, as I am unsure if the mana discounts offset the additional 2 cmc of Morophon, while nuking the board with Child means little to you when you are running a boatload of indestructibles.

    Cabal Stronghold is a typically going to be a bad card for you. Personally I would not swap in the shocklands for the other nonbasics, I'd swap them in for cabal, unknown shores, Karplusan Forest, and your basics. Shocklands have two land types, which count for lands like Game Trail.

    Lastly, Godsire is but a beast, but do look at the name. And it's big. Yeah, I don't think it should be in your deck either. Nevermind.
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  • posted a message on Financial Musings of 2019 Holiday Season
    Thanks for the info!
    Scheming symmetry is definitely a card to be watched as it is the best two-headed giant card printed this year. If it had been printed in Battlebond I think it would be $8-$10 by now.
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  • posted a message on Budget replacements for Modern staples
    Bitterblossom: Dreadhorde Invasion
    Sure, there is not the evasion, but the chump-blockers/sacrificial-fodder aspects are definitely there. Dreadhorde costs 1cmc less to cast and if left unchecked by itself can net you back the lost life, not to mention buffs can hasten this rebate.

    Dark Confidant: Twilight Prophet
    I know 4cmc is a stretch, but this turns the life-loss around and points it towards your opponents, and has a bigger body.

    Leyline of Sanctity: Ivory Mask
    Why wasn't this an auto include? Ivory Mask is the original ancestor of LoS. I'm so lazy, my legacy white deck STILL has these on the sideboard for burn match-ups. Sure Ivory grants Shroud and LoS grants Hexproof, but for how little white targets itself, the difference is rarely even noticed.
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  • posted a message on Wiki for making text only cards?
    The easiest way would be to make a public spreadsheet with google docs or onedrive.
    This way you can search by name/type/creator/toughness/etc as long as you have columns for it and as long as the users include it.

    Pros:easy to search and comphrensive.
    Cons:as the sheet is public others could edit things they did not make.

    That being said,if just for your own, you don’t need to make public-edit access, just public-read access (assuming you want to share it.

    If you don’t wish to share it, just use a spreadsheet program. Just know that the options I have above the program are online AND free.
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  • posted a message on (Spoiler) Throne of Eldraine favourites so far?
    Midnight Clock seems like a card forgotten from early on due to the spoiler season.

    Gingerbrute is an all-star in limited. Give it some of that common equipment and rack up that damage. Goes in any deck. Can give life.

    Epic Downfall is a card I didn't even notice until opening the packs. This is like a Cast Down that exiles big creatures. I feel like this is at the very least a new standard staple and definitely vital in Brawl and Commander.
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  • posted a message on "Win the game with my opponents cards" deck
    I made an EDH deck on this theme, but it is very casual.

    As far as protecting yourself early game, that is the job of Counterspell, unsummon, Fog Bank, Guard Gormazoa, and Propaganda.

    You can also use Dissapation Field and Dream Fighter. Mistblade Shinobi can also slow your opponent down if they didn't leave a blocker.
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  • posted a message on Anje Falkenrath is a failure of design and one of my least favorite cards after playing with it
    There are other things that deal with discarding aside from Madness. There is threshold and hellbent that immediately come to mind.

    This is not even to say anything about things like Bone Miser, which is even in the precon. You can also do things with card draw like Venser's Journalor Psychosis Crawler (which I think is also in that precon).

    If you really want to heavily run tutors to fetch Falkenrath Gorger, you can make Anje into a vampire tribal deck.

    I look at this like my Reveka, Wizard Savant EDH deck. Sure, I COULD make it a pinger deck, but really it is a Control Magic style deck. It is possible to run a commander in an EDH deck without it even being part of the primary win condition.
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  • posted a message on Black/ red deck for multiplayer
    What a shame I got here after the conversion from BR. You can go a long way in those colors with Repercussion and Volley of Arrows while also running Dingus Staff with cards like Royal Assassin/Seal of Doom. Politics-wise having open mana and rattlesnake-type cards to deter attacks leaves you in a good position.
    Obviously you can still do the latter in monoblack.

    That being said black has all types of cards that are great for multiple opponents. If you want to go faster you can flood the board with cards like Thornbow Archer that dock each opponents' life just by attacking. If you can afford a copy, try Torment of Hailfire.

    Altar of the Brood is also a great multiplayer card that goes beautifully with Bloodchief Ascension. The amount of removal it does for a single mana is fantastic. The psychological impact even more so. That being said, I would only run as many as your group can mentally handle. 1 is typically manageable, two on the battlefield might garner unwanted attackers and gets into mill territory vs card draw, three out all at once paints a target on your face, and having four out means no one can argue otherwise.

    Ophiomancer is the black definition of a multiplayer rattlesnake. Sure, it isn't No Mercy, but it is 1 cmc less and can swing for damage if need be. It is starting to get on the real world expensive side, but not as expensive as No Mercy...No Mercy and Dingus Staff is black's personal Moat.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria speculation
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Oh yea for are creature types for a I think it will get a new creature typing for giant creature but for side types


    And hey speaking of Marit lage it’s not like Ikoria is where she was hiding all along since she’s the right size for a kaiju monster

    I would also say Lizards, Beasts, Leviathans, Wurms, Horrors, Hellions, and maybe a Demon or two. I do not forsee Angels, however.
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  • posted a message on Using off colour lands in EDH
    The other exception is Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. This land has none of the basic land types and no mana symbols. Mentioning swamps in the rules box is not enough to force a color identity (think creatures with “swampwalk” or how Conversion can go into monocolored white decks).
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  • posted a message on Is there any way to hardcast emrakul on Turn 0
    Starting hand:

    Start game with leyline and caverns out. Exile an island to caverns.

    Exile sprit guide and tap caverns to cast flash to bring out Academy Rector. Since you are out of mana, Academy Rector dies. Is the death trigger to search for and put out Omniscience.
    Use omniscience to cast Enter the Infinite in order to draw your deck including Emrakul, the aeons torn and lava axe. Cast both.
    Start your extra turn with Emrakul out and your opponent at 15 life. Swing for kill.
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  • posted a message on Trump Cards
    Sorry for the double post
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  • posted a message on Help Needed: Modern Horizons Lore
    If it were up to me, After Hogarth from the Iron Giant stopped the nuke, pieces of him fell to back to...some other plane... he tried to pull himself back together, but instead of parts, bodies crawled to him rebuilding him, twisting him. Hogarth was no more, there was only a Hogaak now, it’s mind so twisted it searches the countryside for the parts that never made it to that plane...
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