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  • posted a message on Teaching my Girlfriend the Best Card Game: MTG
    Use those as starter decks. Get packs occasionally and let her add as many/little as she wants and you can only swap in one non rare from the pack.
    Next up, find out what she likes. My S.O. Was big into Vampires and as luck would have it, Innistrad was on the shelves. I would look at the spoilers and share news of new vampires (still do to this day). I made sure to trade for things my SO would like and even fund the hobby for both of us.
    Lastly, you want to start with low power and work up. One of our LGSes has chaff boxes with each card being 10 cents. We both grabbed cards for ourselves and once colors were obvious I recommended a few cards (removal, acceleration, mana fixing) and we had our own personal chaff decks. My SO’s deck grew and shifted to be a monoblack +1/+1 vampire tribal deck with an imposing late game board...Then they opened Olivia Voldaren that was the start of the RB vampire deck that it got so big while being almost singleton it became a commander deck.

    Last year we made each other Commander decks. I am looking forward to using the one made for me at the upcoming convention.

    Best of luck to the two of you! Tell us what color(s) she picks!
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  • posted a message on World's most obvious combos
    hermitic study and horseshoe crab. Same set. Makes a “Hermit Crab”. Yes I know hermetic and hermit do not mean the same thing, but the pun helps point the players in the right direction.
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  • posted a message on Card Æsthetics Evaluation Thread
    While I do like the “Sun” armor of the promo, the titan aspect is not anywhere as noticeable as the normal art.
    The duel deck art makes perfect sense with the Heroes vs Monsters vibe and may be what some people are looking for art wise, but Original Art Sun Titan is my favorite.
    As for symbol, I like M12, since it is a 6/6 and 6+6=12.
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  • posted a message on 2019 Holiday Card: Decorated Knight
    Oh my, I just got that Meditate is an Uno card balanced for MtG.
    Thank you for this revelation!
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  • posted a message on Fists of Flame, or "why developing specifically for EDH is making the format worse"
    Just going to say: Zada dies to removal. One board wipe and a Zada deck is never recovering. It needs Gauntlet of Might to have a chance of winning multiplayer.

    All that being said: budget Zada is fun to build and play. Even if it cannot best all three friends, it can at least knock one out early.

    Did I see this card spoiled and immediately think Zada? Yes I did. Traditional red Aggro is so hard to run in commander due to the starting life difference and the multiplayer aspect that a single common card will not make a difference. Torbran, Thane of Red Fell is another card printed to try to make traditional red aggro work, and a non optimized Torban Brawl deck can go head to head with the Chulane precon.

    Lastly, did we see Smothering Tithe? I’m not even going to link it; search it up if you missed it because it is the best white staple still in standard. Most believe it was printed to try to give white edh decks a chance.
    Point being, there are a lot of decks out there. Many that are pet projects that will never be competitive, but it is nice once and a while to have a card printed that works with an otherwise hampered strategy. Fists of the flame didn’t make Zada competitive, the only red tutor that could get it is Gamble anyway; still leaving the chances of getting to it under 7%.
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  • posted a message on Survey(s) on mothership hint at anime-themed sets incoming?
    Agreed. Cyberpunk was done as early as Tempest, clearly in Invasion block, every time we went to Mirrodin and Kaladesh, and let’s not forget Parhelion II in war of the spark... or Izzet as a whole.

    The occasional anime art is refreshing, as it is something different. Anime as the norm should not be the place of magic, as it has been said that is for Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh.
    Stop trying to make MtG Yu-Gi-Oh, Gretchen! It’s never going to happen. We panned your Invocations from Amonkhet and we’ll do it again if needed.
    We need not worry. Anime women are busty. MtG has moved away from busty women. There won’t be big-eyed, busty women on a new magic card any time soon that is officially printed original WotC approved art.
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  • posted a message on A look on my elemental treachery
    I am a long time reanimator fan, so seeing your nonblack take on it was very refreshing. I hope it performs like a dream. Let us know how it runs.
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  • posted a message on A look on my elemental treachery
    Officially how many colors do your lands need to produce? I am seeing definitely 3, possibly 4.
    Consider spidersilk net in place of some of your equipment. It better protects you awakeners and automatically gets them ready to pull your agents, where you’d need two scimitars otherwise. You might even try Spectral Flight as it matches either’s cmc+equip.

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  • posted a message on 11/18/19 Big Bannings
    Trickster is too powerful!
    Green players:”Yeah, I guess I saw this coming.”
    Same with free ramp!
    GPs:” I guess but without-“
    And F*** Summer! Wrong season! Banned!
    GPs:”Now hold on a second-“
    Oh you are complaining about how life isn’t fair without your planeswalker, well Narset is restricted!
    GPs: “Weird flex, but okay...”
    Don’t talk back! No more watching Ren and Stimpy!
    GPs:”That early 90s show? Are you talking about the Modern Horizons ol-“
    Oh so smart you are correcting me? Fine no Wrenn and Six either! And Nissa will be forever single!!!
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    I think it might be safe to assume that every character that got a vanguard card (nonmtgo exclusive, that is) will actually get a legend card.

    This means:
    Sidar Kondo

    That is right, just 5 out of the 32 cards. I think the least likely out of all of these is Lyna, as the shadow pool is small. Though I think it would still be cool.
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  • posted a message on What to play in creature heavy meta?
    Prossh, Skyraider of Kher and Food Chain grant you infinite ETB and colorless mana. Plus with haste you can 1hit ko someone.

    Krenko, Mob Boss with Purphoros, God of the Forge.

    If your trouble stems from their commander you can disable it with something like Darksteel Mutation or any gain Control Magic type effect.

    Lastly you can use rattlesnake like cards such as Glissa, the Traitor, Voracious Cobra, Pit Spawn, Deadly Recluse, or Seal of Doom.

    or just have a bunch of boardwipes and/or Fog effects.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Commander Card Restriction
    That is permitted in any deck.
    Consider White Knight: it has protection from black. White Knight’s color identity is White and only white, even though it mentions another color.
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  • posted a message on What to play in creature heavy meta?
    Doran, the Siege Tower laughs at aggro. Walls are cheap and can be put out faster than most big stompy.

    Conversely you can incentivize attacking other opponents with Curses, like Curse of Opulence.
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  • posted a message on Fractured Identity and Abyssal Persecutor
    Quote from Kamonohashi »
    Thanks for responding, peteroupc. Again, though, I can't accept the answer that I'm being given.

    I read the thread that you included. I play commander, and the "limited range of influence" option doesn't apply to my play group. That being the case, you're making the claim that "nothing in the rules explicitly states that a player who would win the game makes all other players lose the game." Well, nothing in the rules of poker explicitly states that two diamonds plus two diamonds makes four diamonds. That's defined by mathematics and the English language. Nothing in the rules of chess states that "white" is the color that reflects visible light and "black" is the color that absorbs it. That's defined by the laws of physics and the English language. It isn't necessary for the game rules to explicitly state that one person winning a game of magic makes the other players lose the game-- that's what WINNING and LOSING mean in the English language.

    If, during a game of Commander, I were to "win" the game in the manner that you suggest-- casting Laboratory Maniac, attempting to draw a card, and being unable to draw-- you claim that the other players will not have "lost" the game, even though I "won" the game. THIS MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. The rules of Magic can't override the definition of the word "win" in the English language or the binary logic represented in the concepts of "winning" and "losing" in American societal culture. To "win" is to "not lose" and to "not win" is to "lose." Can you imagine a Superbowl game ending the way you suggest? The New England Patriots win the Superbowl but, fortunately, the Miami Dolphins didn't lose the game, so they're just as happy.

    I cannot accept the assertion that the rules of an intrinsically zero-sum card game have the power to redefine what WINNING A GAME and what LOSING A GAME mean, in practical terms, in the real world.

    Peteroupc and WizardMN are two of the biggest names in this rules forum. They and one other person are all telling you the same thing. If you want to PM Rezzahan or NateDogg(the later which is at least a Lvl2 Judge if not higher), then go for it.

    My credentials: I have been playing since 1995. I graduated with an English degree.

    Magic is not just played in English, so the rules of English do not apply. Richard Garfield, creator of the game in question, made it as a way to pass time between D&D sessions. Please not the primary language in D&D is not "English". The primary language is "Common". The rules of magic are not built on the assumptions of the English language. Sure, the King James Bible is written in English, but you can be damned sure the original bible was not.

    Let's look at two cards in specific: the very recent Princess Twilight Sparkle and the older Divine Intervention. If one successfully activates Twilight, everyone [MLP verbiage "everypony"="everybody"] would win the game and no one would lose the game. If this was ever allowed play in tournaments, all players would tally a win on their slip.
    Divine Intervention is very much a legal card. No one loses. No one wins. Everyone draws.

    It is possible to end a game of magic without anyone losing.

    Take this example as well: Omen Machine and a 1/1 are on the battlefield. I cast Repulse. The casting of Repulse successfully goes on the stack targeting the 1/1. Repulse resolves, one line at a time. First, the 1/1 is returned to the owner's hand. Next, Repulse attempts to make me draw a card, but due to Omen Machine, I cannot. Repulse, having completed as much of its text as it can, is then put into my graveyard. The 1/1 remains in the owner's hand, even though the card could never be drawn while Omen Machine is on the battlefield.

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  • posted a message on Lake of Behemoths Commander Deck Speculation
    Glad someone said it. Starting with the now terrible Cosmic Horror and remembering other gems like Pit Spawn or a hard cast Hypnox, there are a few noticeably big horrors out there.

    Now, I would love for one of them to be a weenie tribal of the behemoths of Segovia!
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