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  • posted a message on I think it's about time someone says it
    No idea about blocking Planeswalkers, such a thing would only exist with s rules change and not even the one you suggested.

    With Doomgape, as it has trample, 5 of the ten damage would be dealt to the five devils at the same time the remaining 5 would be dealt to the defending player. The devils would then die and their triggers would go off, giving them the option to deal 5 more damage and thus avenging their own death and their controllers 5-damaged face.

    Bounce does not kill. It is using up a card to cost the opponent tempo. Kill spells like Murder is a straight card-for-card interaction, which is what makes Royal Assassin one of the few weenies still playable with said rule change as it can help “defend” itself, thus making it on par with that of Steel Leaf Champion.

    Flavorwise, do realize legends are not the actual legends pulled from time, they are copies created upon summoning. Thus they are typically devoid of most emotion and want to keep eyes on the price of winning. They care not if their partner or brother dies because they are but copies... clones made to serve the player
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  • posted a message on I think it's about time someone says it
    Use creatures with the provoke ability.
    Where attacking creatures falls apart are dealing with mostly blue creatures:
    Should you be able to attack an unblockable creature?
    How about if the targeted creature has islandwalk? Islandhome?
    If your creature can only block creatures with flying, could it attack a non flying creature?
    Could a Giant Spider attack a Mesa Pegasus?
    Would an attacked creature count as a blocking creature, if so would creatures unable to block be safe from being attacked; what about Thicket Basilisk?
    Could I attack your Doomgape with five 1/1 devil tokens to have them all die and each deal 5 damage to your Doomgape, thus dealing ten damage and saving myself from trample damage that would occur if you attacked me?

    From an initial look, red and green would prosper from this greatly while the other colors (white and blue especially) would suffer considerably. Interestingly enough, red and green are home to both the provoke and fight mechanic.

    My immediate advice is to run Fall of the Hammer and Rabid Bite. Also see if your table will try it.

    If you want a flavor reason, think of yourself as being able to see via movie-spy satellites onto the opponent’s battlefield, but your creatures/troops can only see in general areas. The defending creatures know the lay of the land and can use it to either hide or get to where they need to be, but when attacking, they typically do not feel familiar on enemy soil (else they would have landwalk).
    Fighting creatures come to the edge, hurling insults until the other creature comes out to shut it up. Provoke sends your creature a DM calling its mom bad names and your creature goes to beat up the troll only to find it is a 6/6 ogre with first strike.
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  • posted a message on Allied Color Experience Legendaries
    Swiftwing works
    Odinerr works
    Ashenbraids: I noticed when transformed, you can not gain additional experience. Just curious, how broken is it if the experience ability is on both sides? I’m assuming “very” but would like to know what the data holds.

    Impling looks fun. I could make a deck around that today if I wanted. I don’t see it as under or overpowered.

    Zul needs help. Compared to Mundungu or Time Elemental there is not enough juice for a two colored 1/1.
    I would try removing the tap cost, straight bounce the permanent, and have the experience counters be how many times you are allowed to do it each turn.
    If that seems too powerful, keep the “unless they pay #” clause.
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  • posted a message on Firesong and Sunspeaker, help needed

    I have even more in my deckhere.
    This runs the troubles of typical Boros decks, so Smothering Tithe, land Tax, and Endless Atlas are also good additions.
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  • posted a message on WAR, new toyz, what are you playing?
    Command the Dreadhorde goes great with Personal Sanctuary.
    Karn's Bastion is good in so many decks.
    Ugin, the Ineffable goes with artifact Voltron/Eldrazi.
    Ajani's Pridemate and a playset of Charmed Strays are in my lifegain jank deck.
    Gideon's Triumph is very useable even without a Gideon, same with the rest of the 5 color set.
    Rising Populace in my Revolt deck.
    Topple the Statue doesn't have a home yet, but it will, believe me.
    The Wanderer goes great with burn-it-all decks (or Firesong and Sunspeaker EDH decks).
    Eternal Skylord in Zombie EDH.
    Kasmina's Transmutation is a great disabler.
    Lazotep Plating can fizzle a spell and provide a surprise blocker.
    Wall of Runesis an improved Kraken Hatchling (unless you are running kraken/leviathan/serpent matters decks, of course).
    Aid the fallenis definitely meta relavant.
    Banehoundis an insane one-drop.
    Davriel's Shadowfugue is a functional reprint of Witness the End. Each time I cast this card on my opponent, they all closed their eyes and lowered their head, even if it was just for a moment. This card has a psychological impact and the added bonus of lowering target opponent's morale. Obviously don't play it against your friends too often or you might have less friends. But a very powerful card.
    Eternal Taskmaster plays well with copies of itself as well as with others.
    Unlikely Aid is a great tool in black pauper aggro.
    Burning prophetis great for spellslinging/Zada EDH.
    Cyclops Pyromancer see above.
    Dreadhorde Arcanist same.
    Mizzium Tank is the best out these.
    Spellgorger Weird fits in these decks too.
    Samut's Sprintas well.
    Grim Initiateis pure value in red. It replaces itself. It's the red Young Wolf.
    Jaya, Venerated Firemageand Tibalt, Rakish Instigator both go well with devil decks.
    Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin is great for goblin decks just as Sarkhan, the Masterless is great for dragon decks. Surprise Surprise.
    Tibalt's Rageris a great devil for a multicolored devil deck.
    Evolution Sageis a card I'm still waiting to arrive. Going in my Lord Windgrace deck and Simic deck.
    Liliana, Dreadhorde General was a hot open, that went straight into the Liliana theme deck and works well.
    Return to Natureis a better Naturalize and should replace all copies being used.
    Wardscale Crocodileis a budget Carnage Tyrant that is still a nuisance when it hits the battlefield.
    Cruel Celebrantis an Orhzov Zulaport Cutthroat. They work well together.
    Domri's Ambush goes beautifully with infect decks and makes an excellent signature spell for a Gruul Oathbreaker Infect deck.
    Dovin's Veto was the counterspell I needed for my 'Murica multicolored-spells-matter deck.
    Feather, the Redeemed… for obvious reasons.
    Gleaming Overseer is great in zombie EDH, same with Vizier of the Scorpion.
    Vampire Opportunistis an okay drop that does something late game if it lives long enough...I guess.
    Heartwarming Redemptionis great in Boros EDH.
    Leyline Prowleris a very versatile card and should not be overlooked.
    Mayhem Devil can either be used to augment a rakdos deck or to push opponents who overuse sac mechanics.
    Merfolk Skydiveris a great Simic card.
    Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord's static ability is reason enough to use him.
    Dovin, Hand of Control goes great with Chronatog as it slows the opponent and permanently disables that source from dealing damage to you, (as you forever skipping your turn).
    Kaya, Bane of the Dead is great for spot removal.
    Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner if you have not yet heard, is amazing.
    Vraska, Swarm's Eminence is meta relevant and is a token generator.
    Firemind Vessel is the new budget Sisay's Ring
    God-Pharaoh's Statueis a strictly better Feroz's Ban but obviously stacks well in a Stax deck.
    Mana Geode is beautiful ramp that can go into any deck.
    Blast Zoneis great in so many decks to deal with those early hosers played by opponents.
    Emergence Zoneis also great, especially in multiplayer.
    Gideon's Companyis playable in lifegain even without a Gideon 'walker.

    This is a list of all the cards I am currently using in my decks from War of the Spark. Very useful set. Would recommend to others.
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  • posted a message on Fists of Flame and Zada
    Setup: I control Zada, Hedron Grinder a 1/1, and a 2/2. It is my turn and I have drawn my card for the turn.
    I cast Fist of Flame on Zada, which in turn copies over to the other two creatures.

    What happens?
    I am basing my assumption off of Wirewood Pride that Fists will only check upon spell resolution, not update throughout the turn.
    If I stack the copies so that the 2/2's happens first, it would get +2/+0, the 1/1 would get +3/+0, and Zada would get +4/+0, correct?

    Thank you in advance.
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  • posted a message on Cannot save deck after edit
    Thank you for looking into this. I think in the mean time I will remove gigantosaur, make the changes, then put it back in.
    That Dino is just too big for its own good. You cannot make a 10/10 Dino for 5 cmc, WotC, nature will find a way to take vengeance for such shortcuts:p
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  • posted a message on Cannot save deck after edit
    I tried to edit my deck, Primal Dreadnought, and after changing the deck list and updating midgame and general sections.
    Upon clicking "Save" the box fades. That's it. The tab does not even show that it is loading or thinking. At the time of writing this, there is still no change on the tab nor even that it is thinking of doing so.
    I am running a Windows 10 laptop and using Microsoft Edge browser, same I used to make all the decks.

    Thank you in advance.
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  • posted a message on Commander Game
    Fig, Religious Chief(R/W)(R/W)(R/W)
    Legendary Creature - Goblin
    During your upkeep, count the number of red creatures you control and count the number of white creatures you control.
    Gain life equal to the smaller number.
    Whenever at least two creatures you control attack and at least one of them is white and another one is red, creatures you control gain lifelink until the end of turn.
    Whenever at least two creatures you control block and at least one of them is white and another one is red, creatures you control gain lifelink until the end of turn.

    Next: A “cobra” commander
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  • posted a message on Commander Game
    Slizlazar, the Stormborn RRRUUU
    Creature - legendary Drake
    Whenever a spell is cast, ~ gets +X/+X until the end of turn, were X is the number of spells cast this turn.

    Next: Fish
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  • posted a message on [LEAK][BOOK SPOILER DISCUSSION] Ok....yeah... cool cards and all....WHO DIES ALREADY?
    I see where you are going Thalassoporos, but if I had to compare, I would say (strictly by storyline) Guilds and Allegiances where more like Nemesis and possibly parts of Urza's Saga. We had known all the way back in Tempest that about the plane of Rath that they were going to use to invade Dominaria, much like we learned in Amonkhet/Hour that Nicol Bolas was building an invading force [did we know what the Planar bridge was going to do back in Aether Revolt?].
    If I had to place Prophecy in against anything current I'd say it would be Ixalan. Unlike Prophecy, the results of Ixalan were actually poignant to the story later (aside from Rayne dying and thus giving reason for Barrin to snap and wipe Tolaria off the map after his daughter also died).
    Wait hold up, that means since Hanna died, Gerrard got with someone else post Apocalypse. I just realized that.
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  • posted a message on [LEAK][BOOK SPOILER DISCUSSION] Ok....yeah... cool cards and all....WHO DIES ALREADY?
    I like how people are bringing up Invasion in comparison to War of the Spark.
    What I would like to point out here is that storywise Invasion block had three sets while War of the Spark has one set and utilized its spoiler season.
    Time will tell if limiting a battle with these stakes to a single set was a wise idea (to move on to the next place) or could they have milked more sets out of it.

    I like how people are comparing Yawgmoth to Nicol Bolas. "Deus Ex Author" is a false claim. Owning the Invasion Block books, J. Robert King says multiple times that Yawgmoth is his favorite character and if he had his way, would have had Yawgmoth win. "Deus Ex Game-Designers/CEO/PR/Shareholders/Storyboard" is more like it. Back in those days, much like artists were given the name of the card and what it did in order to draw a picture (as well as a general sense of what was going on in the plane/set) the writers were hired to write a story about the set/expansion/block with a list of key points that had to be conveyed and a list of things that had to occur.
    I had a point here. The threat of Yawgmoth, immediately, was that he was going to wipe out Dominaria. He was then going to "Compleat" the rest of the multiverse. The threat of Nicol Bolas was that he was going to get all this power and...you know, I'm not really sure. Did/was he doing RIDICULOUSLY EVIL things on his way? Yes. Was his goal selfish and having nothing to do with the greater good? As far as we have been told.
    My question is, pre-mending, aside from Umezawa, was Nicol Bolas really acting worse than a typical dragon (not evil planeswalker) would? I don't think so. Would he totally mess with civilizations from the shadows? Yeah. But I don't think he would do it from a multiplanar scale (pitting planes against planes) due to the fact he would have to let these planes have planar bridges in order to do battle. Everyone in Magic's history that has seen a planar portal work knows it gives acces to PLANES not just A single plane. Giving lowly mortals the ability to planeswalk, even for the lolz of pitting two planes against each other, seems unlikely.

    Now what I have not seen yet is comparing Ugin and Nicol Bolas to Urza and Mishra.
    These two are brothers, that fought, and at one point one even killed the other. Technically this lines up for both pairs, Urza by more indirect means killed Mishra, sure, but it still stands.
    This time, Ugin (read as Urza's second chance) STOPPED his brother, ended the war without devastating a continent, and will spend the rest of eternity (foreseeably) with his brother. Nicol Bolas, the runt of the pack, that everyone picked on, required 36 or so Planeswalkers, his brother included, to stop him. The real battle is going to be raged in the meditation plane: to see if Ugin can convince Nicol Bolas that he has proven his might and that Ugin has always known about it and still accepts his brother. It sounds MLP, sure, but psychologically, Nicol Bolas started off weak and wanted to be the strongest, did that from his pack, but was so scared the issue kept on escalating as it became his reason for life. Once he lost his pre-mending powers, it was as if he had a midlife crisis and fought desperately to get back to the pinnacle of where he once was. Lessons learned = dragon midlife crises are way more intense than human midlife crises. However, he is still not a child, not a runt. If Nicol Bolas accepts it and works on it for the eternity he has stuck in the meditation plane, he may actually win back something he has not had for millennia: a friend.
    Then they can spend the rest of eternity playing dragon-sized M:tG.
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  • posted a message on Why I hate Mono red burn
    About metdecking:
    There is a difference between copying someone’s dick list verbatim, and looking from checklist to Douglass to see what different people are using and making your mind up what cards you would like from those multiple lists. Especially if you get into things like commander, EDHREC is by no means a deck list, but it is a great tool to use if you’re trying to make a commander deck.
    The good thing about everyone using the same deck, is that once you figure out how to beat it, you can beat all the people using the same deck.

    Tangent: My legacy red deck does not uses only two cards total (not even multiples) of standard cards.
    Lightning Bolt (1993) and Chain Lightning (1994) are strictly better than Wizard’s Lightning.
    Be glad Repercussion is not standard. The hardest thing about red deck wins is choosing whether to burn the player or the creatures.
    Standard has Court Cleric, Haazda Marshal, Healer’s Hawk, Hunted Witness, and Legion’s Lansing. All of these are 1 cmc, get you a lifelink creature, and only one of them is rare...plenty of options right here. I used gatherer.wizards.com Which is the official magic the gathering card database. No netdecking, no hacks, right there when you need it.
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  • posted a message on Liliana is a Marry Sue
    Nicol Bolas is not a Marry Sue character. He has had many flaws over the years of publication and has struggled and suffered because of them on numerous occasions.
    -Like how Umezawa killed him when he was the BBEG? He had to lose. He's the BBEG. His only flaw is the BBEG arrogance, which he has due to his character role.
    A boohoo, Liliana killed her brother in that one story that was written before BFZ and referenced three times in the entire Gatewatch saga, first three chapters of Dominaria,and never again. You argument about her suffering due to killing her brother would hold more water if she had ever referenced it, if that was ever mentioned, in the entire Gatewatch story except for 3 times in a set previous to this one.
    -Of the official 5, the only other Gatewatch member whose spark origin holds a candle to Liliana's is Gideon. "Oh )@*# all my friends died because of me, I have to become an invincible planeswalker to never lose a close friend again (until Amonkhet, but we aren't talking about Gideon here). My point is "my bro died" isn't as intense as Gideon's and had already been done with Urza.
    Urza...the guy who worked so hard to get his brother back from the Phyrexians that he became a man obsessed and when it came right down to it, didn't rescue his brother from the Phyrexians because he had lost sight of his original goal. Not saying saving Dominaria was not important, but had he not been spurned on to rescue his brother, he would have never found out about the Invasion plans. Invasion is more interesting than losing a brother, but the root is still there. Even after Tempest block where we found out about Planar overlay, Urza block, which told us the start of why Phyrexians were coming, and Nemesis which told us it was nearly upon us. People were really excited for Invasion block, because of the invasion. Not because Urza would probably find out the fate of his brother after all these years.
    Liliana made a deal with four demons. What would happen after she took out all of these demons was obvious, she was going to get her brother back...and that is what Belzenlok knew. That's why he made it so that Jossu Vess had to die before he could. He didn't think Liliana would lose sight of her goals... but she did. Cards sold not because of the brother, but because people wanted to find out about these powerful demons. Storywise, it was always about getting her brother back, until she failed herself.
    If there is a reason for Liliana to take out Bolas then it is not altruism. It is her again saving her own skin. Everything that she does is out of selfish reasons and for her own benefit. Liliana doesn't care about anybody else but her.
    -Lol please reread my post starting with "Of course she is ready to die on that hill." and all the way to the bottom. Never said Liliana was looking out for anyone but herself and her brother, and since she (*@#%ed up the latter one, all that is left is to take Bolas out for her on vengeance.
    Just look at the trailer. She doesn't care about her fellow planeswalkers, she even sics the eternals on Gideon. But the shadows of her past (kids getting crushed)? THAT is the trigger that makes her turn on Bolas.
    In the end even in her martyrdom, it's still all about her.

    -Yeah...I agree with you completely. The shadows of her past (seeing her self as that little girl who was trying so hard to save her brother from the fate that would utterly snuff both of them out [Nicol Bolas for both the trailer kids and the Vesses]) would throw her life away before having to be reminded yet another time of her original vow (no, not to the Gatewatch, @)*% altruism) to get her brother back.
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  • posted a message on Liliana is a Marry Sue
    Produce thine loiny-secrets onto the table for a measure, Nick and Lil!

    Is not Nicol Bolas a bigger Mary Sue than Liliana? Is that not the most simple gratifying thing though, striking down a bigger Mary Sue with a smaller one?
    Oh my God, I finally understand the ending of Final Fantasy X!!!
    Antagonist is SO strong? Antagonist is unstoppable! Even when we plan and plan to our best, the antagonist's plans and power overwhelm said plans!

    Which could be said for regimes, and those ruling populaces in real life.

    Now I'm depressed.

    Thanks for posting your rant! I'm depressed because of it now!

    My counterpoint:
    First off leaving out the atrocities that Liliana has done from the Killing Wave to messing up Garruk and the fact that she is unable to open up and be vulnerable enough to have an actual relationship with anyone due to reasons made obvious below.
    Anyone remember Magic Origins? Young Lily is desperately trying to heal her dying brother, whom she loves dearly (no not like that, you pervs) and naively takes a potion from a stranger a la disguised Evil Queen and zombifies her brother into a killing machine?
    Did you ever wonder what all that power was for in the first place? Why she set off to be the best that she could be?
    So that she wouldn't have to ever watch her brother die again or anything close to that.
    Queue the rekilling of the undead Jossu Vess in Dominaria to get rid of her final demon.
    Of course she is ready to die on that hill. She is as strong as she ever wanted to be, but at the cost of the whole reason she set off to be this strong.
    She literally has nothing to live for and no purpose now that she has @$)#(%*ed herself over.
    Well, only one reason to live. Nicol Bolas was the person who gave her the potion held the contract with the demons. If she can take him out, she can die peacefully.
    You are right, she doesn't seem to really care about Jace, nor the rest of the gatewatch or anything else. But her reason for power turning into "I have to stop anyone from ever going to the lengths that Nicol Bolas did to me in order to gain ultimate power" is too altruistic for her.
    Because at the end of the day, she's a teenaged girl trapped in the room with the corpse of her brother she killed twice.
    Mary Sue's aren't trapped in those rooms.
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