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  • posted a message on Do we have any drafters in or near Jacksonville, FL? Looking to support local businesses.
    So I've resorted to posting on every facebook group i could find, but now thinking outside the box. That said, if you're in Jax, great; but if not consider the following to help support your lgs in this crazy time (I'm just copy pasting my fb post)

    hey all; I know right now is difficult for both gamers and local businesses...but i have an idea that may help both. We can all pitch in for a Core 2021 booster box, (roughly $13-15 depending on store price), hold draft, using the extra packs as prize support. Then, you can either keep the packs or give them back to the store to help them recoup some money. Not to mention i'm sure they wouldn't mind people purchasing from their snack aisle. Keep in mind this will not be a sanctioned event, and as far as I know, masks are required in every shop that allows play. I'm thinking Vortex games for the first showdown, but let me know your thoughts, and what days/times are good (typically weekends are bad for me). (Format would be Swiss, prize support 6-4-2)
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  • posted a message on Wanting to make a TWD subtheme EDH deck
    So after seeing Mangara the Diplomat, which reminded me of Ezekiel from TWD, I started to play around with the idea of a TWD-themed EDH deck, but I don't quite know where to look to match the most important characters to a face from MTG. I do like Kytheon as Carl and Geralf from Gisa and Geralf as The Governor, and the aforementioned Mangara as Ezekiel, and maybe Teferi as Morgan, but aside from this, who do you think fits the bill? I'll leave a list of the most important characters I would really love to fit into the deck. Don't worry about card color; this is meant to be fun casual, not competitive. I'd likely throw in some zombie-themed cards to round out the deck on theme.

    TWD Characters:

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  • posted a message on This is the most annoying thing people do on MTGO
    So Baral is Banned in the official Commander 1v1 Format, but not regular commander. So what people do is create a 2 player game in the regular commander lobby and use Baral as their commander....ummm...like whats the point?

    But, to my credit, I played turn 2 prowling serpopard and I've never felt so good in my life.
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  • posted a message on MTG movie Cast Proposal
    Just some killing of time let me know your thoughts!!


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  • posted a message on [EDH] Let's Brew: Pirate Tribal with Admiral Beckett Brass
    what do people think about using brass as more of a mind control/treason shell using arcane adaptation? My thought was have a few key pirates, like Kari Zev, Fathom Fleet Captain, daring saboteur, siren stormtamer, and maybe a couple uncommons, in particular marauding looter seems decent, but then using things like Captivating Crew and Mind Control effects )i.e. control magic, lay claim, welcome to the fold, etc.) and maybe some counterspells, cyclonic rift ahd card draw, make it more of a control shell I guess? Just a thought anyway. 3-colors gives you access to a nice amount of tutors to find arcane adaptation, and then everything you steal is a pirate.
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  • posted a message on Bots that buy ALL cards?
    I've been using PriceWatcher which has been buying all my cards but very recently disappeared.
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  • posted a message on Did not receive activation email
    I just signed up with a discover card and am having the same issue, no code, no email, checked junk and main inbox. so i don't think it has anything to do with paypal. I went back and tried creating the account again with the same username and it said it already exists...so something isn't right.
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  • posted a message on Noob seeking advice
    Just basically began magic about a month ago, simply trying to get reviews on my deck, simple as that. I don't have any planeswalkers--and my mythic rares are fairly scarce. I pulled a second Woodland Bellower and was tempted to include it, but the mana cost is so high that to me it wouldn't make sense to put it in the deck since green is growing my guys anyway at a lower mana cost. Other mythic rares besides this deck include warden of first tree, brutal hordechief, and worst fears.
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