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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    The event didn't happen. Not only for today, but the last 3weeks! No announcements or explaination. Great job, gravedigger lowman.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    If nobody volunteers to host tomorrow, the event will be cancelled.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    I want to thank you for your support Michelle! Hopefully your arguments and reason will be not unheard.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    Nowhere in the forum does it say that the host get's 1/3 of the sponsored pool
    Again it proves only that you don't know the PRE scene. Please show me the other websites and forums that say how much the host gets...!
    Beside stash and his colleagues, all hosts get paid.
    5 tix is the lowest, some get 7.5 or 10 tix.
    The reason why Heirloom still exists, is this payment for the host. When V4 was introduced , it was to terrible and completely unstable, that we had to cancel several events, because MTGO server was down or let all matches crash. All other hosts quitted MTGO and suddenly, I was the only remaining player with host ability. Heirloom, was never one of my favourite formats, I mostly played there to earn some tix to buy me the cards for Tribal and later S100.
    Now, 4-5 years later, it still runs. I wanted to assure that Chainsaw Massacre will still exist in the future, that's why I changed the prize structure to the old and wide-spread system in the PRE scene. I invented this event and still felt responsible. When a new hosts thinks he would like to donate his tix, he can, but he shouldn't feel obliged to do. However, you both, lowman and sstsung, just showed that 5 tix for an event is actually much too low, compared to the stress, lies and hypocrisis a host must face sometimes. I think you only lowered the chances to find a successor. I did not expect that you will quit, lowman, but when you did, I planned to do it until we have a new host.
    Please, if anybody wants to host, let me know, so I can put him in Gatherling, I won't anymore.

    He (Kumagoro?) may have just claimed that I have a personal grudge against you which can be considered as hate but I do not hate people

    Well, at least you told him that you and your friends hate me.

    As an Asian person in a world of whiteness where discrimination and oppression is what happens in everyday life I've simply had enough.
    Such a bull*****!
    I have lived several years in Asia, and I like the people there more than my fellow Germans.

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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    From: Gianluca Aicardi
    >> To: Michael Loth
    >> Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2017 10:35 PM
    >> Subject: stsung
    >> Man, do you know stsung is out to get you? She kept me half an hour
    >> talking about how bad a person you are, and basically told me in not
    >> so many words she won't come to play in my events anymore (which she
    >> doesn't much anyway) as long as I keep not sharing her opinions of you
    >> (which I don't have any reason to).
    >> The crux of it was something something timing out people grinding
    >> events (whatever that means) posing as a good boy when you're actually
    >> not.
    >> My subtext is that she's pissed she timed out and lost to you, because
    >> deep down she thinks when she bothers to come to a PRE, she should
    >> just 1st place it. But maybe you actually did something to her and/or
    >> her friends (which, she says, all hate you).
    >> Anyway, bottom line, I'd like for this kind of grudges not to add to
    >> my burden as a host, I don't need drama on top of everything, so talk
    >> to her, apologize to her, don't apologize to her, just try to get to
    >> an understanding so that I don't get involved in something that, to
    >> what I could understand, has nothing to do with my role as a host.

    > On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 1:54 AM, Michael Loth wrote:
    >> Very interesting!
    >> You were absolutely right about your guess. She lost to time( in 2nd game)
    >> while I had 10 sec left on the clock, however she had lost the first game
    >> already, and had no chance to win , only by timing me out. I see no reason
    >> why I should let her win this way. I just F6ed as much as possible.
    >> The other part is, that she wanted to change the ban list in S100, and
    >> wrote
    >> long posts about why, and I did not follow and agree with her arguements.
    >> When she posted another snippy remark, Sensei answered( not me!) as snippy
    >> as she did, since then she was totally pissed off, I think, because she
    >> remained silent in forum.
    >> The only friend she has is lowman02, who definitely doesn't hate me. He is
    >> my friend, too. But he also wanted to change the banlist, and proposed a
    >> council of 7 players who should decide about bannings, and she was one of
    >> the proposed persons.
    >> Unfortunately, I was against an unelected 'council' instead of our
    >> democratic community vote, which we used since WotC abandoned the official
    >> ban list. Which obviously did not help to raise her opinion about me:-)
    >> However, I not only never wrote any insult, I also treated her with
    >> respect,
    >> from my side I had no problem with her.
    >> In fact, I had no idea that she hates me! I just did not agree with her
    >> opinions.
    >> So, I see no reason to apologize, I actually don't know for what!
    >> However, I see the things the same way as you, it's not worth to let this
    >> ruin your mood or mine.
    >> I resigned being host in S100 anyway, so she may take it easier in the
    >> future.
    >> If she doesn't stop, just tell her you don't care, but of course, she
    >> probably will tell others what bad person you are:-)
    >> I don't think it would help if I talk with her, she may think of you as
    >> traitor, because I can't talk about that hate of her without releasing our
    >> comunication, since she never expressed that before in public or to me.
    >> Oh now, I remember an 'incident' ! When she posted the first times in our
    >> forum, she had a blurred photo from a webcam, additionaly she is Asian and
    >> on my 10 year old 19 inch monitor, I thought she was male.
    >> When after a week or so I was informed about my mistake by another player,
    >> of course, I apologized in the forum!

    > From: Gianluca Aicardi
    > To: Michael Loth
    > Sent: Sunday, October 1, 2017 11:12 AM
    > Subject: Re: stsung
    > Well, she knew I would talk with you about this, it's what she wanted
    > me to do, ultimately. Like, to admonish you or something.
    > But maybe it's better to let it blow off. She was just coming from
    > losing the match at the time, it's always the moment players are the
    > most litigious.
    > By the way, it was game 3. I was in the match, she won game 2 with
    > Batterskull, remember? Somebody made a joke about skulls being
    > battered. And I remember thinking, "Man, is it still not the last
    > game?" And also that she had a low clock at that point and had to
    > speed up if she wanted to win the match.

    On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 2:57 PM, Michael Loth <[email protected]> wrote:
    > That is even more weird. No real clue, why she hates me so much. Beside the
    > incident I mentioned, which was already 6-8 months ago. Maybe she was a
    > friend of Yokai, too, and did not like that I banned him in S100 after he
    > cheated in Michelle's one-time gauntlet event. But, we even chatted
    > sporadically, and she never spoke a word about that, or that I'm a 'bad
    > person' or why. Obviously she was too cowardly to tell me that personally.
    > But, I'm even more glad that I resigned now, and don't have to bother about
    > such crazy behaviour anymore.
    > Btw, I will still play in S100, and she did play there, too, yesterday. So,
    > when she could endure that, I see no reason why she should not play in
    > Tribal, when I'm registered, also:-)
    > I actually did not remember that it was already the 3rd game, but it sounds
    > logic when I had only 10 sec. left myself on the clock, and the Batterskull
    > with Stoneforge rings a bell, now Smile
    > Oh and now I have an idea about what she meant by 'timing out' ! She
    > probably expected me to concede the 2nd game immediately, after she brought
    > in Batterskull so early, while I kept fighting, and she needed additionally
    > 6-8 minutes to win that game. While I usually understand by this term:
    > Activiting abilities( mostly without real effects, only so that the other
    > player has to cklick ok and lose some seconds), which I didn't. I have not
    > many cards in that deck, that could do that, anyway.
    > However, now, I'm somehow very tempted to do so in future matches with
    > her:-)

    From: Gianluca Aicardi
    To: Michael Loth
    Sent: Sunday, October 1, 2017 11:40 PM
    Subject: Re: stsung

    Yeah, apparently, she sent a mex to AJ about the timing out, and he
    told her about the new rule from my article from a couple weeks ago.
    But he got it wrong, actually, and later admitted he misconstrued what
    I was saying in the article. To make it short, nobody is ever asked to
    concede when they think they could still win! (I'll explain it better
    in the next article). "Absolute certainty" is the key. And the rule
    sure can't be used by a player to say, "You have to let me win" (which
    is harassing, if anything). Only the host can ask a player to consider
    if they shouldn't concede, and even the host can't DEMAND that player
    to concede, because only that player knows what he or she is holding
    in hand or has left in the deck. And timing out *is* a legitimate way
    to lose, therefore a legitimate way to win, as clock is a resource on
    MTGO, and it must be managed appropriately. If your lagging, that's
    unfortunate, but mana screw is also unfortunate, and mana flood, and
    never drawing the card you need, and disconnecting and failing to come
    back. In none of these situations, your opponent will concede to you
    because you're having bad luck.
    The rule is not meant to the advantage of either player in the game;
    it's meant to the advantage of all the players who are NOT in that
    game, and maybe waiting for that game to end. Somebody starts a
    click-intensive combo on game 3 and you know you have no way to stop
    it? That's when you should concede, not to keep everyone waiting.

    My last reply:
    And now the funny part:
    I usually read your articles, which means about 3 out of 4 times, but I didn't read that one!
    So, I totally was not aware of any rule change, no matter if misinterpreted by AJ or not.
    And indeed, I tend to let 'instant win combo' players do every click, just out of protesting vs this deck types, and showing how boring they are in my opinion. And definitely always in the 1st game when it's still about time on the clock.
    However, that was all not the case in this match!
    And now the funny part II:
    If she had not wrote false messages to AJ about me trying to timing her out, she could have won! As I said I had 10 sec. left over, I bet she spent more time with writing to AJ in the 2nd game than that!

    And now I get an idea of what happened that infuriated her maybe even more! She was obviously so biased negatively about me already before, that she full of hate misinterpreted my smilies in the game chat. I usually don't like to chat in matches anyway, because it distracts me, and just takes time, because I'm a slow typer and non-native English speaker. So, often, I answer with smilies. Usually player try to be funny anyway, or make remarks like:' OMG, the shuffler hates me' , ' You are only a top deck player' ,' I hate the shuffler' , etc
    She wrote only 2 messages in game chat, that I remember now clearly, because they were a bit odd: "I wish you would give me the chance to win" , which I think was after I brought in my own Batterskull. I could not really understand what she meant, why should I let her win !?
    However, in the middle of a battle I have no time for philosophical questions, so I sent a smiley back.
    And a few minutes later she wrote: " I hate my client !"
    And I thought, yeah, sure, and sent another smiley. I don't waste time for that, but try to be polite.
    But instead of a friendly smiley she probably saw a diabolic grin every time and thought I would additionally taunt her.
    But on the other hand, what could you answer to that remarks, anyway?
    However, if she had not typed those, for me cryptic, messages she would have saved probably again enough seconds to win.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    However, no one wants to listen to groveling, me least of all because I know it for what it is, which is self-blind and unadulterated hypocrisy.

    Sorry, man, I think, it's important to explain things to be understood, I have been doing this since the start! There are 44 pages in this forum to prove this.

    You call me 'Brother', but you are obviously not even my friend, that's what I call hypocrisy!
    A friend would have at least answered to my mails. Nobody believes that you didn't check your privat email account for 2 weeks, at least, I don't, especially as you responded to my mails before you became host.

    This is the 2nd time, that you are threatening the existence of this event.
    The first time you organized and announced a boycott of the event and now you left the host position from one day to another, and while I try to keep the event alive, you accusing me and demand from me to donate my tix, as you did, while you hosted.
    This is only to provoke a turmoil. You just gave all your credits from Mtgocardmarket to Bandit Keith, that's ok, you can do with them what you want, but I spent my tix the way I want, too. If you would care for the event or the community, you could have sponsored a special event or just distributed 5 extra tix to the pool for the next months. Instead you use the opportunity to attack me and start your next fight.

    You are definitely an MTG expert! You have played all formats, you own every card or can buy it, without reconsidering. But your knowledge about the PRE-scene or experience as host and format organizer are rather limited. Your idea that the unbanning of cards will lead to a change in decks or even colors used by the majority of players, would assume that everybody has the cards and/or money to create a new competitive deck, which most just can't! They play PRE, because it's free.
    There are other reasons, too. It is nice to play formats, that are not supported elsewhere, but if we would charge the same entrance fee as WotC for a tournament, you would be very likely the only one, who still wants to play.

    Now, I want to correct some of your statements, which were plain wrong:

    1. When you wanted to start playing 100c again, I gave you 30 tickets on MTGO to build a new deck up
    I never wanted to start playing 100c again!! I was done, I had sold my entire collection, which took me 6 years to gather. I was demoralized and weared down by the the untenable and absurd accusations from STsung, and was rather happy to turn my back to some obviously disturbed personalities. Her incomprehensible abnormous hate for me, was absolutely shocking.
    She even tried to agitate other host collagues on me, unfortunately for her, they have known me for years, and she was so in rage and absurd, also, it was reported to me. She claimed, that you and other people hate me,too and I didn't want to believe and even defended you with 'STsung is a friend of lowman, but he is also a friend of mine'. Which I still thought at that time because of the financial contributions from you. Poor people tend to forget that money is for rich people just a means to an end. I still have the email traffic and can publish it here.

    So, what really happened is, that after I told you, that I had to sell my MTGO collection, because I need a new PC after 7 years, you offered to give me that 30 tix voucher, to build a new deck and being able to attend the event. I never asked for that or did expect it. I thought it was a genereous gift. In retrospective it was a clever move from you to be not seen as 'King's murderer', when starting as new host. It also provided you with a back up host, when you didn't want to host.
    There is nothing wrong in using replacement hosts, but the custom in all PRE, is to ask or at least inform the replacement host BEFORE the event takes place. I hosted about 8-10 events in the last 7 months without any forwarning.

    2. even if you woke me up at 0100 in the morning to trade
    I never woke you ap at 1am! How should I have done this !?! I have an email adress from you, and I can enter a MTGO chat.

    3.if you need help setting up polls, sending the results emails (I can cut and paste this in 5 mins or less)
    Well, maybe you can do that, but you didn't as host. Oscar( our sponsor) was glad, when he heard, that from now on, I will host again, because you often didn't report anything for several weeks.
    And I spent usally about 30 min for the result emails, because he is no abstract company, but a human being, and without him, this event would have not been running. I keep him up with informations about the event, players or format.

    4. or bouncing racists/bigots/miscreants from the event than let me know
    Now it's getting funny! You want to help me bouncing STsung, the sick dog you set on me ?!?
    There is no defense against irrationalism, anyway, beside explaining, but often it fails. I spent a lot of time with ChaosBlackDoom to play and improve his decks, then in an event a card from his was bugged, and he demanded to be declared as winner( although a victory was not sure or immediately, even if the card worked correctly, if I remember that right), however after I explained him, that a bug is force majeure and no host would declare him as winner, he used the last 12-15 min to blame and insult me and his opponent, instead of keep playing.

    5. think the last miscreant (banned person) was in 2016
    No, it was Yokai in 2017.

    There are other points, that I would like to comment, but it's 4.30 am and I spent already 5hours to write this post.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    And lowman, nobody posted a comment about the ban list(s), so I see no need for a google poll. If anybody will do, we can still start a poll.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    Well, I did not know that, I'm sorry, so you are obviously the exception from the rule.
    Let me get some things straight,too:
    We did not start this event to make money, LeilaPari and me.
    It was the love for the format and even when the official filter still existed in MTGO, most players didn't know or play it online, although there was a huge paper magic scene, at least in Germany. So we wanted to make it more known and wide-spread and have the chance to play our favourite format in a tournament. However, that was then. Things change, and now, I'm actually very thankful for the tix, because I had lost all my belongings.

    When you are a group of people, that can help a lot. My 'carreer' started as one of several hosts for Heirloom, usally as replacement. Not really responsible, or the aim for criticism of the format and/or the event itself.
    Hosting an event alone is very exhausting over the course of time. EVERY Saturday for years... If the host take his responsibilties seriously, it is also very time consuming outside the event.
    It is also a difference, if you only host sometimes, or if you are responsible for the whole format and are the 'series organizer' or even the 'format organizer' in Gatherling.
    I can only estimate, but if I take all the time I spent for this event( not including playing time!), the result emails, the postings in forum, discussion in chats, organizing special events and votings, searching for tix that players did not receive, ect pp, I guess, I got about 0.5-1 tic per hour 'payment'.
    Nobody with a healthy mind would do this 'for the money'.
    But, it is an appreciation of the host's work and an appeal to take the job seriously. Also a compensation for the rare, but very unpleasant confrontations with players, when you have to really act as host. When you have to ban a player for cheating. Or when you are accused of such absurd things by a player, that you even don't know what he means or how to defend yourself. Or when a player doesn't stop to use racist and facist comments to provoke his opponents and others.
    So, it was also a release for me, when lowman pushed forward to become host. I was very confident, that he will have what it takes to be my successor, and I enjoyed my freedom, again. In October, only a few months, we will have the 4th anniversary of this event. And while I was only series organizer and sometimes a replacement host, for the 1st year, I have been hosting the rest of the time, excluding the last 7 months. I asked 2-3 weeks ago, if anybody wanted to become the new host, but nobody volunteered. Beside the fact, that nobody volunteered, my first and natural choices, which score 100 points in every category, are all 'hindered by life', Sensei, Sea, etc.
    There are just a few players left in the community, which I know long enough, and which I think they could do it.
    Michelle Wong and Golden Lin both need alarm clocks to attend the events, due the local time difference, and sometimes they are just too tired and don't want to stand up, which of course doesn't work as host. Socanelas still struggles with the English language, while beside other Brazilians nobody speaks Portuguese, etc pp. There are many things to be considered. Maybe, one from the newer players could take over in the future.

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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    We had a discussion, yesterday, if matches should/can be negotiated. My opinion is:
    We usually have only 3 rounds, and sometimes 4. There is practically no way to play the format with 'strangers' in MTGO.
    So, I think we actually should 'play' all matches, and don't 'negotiate' them. Your comments and votes(!) are appreciated.

    We are using the old structure of the event again:
    10(11)tix pool = 4/6 split between undefeated/lost once( +1 from former
    door prize for winner = 5 tix)
    If 2 undefeated, 6/4 split and +1 extra tic, so that the winner always get 5 tix (3 from 6, +1 (door)+1 extra). Loser of
    finals get 3 tix.

    Event 4.34

    Winner: DrPringles -5

    Lost once:
    BrunoDogma -1
    jackslagel -1
    Jota_F -1
    AEFabricio -1
    BoozeMongoose -1
    Socanelas -1

    Event 4.35

    Winner: Goblin_hero -5

    Lost once:
    AEFabricio -2
    DrPringles -2
    lowman02 -2
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    Well, lowman's fire was hot but short. He resigned as host. I will host next Saturday(s), unless somebody else from our community volunteers to do the job in the future. I was very surprised because I didn't expect that from him, at least not after half a year. Especially after he iniated a huge change in the ban list and shaped the format in a way he liked. So, there could be changes again, if you want to propose ideas here, please do not hesitate. At least, we all got experience about a 'modern' ban list for S100( literally, not the format in MTGO) in opposite of sticking close to the last official one, as we did before. Any resumes?(I can't type the French / on top of the e in resume Smile Any comments?

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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    oops, I copied them into this post, but obviously forgot to erase them afterwards, corrected now.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    You erased the short post with the unbanned cards, that I should take from the list in starting post! I took off Birthing Pod, ENtomb, Demonic Tutor, Oath of Druids, Wheel of Fortune, Yawgmoth's Will. Tell me, if there is one missing.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    Very good reasons, Michelle. I'm surprised, though, because I thought I'm rather alone with my dislike of discord.
    Discord sucks! I tried to 'live with it' for another game, about 3,4 months ago. Beside the ceaseless 'spamming', that you described( a lot of 'status messages' pop up, too, like 'xy joined the channel') it let my game crash sometimes, which stopped after I had uninstalled discord again.
    I think it is also a matter of generations, discord is probably less annoying for people who welcome to receive 5 or more SMS per hour, people who probably feel isolated or empty if they DON'T receive 5 SMS per hour. No matter if those were only generated automatically and have no information or urgency for them.
    I never saw any link to discord here, I even don't know the name of the discord channel for our format, so I can't add that to starting post.
    I asked lowman for this, last Saturday, and you propably read his answer, that 'this forum is dead and nobody uses it'. Well this isn't the first time a forum moves, even this forum was moved before when WotC dismissed their forums. But it's the first time that there is no connection from the old place. Natural thing so far was a link to the new destination. This is no secret rave in the 90's! However, I told lowman about it, he declined and I'm done with it.
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    Hi lowman, there seems to be a calculation mistake from last event.3 players lost once, last time. 16 tix divided by 3 = 5.333, but I've got 4.30 tix. RobZdar and Golden_Lin, how about you?
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  • posted a message on Singleton 100 , every Saturday 4.00 PM EST/EDT presented by MtgoCardmarket
    I removed LED from banned list in starting post and added the announcement for the Super Special.
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